Protected: Top 200 Black Mob Violence Videos.

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Ross Trilly says:

Strange, but I’ve not seen any videos of mobs of white people attacking blacks like the mainstream media, liberal/progressives and racist academics have been constantly telling us there are.

invalidnametwo says:

Hey, wait a minute, this ain’t fair, why, you guys are profiling people, I’m contacting the Southern Pervert Lawless Central.
And you know, just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean you don’t respect our president, after all, he’d proudly want a passel of thugs “just like these as his own.”

Centurian2010 says:

Love how these low-life fools put the proof on camera. Thank you thug idiots, you make it easier to ID and arrest you.

Macy500 says:

send them back! weve got enough thugs….this is disgusting.

ThomNJ says:

I didn’t watch any of the vids, but to even have a “top 100″ means there are a heckuva lot from which to choose. Are there even 100 videos of white or Asian mob violence in total?

you tell me. i have thousands of black mob violence videos. Get new ones EVERY DAY. I did see a video of a scuffle at a Kenny Chesney concert the other day.

ThomNJ says:

Wow – pretty sad state of affairs, eh?

i just watch and report. that’s it.

ThomNJ says:


jbear says:

Keep up the good work, friend. I read all of you reports an appreciate you bravery and honesty is a country that lacks both of these characteristics. God Bless!!!

amband says:

so an author profits. Great. Does the author go on to mainstream TV and challenge the PC brigade, or protest when someone is a white victim. I bet not


Independent says:

Do you really think that the mainstream media wants to broadcast any of this??? It would belie their assertions that American whites are “racist.

laura r says:

the author would love to go on mainstream non regional PC tv news. if you have connections, open the door. bet that door would close. mainstream has an “agenda”. interesting to note that MSNBC lost 50% of their viewers. maybe joe6pack isnt so stupid after all. msnbc is still b.s.-ing about everything across the board. (not just this topic). i also see that regional news does better reporting on blk mob violence than national. just saying…… i dare someone like “oprah” or “the view” to debate colin flaherty. love to see a panel discussion w/taleeb starkes & erik rush or jesse peterson. add ben sharpiro to the mix……watch out!