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blank Meat_Slinger says:

So, here’s the solution. Since these little fuggers hide behind their “I’m just a kid” status, let’s just go after their mothers and grandmothers, aunties and sisters and whoever else we can find. They are the ones who indoctinated those little baztards with this “I gotta fight back against whitey” mentality. Every one of these kids needs to see his mother in a body cast. For real. Why? Look, people. Whites are warriors, always have been. When we do what we do, it is for real and it is for keeps. They forget that our people have, at some point in time or another, subjugated this entire planet AND near space (satellites, the moon, soon to be Mars). We didn’t get there by being weak. They will NOT respect us if we don’t fight back. They don’t make the rules, I DO, and my rules are “if you are a kid who attacks grown people, your mother gets her jaw broken with a tire iron”. Ruthless? Yeah. I LIKE ruthless, and down inside, so do you. Innocent? Nobody is innocent. Fair? No such thing as fair for to take an advantage from one so that a lesser one can “compete” is not FAIR. So fugg fair, fugg “innocent”, be ruthless. White people have always been and still are the most ruthless people on the face of the planet. Since they (the Black community) have failed to address this issue within their own sub-society, it is time to strike back, without Ruth. I propose a database of every offense of this type (including whites attacking blacks or whatever). Like wiki***, users will be able to add and confirm information such as additional suspects, their family members, everything and anything of use. We can go to the site, read the data, and select a perpetrator to focus on. Enough said.

blank Meat_Slinger says:

BTW, Colin, I am a web-service developer with mobile app experience. I can build this system and will do so pro-bono, if you wanna talk about it.

blank Baltimore48 says:

Approx. 3:30 pm 3dec2013 “News Room” on CNN as viewed in Baltimore, MD.

Whole segment on the Knockout Game in which they essentially DENIED that it exists; said that it’s just random violence. They said that it is happening in essentially only four or five states. They did NOT mention that the knockouts are perpetrated by Blacks.

blank Meat_Slinger says:

In 1989 I was a victim. I was 18, in Dallas, waiting on the bus downtown. I had worked third shift so I was tired and ready to go home when two school-skipping “teens” (aka young Black thugs) who were walking by decided to pick ME. One swung without warning but I didn’t go down, ears just ringing. I got him back, breaking his jaw and knocking out a few teeth. He held his head in his hands and started crying, spinning circles on the sidewalk and staggering toward the street. His friend looked scared but he didn’t need to be. You see, three grown men, instigated by several grown women, attacked me. My head was beaten into a wall, I was left for dead. I still carry the scars and the other day I dug yet another grain of sand out of that old wound. The Dallas news stations got together and decided to investigate. Not because of me, my assault went unreported because I just didn’t feel like dealing with it. They placed a camera van at Main and Griifin in downtown Dallas, and in a matter of hours caught video of teenaged Black boys sucker punching a white man in a business suit. So no, it isn’t new. It does exist. I will personally beat the living sheet out of any white person who denies it. It’s like denying the holocaust. Only racists, idiots, and masochistic white people deny this problem exists. Got my gun. Always. Let me see it happen. On with the mask, out with the bullets, another thug dies. Hooray!

blank Bob Brown says:

Colin, I enjoyed our conversation today and look forward to dealings in the future! We all need to be honest and work hard for the benefit of everybody. One person
can make a difference but when you get many pulling in the same direction it
can create a tidal wave of success! How do you like my quote? I came up with this about a month ago!

Bob Brown

blank leftists are delusional says:

Not sure on the victims race, but in Houston you don’t have to leave your house to be a victim of black mob violence – they will come to you.

blank bob says:

My son just showed me this video,, i thought you should see it

blank Capt_Kirk says:

I would love to see you do a historical summarization of the “Greek” Picnics that were held here in Philadelphia back in the 90’s.
It was an annual gathering of black fraternities that every year descended into hell.
There were mobs of hundreds and thousands of college-aged blacks roaming the streets beating and robbing white people, dragging people out of cars, destroying and looting local businesses, and a new term was coined, “whirling”.
Whirling is when a group of blacks surround and trap an innocent female. They would mob her and walk in circles around her while while ripping off her clothes and sexually assaulting her. Victims were left bruised, naked, and in tears running and screaming for help.
I can still remember the live video from a news helicopter when they marched down South St.. (just one of dozens of sites downtown where the insanity took place) It was a chaotic war zone of mayhem and violence.

blank Bryan says:

The title of this book really hits home. Many white people growing up in white minority cities have heard “white boy this…” “white girl that…” as we are attacked over and over again.!!

blank RGZ_50 says:


Here’s my latest report to readers on Blasted Fools on the topic of interest here at WGBA and wouldn’t be complete without referencing you my friend and plugging the book and the site & linking to it.

Best Regards,

Richard Cameron

blank Bjorn Thompson says:

Another one in St. Paul MN

thanks bjorn … i’m all over this one … if you live up there and want to give me a quote, i’d be happy to get it!

blank david says:

VIDEO: ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ Mob Trashes Audi In Greenwich Village

blank Rob says:

Hi Colin,
I just wanted to thank you for letting me know about the show. I was able to tune in and even called in and spoke with you for a bit. I really enjoyed speaking with you. You seem very astute, brave, and honest. I really appreciate your willingness to tackle tough subjects head on. We need more like you these days, as our ‘elites’, have chosen the path of suppression of facts & truth, while substituting politically correct nonsense in it’s place. I find it astonishing (and agonizing), how people can use such incredible intelligence to dance around the truth, while the simple truth is there for those who wish to see what is actually happening. The black violence issue, along with islamic jihad, are the two that people would rather avoid the most.
Thanks again!

blank Tim Howe says:

oh – if you have an ebook available, thatd be fine

Tim Howe

blank Tim Howe says:

Good day,

Im a radio producer for the Janine Turner show and just read Thomas Sowell’s piece at Real Clear Politics and I wonder if you could please send me a copy of the book.

My mailing address is :

Tim Howe
963 Sevarden Lane
Crownsville. MD 21032

Thank you very much,

This topic is very disturbing and scary to the media itself, Id like to see what this book has to say.

Tim Howe

blank Richard says:


how goes it? I just published this and thought you would find it amusing in a hilarious / horrifying kind of way. Congresswoman Maxine Waters is off her meds again…