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White Girl Bleed a Lot

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In the News: White Girl Bleed a Lot.

Some articles and talk radio appearances by and about Colin Flaherty on the return of race riots and his book, White Girl Bleed a Lot.

San Francisco Examiner Five Star Review.

Front Page Magazine: Review.

Jason Lewis Radio Show.

Thomas Sowell talks White Girl Bleed a Lot in National Review.

White Girl Bleed A Lot: Colin Flaherty Interview | The Jewish Life – jewish holiday,torah,jews,jewish music

White Girl Bleed a Lot | FrontPage Magazine

Education News Interview

The DC Post » White Girl Bleed a Lot

World Net Daily: Don’t Expose Black or Muslim Atrocities, by Colin Flaherty  (This one went viral)

World Net DailyBaltimore Hits the Big Time

From Springfield , Pa. Craziest Thing I Ever Saw

WFLA in TampaColin Flaherty and White Girl Bleed a Lot in Tampa Bay talking about Black Beach Week

From the Unsolicited Opinion: A Long One — Colin Flaherty and White Girl Bleed a Lot

From World Net Daily: The Return of Race Riots. (Not Flash Mobs!)

From the Philadelphia Suburban papers: Race Riots in Philadelphia

Albany, Georgia: No Race Riots Here

From American Daily: They’re BAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK: Race Riots in America.

American Renaissance: Race Riots.

WDEL Radio: Interview with John Bennett  

Book Chart Info


Two Sisters From the Right

Lots of great reader reaction around the internet. Here are a few links to some of it:

Free Republic: Flash Mobs? No. Race Riots.

“Everybody should check out the links at the article. There is lots happening that the MSM is refusing to allow people to see. Forward the article to all your liberal friends.  Race riots are back. Not flash mobs.

“Uh – oh… Now you’ve done it Mr. Flaherty. You’ve spoken the (gasp) truth!

More from Free Republic:

“Great article. i went out and got the book for my kindle after reading it. I can’t tell which is more disturbing, the crimes, or official efforts to ignore them. Best book of its kind on the market.

Chicago’s war on race wars: Does color matter? | Washington Times Communities

Race Riots in Philadelphia,

“At last, a  guy with the stones to write about this!


Well, we have to throw a few good ones from media types in here:

From: Owen Skoler

Thanks so much for reaching out. Did you send this to me or a bunch of Patch editors. I’m just curious. Personally, I would very much like to run this. It would be great to send me a word doc with links, because we’re big on linking out, but, if that’s too much trouble, I’ll just run it as is.

I love it. I grew up in Washington, D.C. (actually in the District of Columbia), so race and race riots are an issue very close to me. Many D.C. neighborhoods still haven’t recovered from the riots of the ’60s as I’m sure you know.

From: Kelly Twedell

this is great stuff. I’ll be running it in the morning. I pulled your photo at WDEL off Wikipedia. If you’d like a different photo feel free to send another. I’ll give you good press anytime you want it. I’d love to have something monthly from you especially with election time upon us. Bragg is the first military Patch site and Fort Stewart is the second. I’ll forward this to Ryan Smith as well – thanks again.

White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Race Riots to America, by Colin Flaherty – Houston Conservative |

Hate crimes being covered up? – CafeMom

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