Talk Radio: What you can do.

Lot of people feel strongly that unreported racial violence should be reported — and the media that ignore it, exposed.

Here’s what you can do: Let you favorite talk show host and/or producer know.


Here’s a short list:


Rush Limbaugh:  or Tweet him at @rushlimbaugh

  • Jim Bohannon                    America in the Morning
  •  Email to Jim Bohannon                        +1 (202) 457-7978
  • Bill Bennett Bill                  Bennett’s Morning in America                                                                           +1 (703) 248-9413
  • Bill Handel                          Bill Handel Show                                  +1 (818) 559-2252
  • Dennis Miller                     Dennis Miller Radio Show                                                                                  +1 (310) 840-4000
  • Dan Andros                         The Glenn Beck Show
  • Email to Glen’s producer Dan.                            +1 (212) 520-1511
  • Hugh Hewitt                        The Hugh Hewitt Show                           +1 (818) 956-5552
  • Jim Bohannon                    The Jim Bohannon Show                    +1 (202) 457-7978
  • Julian Suchman                 Judith Regan Show                          +1 (212) 584-5100
  • Laura Ingraham                Laura Ingraham                                       +1 (541) 664-8827
  • Michael Savage                 The Michael Savage Show
  •  Email to the Big Man himself               +1 (415) 954-8659
  • Ron Hartenbaum              Michael Smerconish                                                                                                +1 (610) 668-5852
  • Brett Winterble                  The Roger Hedgecock Show
  •   Email to Roger’s producer           +1 (858) 715-3306
  • Rush Limbaugh                 The Rush Limbaugh Show                                 +1 (212) 445-3900
  • James Grisham                  The Sean Hannity Show                                        +1 (212) 613-3800
  • Warren Ballentine             Warren Ballentine                                          +1 (301) 306-1111


Mr. Michael Barone Creators Syndicate Politics Columnist +1 (202) 955-2035 Los Angeles, CA


Ms. Donna Brazile Universal Uclick Politics Columnist +1 (816) 581-7300 Washington, DC
Mr. David Brooks The New York Times News Service/Syndicate Opinion Page Columnist +1 (202) 862-0307 Washington, DC


Mr. Pat Buchanan Creators Syndicate Politics Columnist +1 (310) 337-7003 Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Howie Carr Boston Herald Contributing City Columnist +1 (617) 779-3433 Boston, MA
Mr. Steve Chapman Chicago Tribune Politics Columnist & Editorial Board Member +1 (312) 222-3025 Chicago, IL
Mr. Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services, Inc. Columnist +1 (212) 679-7330 Chicago, IL
Mr. Larry Elder Creators Syndicate Opinion Columnist +1 (310) 840-4900 Los Angeles, CA



Mr. Michael Gerson The Washington Post Opinion Page Columnist +1 (202) 518-3403 Washington, DC


Mr. Jonah Goldberg Los Angeles Times Opinion Columnist +1 (213) 237-7847 Los Angeles, CA


Mr. Charles Krauthammer The Washington Post Opinion Page Columnist +1 (202) 872-8109 Washington, DC


Mr. David Limbaugh Creators Syndicate Politics Columnist +1 (310) 337-7003 Los Angeles, CA


Mr. Paul Mulshine The Star-Ledger Opinion Page Columnist +1 (973) 392-4141 New York, NY


Ms. Peggy Noonan The Wall Street Journal Contributing Politics Columnist +1 (201) 583-5000 New York, NY


Mr. Bill Press Tribune Media Services, Inc. Politics Columnist +1 (312) 222-4444 Chicago, IL


If you could put a longer list to use from your own computer, let me know …

blank Bkay Robb Mac Donald says:

Liberal or conservative, black or white, gay or straight, it doesn’t matter. We should all be concerned about the issue of mob violence. Our government, mainstream media and the elite are playing us, folks! We are doing exactly what they want us to do and that is allowing them to “divide” so they can “conquer.” As long as they can keep us fighting and distracted, they have much more leeway to implement their agenda and it’s all about control and power. This plan has been in the works for YEARS!

blank denny says:

it is another aspect of what the bible says will happen… Good will b called evil & evil will b good… See God also says in 2nd Thessalonians 2:10-12 because of unrighteousness he will send them strong “delusion” that they will belive a lie. That they all might be damned who belive not the truth, but had plleasure in unrighteousness. Most of America is living in unrighteousness.

blank Dave says:

Are you serious? This must be the biggest joke I’ve ever heard of.

blank Bkay Robb Mac Donald says:

Please elaborate…

blank Emmett says:

Just curious: what happenned to the 100 or so comments? Has it run its course, served your purpose, caused legal problems? I’m opting for the third – the way to silence someone you disagree with is to scream “I’LL SUE IF YOU DON’T BANISH THAT GUY FROM THE WEBSITE!”

Seriously, as a people we’ve gone chicken(stuff).

comments always welcome!