Black violence under-reported — MSNBC/ Now at

Now at MSNBC: Don’t Expose Moslem Atrocities.

Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests discuss violence against women among Moslems —  and how some are angry that telling the truth gives fodder to people who hate Islam.  The host said it reminded her that violence against women in the black community is often under-reported for the same reason. Here is the one minute segment. If you want to slog through the whole thing, be my guest.

nPQiR says:

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ColinFlahertyBleed says:

Just received this note from a reader. She sent it some reporters after watching a segment on MSNBC on Saturday morning;

Dear xxxx,

Please tell me this does not happen in our town.

I was just watching Melissa Harris-Perry on her Saturday morning news show.

One of her guest was talking about an article she wrote saying the Islam is full of misogony and other bad things.

A Harvard divinity professor asked why she wrote the article because — even though it was true — it gave ammo to people who hate moslems.

Then Melissa chimed and said ‘yes, that’s true. there are a lot of unpleasant things in the black community we talk about among ourselves, but never anywhere else because it would be too much fodder for racists.’

At the time I was reading a book called White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of race riots to America.

And now I know what she was talking about.


p.s. I guess we won’t be seeing this book on MSNBC soon.


So I checked it out and it is as bad as it sounds. I excerpted a bit from it. But if you want to get through the entire 19 minutes, as I did, well, suit yourself.

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