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Letter from a White Kid in North Philadelphia


Dear Colin,


I have read your latest book, “The Knockout Game” as well as your other two books and I’d like to comment on the impact they have made upon me.


Born in 1947 I grew up in North Philadelphia in a predominantly black neighborhood. From age 6 or 7 when I was old enough to go out myself I was harassed, intimidated, robbed and slapped around not by just one black but always when their numbers were two or more. My emotions ranged from fear to outright hatred of these bullies (and of all bullies in general).


In your books you mention the laughter from the perpetrators and that resonated with me as I heard that same laughter as far back as 1952-53 when I encountered these black kids. When I hear that laughter in one of the videos posted it is the same now as it was then.


In 1974 my father and I were forced at gunpoint to lay face down on the floor while our business was robbed. A black man had his knee on my back and I felt the barrel of his pistol pressing on the back of my neck. He said, “I hate all you white motherfuckers” and I can still hear his voice today.


I agree with Taleeb Starkes in his books about the sub-culture of blacks, “niggers” and know the difference between them.


With all due respect Colin, after I finish the Knockout game book I must cease reading such material because I feel so much anger and stress from the truths therein. I sometimes think of a scenario similar to that of the mover Death Wish with Charles Bronson where the victim when assaulted by a group of blacks turns the tables on them and wipes them out. This brings a sense of relief to me and frankly it also brings joy (and that’s what bothers me).


A Vietnam era Veteran and a career in armed security gave me both physical and mental skills to deal with stressful situations. After retiring in 2012 I gladly pushed all negativity aside and try to live a peaceful, live and let live existence. I live in a predominantly white area of southern California and have little need or desire to leave the safety, cleanliness and serenity of my neighborhood.


The stores I frequent have a diversity of workers and I know them and love them all. Some of the kindest people I have met have been black or Hispanic and hugs are generally shared when we come across one another. Conversely I avoid black neighborhoods and areas of Los Angeles and feel not one bit racist about that fact.


I am fortunate that my hobbies and interests require me to be home nearly all of the time. This gives me peace of mind. Friends find my home as one of love and acceptance to all people.


Your books as well as Starkes books have taken what I already know and have lived and multiplied in a hundred-fold.


Although I am logical and disciplined enough to keep my emotions checked, I could understand and even applaud someone who gave some of the violence back to these thugs.


Although I find it necessary for my own peace of mind to put your books back on the shelf I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends. Because I have been on the receiving end of some of the instances described in your books and having survived the ordeals I feel what the other victims of black on white violence must feel. Fear, sadness, anger and the knowledge of the fact that who I am was affected by those who would harm others.


Hence, I will not make the black kids angry. Out of sight, out of mind. (but always maintaining situational awareness when in public)




About the Author

Colin Flaherty is an award winning reporter and author of the #1 best selling book White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

His new book is Knockout Game a Lie? Aww, Hell No.

Both books are about black mob violence, black on white crime and the Knockout Game.

His work has appeared in more than 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine. His story about how a black man was unjustly convicted of trying to kill his white girlfriend resulted in his release from state prison and was featured on Court TV, NPR, The Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune.

Thomas Sowell: ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Sean Hannity: White Girl Bleed a Lot “has gone viral.”

Allen West: “At least author Colin Flaherty is tackling this issue (of racial violence and black on white crime) in his new book, White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

Los Angeles Times: “a favorite of conservative voices.”

Daily Caller: “As the brutal “knockout” game sweeps across the U.S., one author isn’t surprised by the attacks or the media reaction. Colin Flaherty, author of the book “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How The Media Ignore It,” began chronicling the new wave of violence nearly a year ago — revealing disturbing racial motivations behind the attacks and a pattern of media denial.”

Alex Jones: “Brilliant. Could not put it down.”

Neal Boortz: “Colin Flaherty has become Public Enemy No.1 to the leftist media because of his research on black culture of violence.”

From the Bill Cunningham show. It is official: “Colin Flaherty is a great American.A wonderful book.” “Prescient. Ahead of the News. Garnering attention and sparking important discussions.”

David Horowitz: “A determined reporter, Colin Flaherty, broke ranks to document these rampages in a book titled, White Girl Bleed A Lot”


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White Girl Bleed a Lot -- Knockout Game edition

White Girl Bleed a Lot — Knockout Game edition

Knockout Game in Los Gatos.

Yes, Los Gatos.

The ever-plucky Patch is all over it:

Update: Assault Suspect Sought by Los Gatos Police – Police & Fire – Los Gatos, CA Patch


An excerpt:

“The Knockout game has hit Los Gatos. This evening on Blossom Hill Road, in front of Dance Attack, a woman was punched by an African American man who escaped up Harwood towards Belgatos Park. Police arrived to the scene 45 minutes too late, and he escaped.”

In response, reader Luigi Casaretto said: “This nonsense has to stop. My friend’s daughter was a victim in Milpitas last week.”

If you are counting, that is two cases.

And if someone can tell me where Los Gatos is, I would be grateful.

These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Get it here:

WhiteGirl_300x250_R2From Rochester: The Knockout Game that does not exist.

Preview of an article.

Rochester does not have a problem with black mob violence or black on white crime. The city does, however, have a problem with white people who are not used to it.

The latest example is a “disturbing” video of a group of black people talking about how they are going to wait for a “old white lady” to come out of a convenience store so they can hit her in the face with a snow ball.

Which they did. Police know who the people are. And they will talk to them eventually. But police say from what they can see on the video, it looks more like harassment than assault.

Rochester City Councilman Adam McFadden schooled white people about their finicky sensibilities toward crime in 2011.

The occasion was the aftermath of large scale black mob violence at a city-sponsored Memorial Day party featuring barbecue ribs.

More than 200 black people showed up, ate, rioted, then left. Police arrested 13 black people, including one for assaulting an officer. If anyone in Rochester was surprised or upset, they did a good job hiding it. The local paper explained that several public holiday gatherings had been cancelled the year before because of violence, and “the city has an ongoing issue with crowds of youth at the Liberty Pole downtown.”

Which continue today — the Liberty Pole is the site of regular and frequent black mob violence, especially when students ride the bus there after school. Sometimes accompanied by gunfire.

McFadden explained the 2011 black mob violence, thusly: “I think what you saw at the beach is what we’ve been seeing in many of our neighborhoods for two decades,” said McFadden. “It’s just that you had a lot of people there who are not used to that culture and got to witness it personally.”

In the Two years since, McFadden has been proven correct over and over again. The City’s Lilac Festival was once a showcase of horticultural passion. Today, the annual flower show is interrupted by frequent episodes of black mob violence.

By the time it was over this year, 200 people were arrested and four people were stabbed. A man with a shotgun escaped and two police officers were hurt.

Two months prior to the festival, the police chief sent potential criminals a letter, saying he was watching them and they’d better start behaving. They did not.

Local reporters do not – or will not – report what many readers know: “Let’s face it, this is a racial problem,” said Ann Marie Cummings in the comment section of the Democrat and Chronicle. “Whether it is the Puerto Rican fest, last year at the rib fest, or problems at sea breeze with gangs. It’s obvious these street thugs pick arenas … large amount of people attending.”

In September of 2013 in the Rochester suburb of Irondequoit, police had to close down a movie theater after 400 to 500 black people started fighting inside and outside a showing of the movie Insidious, Chapter 2.

Most of the fighters were from Rochester.

“I saw police officers chasing kids, as we were pulling out of the parking lot to leave we saw police officer knock kids to the ground and one police officer was batoning kids,” said Alton Johnson to Rochester YNN.

Lt. Jonna Izzo explained it all to News 8: “They have pent up energy from being scared in the movie theater and they come out and they don’t know what to do with that energy.”

Some residents said it was strange that anyone could blame a large scale act of violence and mayhem on a movie. Other said it had nothing to with the movie: That mall and others in Irondequoit have been plagued by black mob violence for years:

“So it’s not the first time and won’t be the last !!,” said David Sevor at the web site for WHAM TV news. “It’s sad these young teenagers don’t know how to behave out in public.”

Mike Alpaha was more explicit: “It’s been a problem that has been escalating for a long time. White people are the real problem! Your all too scared to speak up and talk about the real problem!”

“These young black kids are out of control and have no discipline in the home. They have no respect for anyone (especially white people). But everyone is scared of being called a racist for telling it how it is.”

“I’m not a racist, but I can say that the inner city black youth are out of control and only getting worse!”

Four police departments from neighboring jurisdictions assisted. City officials called the bus company, which returned the rioters to Rochester. No one was arrested.

Meanwhile, police are looking for the “old white lady” who was struck with a snow ball and a fist.

But the activist who discovered the tape and recorded it before it could be removed is not holding his breath. Davy V. Is a filmmaker and blogger who writes in Rochester. He describes some of the actors and actions:

Sunday evening, a Rochester, NY youth who goes by the Facebook name “True Goon Tocool Sneekey” posted a :53 second video titled “Just doin shit watch the smack cam”.

The video starts with the youth laughing and talking into the camera.

“I’m bout to smack the old lady with the snowball when she come out the store”, he says.


A few seconds later, as more laughter is heard in the background, an older woman is seen coming out of a corner store located at the intersection of Jay and Child Streets, on the city’s west side.


The youth in the video then hits the woman in the side of the head.


The youths then run off as one of them is heard yelling “Smack cam! Smack cam!”


Then one of the youths is heard saying “I’m gonna get the fuck up outta here before she calls the cops!”, obviously referring to the woman they just assaulted.

Davy V. says police are not taking the crime seriously.

“I wonder if the woman who came out of that store, and was attacked by some young punk who blinded sided her, hitting her on the side of her head, if that woman had been RPD Sgt. Elena Correia’s mother, or grandmother, would she brush it off as “harassment”, which is nothing more than a violation,” said Davy V.




Davy V.: Rochester, NY Youth Assaults Woman, then Posts Disturbing “Smack Cam”Video on Facebook (UPDATED)

For a complete collection of links to black mob violence in Rochester,

New: Black mob violence in Rochester: lots of it.

Black Mob Violence and Denial | FrontPage Magazine




These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Get it here:


White Girl Bleed a Lot -- Knockout Game edition

White Girl Bleed a Lot — Knockout Game edition


hat art

Letter from a black racist — here’s why non-blacks deserve violence.

This is about as good as it gets:

1) Its not happening

2) Here’s why it is happening.


From Bdot

[email protected]

Racist whites seem to be obsessed with this knockout game. Back in the day, the “knockout game” involved a bunch of cowardly faggots in white sheets hunting blacks for lynching and burning wooden stakes on yards. These days you can find kids in Mississippi hunting blacks for fun and running them over with trucks, or dragging them to death in Texas.

You racist whites are the most ignorant, underdeveloped, tunnel visioned element of OUR SOCIETY. You ignore the white racism that gave birth to most of the ignorance perpetrated in this nation, and you champion every story you can find about blacks committing violence against whites.

Your chickens will never stop coming home to roost on that ass. You fucked and impregnated your black slaves and now you complain about the rapidly growing dynamic of interracial relationships in this country. That’s your chicken, and it’s home. You try to fashion the knockout game into some sort of attack on the white race, yet you’ve played the knockout game for centuries.

That’s your chicken, and it’s home. You complain that blacks are always pulling the race card, but now you spend your entire day trolling blacks on the internet and claiming racism at every opportunity, even creating blogs predicated on the race card. That’s your chicken, and it’s home.

You lose. You’re gonna keep losing until you either flee the country or take your retarded ideology to your pathetic grave. It doesn’t matter how many blacks you troll on the internet or how many guns you stockpile. You’re just a coward with a case filled with weapons, hiding out on the internet. And that’s where you’ll stay.


A tip from one of my Chicago cops.

After Junior uses public housing to film a rap video with guns and drugs and who the hell knows what else, the mom gets kicked out.

Sorry about that.

hat art

NPR dawdles, black mob violence continues.

A preview of a story, with links.


While NPR makes up its mind whether the Knockout Game is an “old phenomenon with fresh branding,” or just a conservative fairy tale, victims, witnesses, videos and stories continue to pour forth.

At least one from an NPR employee, John Hingsbergen:

“Folks, as a Program Director at an NPR station, I don’t usually get involved in discussions like this, but I have personal experience with this so-called game,” Hingsbergen said in the comments section of an NPR blog on race called Code Switch. “It was this past May, just a block from the Hilton Garden Inn on First St, N.E. While I was taking a brief walk around the area, within sight of the hotel and with plenty of other people on the sidewalk, a teenager walked up to me smacked me on the side of the head. Thankfully, he was not strong enough to “knock out” this 60+ year old so all I did was spin around, only to see him take off running to the other side of the street to join two companions who were laughing as if it was the most hilarious thing they’d ever seen.”

Laughing is constant of the Knockout Game. So is the fact that most of the predators are black. Most of the victims are not.

Hingsbergen gets to the hard part: “Is there a racial component? I choose to believe not but sadly this was an African American teenager attacking an older white man.”

An email asking Hingsbergen why reporting the news without fear or favor should be an occasion of sadness went unanswered.

The most recent racial violence came on Friday: ten black people attacked a still unidentified man in Washington, D.C. He lived. They laughed. “After the punch, I remember chuckling,” he told the ABC affiliate.

In November, Phoebe Connolly was riding her bike through a Washington, D.C.  neighborhood when she passed through a group of black people.  CNN calls them “teenagers.”

Then one “reached out and punched me in the face,” she told Anderson Cooper. “The whole group of kids laughed.”


The day before the same thing happened to another woman in the same place, Connolly said.

A few days later, a black person punched New York Congresswoman Grace Meng in the head and stole her purse. She now believes she could have been the victim of the Knockout Game. She doesn’t remember the laughing, or much else about the attack on the streets of Washington.

Black on Asian violence and black mob violence in Washington are documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

Racial violence is a regular and frequent part of life in the nation’s capital.

On Halloween, a “large group of assailants” beat and robbed a 50-year teacher at the Metropolitan Branch Trail, a hiking and biking path from Union Station downtown to the suburbs in Maryland.

This was one of dozens of similar mob attacks at the Metro Trail over the last three years against bikers and hikers and joggers using weapons including stun guns and pipes. All the assailants were black. Most of the victims were not. More often than not, they were laughing.

Almost as if it were like some kind of game.white_girl_bleed_a_lot_coffee_cup

In June, the Washington Post sent two reporters to do a story on the ritual mayhem at the trail. The reporters did not think that mentioning the race of the perpetrators was important. But the readers who left comments did. Including this one from Reverend Bacon.

“Yes, they usually remember to steal something, almost as an afterthought, so that their apologists can claim it was about robbery. In many recent examples of the knockout game, they have forgotten to do this.”

In a November story about white racism, Washington Post columnist Mary Curtis declared it was easy to detect: Just look at the pattern. For example, people who do not like Barack Obama are not going to come out and declare they are racist. Or leave a calling card. Or issue a press release.

But if you look at the pattern, then it becomes “A Question of Race,” she said.

But not all patterns, apparently.

Steve is a resident of Washington. He was a victim of racial violence. So were others he knows. He sees a pattern since his attack in October 2010.

I was walking away from the Jon Stewart event on the Mall when a girl came up behind me on the sidewalk on 14th Street and screamed that she had just been punched by a group of kids.

I turned around to witness a group of 5-10 black kids colliding with pedestrians and throwing punches whenever they were confronted.  Within a few seconds, they started pushing me in the back & when I responded a punch arrived to my throat and the group started running away when I attempted to notify police.

Multiple friends refuse to attend events in certain parts of D.C. including Adams Morgan and Chinatown where a multitude of attacks have been perpetrated over the years.  There is a persistent air of racial tension around the city.

I have been attacked several times by gangs of blacks in D.C. (male & female) over the past few years.

The Washington Metro is also the sight of frequent black mob violence. Most of which goes unnoticed by the Washington Post. But at least one D.C. Outlet thinks it is a story: The UnSuck DC Metro blog.

This is an average story from 2011: “Harrowing Account of Yet More Metro Violence.”

I have never been more disgusted or shocked by what I witnessed Saturday night at the Anacostia Metro. I went to pick up a family member at the Metro, and just as she was telling me about the fights (Yes, plural!) that happened on the Green Line train [between L’Enfant and Anacostia], we witnessed a group of 6 to 8 young black teenagers kick, stomp, punch and push a lone teenage girl.

I could not believe my eyes! I also could not believe there was not an officer in sight.

When the family member arrived, she had her own story as well:

When she got on the train toward Anacostia, a group of teenagers proceeded to verbally and physically assault a group of young women. One of the boys threw a bottle and another threw the contents of a bottle in one of the woman’s face. The assaults got so out of hand that some people landed on a woman and her baby.

The attacking group had the doors to the train blocked so people couldn’t get off the train. My cousin told me she was so scared that she hid behind some seats and pulled out the box cutter she used for work.

And every time the web site runs another story of racial violence, readers — often dozens at a time — post their most recent encounter with black mob violence in Washington.

Some on video. Such as the two white women attacked by a black mob on the Red Line in Southeast Washington. No one knows what these two women were doing on that Metro in that part of Washington.  On the video, they told their attackers they “did not want any trouble.”

To the black mob that confronted them, threatened them, beat them and robbed them, it was no trouble at all. All the while one of the members of the crew was rolling video.


Did they call it the Knockout Game? Probably not.

Are more and more people in Washington coming to believe that non-black people are targets of black mob violence under whatever name?

Now that is a pattern.

Some more links:



Black mobs take over Washington Metro

‘Violence for violence’s sake is troubling,’ says cyclist attacked by youths on D.C. trail – Washington Post

Washington D.C. Metro beat down –Girl Fight Back edition – White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime.



These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Get it here:

Want to call it Knockout?

Go ahead. Call it anything you want.

But less than one hour after listening to the NPR report on Knockout, i received these two emails:

October 30, 2010 – I was walking away from the Jon Stewart event on the Mall when a girl came up behind me on the sidewalk on 14th Street and screamed that she had just been punched by a group of kids. I turned around to witness a group of 5-10 kids colliding with pedestrians and throwing punches whenever they were confronted. Within a few seconds, they started pushing me in the back & when I responded a punch arrived to my throat and the group started running away when I attempted to notify police.

The Jon Stewart event was a collection of 100,000+ predominantly white attendees with a multitude of black entertainers and celebrities on stage that produced an image of racial unity & harmony that was negated by the sidewalk experience shortly thereafter. While the incident only affected a small collection of people, it was clear that their intention was to disrupt the event in any fashion possible for their amusement.

Multiple friends refuse to attend events in certain parts of D.C. including Adams Morgan and Chinatown where a multitude of attacks have been perpetrated over the years. There is a persistent air of racial tension around the city that is clearly evident on the abundance of cell phone video of crimes and confrontation around the region.

Truly unfortunate that President Obama has fed the flames of racial tension over the years that clearly portrays his overwhelming sympathy for the condition of African Americans. While I appreciate his concern for those of his own race, he has set the stage for continued violence and disunion around the land.

And another:

In 1989 I was a victim. I was 18, in Dallas, waiting on the bus downtown. I had worked third shift so I was tired and ready to go home when two school-skipping “teens” (aka young Black thugs) who were walking by decided to pick ME. One swung without warning but I didn’t go down, ears just ringing.

I got him back, breaking his jaw and knocking out a few teeth. He held his head in his hands and started crying, spinning circles on the sidewalk and staggering toward the street. His friend looked scared but he didn’t need to be. You see, three grown men, instigated by several grown women, attacked me. My head was beaten into a wall, I was left for dead. I still carry the scars and the other day I dug yet another grain of sand out of that old wound.

The Dallas news stations got together and decided to investigate. Not because of me, my assault went unreported because I just didn’t feel like dealing with it. They placed a camera van at Main and Griifin in downtown Dallas, and in a matter of hours caught video of teenaged Black boys sucker punching a white man in a business suit.

So no, it isn’t new. It does exist. I will personally beat the living sheet out of any white person who denies it. It’s like denying the holocaust. Only racists, idiots, and masochistic white people deny this problem exists. Got my gun. Always. Let me see it happen. On with the mask, out with the bullets, another thug dies. Hooray!

Hmmm ..
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These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Get it here:



WhiteGirl_300x250_R2KO Victim to Huffington Post: Knockout Game a myth. Really?

Come on, man.

Preview of an article at

Just because someone gets punched in the face, that does not make them an expert. Or even smart.

Like James Addlespurger. If you have seen any of the recent news coverage on the Knockout Game, you have seen Addlespurger. He was walking down an alley in Pittsburgh last year when he came face to face with six black people.

One of them punched him in the head: He was out cold before he landed face-first on the concrete gutter. They ran.

Now the grainy, black and white security video is seemingly everywhere. The O’Reilly Factor. All the network news and local stations too. Addlespurger is the poster boy for the Knockout Game. But he does not want any part of it.

Appearing on the HuffPost Live, Addlespurger said he believes he is being manipulated by sinister conservative commentators like Bill O’Reilly and others who have pointed out that most of the attackers in the Knockout Game are black. Most of the victims are not.

“I work with kids every day. As a public school teacher for 20 years. I understand that kids are troubled. But to stereotype and go down that avenue, I am not going to fan those flames of hatred.”

The Knockout Game is a “faux trend,” said HuffPost Live, in part because the person who punched Addlespurger in the face said so on ABC’s Nightline.

Addlespurger is not the only victim of racial violence in the Pittsburgh area. Though there is no indication he ever checked.white_girl_bleed_a_lot_coffee_cup

If he had, he would have found that, 30 miles away, there was no video when a mob of black people attacked Washington & Jefferson College running back Timothy McNerney just a few weeks after his attack. He died.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “We don’t have a very detailed description other than that there were several males, and that the majority of them if not all of them are black males,” according to Detective Dan Staneck of the Washington police.

Addlespurger is not even the only teacher whose beating was caught on video in Pittsburgh. Just a few weeks before, another security video caught another black mob beating another Pittsburgh teacher.

They punched him, chased him, punched him some more, and pushed him into the street where he was almost run over by a car. This teacher did not want his name released, so maybe Addlespurger was not aware of this.

Or how about the four football players from Pitt who were arrested last November for spontaneously assaulting a few white students on campus.

Since he did not get the examples so close to home, it is probably not reasonable to expect he would have read about the St. Louis judge who said the Knockout Game is prevalent there, that one man alone is responsible for more than 300 assaults.

Sherry Godfrey did not know much about the Knockout Game either. That’s not the kind of thing that people expect in Springfield, Missouri — hometown of Brad Pitt. But that is what happened to her son last year. And several others.

“They did not leave a calling card saying they were playing Knockout,” Godfrey said. “But all the attacks are vicious and spontaneous just like the other cases of the Knockout Game.”

Addlesperger could have talked to Roan Ciardi. After reading in WND about a case of the Knockout Game in Rochester earlier this summer, Ciardi wrote of his own experience with it:

“The same day, around 4 p.m., my son called me from a friend’s house with his voice shaking as he described to me EXACTLY what I had just read about in Flaherty’s article.”

“Knockout Game,” welcome to Rochester. I just ordered these cops a copy of “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.” They need it – as does every cop and every reporter in America.

Paul Lane is another victim on the Knockout Game. Here again, the alleged perpetrator did not issue a press release announcing his participation in the game from November.

“I’m a 58-year-old white man who work(ed) as a ‘liberal librarian’ in Northern California,” he said. “Not your typical WND reader, but as a research librarian I read a lot of news sources. And this attack was exactly the way you describe in your book and articles. Exactly the same.”

Unlike Addlespurger, Lane is keeping an eye on all the media coverage the Knockout Game is receiving all over the country. He has a hard time believing what he is reading – and hearing.

“I listen to left-wing radio,” he says. “And I could not believe it when I heard my favorite radio personality – Stephanie Miller – say the Knockout Game does not exist. That’s crazy.”

Addlespurger is a teacher. A blues musician. A self-described positive person. His willingness to overlook the racial violence perpetrated on him is not new to Marlin Newburn, who recently retired after 30 years as a prison psychologist and court appointed counselor.

Addlespurger’s willingness to empathize with his attackers might seem like the Stockholm Syndrome to some. But Newburn said it is more accurately called Masochistic Altruism:

This is a better way to describe the teacher and other victimized deniers of the knockout game. Stockholm Syndrome is a pathological attachment to an aggressor as a reaction to terror over time.  With Masochistic Altruism, one can sustain a thoroughly false sense of nobility as they take their occasional beating. It’s not being dishonest, it’s a pathology, a psychological illness.

This is in line with people who are codependent, which, although an officially non-psychology recognized pathology, means a person will take abuse from a dominant person or people in the belief they can change them for the better. These people have very low levels of self-worth thus they choose a person or people they believe lower than they are on the human scale. In this effort, they believe themselves as “great and good.”

What these apologists are doing is enabling and empowering their attackers, and that means there will be more victims. That’s guaranteed.”

Others point out that some are hesitant to talk about the race of their attackers because they fear becoming victimized once again: This time as a racist.

But Addlespurger’s story is that race had nothing to do with the violence against him. And he is sticking to it.

As a teacher, Addlespurger must know that Pittsburgh area schools are also the scene of frequent black mob violence.

In January, for two days, 70 black students – and some parents – were punching, kicking, and terrorizing themselves and neighbors near Woodland Hills High School in Swissvale, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Some of the violence was “too graphic for WTAE news to show in its entirety.”

Swissvale police chief Greg Geppert said it was a “riot.”

In March 2010, 11 black students were arrested after earlier riot at the same school. Two police officers were injured. Several students blamed the riots on police and security guards.

After 30 years and thousands of cases, Newburn has seen the face of racial violence — old and young. It is not pretty. Nor widely talked about.

To people who practice this type of racial violence, all non-blacks are the enemy since they were weaned on the idea that whites/Asians/Hispanics/Martians were “keeping my people down.”

They may be functionally illiterate, and I have yet to meet one that wasn’t, but their older family members or people in their neighborhood along with the popular culture drove that early message into their skulls.

They believe that they have some black toxic-tribal license to attack, and the more brutal, the more “down with the struggle” they are. The degree of viciousness also demonstrates just how manly (or womanly) they are. In other words, the more sadistic, the higher the social and personal power status.

It’s also great street cred for them, the sacred status for assaulting the all-pervasive and imaginary white power structure, and in regard to Asians and Hispanics, those people are just “takin’ jobs” from them.

The people who practice this kind of racial violence — like the Knockout Game — have imaginary, social injustice tags as legitimate reasons to assault all non-blacks.

To say the black assaults on non-blacks isn’t racist is a blatant lie. Black predators are racist to the bone.

Newburn does not expect to see Addlespurger on his office couch any time soon. He is working it out on his own. Playing music. Teaching. But Addlespurger does have one parting message abut people who might think twice about visiting downtown Pittsburgh because of the threat of racial violence. As he told HuffPo Live:

“People who live in this violent city of Pittsburgh should feel safe going down there.”


hat artKnockout Game Denials continue .. Baltimore. Oakland. etc.

A preview of an article at

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Call it whatever you want: The Knockout game. Polar hear hunting. Wolf packs. Black on white crime.  Black mob violence.

Whatever: New reports of racial violence from New Haven, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Salisbury, Milwaukee, Oakland, Minneapolis, Brooklyn, Antioch, and other places are coming in faster than reporters can wish them away. No matter how much the Society of Professional Journalist tries otherwise. No matter how many members of the National Association of Black Journalists want to convince us differently.

Even Al Sharpton admits the attacks are real and “racist.” Which is more than the New York Times, CNN, USA Today and others are doing.

“There’s definitely something going on,” said Taleeb Starkes, author of the Uncivil War: Confronting The Subculture within the African American Community. “And it’s not new. I find it funny that those who dismiss the trend as hearsay, will also passionately debate whether the predators are Black 98 percent of the time versus 99 percent of the time. Other times, they note that Blacks are also victimized by Black mob violence. Wait, I thought that Black mob violence didn’t exist? As a result, society is at a tipping point. More and more people are refusing to accept the high levels of pathology in the black community as normal.”

“That sentiment has yet to effectively reach the news rooms or class rooms. Even so, there are simply too many witnesses, too many victims, too many police reports, too much video, and too many people demanding the truth. This large-scale denial will not continue for much longer. And it is starting in newsrooms, ever so slowly.”

The Yale Daily News, America’s oldest college newspaper,  reluctantly reported seven recent episodes of the Knockout Game in and around the New Haven campus in November. Not once mentioning all the assailants were black and the victims were not.

Police respond to knockout threat | Yale Daily News

Not once mentioning the New Haven is a center of black mob violence directed at students and staff of Yale — last summer two doctors were assaulted in racial violence, one losing part of his ear.

WND has documented more than a dozen other cases of black mob violence in New Haven, including this roundup. Black mobs erupt in Ivy League region.

That even was before the “All Black Affair” party in October, where 500 black people fought with police, destroyed property, and rampaged through three New Haven establishments. No one was arrested.

Whatever is(not)  happening, the paper did find time to report it has been like that for a long time and everyone knows it because they live in an “urban environment,” said one Yalie.

The Yale student paper did find time, however, to report the Knockout Game was either a myth cooked up by national hysteria created by conservative sensationalism or something like that. Sayeth the paper:

“Sergeant Al Vazquez of the NHPD Detective Bureau shared residents’ concerns about media sensationalism. The best way to prevent further “knockout” attacks is to educate New Haven residents as well as the media, Vazquez said. He explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it.”

That’s a new one for Taleeb Starkes: “Just the opposite is true: The media enables black mob violence by ignoring and denying it. All documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot. But there is no doubt the student paper is a perfect reflection of standard media denial.”

The students at the Yale college paper should not be condemned too harshly for omitting the context and history of the latest racial violence in New Haven. It’s part of their trade: The Society of Professional Journalists holds regular seminars around the country and recently published an article in its national magazine about how to report black mob violence:


Meanwhile, in Oakland Wednesday night, a black person attacked a white man riding on a bus. The local Fox affiliate dutifully reported the “Knockout game may be a hoax.” Anthony Lindsey says he knows it is real: “You think its fake: Its not. It happened to me.”


‘Knockout Game’ Hits Oakland – Fox Nation

In Baltimore, several victims of assault are coming forward to say they too were objects of the Knockout Game. According to the local ABC affiliate:

“ABC2 talked to victims months ago, before the “knockout game” was a national buzz phrase. Back then, leaders wouldn’t talk to us because they weren’t aware of the problem. Now they won’t talk because they don’t want it to become one here in Baltimore.

“Jonathan Lomaskin spent the summer battered, beaten up and broken. “I had a complete fracture. Basically my lower mandible was fractured in half and all these teeth rolled inward,” Lomaskin said.

Baltimore victims believe they’ve been targeted in knockout game

The Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, is one of the political leaders who is not talking about the Knockout Game.

This is in contrast to her eagerness to talk about the killing of Trayvon Martin and subsequent acquittal of George Zimmerman.

Many of the stories about the Knockout Game hoaz are written by members of the National Association of Black Journalists. The NABJ recently hosted the parents of Trayvon Martin at its annual convention.

They were received like rock stars.  The — the black web site of NBC News —  reported  how NABJ is encouraging its members to report more “black issues.”

Not only did they invite Trayvon’s parents to address these issues to a group of media professionals, separate panels and meetings were also held that provided further discussion on the direction black journalists should take with their coverage.

“As far the news goes and covering black issues, it’s not always been something that news organizations have been guilty of doing,” said Corey Dade, a contributor to The Root. “This is the story, race in America is the news story. You can apply it to everything. There is a viable, lucrative market there when you start reporting about people of color.”

Trayvon Martin’s parents speak at NABJ convention: His ‘legacy lives on’ | theGrio

Reporters like Melanie Eversley at USA Today are paying attention: She recently wrote a story called “Alleged trend of knockout game a myth.”  Eversley describes herself as an “involved NABJ member.”

Reports: Alleged trend of ‘knockout game’ a myth

These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Get it here:


WhiteGirl_300x250_R2Now the attacks spread like wildfire: The latest from Milwaukee. New Haven. Salisbury.

Is it the Knockout Game? Everyone wants to know.

In Milwaukee, call it whatever, lots of people know they have a problem with black mob violence.

A preview of an article at WND. Links below.


By itself, four black people in Milwaukee punching Tim Bessette in the face, knocking him out, breaking bones in his face, laughing and running away, does not constitute a national emergency.

Not matter how badly he was hurt. No matter how much he insists he is a victim of the Knockout Game.

It might not even be the Knockout Game — not the way the New York Times, CNN and other media define it.

To most reporters — i.e. most of the people writing about how the Knockout Game is a myth — they imagine the game is played by a set of rules:  Racially undefined teenagers get together and plan to punch someone in the face.

If there is no planning, then there is no game. And never, never, never is race involved. That’s the way the suits in the news department see it.

That’s not how the Knockout Game works. Most of the time the game is  spontaneous. Sometimes the victim loses a wallet or an iPhone. Sometimes not. They always laugh.

And 99 percent of the perpetrators are black. 99 percent of the victims are not. That is what people in journalism usually call a “trend.”  But now call a myth.

“I could hear them as they departed joking and laughing, Bessette told the NBC News affiliate in Milwaukee.  The next thing he knew he woke up lying on the ground, in a pool of blood. From his hospital bed, he watched the national news stories describe the Knockout Game as a figment of some over heated imagination.

“I sat there in total amazement.,” Bessette said. “You tell me that this pain I’ve gone through over the past two days is a myth?”

It is not a game — or a myth — to Marlin Newburn, who recently retired after 30 years as a prison psychologist and court appointed counselor. “The violence is real and based on hate,” said Newburn. “And the hate is based on race. Almost all of the black inmates I’ve dealt with over the years are raised on a diet of racial resentment and violence. But for some reason, the press either does not know it, or chooses to ignore it.”

But most people in Milwaukee are not talking to their local prison shrink. And if  all they knew about racial violence in Milwaukee was what they read in the local papers, then it is easy to see how they might think black mob violence — including the Knockout Game — is a myth.

Over the last three years, Milwaukee has been a center of racial violence and media denial. It is rarely reported. Seldom acknowledged in the press, but often the topic of conversation.

Opinions are divided over which one was the worst:  Was it the spontaneous violence of the state fair of 2011, where hundreds of black people beat and terrorized the crowds in and out of the fair grounds?

Or was it the annual rolling race riot and black celebration known as Juneteenth? If so, what year? Violence is a regular feature of this annual downtown party. A lot of it on video.

Some hold out for the Fourth of July. For at least three years, groups of hundreds of black people have done all sorts of bad things requiring police horses, helicopters and paddy wagons to bring it under control.

Still others say the Mayfair Mall, where hundreds of black people rampaged through the retail area, causing shop owners and shoppers to hide behind locked doors, dial 911, and cower in fear as they begged police to hurry up. That’s on video too.

And let’s not forget the random acts of racial violence in buses, street corners, shopping centers and other public places that are so popular on YouTube.

Many documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

The title of the book comes from Milwaukee, Fourth of July, 2011: 50 to 100 black people rampaged through a local convenience store, looting candy and groceries. On video.

They went to a nearby park where they met a few white kids and beat them up, badly. At one point, a black woman was standing over a white woman. She motioned to her accomplices to look down at the ground. “White girl bleed a lot,” she said, laughing.

“They were having such a good time,” said one of the victims,  referring to the laughing and joking during violence. Sound familiar?

“The prison inmates I met over the years took great delight in remembering their violent experiences,” Newburn said. “It was never about the money. It was never some kind of scene from Les Miserables where desperate people are doing desperate things, no matter how many reporters thing differently.”

The day after the White Girl Bleed a Lot attack, a few of the victims went to the police station to ask if their attackers were in jail. Police told them there was no report on their assault. It never happened.

A few days and a few calls to talk radio later, the police chief and the mayor held a press conference, telling everyone how sorry they were for not taking the crime more seriously. They both however, denied race had anything to do with it.

This attack came just a few weeks after the black holiday celebration in Milwaukee known at Juneteenth.  News accounts are, at best, sketchy. But one year later, after another massive disturbance where 54 people were arrested as a helicopter kept tabs, witnesses recounted their experiences from 2011.


My girlfriend and I walked up to Juneteenth last year from Riverwest; we got there right at the end. Anyways, on our walk back home, a half a dozen squad cars rushed past us and one squad car stopped. The officers were wearing full riot gear and said something to the likes of ‘What the hell are you (white) people doing in this neighborhood? Get the out **** of here, don’t you know there is a riot going on a block away?

Just a few weeks after that, it happened again. This time at the bucolic Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee.

There, hundreds of black people beat up white people, damaged their cars, hurled racial epithets, and caused chaos inside and outside the gates of the State Fair. Much of the panic and terror captured on 911 calls that were later released to the media.

Groups of black people ran down the midway, pushing and beating people, stealing from vendors. It was complete chaos for  two hours. Then it continued outside, where state police directed traffic while a race riot raged yards away.

Here’s some audio: This is what a race riot sounds and feels like, from August 5, 2011:

Authorities release 911 tapes of State Fair mob attacks – 620 WTMJ – Milwaukee’s Source for Local News and Weather

West Allis 911 callers claim law enforcement problems on State Fair opening night – TODAY’S TMJ4

“They were attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever. It was 100% racial,” claimed Eric, an Iraq war veteran from St. Francis who says young people beat on his car.

“I had a black couple on my right side, and these black kids were running in between all the cars, and they were pounding on my doors and trying to open up doors on my car, and they didn’t do one thing to this black couple that was in this car next to us.  They just kept walking right past their car.  They were looking in everybody’s windshield as they were running by, seeing who was white and who was black.  Guarantee it.”

Eric, a war veteran, said that the scene he saw Thursday outside State Fair compares to what he saw in combat.

“That rated right up there with it.  When I saw the amount of kids coming down the road, all I kept thinking was, ‘There’s not enough cops to handle this.’  There’s no way.  It would have taken the National Guard to control the number of kids that were coming off the road.  They were knocking people off their motorcycles.”


Outside of Milwaukee, people are always surprised when I ask if they knew that Milwaukee was a center of racial violence and media denial. Few know.

But in Milwaukee, more and more people do. And despite a virtual media blackout on most of the cases of black mob violence, some people speak out. One is “Big Mike” Hagler, a video blogger who had just about all he can take from regular and frequent and intense black mob violence.

“Every time there is an event going on, people want to pull out guns and go crazy,” said Hagler said. “Everything is getting cancelled: State fairs. Summerfest.”

“All people want to do is fight. Y’all acting like animals. And it is crazy to say it is our own people acting that way.

It’s crazy when you go to an event and there be a majority white people there. As soon as black people come around that get to moving out of the way. They already know what is going to happen.

It’s like when you want to go to Juneteenth.  I ain’t going to go to Juneteenth because people already know what is going to happen. People are going to be shooting and fighting.”

Milwaukee lost one of its more powerful truth tellers last year when talk show host James Harris took his show to Phoenix. Right after the White Girl Bleed a Lot beat down, Harris told a Sunday news television audience the facts of life:

“This was not a color-blind crime. We have this epidemic of black teenage mob violence happening all over the country.”

“It is from a perfect storm of entitlements, political correctness, and white guilt where people are afraid to identify who are doing the crimes and why they are doing it.

“(The Mayor and Police Chief) were more worried about being accused of racial profiling that the fact that black mobs were roaming down the streets hurting people.”

This was a PC response because it was black mob violence. You guys (fellow panelists) are in denial…. We have a real problem. A real sickness in the (black) community, that until we address it, it will continue to explode.

Milwaukee and other major cities in this country are facing a crisis of mob violence this summer. And if the powers that be refuse to identify the problem, how can they expect to combat it?

Two years later, Tim Bessette is asking the same question. And getting the same answer.

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