New: From Rochester: Black mob violence no problem for blacks. Just whites.

January 7, 2014 — 27 Comments

WhiteGirl_300x250_R2From Rochester: The Knockout Game that does not exist.

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Rochester does not have a problem with black mob violence or black on white crime. The city does, however, have a problem with white people who are not used to it.

The latest example is a “disturbing” video of a group of black people talking about how they are going to wait for a “old white lady” to come out of a convenience store so they can hit her in the face with a snow ball.

Which they did. Police know who the people are. And they will talk to them eventually. But police say from what they can see on the video, it looks more like harassment than assault.

Rochester City Councilman Adam McFadden schooled white people about their finicky sensibilities toward crime in 2011.

The occasion was the aftermath of large scale black mob violence at a city-sponsored Memorial Day party featuring barbecue ribs.

More than 200 black people showed up, ate, rioted, then left. Police arrested 13 black people, including one for assaulting an officer. If anyone in Rochester was surprised or upset, they did a good job hiding it. The local paper explained that several public holiday gatherings had been cancelled the year before because of violence, and “the city has an ongoing issue with crowds of youth at the Liberty Pole downtown.”

Which continue today — the Liberty Pole is the site of regular and frequent black mob violence, especially when students ride the bus there after school. Sometimes accompanied by gunfire.

McFadden explained the 2011 black mob violence, thusly: “I think what you saw at the beach is what we’ve been seeing in many of our neighborhoods for two decades,” said McFadden. “It’s just that you had a lot of people there who are not used to that culture and got to witness it personally.”

In the Two years since, McFadden has been proven correct over and over again. The City’s Lilac Festival was once a showcase of horticultural passion. Today, the annual flower show is interrupted by frequent episodes of black mob violence.

By the time it was over this year, 200 people were arrested and four people were stabbed. A man with a shotgun escaped and two police officers were hurt.

Two months prior to the festival, the police chief sent potential criminals a letter, saying he was watching them and they’d better start behaving. They did not.

Local reporters do not – or will not – report what many readers know: “Let’s face it, this is a racial problem,” said Ann Marie Cummings in the comment section of the Democrat and Chronicle. “Whether it is the Puerto Rican fest, last year at the rib fest, or problems at sea breeze with gangs. It’s obvious these street thugs pick arenas … large amount of people attending.”

In September of 2013 in the Rochester suburb of Irondequoit, police had to close down a movie theater after 400 to 500 black people started fighting inside and outside a showing of the movie Insidious, Chapter 2.

Most of the fighters were from Rochester.

“I saw police officers chasing kids, as we were pulling out of the parking lot to leave we saw police officer knock kids to the ground and one police officer was batoning kids,” said Alton Johnson to Rochester YNN.

Lt. Jonna Izzo explained it all to News 8: “They have pent up energy from being scared in the movie theater and they come out and they don’t know what to do with that energy.”

Some residents said it was strange that anyone could blame a large scale act of violence and mayhem on a movie. Other said it had nothing to with the movie: That mall and others in Irondequoit have been plagued by black mob violence for years:

“So it’s not the first time and won’t be the last !!,” said David Sevor at the web site for WHAM TV news. “It’s sad these young teenagers don’t know how to behave out in public.”

Mike Alpaha was more explicit: “It’s been a problem that has been escalating for a long time. White people are the real problem! Your all too scared to speak up and talk about the real problem!”

“These young black kids are out of control and have no discipline in the home. They have no respect for anyone (especially white people). But everyone is scared of being called a racist for telling it how it is.”

“I’m not a racist, but I can say that the inner city black youth are out of control and only getting worse!”

Four police departments from neighboring jurisdictions assisted. City officials called the bus company, which returned the rioters to Rochester. No one was arrested.

Meanwhile, police are looking for the “old white lady” who was struck with a snow ball and a fist.

But the activist who discovered the tape and recorded it before it could be removed is not holding his breath. Davy V. Is a filmmaker and blogger who writes in Rochester. He describes some of the actors and actions:

Sunday evening, a Rochester, NY youth who goes by the Facebook name “True Goon Tocool Sneekey” posted a :53 second video titled “Just doin shit watch the smack cam”.

The video starts with the youth laughing and talking into the camera.

“I’m bout to smack the old lady with the snowball when she come out the store”, he says.


A few seconds later, as more laughter is heard in the background, an older woman is seen coming out of a corner store located at the intersection of Jay and Child Streets, on the city’s west side.


The youth in the video then hits the woman in the side of the head.


The youths then run off as one of them is heard yelling “Smack cam! Smack cam!”


Then one of the youths is heard saying “I’m gonna get the fuck up outta here before she calls the cops!”, obviously referring to the woman they just assaulted.

Davy V. says police are not taking the crime seriously.

“I wonder if the woman who came out of that store, and was attacked by some young punk who blinded sided her, hitting her on the side of her head, if that woman had been RPD Sgt. Elena Correia’s mother, or grandmother, would she brush it off as “harassment”, which is nothing more than a violation,” said Davy V.




Davy V.: Rochester, NY Youth Assaults Woman, then Posts Disturbing “Smack Cam”Video on Facebook (UPDATED)

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These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

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White Girl Bleed a Lot -- Knockout Game edition

White Girl Bleed a Lot — Knockout Game edition


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blank Bigzers says:

obamas sons, but my mother. just try it, and it won’t end up a laugh.

blank Jay Steremy says:

If I was there and put a bullet in that little jerks head…the race baiters and the sharptons would come out of the woodwork demanding that Eric Holder prosecute me for committing a “hate crime”.

blank Havin Nunavit says:

That filthy little animal.

blank Thomas Ziegler says:

This is how the African acts and our Government is going to put up with this behavior because we have a half Black Muslim as a President. GOD BLESS US ALL. If FRANK RIZZO Was Your Mayor You Deffenly Would Not Have This Problem. To Bad He Is Dead. R.I.P. FRANK. THE WHITE MAN LIBRELS ARE A BUNCH OF PUSSY’S

blank laura r says:

there are conservative billionares. but they havnt bought MSM.

blank Marc says:

These punks should be found and put in a box.

blank Gene says:

NYC controls the state and it is a Marxist haven. Poverty and criminality have been exported along the Hudson and Mohawk corridor. Now, Rochester, once rate the best place to live in the US, is a garbage dump. An Oswego friend tells me crack dealers in Oswego to house to house selling the drug. There are SWAT actions in a sleep upstate town. Manhattan is a fine haven for the wealthy, the rest of the state is lost. Of course, with a Marxist mayor, NY will see its vast tax base, a very few people and businesses, leave. Nest stop: nuevo Detroit.

blank Xscilune says:

I would have had Bear spray in hand when I walked out of that store it shoots 20 + feet and I would have treated the little darlings to a shot it also dyes them a pretty blue!

blank Darrel Winchell says:

Harassment ! Are you kidding me that punk hit that woman in the face with his hand. I dare any white person to do the same to a n—er and they will be looking at a hate crime. White people wake up and be vigilant if you don’t look out for your own safety you will be a victim. The law enforcement establishment will not protect you. You are after all only being harassed. These laws are pitiful.

blank rubber stamp says:

Sociopathic zombies are brought to you by… and protected by… Liberalism

blank Susan says:

The evil public school curricula is doing this intentionally. The Wundtian curricula is intentionally destroying Virtue in our children and it was planned by the designers who are evil Marxists like Billy Ayers. The Black families which are more likely to be fatherless—are really affected by this indoctrination, since NOTHING counters it and media and today’s “books”/songs encourage evil and normalize it.

All Justice Systems—and Schools should promote Virtue. As Socrates stated, teaching Virtue is the only purpose of education.

The Cultural Marxists knew to destroy America–all they had to do was destroy Virtue in children (through control of education/john Dewey/Dr. Counts/Dr. Ruggs—Marxists/Socialists.) We need to destroy Common Core curricula—it is ladened with “operant conditioning” into Godless Marxism and evil.

blank Aaron says:

It’s all part of the Obama/Soros/Ayers/Cloward/Piven, etc., leftist plan. And it is working splendidly thus far…..unfortunately for America and for Americans, who are the targets of this politically-driven hatred. The question is….why the hell are we allowing this deliberate destruction to continue to occur?

blank Susan says:

Because people are in the Matrix.

The Good and Smart people are so busy with making taxes and ends meet, that they have no time for “reflection” (thinking”). With all the “White Noise” in culture—they are not seeing the Forest for the Trees. Plus, the Marxist misinformation 24/7. It takes TIME that no one has, to figure out the Truth.

The internet helps, though. it may be our savior.

The Billionaires have the money to control the media heads and control information but don’t have the internet yet—they have bought the judges to destroy our “Justice” System and they have controlled school curricula, since John Dewey to destroy Reason and Virtue in our children—so most are brainwashed anyhow and have no morality—–esp. after Carter got the DOE installed.

If everyone would take their kids OUT of the matrix—the public schools and homeschool them—and teach them real knowledge (the Classical ideas that formed this nation—then we can retake this nation. We have to quite drugging our kids—turn off the TV, and make sure they are reading the Great Books.

Education is the key. But Marxists control Common Core.

blank rhondajo3 says:

I would have been with you until I read: “With all the “White Noise” in culture”. Huh? The new culture is black rap and hip hop and evil words and thoughts and deeds that are perpetrated by Satan. But evil is not racist, it envelopes all races and it will take you to hell with it too if you don’t look up to God and ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins. We have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God.

blank Susan says:

You are with me…..Look up the definition of “White Noise’. It has NOTHING to do with race!

blank Terence Sommer says:

While in active duty army, I got a look another soldiers ‘American Histroy’ text book and I could tell then (1999) that it was a complete joke. It focused on ‘diversity’ and all the victims there of but having nothing to really say what was great about the USA. It was PC to the core. I told that other soldier that that book was BS. She was taken back but really did not get it. They have been at this for awhile now.

blank Susan says:

Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism. We have been infiltrated for a long time. Now, they control the White House.

Sen. McCarthy was trying to warn us—but, they destroyed him rather easily. He was called “Tailgunner Joe” and was a WWII hero, but it didn’t matter, because Marxists were in control of major media and committees in Congress–as well as State Dept. positions. Agitprop has been forming opinion in America for a very long time.

Thank goodness for the internet, but it may be too late to save our nation. Getting the minds of our children back is a good start, but Common Core is almost finalized with the billions/trillions from our evil masters.

blank Terence Sommer says:

So many are still so asleep! In Minneapolis (I live across the river) the new mayor, a Betsy Hodges wants to push the state for a higher minimum wage. KSTP Channel 5 did a story on it. So, who did they interview, a hispanic couple with a husband that needed translation from an interperter. It was discusting! Way too many white people are content now, but just wait.

blank rhondajo3 says:


blank Jack Laurie says:

The dirty liberal media are accomplices to all these assaults and crimes, it goes all the way to the top of our government too…Racist Slime Eric Holder and Odumbo the Racist Clown are getting exactly what they want, kill whitey

blank ssilv48 says:

simple to solve, make this black man an example, lose US citizen ship, ship back to Africa and watch how fast it stops.

blank Darrel Winchell says:

Now that’s the way you handle this issue !

blank laura r says:

all these comments are immature fantacy. no one here has any power but to just talktalktalk.

blank Havin Nunavit says:

Really? Bet those little turds wouldn’t pull that on me.

blank Marlin B. Newburn says:

Think of this video the next time someone calls these thugs, “troubled youth.”

Then smack the person who said it. Just tell them you’re “troubled.”

blank Terence Sommer says:

What ugly little clowns.