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Now let us remember the Big Scandal of 2012 that never happened.

There folks at Breitbart got their hands on a video tape that some said was so explosive it would end the election the day it was released.

The video showed a young Barack Obama introducing a Harvard Law professor named Derrick Bell. 

Bell’s contribution to the culture was an obscure theory called Critical Race Theory, that said white racism was everywhere and it was permanent and it was a central organizing feature for black people.

Nasty stuff, so some thought.

Turns out, not many cared: Half of the people already knew about CRT. And the other half thought it was so stupid, so dangerous, that is could simply not be true.

Eight years later, it is part of the fabric of our culture, with the latest example coming from Madison Wisconsin.


White people are fleeing the cities, that is what the genius from Shark Tank is telling reporters.

But get this: It is not because of unprecedented rises in black violence and crime seen in hundreds of cities around the country over the last few months.

It is not because of the recent riots in hundreds of cities.

It is all because of the conoid virus, that apparently cannot penetrate the suburbs.

Oh man, the greatest lie of our generation is nastier than the  nastiest virus.


Once again, Hillary (!!!) was right!

She told us we need to do a “better job of listening to black people.”

And black people today are screaming they are just not into white people. They don’t want anything to do with us or our corrupt systems.

But we are not listening.

We are not taking them at their words.

Memo: They mean it.


Bubba doubles down on Fake Hate at NASCAR.

Meanwhile, mass shootings explode around the rest of the country. As does chaos and mayhem from the Fellas.


Baghdad Bob’s got nothing on the folks running Atlanta.

The Denial, deceit and delusion coming from the District Attorney and Mayor are reaching new levels: Asking us the fundamental question: “Who are you going to believe us? Or your own lying eyes.”

Plus, the latest on the big non-violent rally on Monday, June 22.


Listen up to the latest directions and be there!


Black people are terrified of white people, especially cops, says Senator Lindsey Graham.

That was news to me.

Guess I have seen too many videos of too many fellas acting in the opposite of fear: Hostility, scorn, hatred, violence, contempt.

Pretty much everything BUT fear.

Just one more pretty lie to add to the stack of lies that make up the Greatest Hoax of our Generation.

Plus, more details about the MYSTERIOUS ENDEAVOUR on June 22.

Be there!

All in one podcast??



Details are leaking out about the Great Mysterious Protest Rally against the greatest lie of our Generation — Monday, June 22.

In this podcast we spill a few details — not all. Can’t do that till we get closer to the event.

Then, by popular request,  we share an interview I did with the Great Devon of Atheism is unstoppable. 

No stones unturned. Great job by a brave guy.

More to come.


Forget the riots.

The fellas are staying busy with murder and mayhem not connected to good St. George Floyd.

Lots and lots of it. Starting at the beach.

Ending, … who knows where …


Is the Knockout Game a Myth? A lie? Aww hell no. It wasn’t two years ago when I did this documentary. And it is not today when I turned the audio of my KO Game documentary into a podcast. Enjoy!


Bloomberg in trouble for telling the truth about black violence: We put cops where the crime is, black neighborhoods.

And some recent examples as to why Bloomberg is telling the truth.