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A smiling fella kills a white cop in Mississippi and the nation shrugs.

How did we come to this: Black people kill cops, and old people all the time smiling and bragging.

The rest of us just nod our heads indifferently.

Damn.  Lots of new crazy stories out there.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

New podcast from Colin Flaherty.

When we see black violence so wildly out of proportion, we know that underpinning the denial, deceit and delusion surrounding is a heaping dose of black on white hostility.

But that is hardly the only place we see that.

We also see it in the racial quotas and affirmative action that is widespread and also so ignored.

But like the violence, racial quotas also do a lot of damage. In this podcast we are going to look at two recent examples of how racial quotas were used in two recent catastrophes, and how they made these disasters even worse.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Chocolate schools are imploding all over the country.

Cops kicked in the head.

Security guards pushed down the stairs.

Teachers under attack by the tens of thousands.

And no one is connecting the dots.

Not till now. in a new tab)

A must for anyone who cares about schools. Or who knows any teachers or parents or grandparents.

A new podcast from colin flaherty.

It’s crazy season: 20 people running for President are telling us daily that white nationalists are roaming the country attacking black people. And then they explain what they are going to do to cure this fictitious problem.

Time for a reality check: The opposite is true — black violence is wildly our of proportion. And here are some recent examples from the ti of the iceberg.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Reporters in Philadelphia are stumped by a case of black on white violence in its purist form: The Knockout Game.

So let’s help her out on this podcast.

Big riot in Chicago.  Everyone knows 500 fellas and lovely ladies were creating the violence at the Magnificent Mile. Everyone except the reporters.

Who tell us that riots in Chicago among people of an undetermined race are now a regular feature of life there.

And let’s not pick on them.

Yes, they said that.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Another black mass murderer we never heard of. This time in Kansas City. Just one more in the long and recent list of black mass shooters who reporters and public officials are trying to convince us do not really exist.

The director of the FBI tells congress that white nationalists surpremacists or whatever you want to call them are roaming the countryside attacking black people.

and it is happening more and more.

you know, just like Jussie said.

And just as true.

Fact: white people are victims of black violence.

That is the trend chief. Not vice versa.

A new podcast with some new examples.

The tsunami of black violence and denial often overwhelms our ability to describe it.

The violence and denial in schols, streets, courts is just growing to the point where we have to ask ourselves, ‘can we do more?’

We have to.

So let’s take a look at some recent examples from Des Moines, Racine and Atlanta. And look at least one place where school officials are not letting themselves be bullied by phony baloney stories of white racism.

And let’s talk about the next level for us.

The violence and denial in schols, streets, courts is just growing to the point where we have to ask ourselves, ‘can we do more?’

All in one itty bitty new podcast from Colin Flaherty

Get it here. Just click.

Get it here. Just click.

The story of the last straw:


I was working the Judge Task Force.  We were assigned to assist patrol assets with a saturation presence at the south jetty of mission beach. I’m sure you’ve been there many times. There is only one way in and one way out to the large parking lot there at the end of the boardwalk.

The gang member fellas and their lovely ladies (who were almost all active duty Navy as well) would take over the parking lot every weekend at about dusk.   *Spoiler alert* nearly every time, the gathering would end in a shooting. San Diego PD decided to flood the parking lot and to stop every car coming in for any vehicle code violation and to issue cites in an attempt to dissuade the gathering.

Back then, if you had a suspended license, we could tow your car and keep it for a 30 day punitive impound (awesome program). Anyway, I stopped a female driver for no front plate and I could see she had three unrestrained toddler-aged kids in the car. I pull her over and begin to suffer through the obligatory “you only stopped me because I’m black” routine that I am all too used to as I’m writing her ticket. I find out that her license is suspended so I’m going to tow the car.

I’ll never forget as she was unloading her personal belongings, her toddlers began to dangerously wander into parking lot traffic. She said something to the effect of, “D’quan.  Get yo ass over here an hole yo sista hand”. D’quan was about 3 years old and continued to wander off. The woman continued berating me and saw that D’quan kept wandering off. She then exclaimed, and I quote, “Ni&&$!  Getcho motherfu$&in’ ass over here and hold yo sista hand”.

I was blown away. She said that to a toddler!  I could only imagine what went on in the home. True story.

Joe Friday