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English TV figures it all out: White racism is so prevalent it just takes too much energy to explain it. And other fairy tales.

Everybody knows poverty causes The Fellas to do all sorts of bad things wildly out of proportion: Including black on white murder. How about a case where a Fellas has too much money? Turns out that causes black on white murder too.

A cop tells us THE REAL REASON why more fellas are not cops. Plus, crazy news from PayPal.

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The new Stockholm syndrome: Self defense against the Fellas is not good because Fellas do not like that. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The Superstar of NPR talks about her experience with black violence and mayhem in school. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

Gandhi has advice for Jews experiencing relentless violence at the hands of the Fellas in NYC: Dont resist. Commit suicide.

Reporters keep whining for NUMBAHS. While fellas keep killing cops.

How to make a huge mistake on a video. And lots of other good things.

Our cop has a warning for white girls who drink in college bars until 2 AM: Fellas are hunting you.