New: Black mob violence in philly. video

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Black mob violence in philly. video

Philadelphia. One Day.


and then,

Clerk injured in 7-Eleven robbery in Olney |

2 more arrests in 7-Eleven robbery, assault |

From the comments section:


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      Well when their parents named them such names they pretty much guaranteed their kids would live a life of crime. I used to be a retail manager in Exton and this is exactly the stereotype that would come into my store and steal time and time again and then try to make it about race when I had them arrested. I have been spit on in the past while trying to stop theft and at one point a black man raised his fist towards my pregnant stomach. That was the only time I backed off. So sick of the welfare “I’m owed something” mentality a segment of our society seems to have. Rather than work for anything they steal from others.

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        sakisha  GracieW

        First of all gracie what u name ur child dont have **** to do with whatt they will become I’m sorry that u were a viticm of any crime. But u need to watch what you say. You sound uneducated and a racist. Anybody could had violated you but it just happen to be an African American, However all race does crime and your race has done some horrible crimes so no need to point any fingers. The crime just need to stop period


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