New: Black mob tortures and kills white family in Detroit.

February 19, 2014 — 10 Comments

WhiteGirl_300x250_01Black mob tortures and kills white  family in Detroit.

Some in Detroit says white people deserve it.

A preview of a story at WND.


Four black people are in jail tonight in Detroit for robbing, stabbing, shooting, torturing, and killing three white people. Then burning down their house and stealing their car.

Fox 2 News Headlines
Police arrested the suspects last week when they found the murdered person’s car at one of their homes, along with bloody clothing and ID from the victim. In addition to charges for murder and arson and robbery, at least one of the suspects was charged with possession of heroin.

“The nature of the wounds were horrific, all three victims were stabbed multiple times,” said Sgt. Michael Woody of the Detroit police. “In addition, the fire had been obviously set to cover up what turned out to be a brutal murder in an attempt to destroy potential evidence.”

Two of the victims, Larry and Nicholas Bowman, were father and son. Family friends sought out the comments’ section of local news stories to talk about the crime.

“These pieces of s##t killed my friend and his father,” said Jimi Dowling at the Detroit Free Press. “Larry Bowman has two more sons, one is autistic.”

Said another friend: “One of these men killed worked at an ice rink in Livonia, worked there 6 years, no police record, high school grad. His father also had no police record.”

4 charged in Detroit triple murder; police say victims stabbed, tortured, house torched | Detroit Free Press |

Matt Sparks lives 200 yards away from the scene of the murders. “These issues always bring out black vs white,” Sparks said. “we all know it. but whatever the situation Im sure a 51-year old man who had a stroke and couldn’t do much. He didn’t deserve multiple stab wounds and a bullet to the head. If that was a white kid killing a black guy like that there would be a bunch of jobless blacks ready to lynch him.”

Photos from the at least one of the suspect’s Facebook page are depressingly similar to the social media postings of others involved in black mob violence. The 19-year old Keeshon Lake considered himself quite the “player.” At least if photos Lake holding handguns, flashing cash, bragging on his baby and displaying gang signs are an indication.

“Search Keeshon Lake on Facebook,” said Karen Larson at the Fox web site. “He made his profile picture a collage of himself with a pistol 2 days after the murder.”

Facebook: Keeshon Lake

While friends and family try to take some larger lesson from the hyper-violence, many Detroit residents pegged this for a case of racial violence right away. More than 100 commenters to local news sites talked about black on white violence, how normal it is, and how it does not seem to get the same attention as white on black violence.

Some of the black commentators were unimpressed. Damon Warren wanted to take the race card off the table;

“And for the “those people in Detroit” crowd, let me be VERY clear: It’s not “black people” out here doing this nonsense,” Warren said in the Detroit Free Press. “I’m black and this is beyond my comprehension; beyond anything I would think to try even in my darkest hour and at my lowest point. This is a twisted, idiotic, mindless, directionless, and consequently depraved, lot who have lost all sense of morality, self worth and value for human life. That is not Detroit, and that is not “black people”, but it is one heck of a growing problem.”

Deandre Jones took a lot of flack for saying at the Fox web site what others call Critical Race Theory: “White people have been killing us for years so I don’t feel bad for’em,” he said. “Crackas DID start our problems.. Still do.. You people are the biggest savages on the planet… We can have a little history lesson if you want. Maybe if you people would never have oppressed our people or would hire us for jobs we wouldn’t have to sell drugs. White people = commit evil crimes everywhere they go in the world.”

Lots of other commentators said if they were robbed, stabbed, tortured, killed and set on fire, it had to be their own fault. Perhaps in a drug deal gone bad. Because in Detroit, black mob violence is not visited on innocent people, black or white.

Police say they have not determined a motive for the slaying.

Marlin Newburn lived in Detroit and graduated from Wayne State University there. He spent the next 30 years seeing Detroit criminals up close and personal in different parts of the criminal justice system.

Newburn is not surprised at the “whites deserved it” kind of rhetoric. He saw a ton of it while a prison psychologist:

“Since Detroit’s first black mayor “King” Coleman Young was elected, the destruction of Detroit began in earnest,” said Newburn. “He began bellowing (seriously) a constant stream of anti-white resentment as he blamed whites as the one and only reason for black failure and their ongoing social suffering.”

“Any reason for corruption or incompetence found in his and subsequent black administrations was always angrily labelled a demonstration of white racism. Black people in that now third world shooting gallery continue to believe it without question. The result is that Detroit has become more dangerous to white people than Fallujah at midnight. “

Newburn’s comments echo a popular theme of black talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson, who warns his white audiences to beware black resentment and hostility. Peterson says white people are often afraid to acknowledge that because they do not want anyone to think they are racist.

This racial resentment and hostility has been building a long time, says Newburn. Many noted the resemblance between this crime and a similar one five years ago in Knoxville, Tennessee. In 2007, five black people kidnapped, beat, sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered college sweethearts Chris Newsom and Channon Christian.

Then they burned Newsom and doused Christian in bleach. Torture-slaying retrial declared ‘victim-free’ zone

The chickens are coming home to roost, Newburn said: “A generation of black people have been conditioned to have a knee-jerk, instant hatred for whites, and thus it’s open season and fair game on those who dare venture into the ghetto. The type of sadism as demonstrated by these killers is commonplace now partly because in the preadolescent mind of the black attacker, they are not just robbing someone, they’re “getting even and righteously administering payback.””

Guilty verdict in black-on-white torture slayings

4 charged in connection to deadly stabbings at west Detroit house fire | News – Home

4 charged in Detroit triple murder; police say victims stabbed, tortured, house torched | Detroit Free Press |







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blank Paul Hue says:

Colin: I wonder if in this case you might have jumped the gun. Do we know yet if the victims were not involves in the drug trade, and this is just a case of one group of drug degenerates getting murdered by a pack of rival degenerates, perhaps one that they crossed? Just wondering, because some of the information is not adding up for me. (Note: I am an ardent long time supporter of yours.)

hi paul, i did acknowledge in the article (i think) that the participants may not have been at a rotary club mixer. but here is the thing: Every incident, by itself, has no meaning. But put together with other incidents over a period of time, the pattern has power. that is why i wrote it. and why i would do so again.

blank Paul Hue says:

Thanks for the reply, Colin. If this turns out to be the case, I myself would opt out of using this as an example of the very real phenomenon that you have detected and illuminate. If these are two rival drug groups, I would not categorize it with the phenomenon of roving black marauders setting upon innocent random white passersby, or even the related phenomenon of black criminals targeting whites for car jackings, robberies, and burglaries.

None the less, I remain a supporter of your efforts. Just wanted to provide my rare contrary input, and inquire if you have learned more about the the backgrounds of the victims than I have so far found reported in the regular press.

blank ABCModeratorssuk says:

Okay, I could careless if these are rival drug groups. The racial tones (not even under tones) are real and disturbing. When is the last time you heard a rival black drug “group” do anything other then shoot their rivals? Besides, “rival drug groups”? Are you serious? The white family does not come close to fitting that profile. The only possible profile that could possibly be entertained would involve prescription drugs or pot. Seems that this was a group of evil drug addicts thought it was an easy score. Justifing the violence with white victims. Because, after all, white people are the reason for their drug addiction.

Bingo!!! If I had a kewpie doll, I’d give it to you with a first place ribbon on it.

blank Chris Stollard says:

Right on with that. Every little block supporting or being supported by others will make the case. If it turns out that it was a drug deal gone bad or something equivalent, the worldview of some of the posts definitely contributes to the point of all these articles. For way too many, this is a justified homicide. Because of a warped (by design) understanding of American history and a fairly disgusting willingness to accept the rhetoric of so many black leaders who deflect responsibility blaming all their woes on exploitation by whites, the victims had this coming regardless of the contributing factors. That means that in many minds, Christopher Lane had it coming. How do you change those kinds of people?

blank Reisling says:

I wonder how Laura is going to explain to me why yet again we have blacks slaughtering whites, not jews. I’m even wondering if the blond victim was part of the attraction to this house.

Does anyone know if there was any relationship at all between the victims and the perps? Usually it seems like home invasions are really bodily invasions in which the goal is raping one or more white females and then killing all. But only guys were in the house.

I guess as the genocide of whites really gets into motion it doesn’t matter if you get a guy or a girl.

blank laura r says:

jews dont live in detroit in general. they left yrs ago. jews dont live in kansas either so the odds of an “in cold blood invasion is low”. there was a horrific crime in NY like 10yrs ago. a young mother (who happened to be jewish, but you couldn tell w/the name) was murdered in the apt. good neigborhood. her husband had graduated film school @ NYU. often times after a robbery, the victim is killed as there will be no witnesses. another young woman was stabbed as she had a blk boyfriend in the music business. jewish from a rich family, but went astray. again lived in high end area. loationlocationlocation, that detemines the demographic. i see you are back as a guest, they must have banned you.

blank Terence Sommer says:

If you look at the mug shots of the four perps and the photo of the blonde hair blue eyed victim, it might make you wonder if the perps felt as though they struck gold. They found a group to preform an orgy of violence against. I can assure you, black violence commited against whites is far more brutal than the criminal media likes for us to know. Thank you for being such a brave man standing up to this sickness we are now being forced to endure that so few ever seem to be conscious of.

blank laura r says:

besides blacks, mexicans & central americans do the same kind of murders. keep in mind they are black& indian mix. very violent very angry.