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America has a new crime fighting too. TALKING.

It’s very popular too — talking never makes the black kids angry.

A new podcast.

Do I have a deal for you: You can hire a black chick to tell you that you are an awful racist person for $2500.

Cheap at 10x the price. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

Want to become a member of the New York Times editorial board. Just pick any topic you want, and say it reminds you of Jim Crow and segregation. Voila!

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Mom insists White kid deserved beating from black students in Minneapolis. Also in the Twin Cities, driving an unsafe car is the Fella’s newest entitlement.

Pete Buttigieg loves to play the bigot card: He pulls it out all the time for anyone who disagrees with him about black and gay people. This month, Pete’s people turned that card on him. Accusing him of the same thing he accuses others of.

He did not like it.

We document and expose the greatest lie of our generation every day: the hoax of black victimization and white racism. To go along with that big lie, here Is the big secret: The Fellas are not really that into us.

Orders from Headquarters: Let’s stop failing into the traps trolls love to set.

Plus, more news from Oprah.  And how US Military Academies teach white supremacy and anti-racism.

It’s a mess — or it seems that way when you do not take the time to understand it.

No joke: Newest thing in Criminal Justice Reform — ABOLISH PRISONS. NPR, Conde Naste, an big time author and a former federal prosecutor get together and that is what they come up with.

Barnard students are demanding justice. Not for their fellow student who was murdered in a Harlem park. But for the black people who are victims of racism which somehow is the real root of this murder.

Another newspaper offers epic excuses for black violence in Baltimore. This time the Inner Harbor. And after 28 years, a Soros DA in Philly has sprung a guy convicted of killing three people.