New: ‘Why I hate white people.’

December 8, 2013 — 30 Comments

Not something you see every day:

Or do you?



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Colin Flaherty

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
blank Kenneth James Abbott says:

They hate white people because they need to love themselves?

So they’re going to learn to love… by hating. Some race-pimp has done his conditioning right. Why put ’em in chains when they just don’t ~want~ to leave the plantation?

Upon finishing this video, however, I’ve got one major thought….

They say marijuana isn’t bad for you?

blank M M says:

Unfortunately, I clicked on the link and the video said “private” so, I couldn’t see it.

blank Jack Laurie says:

I meet black people who are fine one on one…but when they get in a group of another blacks they feel the NEED to be racist…I always thought Muhammad Ali made black racism popular with young blacks

blank Yosemite Sam says:

Lol, Ali invented Rap. He killed Rock and Roll. String up the, Varmint.

Is he still alive?

blank BishPlease says:

Black people can’t be racist as racism is an institutionalized concept. People outside of the institution (and thus not in the majority) cannot cause real change or permanently effect it. White people in America are like the Han Chinese culture… Blacks can be prejudicial, however they cannot be racist. Racism in essence is perpetuated by the perception of ones race and then a reaction towards it as a society. At this point, because of America’s history, if black people openly dislike white people is this not reactionary? Surely it is prejudicial but not racist, should not this be seen as a delayed reaction to oppression? Banishment, Black Codes, Jim Crow, Black Wall Street Burning, Un-prosecuted murders, rapes and acts of vandalism, theft of homes, lands, businesses, money and life….I really think that Americans need to learn more about their history. I never understood this part and I’ve been here for undergrad and grad school.

Every time I hear someone say this, I swear i think they are putting me on. But they are not.

blank SDN says:

What a bunch of bunkum. When Nkosi Thandiwe killed Brittney Watts because he wanted “to spread the message of making white people mend” was he not racist ? When Ahmed Mohamed viciously beat Shane McClellan because “the white man had kept them down,” was he not racist at all ? When Lashawn Marten killed Jeffrey Babbitt after he screamed “I’m going to hit the first white person I see” was he not racist at all ? When Steven Johnson doused kerosene on white customers in a bar while shouting “White people are going to burn tonight!” was he not racist ?

The way you define racism simply shows you’re a “professional” at playing with words. You read “racism” in a dictionary it’s not defined as something “institutionalized” but as a feeling of hatred toward other group of people because of their race. A black person who hates whites is indeed a racist no matter how matter how you try to sugercoat it.

You’re just rehearsing things from the past in order to distract from PRESENT issues: knockout attacks, smash and grabs, mob attacks predominantly committed by mobs of blacks. As president Obama said: “We can’t simply write these problems off to past injustices. Those injustices are real… but we can’t keep on using that as an excuse.”

Ask yourself why according to a recent Rasmussen poll most blacks believe most blacks to be racist !!

blank BishPlease says:

Well that’t the thing. From a standpoint of social science, racism is an institution and is more of a term than a word that can be defined. Racism implies a psychological state of supremacy and is thus not just a word to be defined but a term that has context sociologically. It’s a simple concept when viewed from a sociological standpoint, what mucks up the water a bit is people’s belief that the term racism, racist is definable as a word. But it isn’t. It’s just science. Racist thinking is indicative of a larger problematic psychological state. Those with the power to wield their racist views as actual laws and whatnot hence influence the super structure and institutionalize the psychological state (belief of superiority) as a norm. Prejudice, is pre-judging based on a perception.

As far as your above examples, they are indeed reactionary. Where as racist violence is based solely on race, like the numerous rapes, murders and other acts of violence perpetuated against Black and Brown peoples in America that were never reported due to the institution of racism and was widely accepted as normal behavior and even celebrated (super structure influence)…the examples you provided could be seen as reactionary because of the daily strain that they incur while being black and male. Ahmed Mohammed could be thus seen as reactionary, and a psychotic break. Because he has been exposed to institutionalized racial pressures. Lashawn Marten was actually homeless and living untreated of a mental disorder…additionally he was perpetuating an earlier incident of a White man going through the village yelling racial slurs, granted the people this man assaulted actually fought him. Thus, beyond Marten’s mental health, his actions were reactionary.

I am an educated person with 2 advanced degrees and numerous business interests that immigrated here for education purposes, so yes I am a professional. Especially when it comes to history and sociology of the modern world. Thank you for noticing. As far as “rehearsing things from the past” what is that supposed to mean? It’s an incoherent statement, what exactly am I practicing? Additionally you need to read a primary source or two nobody seems to have any evidence that the knock out game” it’s spreading, or that it’s new, or that it’s racially motivated, or that black youths are the ones typically responsible, or that whites are typically targeted” – NYPD

Step away from the propaganda. The data tell us that this is young people’s behavior. Indicative of mob mentality and too many hormones, that is it. White people were involved in everything you mentioned and there are greater parallels concerning this type of behavior from a socioeconomic stand point than from a racial one. It’s simply untrue. We don’t even have the correct data to blame anyone for it.

Additionally there is no Rasmussen poll that says most blacks believe most blacks to be racist. Post that link. There is a study on most Americans (which arguably would be primarily white people as they are a majority) believing that blacks are racist, but with Americans not understanding racism vs prejudice and also not being educated on their own history this surprises no one.

blank SDN says:

I believe your “social science” to be sociological garb designed to deny the obvious: racial prejudice coming from black people. It reveals your own ineducation regarding the history of the United States: slavery has been abolished a century and a half ago while people still cry about this slavery is still practiced in some parts of Africa (Sudan, Ghana, Mauritania, etc.) Jim Crow have been repealed and Affirmative action quotas give blacks preferential treatment on other ethnic groups (not only whites but asians as well) solely because of their race.

My examples are not “reactionary” they are clear cuts examples of racial crimes being committed by blacks. You are just searching for excuses by saying they were victims of a bogus ‘institutional racism’ abolished long ago.

The talk of so-called “like the numerous rapes, murders and other acts of violence perpetuated against Black and Brown peoples in America that were never reported due to the institution of racism” is nothing more than victimhood whining which reveals utter ignorance of American society. If you step out of propaganda you will see that:

1 – Blacks on a per capita basis commit more crimes than any other ethnicites in America. According to the most recent (2012) Uniform Crime Report from the FBI on one hand whites are 65% of the general population and represent 48% of murder arrests, 65% for rapes, 43% for robbery 62% for aggravated assaults (remember, Hispanics are lumped together with them which inflates the percentage) on the other hand Blacks are 13% of the population and represent no less than 49% of murder arrests, 33% for rapes, 55% for robberies and 34% for aggravated assaults. Not only that it reveals Asian americans to be a less “crime prone” group than the white population. Although they’re 6% of the population they represent 1% of arrests for murder, rape and robbery and 2% for aggravated assaults (in fact Asians Americans surpass White Americans on a large number of fields such as income, employment, education, school discipline, teenage pregnancies, gun deaths of children, illegitimacy, etc. which completely disproves the idea of a ‘bogus’ white supremacy still existent in the USA)

2 – Most interracial crimes are committed by blacks. Again UCR records about 193 white-on-black murders vs. 431 black-on-white murders that’s twice more than the other way around ! The same result comes out of the NCVS. According to the most recent (2008) Statistical Tables 429’444 whites report having been victims of criminal violence from blacks while 90’717 blacks have said to be victims of violence from whites. which means a black person is 25 times more likely to commit criminal violence against a white person than the other way around.

That’s why knockout and mob attacks are predominantly committed by young black men. These links are some examples among many others.

Such results push people to believe racism to be more prevalent among blacks as according to the poll I’ve talked about “Among black Americans, 31% think most blacks are racist, while 24% consider most whites racist and 15% view most Hispanics that way.”

As you might have presumed from the tone of my message I’m also an educated person although I don’t live in the US I have many relatives there (and no they’re not ‘persecuted’ in their everyday life because of ‘institutional racism’) and I’ve some interest in racial matters there. You say you have 2 advanced degrees ? So the better for you! Too bad they just served to theorize your narrow-mindedness racial problems in this country.

blank BishPlease says:

You just proved my point. Blacks can’t be racist, but they can be prejudiced. Thanks. As far as African slavery again I’ll say it. African slavery was not then chattle slavery and was not chattel slavery until after European influence. Even to this day the form of Chattel slavery practiced in America is not practiced throughout the continent of Africa. Additionally affirmative action has white women as its largest benefactors not blacks. Logically if the numerous rapes and murders are “nothing more than victimhood whining ” then so would be your wanna-be war on whites. You’re just playing the victim. Since we all know that the data is skewed bc blacks are more likely to be arrested and serve more time for the same crimes you can’t use the data. It’s widely accepted that the arrests are skewed…it’s been proven numerous times, why try to prove your point with inaccurate data? There are a million videos of white boys hitting people, and whether you like it or not the history of racial violence in this country is greater white on natives and blacks than any other way around. White people have committed more murders and heinous crime in America than anyone else, and its common knowledge that it was not reported or prosecuted. As far as Rasmussen, I understand that true sarcasm is lost on the internet so let me type it a different way. There is no accurate poll claiming Blacks to believe that other Blacks are more racist than white people because Rasmussen is horribly flawed and inaccurate thanks to their robo-calling fiasco. The poll says that the majority of white people think black people are racist. They call, they don’t do those surveys in person. You answer the phone say you think blacks are racist then input your race at the end of the call. Again, stop using inaccurate data. We KNOW it’s inaccurate, it’s been widely reported so why keep using it? Because you and the rest of the people on this site just hate Black people. Instead of being honest about that you just make up things about them and report it as fact.

blank SDN says:

And you simply can’t admit that Blacks CAN be racist even though I’ve shown plenty of datas which proves it ! Again you try to beat around the bush by pointing to disputable historical wrongs from the PAST in order to distract from PRESENT issues. Your vision of American history is grossly one-sided, no it’s not a history “constant oppression” you’d have to explain why a white person has to feel himself guilty because of things that happened a century and a half ago !

I would be very glad to see some videos of “white people” punching people. But attacking someone is not sufficient is it mob robberies ? Smash and Grabs ? Knockout attacks ? I doubt that.

You say the data is skewed because blacks are more likely to be arrested for the same crime. However not only data but SURVEY data show the same results. Again if you take into account some factors like aggravating facts (use of weapon during rape or robbery) and habitual offenders rate you’ll see there’s no bias at all !

You are the one who have been playing the victim all along by denying the existence of Black racism and constantly whining about supposed wrongs in the past in order to excuse violence from Blacks. I take your accusation of racism as a validation of my point, since you can’t refute my arguments you’re just name-calling. By the way I’m black myself but the difference I have with you is that I’m up from victimhood.

blank JWALKER1 says:

This is the misconception that most blacks feel is the cause of their wretched condition. Their cop-out is to blame the “white folks”. I am African American (Negarian) and I ask that you read my widely disseminated article regarding this very dangerous situation: “The Anatomy of A ‘Wilding Mob’ at http:/// and numerous other places on the internet.

Colin has read my article and his response to me by e-mail was “good job”

I applaud him for his concern and his courage as this extremely dangerous and violent situation was being ignored by not only the mainstream media, it is still being ignored by our duly elected politicians.

President Obama has not yet addressed this issue publicly.

blank libertarian1234 says:

It’s too bad we don’t have more fine black people here like you, Rev. Jesse Peterson, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, and a few others.

If that were the case, there would be no threat of a race war.

As it now stands, the vast majority of black people in this country are anti-white haters and have been mentally conditioned to be that way by a series of corrupt leaders who preach anti-white hate. It’s gone on for too long now to ever change no matter what anybody does.

Personally, I, like a growing movement of secessionists, believe integration was a terrible mistake and that we should all seek a peaceful separation to our own areas of the country.

If we do not, I doubt that the situation can EVER be reversed by anything that is tried and that civil war will be the eventual outcome.

Thomas Sowell, incidentally, thinks we are already in a one-sided black on white race war, which has been going on now for several years, and millions of us agree whole-heartedly with him. He says he’s glad that he is now 83 and will probably not be alive when the war begins by both sides.

blank SDN says:

I believe separation and other race politicizations can only bring a race war as we’ve seen in Sri Lanka. I do believe that ideologies matter more than race. We must not forget there’s a lot of black voices who criticize black attitudes today like Bill Cosby did in 2004 and according to a recent Rasmussen poll most blacks believe racism to be more prevalent among them than among other ethnicities in the US so the situation is not hopeless.

blank Antoine says:

Suck it Uncle Tom.

blank JWALKER1 says:

My name is not Tom and I am not your Uncle. Nor am I any relation to you.

My name is Jerry W. Walker .

Ask around. You may know someone or somebody who knows me or have heard of me.

blank Yosemite Sam says:

OMG, mobs take on a persona of their own. It’s as old as cave men. Someone from Africa should understand this. Go study Ying/Yang and you won’t be so racist.

Also, go study some revolutions of the poor rising up. It would be a great history lesson for all you “black” folks.

blank M M says:

Obama would be addressing it if the situation were reversed and it was white people ganging up on black people.

blank BishPlease says:

TROLL. Negarian? Seriously?? Because Negarian is a race? Because Negarian is a real people? Do you mean NIGERIAN?? Stop pretending to be black on these forums.

blank SDN says:

Oh yes he’s really Black whether you like it or not !

blank JWALKER1 says:

The term Negarian is a widely accepted designation relating to African Americans who are the fourth generation decendants (counting each generation as a one hundred period from the inception of modern day slavery into the Continental United States i.e. CONUS). Our ancestors were West Africans originating in countries such as Ghana, Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania, Cote D’ ivore, Sierre Leone, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.

We are primarily Biblical Christians, however, we count numerous Koranic Muslims within our ranks.

Many of us are highly, formally educated or possess highly developed marketable skills.

We have an extemely developed “work ethic” dating back to our slave ancestors.

We are exceedingly patriotic and many of us have served in the United States Armed Forces dating back from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan.

Ask around. You may be in close physical proximity to Negarian people without being aware of it.

blank viper says:

Everybody hates somebody for all kinds of reasons.Hate,war,religious conflicts
racism,will always be with us.

blank Reverend Bacon says:

“This video is private.” Can anyone who saw it before it was made so provide a summary?

it was just a black woman explaining matter of factly why she does not like white people.

blank Yosemite Sam says:

I hear there are a few whiteys that don’t like black people. Varmints, I say. I like Guns, how about you buddy?

blank PeterTx52 says:

video is private

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Why do people that have such hate of others INSIST on living in their “oppressors” countries?

It’s so nice to know that my tax dollars funded her ability to speak English, use a computer, and the internet just to face-palm it all…S’wonderful…

blank Elmer Fudd says:

I hate White People also, especially Trailer Park Goyim Crackers like yourself.

and Gwolly, I’m white You are a disgrace to the Human Race

blank Steve Tanton says:

I presume this is tongue-in-cheek.

blank libertarian1234 says:

Not from that dingbat.

He’s off his medication again.

Click on to his name and read is prior posts.