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December 9, 2013 — 87 Comments

Can anyone assist in making the letter below a teaching moment for that young lady?

Colin you reported that young black youths are going around and inflicting violence against whites with this Knockout games. I read your article because he started a heated debate then I did some research and found CNN reported not only black youths are involved but also whited youths. i am just wondering why you only targeted black youths?

Thank you
Kathy Woodward




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Colin Flaherty

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
blank Baltimore48 says:

If an occasional one–out of dozens or hundreds of perpetrators–is white (having bought into the black culture of rap, ebonics, etc.), that does not make it a “white” problem. Statistically it is still overwhelmingly a “black” problem.

blank Kat Woodward says:

So we see all this negative reporting why don’t people write about how we can come up with a solution to solve all of this violence. If people were always attacking white youth for everything they do don’t you think they would continue doing wrong?

blank Antoine says:

how would you like it if I stomped that little cupcake in the picture? You wouldn’t. Why should I fear having to walk down the street?

blank Baltimore48 says:

SOLUTIONS: No more out-of-wedlock babies to “babies mammas”; intact Black families; a value placed upon education, rather than denigrating good students as being “too white”; Black leaders who openly condemn the behavior; Black leaders who do not “race bait”; taking personal responsibility; using proper English, rather than ebonics; having “heroes” who are not rap artists singing the praises of cop killing and rape; etc.

blank dalyrymple says:

Well, first of all, I would advise her to go back to English classes and learn how to write and spell…..Then I would ask her to present proof of her or CNN’s allegations that whites are playing the knockout game….I haven’t seen too much evidence on YouTube….Have you?

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

“I tell you this…No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn.” – Jim Morrison, !97! The Wasp (Texas Radio and The Big Beat)

Believe it people.

Now, Boy, I’m gonna get my kicks before this whole shithouse goes up in flames.
Yall hopin for a War, Hopin for a REAL WAR?

blank Mona says:

CNN did NOT say white kids were doing it too – they said “not every black kid is doing this” and “black kids are getting clocked too” – they did NOT say by whites. Evidently black kids are clocking blacks and whites alike. They said random attacks by black youths, period.

blank reason1984 says:

Trolls can only survive on your response…please don’t feed the trolls.

blank libertarian1234 says:

I’ve never seen them stop with their sarcasm and interruptions, reason1984,
by ignoring them.

They interject, because they just can’t stand to read what they do so they try to neutralize other posters with their denigrations.

A non-response to these people only encourages them to continue. They think it is their infallible points in opposition that hammers others into not posting.

I’ve found the best way to get rid of them is to blast them.

blank reason1984 says:

‘I did some research and found CNN reported…’

Stop right there…CNN??

The dumbing down of America in full bloom.

Even Al Sharpton acknowledged that the attacks were being committed by ‘members of his community,’ and that they were ‘racist, period.’

Try to expand the scope of your research beyond CNN.

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

You did not do any research, Homer. You just discovered the Internet last year.
You are the perfect example of a Troll Rat and Stoopidity of America
I am the Troll Master.

blank Play Righter says:

are targeting innocent people, and in many cases specifically
Jewish folks. We would not be silent if it were the other way
around, and we
will not be silent now. This behavior is racist, period. And we
will not
tolerate it,” — Al Sharpton

blank lokiswife says:

Old Al must have figured out a way to make some money from the situation. Otherwise, why would he even bother mentioning it?

blank libertarian1234 says:

“Colin you reported that young black youths are going around and inflicting violence against whites with this Knockout games. I read your article because he started a heated debate then I did some research and found CNN reported not only black youths are involved but also whited youths. i am just wondering why you only targeted black youths?”

After reading that does anybody have any doubt the writer is black, pretending that CNN reported such nonsense? They’re rabid and biased but they would be excoriated for reporting something so obviously false.

This brilliant black lady’s natural black arrogance has kicked in and she probably thinks she can contrive a story about whites being perpetrators too and cause
Colin’s reporting to be altered to include whites as perps and she probably thinks she’ll convince his readers the same way.

It sounds preposterous alleging that an adult would be so childishly silly, but I’ve seen the same kind of illogic and immature reasoning utilized by other blacks many times on these threads.

And I can guarantee you that she thinks of herself as a brilliant, gifted writer.

blank Kat Woodward says:

I am def. white!

blank M M says:

Where are your resources for saying whites are participating in the knockout game?

blank PCLEMSC says:

A recent research report from Canada shows that fatherlessness can cause alterations to the brains of children. Blacks have the highest rate of fatherlessness, and the trend began with LBJ and his “Great Society” welfare schemes. Therefore, several generations of black youths have grown up without fathers, and have tended toward more criminal and more violent behaviors. The “game” of “knockout”, or “Polar Bear Hunting”, began with Caucasians targeted as victims. No news outlet that we’re aware of has yet to mention “Black Bear Hunting”. Any attacks by white groups against black individuals, if they occur at all, are most likely a backlash. That backlash, if that be the truth of it, is just what Obama and his Progressive friends want; A deep division between sectors of our society. That’s in the interest of total destruction of American society.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

The truth is, the destruction of American society happened when slavery came to it’s shores. End of story.

blank Baltimore48 says:

Well said!

blank Donnie Fair says:

Dear Ms. Woodward,

You need professional help; what you suffer from is called Denial. You may easily acquaint yourself with Denial by reading the following Wikipedia article: I suggest that you pay particular attention to the section about DARVO.

I wish you all of the best as you try to escape your mental prison.


blank MIKE MALFI says:


blank Antoine says:

you are some piece of work Mike. I hope you get some serious help. you sound demented.

blank Baltimore48 says:

I think that he was offering an answer to Colin’s question about how to reply to the writer of the letter.

blank Richard Johnston says:

Dear Young Lady,

I appreciate your communication. Although no group has a monopoly on violence,
the sad, demonstrable fact is the attacks considered part of the “knockout game”
are overwhelmingly committed by African-Americans. The hesitancy of the
mainstream media to point out this fact as well as the effort to minimize the racial
component by pointing to a few incidents in which a white person committed the
violence is symptomatic of the cancer of political correctness that makes it
risky and costly to address unpleasant truths. Rather than address the causes
of this violent behavior—some would blame it on the breakdown of the family
while others would attribute to the racist nature of a
white-privileged-dominated society—too often the safer, easier thing to do is
ignore it. When facts do not comport with a person’s worldview, rather than
change that worldview, some instead assert reality must be incorrect. This ignorance of reality is literallydeadly. Efforts to ignore the racial component of this violent behavior will not make it go away.

blank Baltimore48 says:

Excellent reply.

blank H.P. Stanly says:

“By the year 2005, the number of teens, ages 14-17, will increase by 20%, with a larger increase among blacks in this age group (26%). Even if the per-capita rate of teen homicide remains the same, the number of 14-17 year-olds who will commit murder should increase to nearly 5,000 annually because of changing demographics. However, if offending rates continue to rise because of worsening conditions for our nation’s youth, the number of teen killings could increase even more.” March 1996: James Alan Fox, Ph.D. Dean, College of Criminal Justice Northeastern University Boston, Massachusetts

Colin, I hope you don’t mind my intrusion here, but the above is an excerpt from an essay I wrote recently titled; Breeding a Nation of Murderers, which directly relates to this topic at hand. The full essay can be read here:

White/Black, it’s really about the level of intelligence. In the inner city, 30 to 50% of Black youths are illiterate. So instead of gaining a positive feedback through the aquisition off knowledge, stupid people can be led to do anything by their stupid peers. Throw in a deep-seated hatred for White people as the root of all the Black man’s trouble, and Negroes are gonna eagerly jump into a “Knockout Game” and start punching white people. This behavior was predicted by James Fox, and to be honest, we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Next it will be gangs of Black youth attacking people in broad daylight… oh, I forgot, that’s already happening.

blank craig says:

Is it just me ..did many others notice how when a black president openly defended gay rights ..that a large majority of black preachers went silent..This would not be the case if our president was white and suggested immoral practices ..WHITE PREACHERS AND A MAJORITY OF WHITES WOULD CALL HIM OUT ON THAT….point being.. is it not racist to not stand for what is right even when your leaders are wrong ..and to clearly have changed your moral stance on something you have clearly stood against because of color.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Atheist here, Craig. Just like the religious, there are some that play politics and other that play pragmatism.

Homosexuality is an immoral activity to the religious and an affront to God.
I think, as an Atheist, it is affront to nature and biology.

It is clear we think alike – just from different mindsets. Don’t allow politics, whether sectarian or secular, to blind us all from “universal” truths and facts.

The same hold true on other topics as well.

blank blight14 says:

Well stated Whiskey………….

blank allen goldberg says:

There have been over 500 attacks. The overwhelming majority of evidence shows blacks savaging whites. These are not games but camouflaged attacks tapping into black anger. DO not be fooled by CNN, who would not know a truth if it camped on their door step…DO you believe videos? Pictures? Notice ONLY when this book was written and huge pressure placed on media..did a few start to report it…what would you call this Kathy? I would call it criminal fraud.

Most people want to not rock the boat. Thus they’re going to do anything they can to avoid seeing how racial tensions are rising in America. This is after we elected our multi-racial president.

blank Lala3 says:

I see this all the time with liberals.

They do the same when people show liberals that Islam is doing terrorism around the world. They will bring OLD references from the Crusades, which was done in response to Islamic expansion, and we are talking about today, not hundreds of years ago. Sometime they bring up Timothy McVeigh as a counter for Islamic terrorism, who most people don’t know was an agnostic and even once an atheist. Plus McVeigh did not do his terrorism based on Christianity, but because he was anti-government. But that does not stop them.

It is called moral relativism.

Yes, there is probably one or two whites, and Latinos and others who might do this, but where do they get this idea from? They get the idea from popular black and hip hop culture. If you find one white boy or Latino doing this you will see they are ‘wiggers’ or heavily into black and hip hop culture. If you will see a white boy doing this you will find he also idealizes and follows black hip hop culture.

Some claimed that there is a ‘slapping’ game in the UK, but slapping someone is not the same as socking someone so hard they are knocked out or killed. There is a big difference from a slap to an all out punch. Also how did young black teenagers know there was a slapping game in the UK? If you ask some of the teenagers caught I bet they never heard of the slapping game in the UK.

blank Elmer Fudd says:

moral relativism instead of wannabe Gods claiming to know the Truth.

Hey didn’t you Crackers use to have Slaves? Hypocrite

blank allen goldberg says:

Your reply misses the point, and adds nothing. But certainly does show your woeful lack of understanding. So justification for anything is two wrongs make a right?

blank Robert_the_Biker says:

Gee, do you mean the tribal chiefs who trafficed their own people, the arabic slavers who sold them on? Oh, wait, ….. all those people were black! Perhaps you mean the abolitionists who banned slavery in the 18th century? You know the ones, those turrble, turrble White people.

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

It is all relativism, M’ther F’ker. All you Crackers are racist, M’ther F’ker. But you keep thinking you white folks are superior.
God is laughing at you, Homer.

blank craig says:

I guess you have deemed this an adult site only …however not many will lower to your level

blank Karen says:

When you don’t have a valid argument you resort to profanity and insults. Your ignorant, hate-filled post just underlines the truth in all the other comments.

blank Lala3 says:

I am not even white…lol and these idiots automatically believed I was a white person.

The Knockout game has been done to Asians, Latinos, Jews and other people besides whites, but they are so stupid they can’t even fathom that.

blank Lala3 says:

Blacks in Africa are stilling living substandard lives even today.

blank libertarian1234 says:

“It is all relativism, M’ther F’ker. All you Crackers are racist, M’ther F’ker. ”

And you’re pointing that is relevant to what?

How stupid can somebody be who verbalizes his racial hatred against white people, then declares them to be “racists?”

“But you keep thinking you white folks are superior. ”

Superiority has nothing to do with these issues. You denigrate. We respond with accurate data. It is you who perceive a “superiority” element in what we say.

Would it make you feel better if we said that every group in the US far surpasses blacks in every way…as a group?

Integration has been a miserable failure. Blacks will NEVER get along with ANYBODY….not just white people.

blank Lala3 says:

…and only a handful of whites had slaves. Native Americans had black slaves in the South and also who fought the South to free the slaves? Blacks? Nope, it was whites.

blank pattyoz says:

Black folks owned slaves,the Carter Family owned slaves.
Millions of Americans did not own slaves.

blank Lala3 says:

Also Native Americans owned back slaves in the South. Only a handful of whites owned slaves, the majority did not.

Also the majority of whites in the USA came AFTER slavery and not before that.

blank libertarian1234 says:

Elmer Fudd Lala3

“moral relativism instead of wannabe Gods claiming to know the Truth.”

Can you rewrite that comment with English sub-titles?

So you think it’s o.k. for people who did no harm to be hated and attacked although you have never been harmed in anyway by the white victims, eh?

But, let’s get one thing straight right away.

Slavery has nothing to do with any problems blacks have today. Nor does alleged racism, since blacks are treated as privileged subjects of this empire, but they still can’t succeed at anything nor achieve any appreciable degree of success as a group.

Black failure is due to having an average group intelligence of only 85, the lowest of all the groups in the US… an inability to apply the necessary mental discipline to learn a trade.

But it’s mainly a lack of intelligence that holds them back, just as the above poster said was the reason they’re easy for an instigator to incite them to hate people.

If blacks couldn’t blame slavery or racism for their inability to compete in a first world society, they would have to admit they’re not smart enough to earn anything on their own.

And they’re far too arrogant to admit that.

Blacks lived a kind of stone-age existence for 5000 years never having invented a written language or even the wheel… in a hunter/gatherer stage all that time.

Only pie-in-the-sky rabid liberals could ever expect them be smarter by moving to a different location and changing into different clothes.

So blacks are failing today, because they’re operating at normal levels, just as they have throughout history.

Slavery has nothing to do with it.

blank Elmer Fudd says:

It’s amazing how you think whitey is so evolved. And they live 200,000 thousand years, Homer. Of course, your dumbass probably thinks the Universe is what? 12K years old.

blank craig says:


blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

You think whites have evolved? You dumbasses are still doing the same thing over and over again, observing the same results, but expecting a different outcome.

You are all insane little kids stuck in a Crib called Earth. One might say you are still Fishes trying to evolve from the Ocean.

blank craig says:


blank libertarian1234 says:

He’s typical of the vast majority, too.

blank Jesse says:

You’re right,Richard. We keep doing the same thing and expecting results. We keep treating blacks as humans and finding out that they are more likely to behave as animals. We keep giving undue respect and receiving nothing in return.

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

So do Hitlerite Crackers still have a problem with them damn Jews?

Or are they ok now that we have a common enemy (Sand Niggers)?

blank Elmer Fudd says:

What you view as progression, the might only see as learning more ways to kill people. Funny how you think your God approves of this “Evolution”. Maybe your Ego is actually the Bugs Bunny Devil.

Huuuueeeeeeeeheeeheeeheeeeheeehee Dumbass

blank craig says:


blank libertarian1234 says:


See what happens when you forget to take your medication?

blank libertarian1234 says:

VERY WELL said, Craig.

blank libertarian1234 says:

You’re almost illiterate, numnutz.

You assertions don’t make sense.

“It’s amazing how you think whitey is so evolved.”

Not just whitey, homey. Everybody but blacks is above and beyond primitive Africans.

Dirt poor immigrants come to this country, many unable to speak the language when they get here , but they outperform blacks in every way, in school, in jobs, and in setting up businesses without crying like little kids.

And as regards, whitey. He has brought mankind from the depths of the oceans to the planets in our solar system, and from covered wagons to supersonic aircraft, stemming the spread of hundreds of deadly diseases and making technological advances others could only dream of.

Try as you may, you can’t argue with success.

“And they live 200,000 thousand years, Homer.”

Who lived 200,000 years, numnutz? Sounds like you might mean humanity is 200,000 years old. If you do you’re wrong.

You’re just plain dumb and uneducated, but your I.Q. is probably so low you can’t learn, so more education wouldn’t do you any good.

“Of course, your dumbass probably thinks the Universe is what? 12K years old.”

I’ll be glad to debate you on anything that has to do with astronomy, ancient history, or any other subject for that matter, but it would be an effort in futility, because you would just make wild, erroneous assertions and you wouldn’t understand anything.

blank Lala3 says:

How do blacks in Africa live today? lol

Substandardly of course.

blank Karen says:

Excellent post and so true. Truly intelligent black people like Thomas Sowell have been saying the same thing for years but the race hustlers make sure his voice is never heard in their community. Meanwhile, they fabricate stories about racism while being more racist than any other group in this country and ignore the fact that the biggest threat to their community is themselves, killing each other daily in their neighborhoods.

blank Lala3 says:

Today’s blacks know nothing about slavery. They have never been slaves and have had any bad influence because of slavery.

Their problems today is based on Democratic policies like the Great Society’s war on poverty which made blacks poorer and depended on the government.

blank Lala3 says:

I am a Latina, and not white you idiot.

blank allen goldberg says:

great post..and they are NOT GAMES!!!

blank Terence Sommer says:

The people that are promoting hatred against white people are in places to be found in the SPLC headed by mark potok, barbara lerner spectre in Sweden, and has cast an ugly shadow over MTCT from the likes of shannon gibney. shannon gibney is a professor at the Minneapolis Community and Tech. College who was charged by three white male students for discussing ‘racism’ during a communications class that singled out evil white males. Go figure.

blank Chris Freedom says:

Simple, your book is backed up by facts. I haven’t see one video or news report that shows White people engaged in this…”game”. Send her back to CNN asking if they can show some evidence, any evidence, that Whites are doing the same thing. Even if there is such an instance, it would have to be a single misguided group that is just copycatting what they see blacks doing. I’m sure Laura r means well in her comment :(“don’t bother”), but even if you can change one mind, wake one person up to the reality of what is taking place on America’s streets, it’s worth the effort.

Tell ‘er!

blank Elmer Fudd says:

Gwolly, aren’t you the Cracker from Alabama?

blank libertarian1234 says:

The average I.Q. of immigrants in the US is lower than whites, but the black I.Q. average is lower than the immigrants, plus all the other groups in the US.

If the races in the US were a totem pole, blacks would be at the bottom. Can you dig it, homey?

Blacks are the most racist people on the earth today. From the CBC to Oprah Winfrey, they concern themselves only with issues involving blacks and things that impact only blacks to the exclusion of everything else.

Have you ever heard of a black talking head on t.v. discuss ANYTHING but blacks and the impact on them, like the threat of North Korea, or the global economy, or whether the US is heading toward an economic Armageddon, etc.?

Me neither.

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

The Average IQ of Americans is just below retarded level.

blank craig says:

SOOO TRUE… better keep some wage earners around to pay for all their problems…ever notice it’s all the cities ran by democrats and unions that need bailing out !!

Must be from their skin color, Boy. I’m a white Rooster, Son. Listen to me, Boy. I’m famous dammit. America is Evolving Sideways, Boy. You’re going the wrong way.

blank libertarian1234 says:

“America is Evolving Sideways, Boy.”


Gee, it’s really tough trying to decide if you’re high on dope or not.

I mean, you hide it so well.


blank Lala3 says:

What is bringing those numbers down are the majority of Obama low information voters.

blank Oskar Schindler says:

Hey, latina retard. Conservatives don’t like hispanics either.
So don’t think by kissing up to these retards that you are scoring points with them. Because they hate your asses nearly as much as they hate blacks.

blank libertarian1234 says:

The average I.Q. of all Americans is 98. The average of white Americans is 100 to 102. The average I.Q. of Northeast Asians in the US is about 103. (Murray and Hernnstein, The Bell Curve.) (I.Q. and Wealth of Nations, Lynn.)

The average I.Q. of blacks in the US is 85. Years ago it was recorded as much lower, but, due to a lot of complaints and whining by the black leadership, points were automatically added for what they said were “cultural differences.”

Many people believe the true black average is only about 75.
The average I.Q. of Hispanics is 89. The Average I.Q. of Sub-Saharan Africans is about 70. (Same sources.)

Nobody is dumber than hilljack Rednecks that watch Duck Dynasty. Talk about Hunter -> Gather creatures. What hypocrites rednecks are

blank Lala3 says:

Yet she is smarter than most blacks.

blank libertarian1234 says:

“Nobody is dumber than hilljack Rednecks that watch Duck Dynasty. ”


Well, you certainly presented a persuasive argument to support your allegations.

Can you enlighten us with more of your great intellect and wisdom?

blank Oskar Schindler says:

And the average IQ for conservatives hovers at around 60

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

May your next life be a Kunte Kintay One. Think like another Human Being. It’s called thinking like a God. It’s called Love.
It’s called Love.

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

Simple, his book points out what a racist cracker he is. America is now the SNOB country of the World. No wonder everyone hates Americans. Good Job, Aholes

blank craig says:

RACIST …I am so sick of that word being used every time a white person disagrees with a black person…THE FACTS ARE THIS IS ANOTHER BLACK PROBLEM ..learn to deal with it.

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

Americans think racism is over. Just because they say it is over, amazing, Homer. I’m sure you have no problem with them colored folks.

blank craig says:


Now, I say, I say, what kind of Cracker does Polly have here?

blank Chris Freedom says:

The book points out facts that are impossible to refute, which is why you have no other choice but to resort to calling Mr. Flaherty a racist cracker. If you had facts to back up your arguments, I’m certain any intelligent person would have presented them. Your arguments belong in the trash, which is probably where your future is headed.

blank laura r says:

dont bother.