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Had a chance to spend the afternoon with Jared Taylor.

After finishing a video for his channel on bitchute, we convened to the backyard for cigars and REAL TALK with Jared and members of the Brecks Mill in Exile Gang.

It was a great.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

And oh yeah,  the new Gettysburg T-SHIRTS and coffee cups are out.

And they are BBBAAAAAADDDDDD. Here are the links: Monument Militia T–shirt:

And links to the coffee cup:


Two heroes emerge from the most unlikely place; Martinez, California.

There, a man and woman in broad daylight took a paint roller and paint to the streets to cover up a huge ‘black lives matter’ sign that was recently painted on the street in front of city hall.

They did it in the middle of the day, defying anyone to stop them.

No one did.

And around the country, thousands of people are inspired by their courage, their direct action.

Including us!


Wow, what an incredible experience at Gettysburg.

The Brecks Mill in Exile group is fired up! And Getting bigger. We took a group to Gettysburg that included people from Virginia, West Virginia, Connecticut and lots of places in between.

We came. We saw. We conquered.

And don’t miss Allan the Barbershop guy’s rendition of God Bless the USA.

And lots and lots and lots of July 4 Argy Bargy.


The nuttiest mayor in Seattle has finally gone complete nuts. We are talking about the Mayor of Seattle.

She was fine with Black Lives Matter destroying her town, calling it the Summer of Love. Up until the moment they came to her neighborhood, that was a bridge too far.

Now she wants to remove from the city council the member who supposedly led the protestors to her house.

No self awareness to the point where we have to wonder if she has a mental disorder.




A Japanese curse: May you have weak friends.

And recently Tucker Carlson exposed how so many conservatives are cursed with weak friends, masquerading as Republicans, but silent when we come under attack.

This week, Jared Taylor and Stefan Molyneux were under exactly that kind of attack when they were removed from YouTube — without a peep of protest from some of the biggest names purporting to be conservative.

That just means all of us are going to have to do more.


Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

In St. Louis, that man is short, squat older dude in a pink shirt — holding an AR 15 while his wife backs him up with a handgun!

These heroes were protecting their families and their property from loads and fellas that had just broken into their private community.

At the same time in another part of St. Louis, some other white people tried the old “begging for mercy routine” when attacked by fellas.

That didn’t turn out too well.


Early bird special!

Final Podcast before the big Protest Rally on Monday. June 22.

More details to follow.

But first, let’s remember why we are so determined to draw attention to the Greatest Lie of our Generation: The Hoax of black victimization and white racism.

And recently we have several stories where reporters show how eager they are to ignore the most basic of facts, and take — hook, line and sinker — the latest fairy take complete with fake outrage about some fake episode of white racism.

Two good ones here.

So here is where we will be meeting (STAGING) today — MONDAY — at 2 p.m. THE DELAWARE WELCOME CENTER TRAVEL PLAZA. On interstate 95. Easy to find. 12 miles or so south of Wilmington.

We are going to meet in the southern corner of the plaza, a (largely empty) truck parking place a few hundred yards behind the Biden Welcome Center. 

2 O’clock.

Baghdad Bob’s got nothing on the folks running Atlanta.

The Denial, deceit and delusion coming from the District Attorney and Mayor are reaching new levels: Asking us the fundamental question: “Who are you going to believe us? Or your own lying eyes.”

Plus, the latest on the big non-violent rally on Monday, June 22.


Listen up to the latest directions and be there!


Details are leaking out about the Great Mysterious Protest Rally against the greatest lie of our Generation — Monday, June 22.

In this podcast we spill a few details — not all. Can’t do that till we get closer to the event.

Then, by popular request,  we share an interview I did with the Great Devon of Atheism is unstoppable. 

No stones unturned. Great job by a brave guy.

More to come.


With about a week or rioting under our belts, let’s take a moment to remember some of the craziest moments that we will cherish forever about the Riots of 2020.

So far.

Plus, the Night of the Long Springs Exposed at the Brecks Mill in Exile Gang.