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A few days ago I told you about a podcast where I had to drop and F-bomb and an N-bomb.

This one is way worse: it features a 911 call from a 90-year old woman bleeding on the floor. Her husband is dead.


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White Girl Bleed a Lot Podcast. Subscribe now.

I just saw your video from earlier this year about the best letter from a cop and how your friends were treated in HS.

I too went to Catholic school in Philadelphia, but a move between 6th and 7th grade put me in a new area of the city where the Catholic schools were overcrowded and I couldn’t get in.

I went to 7th, 8th and 9th grade in a nearly all black school and there were near daily race riots after school and the white kids had to keep in large groups for protection.

When I graduated from Jr High, I was on the very outer edge of the schools jurisdiction and after less than 1 year of HS, my parents took me out and put me in a private (though secular) school. Getting home safely was a daily challenge, especially right outside the school.

Even as far Northeast as Washington HS, there were huge numbers of blacks that were bussed in and nearly every day after school there were fights on racial lines. The antisemitism was rampant and nobody would do anything about it. I know you live near Philly and are probably aware that Lincoln, Northeast High School, Washington and other HS in the northeast of the city have become so dangerous that people are simply moving out.

The thing about Russian Jews is that they stick together, so they are fighting back, but white flight is still rampant. Now the cities want to unify the suburban school districts with the city school districts so they can steal the money in the suburbs and transfer it into the city districts which waste 1/2 or more of their budget and will not discipline kids who are violent, or they go the other route and overreact and arrest teens for minor offenses.

Leftism is a disease and is the underlying problem. Children in elementary school have been suspended or expelled for eating a pop-tart to make it look like a gun and believe it or not, children using their fingers to make a pretend gun and say “bang bang” are being expelled or facing severe disciplinary actions.


The animals are running the asylum.

Don’t be offended when I say animals because some of these kids are killers!!  These kids come
from no foundation with zero role models.  They glorify rappers.

A recent article was written about a Black Female student who was known as an “assassin”.  She later died from a shooting.   Most of these shooters in the inner city of Chicago are 13-18.

These kids fear NOTHING.

If I lock a Chicago Public School (CPS) Student up for a gun, it’s lowered to a misdemeanor when we go to court.  This shows the kid he can get away with it.  How do you think it makes a Cop?

Especially when the Liberal judge tells the juvenile to write a 500 word essay on BLACK History.

Most families believe that all white CPD officers are racist.  I know firsthand because they’ll tell you.   The predominately BLACK students from Public Schools in Chicago can’t even speak English. I’ve interviewed hundreds of kids and have to ask them to speak slowly because they proudly speak Ebonics.  They just don’t care.  They use the excuse of being slow.  They are taught this because their single parent mother gets money for having a kid that’s mentally challenged.


The problem is not going to end.

Ex. At numerous public schools, Kids pulls the fire alarm weekly so that they can leave school while Police and Fire go through the school checking for any fires.

It is at this moment, they sneak in their contraband, ie, drugs, knives and guns.   They all walk back into school In large groups bypassing the metal detectors.

Hyde Park High School located at 6200 S. Stony Island in President Obama’s backyard on the South Side of Chicago has:
1. Off duty police (working days off)
2. On duty police (school unit)
3 Gang Unit Officers
4. Tactical Unit Officers
That’s four (4) different Police units working to “babysit” / patrol these kids because of So Many fights.

When there is a fight, NO kid would dare help out the officer.

Don’t believe me? Google any high school fight, ever see a student come to the officers aid?  Exactly

Officers are getting tired of locking Public school kids up…. Why?

Nothing happens when they get locked up. Charges are usually dropped by states attorney or judge. Makes an officer very cynical.

The Chicago Public schools are changing their policies on punishment too!! Don’t believe me, look it up.

Hell, some schools won’t let you use the word “Punishment” because it has a Negative connotation.

Kids entice officers to confront them everyday.   They”ll rap in front of you saying… “Fuck The Police” and then say.. What?!?!   I didn’t do anything.   I was just singing a song.

Ex. Kids running wild after dismissal and run right into the street causing cars to swerve.

They don’t feel that they should be locked up for reckless conduct.

They NEVER think about their actions and the ramifications of their actions.

Veteran Officers used to want to work in the school units, not now.

There are fights with kids.

There are fights with teachers.

They threaten staff and wonder why they are being locked up.

A chicago police officer working in a school unit recently told me that 80 girls from one school were pregnant by the middle of the year.

Chicago continues pouring millions into failed programs like:
After school matters.
Mentoring programs
Midnight basket ball games.

Fed up and underpaid babysitter.
Love your book Colin.

God Bless.

Here it is … Asians Bleed a Lot.



What Anthony Cumia should do. According to NPR and Yale  @AnthonyCumia

You will probably not believe this clip from NPR.

Some other clips of the Times Square showdown.

“Opie And Anthony” Host Fired After Racist Twitter Rant Calling Black People “Animals”

Anthony Cumia unleashes racist Twitter tirade ‘after he was punched by black woman’ | Mail Online

Anthony Cumia, host of Opie and Anthony, unleashes racist Twitter tirade after alleged assault by woman in Times Square – NY Daily News

‘Opie and Anthony’ shock jock Anthony Cumia’s sad, racist double standards – The Washington Post

Anthony Cumia Has a Long History of Public Awfulness


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White Girl Bleed a Lot Podcast. Subscribe Now.


ok, just a few weeks ago i started banning people on Facebook for dropping N-bombs and F bombs.


Now i made a video where i HAD to do just that several times.


You can ban me now — after you see the video. #WhiteGirl

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White Girl Bleed a Lot Podcast. Subscribe Now.



New podcast: Black mob Violence is normal. So is apologizing for it. That is all.

That is what they tell us in Detroit, Rochester, Buffalo, Philly, LA, and lots of other places.

Most recently,  black mob violence against immigrants is normal.


Whoaaa!  the video link i put in the email does not work. Here is the video from Baltimore that is kind of crazy:






If you are going to talk about white guilt, where is a better place to go than NPR?

Some really interesting interviews.

‘Americanah’ Author Explains ‘Learning’ To Be Black In The U.S. : NPR

Flash rob in D.C. On video with an unusual accompaniment from NPR. #WhiteGirl #SeanHannity – White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime.

Jesse Lee Peterson and Colin Flaherty in Phoenix: The new Emancipation Proclamation – White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime.

Asians bleed a lot in Rochester. Media apologizes for noticing. – White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime.

So much racial violence.


So much denial.


Hard to keep up.

White Girl Bleed a Lot Podcast. Subscribe now.

White Girl Bleed a Lot Podcast. Subscribe now.

Tons of black mob violence in Rochester. This time directed at recent Asian immigrants.

It took the local paper three years to notice.

And when they did, they apologized for doing so.

Here are some links to accompany my article in FrontPageMag about racial violence in St. Louis.

As well as my article in Breitbart: Asian Bleed a Lot.

The Rochester article:

Unite Rochester: Local refugees targeted

Are attacks on refugees hate crimes?

Some links to violence against immigrants around the country.

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▶ Hundreds of fed up Latinos protest Black racism – YouTube

Guatemalan killed weeks after move to New Jersey – Taiwan News Online Liberia: Violence Against African Immigrants in Philadelphia

Epidemic of Violence Against SF Day Laborers | SF Weekly

The Portland Alliance, Violence against day laborers grows

Busting out all over: Black mob violence

Dirty secret of black-on-Asian violence is out – SFGate




Epidemic of Violence Against SF Day Laborers | SF Weekly

Gang Terrorizes Immigrants In Connecticut | Fox News Latino

Police: Recent crime pattern in Englewood targets Hispanic immigrants – News –

Violence Against African Immigrants in Philadelphia


Black mob violence in Rochester

Black Mob Violence in Rochester: Get Used To It | FrontPage Magazine

Top 100 Black Mob Violence Videos #157: Rochester Assault – White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime.

New: Black mob violence in Rochester: lots of it.

Shhh: Don’t tell anyone: Rochester? Long term black mob violence.

Two Weeks in September | FrontPage Magazine


Some St. Louis links:


St. Louis’ Bosnian community sees hammer murder as hate crime

Fatal hammer attack on Bosnian immigrant not racially motivated, St. Louis police say