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Cities go through the five stages of Grief when dealing with black violence wildly out of proportion.

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.

And we will see examples of that in St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago and Philadelphia.

At this podcast, we go through one more stage: Determination.

Meet the worst chief of police in America.

He’s forcing new recruits to learn about how racist police are always picking on black people. How cops are always at fault.

And why that makes the black kids so Angry in San Jose.

Even though there are ten times more Asian people there than black people.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

Meet the worst chief of police in America.

You have to be a special kind of fool if you are a white person living in a Chocolate city.

But many are.

And so they create an alternate universe where black crime will go away if only they can convince public officials it really exists and is a real problem.

That’s why people like that never listen to what their public officials really say about black crime.

And how the problem is not crime, but white racism. And because that is the case, why arrest people who are the victims of white racism?

That is what we saw in New Orleans this week.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The fellas love Minneapolis because white people are so nice.

So easy.

So acquiescent. That is why Minneapolis has one of the highest rates of robbery in America: The pickings are so easy.

But some times they just use hammers and iron bars, as they did a few days ago in the Twin Cities.

Some recent examples in this new podcast.

Letter from San Bernardino

Hello Mr. Flaherty. Just wanted to get the word out that black violence now being reported on a daily basis by individuals on their electronic devices is not a new phenomenon. The only thing we relied upon in the 60s was word of mouth and our feet to run as fast as we could.

In 1968 at age 13, I entered  Highland  Junior high  in the San Bernardino California school district, a predominantly white area where the schools had been built in the 20s. In 1968, the school district started integrating and blacks from the ghetto westside were bussed to all the schools in my area (lucky me) living in total ignorance I didn’t know what a n*gg*r (first time ever to hear that word) was or what to expect.

Weeks later I would be saying it all the time. My mother gave me a quarter to buy milk which was stolen the first day and every day later or the threat of violence (my friend told me to hide the money in my sock but the blacks wised up to that).

Every gym class the blacks would line up in the shower (the shower was a long hallway with a drying room) to urinate on the white kids, I never told anybody. The place was literally a war zone and I never told my parents, just lived through it.

In 1971 I attended San Gorgonio High School and lived through a full blown race battle on campus where the busses full of blacks were stoned in the morning and racial tensions broke out at lunch with hundreds of fights, police lockdown, injuries, blacks today have escalated that activity 3 fold , just never heard about it then, sorry to b*tch systems normal.

The professor of philosophy has rendered his considered opinion on what he thinks when white people report black people to the cops.

Cops suck.

That’s how you get a gig writing an ethics column for the New York Times.

A new podcast from colin flaherty.

White racists destroy great black movies.

And other stories we miss every day, A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

New podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Some inside baseball and more news about the daily torrent of black mass shootings. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Ireland is important American style black violence, denial,denial, deceit and delusion.

With the same results.

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New podcast from Colin Flaherty.

In New York, they just made it official: FUBU clubs are for black people only. And the New York Times says that is just peachy.

The latest example of black on white hostility hiding behind a faux civilized veneer.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

New podcast from Colin Flaherty.