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The great Ann Coulter rips the veil from the fairy tale of Criminal Justice Reform; “They are always lying.”

In this podcast, we talk about how this lie is spreading in lots of different ways, and the enormous damage it does.

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All this in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty

A black swimming pool in a black Philadelphia neighborhood recently closed because of hyper violence.

The local media told us everything but the truth: About how black pools are centers of crime, violence and mayhem. In Brooklyn, city officials closed a pool for 20 year because black people were ripping the suits from female bathers and then sexually assaulting them.

It was a thing.

So let’s take a listen to Philly. But then let’s take a listen to a real live pool closing near good ol’ Colin’s house. 

And how the black violence in the pool, on the way to the pool, and going home from the pool was intolerable to the point where it had to be shut down.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

The fellas have a new hobby: Catching white people in imaginary acts of racism. 

They play it with glee and passion and they love to win.

Remember BBQ Becky from last year? She was among the most famous victims of this new game.

Well, just this week in the Bronx, we found out that maybe BBQ Becky was right after all.

All this and more in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Seems as if we are getting a lot of competition for the topic that is the “greatest lie of our generation.”

Trump. The Border. Etc. etc. etc.

As bad as the widespread denial, deceit and delusion is surrounding those and lots of other topics, nothing compares to the daily tsunami of violence and denial we document  every day.

And here we give lots of examples.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

Can they both lose?

That is the first reaction many of us had when we saw Social Justice Fella accuse a YouTube exec of racism because the YouTube big shot did not want the fella to trespass in his apartment building.

A familiar story.

But it turns out there is a lot more to the story.

None of it good for YouTube.

So let’s get busy with that on a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Can they both lose? That is the first reaction many of us had when we saw Social Justice Fella accuse a YouTube exec of racism because the YouTube big shot did not want the fella to trespass in his apartment building. A familiar story. But it turns out there is a lot more to the story. None of it good for YouTube. So let’s get busy with that on a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

One of the most important figures for the future of America has never even been here.

His name is Tommy Robinson.

As some of you may know, Tommy is a world class truth teller about wide spread violence and criminality from the adherents of the religion of peace in England.


For that, he has been attacked, scorned, vilified and sent to prison. 

All for telling the truth.

The other day, Tommy was convicted of taking a camera into an English court room to further document this Moslem criminality.

That was against the law.

Now he faces the prospect of going back to prison. 

The very REAL prospect of assassination at the hands of Moslem inmates.

I interviewed Tommy last year. So let’s break out that interview and remind us what the stakes are not just for England, but for America, if we all this hero to go down.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

Forget the talking heads.

If you want to see how the fellas feel about America, check how the behave on the Fourth of July.

This is the strongest proof yet how much they are just not into us or our lousy, evil country.

So let’s do a Magical Mystery Tour of the black violence and mayhem around the country this Independence Day.

And as a special treat, we even have a special guide: Michelle Obama and Gayle King.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

And don’t forget this one either: A collection of black mass shootings from the LAST WEEK. If I told you how many there are without showing you, you would not believe me.

I would not believe. But here goes: 37. 


Letter from Caroline.

Hi Mr. Flaherty,

I just listened to your latest podcast. Now, I know why the Owings Mills Mall closed! 

I read two books that have helped shape my perspective on personal safety and threat assessment. Gavin DeBecker’s Gift of Fear wherein I learned why and how and because of whom there was enacted the law in New York where juveniles can be tried as adults. Willie Bosket. Scary child.

Tim Larkin’s When Violence is the Answer taught me that we have to fight
and take the initiative when someone is about to attack us. 

A few years ago, I was driving out of my parking lot headed to work when a
car driven by a Gal pulled out and would have hit my car had I not blown my horn. She stopped and I headed to the end of the driveway when something ran into the back of my car. Yes, she followed me and ran her car into my leased vehicle. We exchanged some words and gestures but remained in our cars. Then I followed her. I mean I was on her bumper like white on rice (pun intended). When she turned, I turned. When she sped up, I sped up. When she slowed down, I slowed down. She drove into the Barnes and Noble parking lot on Reisterstown Rd. By this time, I am on my cell with 911. 

There were about 15 to 20 Gals in the parking lot! A gang!  It turned out to be some kind of Saturday morning walking club. She opened her car door and looked upset as some Gals walked over to her. She didn’t exit her vehicle. I made a show of looking and memorizing her license plate number. Of course, I had to go to work, and I stopped at the nearest safe place and checked my rear bumper. Not a scratch. The cops wouldn’t come unless I stayed which I couldn’t do at the time. 

I was confronted by a Gal at Jersey Mike’s who was clearly not standing on line and was busy with her cellphone. So, I got on line. Then I hear something to the effect of, “Hmnn, guess I must be invisible.” We had some verbal exchanges. She lost. When they end with, “Whateva” you know you’ve won. I said, “Yeah, I gotya whateva.”

Anyone who ever threatened or harassed me starting in first grade was a Fella or Gal. Sometimes to the point of taking my school bus home instead of her own so she could confront me. I ignored her. Don’t know how she made it home. 

I pray constantly for my safety because only God knows what’s around the corner. 

My heart still aches for Zach Sowers and his new bride. Fellas and Gals have caused trouble for me whenever I had them for neighbors. Oddly, 
foreigners have been very classy and kind to me. 

My co-workers wanted to hurt me when I (unwisely) told them there was no evidence to convict George Zimmerman. When he was acquitted, you could have heard a pin drop. 

A Gal friend who knew my parents before I was born cussed me out because somehow she got the idea I support President Trump (I do). So, a
fifty plus year friendship down the crapper. I don’t support the “Criminal Justice Reform Jared Kushner Law.” 

Oh, Colin. Our work is cut out for us. 

God bless and protect both of us.

Letter from Madison


Your videos on attacks along bike trails helped me the other day. I live in a Wisconsin town of about 15,000 that is around an hour and a half-hour from the Twin Cities. I was on a bike ride on our bike trail last week, came around a bend and there were three black teenagers standing in the middle of the trail looking up and down the trail. I ride faster than most and did not have time to turn around so I accelerated even faster as I approached them. The more muscular kid looked me up and down, a look I’ve seen before when criminals are looking for someone to jack. He moved aside and I flew by. 

I had just passed by two joggers a mile back and I knew at least one of them would be running in to these kids. You’ll probably say this was dumb, but instead of bypassing the kids when I got to the end of the trail and had to turn around to get back home, I slowed to a pace so that when I turned around and got back to these kids, that jogger would be there. I was worried he was going to get attacked. 

After I turned around and rode back, there were the kids in the same place, looking side-to-side up and down the trail. I was flying even faster this time and as I passed by the kids, the muscular one said something to me. Just ahead, around the bend, I came up on the jogger. He must’ve turned around when he came around the bend and saw the kids standing there. I pulled off the trail a mile ahead and called the cops and told them there were some kids up to no good on the bike trail. They said they’d send out a deputy. I never heard back from them. 

We’re a college town that is “down with the cause.” The university removed a very old painting in one of the buildings that depicted a French fur trader from the 1600s because it’s an example of white male colonialism, of course. 

BTW, check out some of the Madison School Board meetings from up here in Wisconsin. We’re seeing a lot of the same stuff you document in schools elsewhere happening in the capital city.

On Independence Day, the Fellas let us know, once again, they are just not that into us.

Now they are even lying about it: Professor Dyson says white supremacists are roaming the country attacking black people using the 13-star flag of Betsy Ross as their banner.

And that’s why Nike had to pull their shoes with that flag.

A complete fabrication.

And of course, black on white violence proceeds as usual.

All this in a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.