While all eyes were on Miami Beach …Other black mob violence.

May 28, 2013 — 14 Comments

Other cities were busy were black mob violence. Here’s the article at WND.com:Happy holiday! Let the violence begin

Here are some links and background info.


They closed the beach for this one: It took police from five surrounding areas to stop this black mob violence — a portion of which we see below.

Meanwhile, one of the local TV stations disabled viewer comments on this story. Here’s why: ”

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Another video surfaces: This one on the dunes.


Jackonsville, you may recall, is the scene of the 300-person riot at Wal-Mart on a vide that went viral. So they can get a bit touchy down there.


Large group of teenagers fighting in downtown Baltimore – baltimoresun.com

Their memory is getting better, even if the comments section and the reporting still leaves out critical information:

Large fights between teenagers in the heart of the city’s business district have drawn negative attention and various redeployment strategies in the past. In one incident last year, hundreds of teens converged on downtown the night of St. Patrick’s Day, with multiple brawls that ended in two stabbings and the beating of a tourist from Northern Virginia.

Read more: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/blog/bs-md-ci-inner-harbor-fight-20130520,0,197677.story#ixzz2UcXmk5Lc



West Bloomfield, Michigan.

“It was like mayhem. Everywhere we looked there were fights breaking out and mobs of 100 or 200 people would go running to witness the fights,” she said.

The headmaster of the school slapped a curfew on the fair. That seemed to work. Guess he had not talked to former Kansas City Mayor Emanuel Cleaver. He said curfews would just piss off the black kids.

Yes, that’s what he said.



The Lilac Festival is an annual celebration of flowers and black mob violence.

This year featured guns, 20 people arrested, lots of violence in and around the fair, and let’s not forget the four people stabbed.


Wendy Seldin, a vendor at the festival, said she has been coming to Lilac Fest for 11 years and had never seen anything like this before. “I wouldn’t bring my kids here,” she said.


The paper had a complete story about the violence and guns and chaos and fear and panic. Then replaced it with a tamer version.

People in Rochester want to know why.

  • Tom Vierhile ·  Top Commenter

    Eric, it appears that the D&C pulled the original story; there are still links for it at Google News, but they point to a page that has been deleted. Here’s another account of the situation, from Rachel Barnhart, http://rochesterhomepage.net/fulltext?nxd_id=390232. And yet another story indicates that fights did take place in the park:http://rochester.ynn.com/content/top_stories/665207/arrests-after-fights-at-lilac-festival-saturday/.This seems to happen with disturbing frequency in Rochester: gangs of youths disrupting festivals or outside events. Seabreeze, the carnival up in Greece, and now this. The D&C’s position on reporting this is compromised to some degree by their “Unite Rochester” cheerleading, since these events run counter to the narrative they are trying to push.
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    Unreal. I was in the neighborhood last evening picking up my kid and the scene was total chaos. Posted the D&C link this morning to my FB page suggesting that the festival might want to consider scaling waaayyyyy back. Be interested in hearing the papers take on why the article was pulled.

    And from 2011:


    And of yeah, did I tell you about Cleveland Heights? Or Utica? Or …..






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blank George Taylor says:

it appears most of these people are quite a bunch of Pu$$ies. Why is it it takes a mob of losers to take down one white boy? Because they are still on the plantation doing their master bidding. Wow I’m F’n impressed.

blank mountain man says:

Coming to a town/neighborhood near you. And soon!!!

blank stombut says:

They are F-ing animals. Ruin everything they touch. I’m sick of them calling them young adults or youths. They are a bunch of out of control “politically incorrect’s”. Not one officer or reporter will mention they are black and always black. If this were a bunch of whites the headline would read. “White Attack”!!!

blank Orn Eagle says:

Cure: .12 gauge Mossberg, 12 in barrel w/Birdshot, buck and some double-ought for the fat ones overeating on food stamps…bring it on, Travon, bring it on!

blank Charles ElCurry says:

I commented but this site frooze me up so I wont comment again since it would be racialy motavated since I am white.These creaps arn’t gonna let you tell them how you feel.

blank Charles ElCurry says:

My opimion wouldn’t count if I did comment.Why? Because it wouldnt be politicaly correct.I call a spade a spade The truth the truth.There is only one way to stop the mob violence and to keep it from reoccuring but I want tell you because I would be called a white racist. You cant call the news media reporting the truthful news if there are blacks involved.Why?Because they whitewash the truth they must not call a bunch of black hoods black because that might piss the blacks off. and may just might riot and loot and burn america down.There is only one way to deal with these hoods.

blank grendal says:

after watching the videos im glad i live in a safe town , they just act like animals when they get together in groups , your not even safe shopping at walmart.

blank Charles ElCurry says:

Be thankfull that you live in a safe town because the way its going it wont be safe very much lomger.

blank See something, say something says:

“You all be wrong, we does not all acts like this.” You’re all the same, ignorant animals.

blank arthur says:

Your comment is typical of dumed down kids from public schools. You all, we does, heck communicte in English if you can,.

blank Scotchaholic says:

There’s nothing like family outings, to bring out the best in people!

I find it ironic that there is a certain chap by the name of Flaherty, who is doing a courageous job of exposing this mayhem and carnage, when it should be the ones named Holder, Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Quanell X, Winfrey, West, Smiley, Brock, Jealous, ad infinitum.

These and the so called black conservatives should be demanding and enacting tough and harsh measures against their own, to prove they are for law, order, and civility for all people in these United States.

As always, it will be non-blacks that must take corrective action.

The question that nags me most is: Was Lincoln and LBJ wrong? Never mind, I know the answer.