Black Mob Violence in Greensboro. Hype?

May 28, 2013 — 4 Comments

No. It’s real.

Over at, one the readers name Ken said he was happy that down where he lives, in Greensboro, they did not have any of that flash mob stuff.

Which proves a point I make in the book White Girl Bleed a Lot: Most of the time when I hear the term “flash mob,” it comes from someone trying to minimize, condone, excuse, or obfuscate when the term should be “black mob violence.”

I talk about Greensboro a lot all over the country as an example of a small peaceful place with a big, nasty problem with black mob violence.

The first time I had ever heard of any racial violence in Greensboro was last July 4th, when more than 1000 black people stormed through the streets of downtown.

One person even stood up on a bench and exhorted the crowd to attack the police. He got Tazed.

Other got sprayed with pepper gas.

The WND reader said that was “hype.”

OK …. Some for some straight talk:

Once I started reading up on, and making phone calls about Greensboro last year, I found out almost right away that racial violence was a regular feature of life in Greensboro and has been happening in Greensboro for a long time.

An excerpt from White Girl Bleed a Lot:

Greensboro is stepping up. Of all the cities in America that experienced black mob violence during the Fourth of July 2012, Greensboro might not have been the most vicious or the most violent, or even the most damaging, but at more than one thousand people, it was the largest.

Groups of teens — some with younger kids and babies in strollers — filled Elm Street, taunted officers and instigated fights in Jimmy John’s sandwich shop, according to Lankford security guard Christopher Thompson, who was off duty.

“They’re supposed to serve and protect, right? They did that,” Thompson said. “The officers really had to ‘cause if you had seen how unruly it was — it was real bad.”

At least one person on Twitter predicted the riot:

Downtown greensboro is gonna have a riot tonight!! @PuffThisTweet at 3 p.m.

We already covered this in chapter 5. Only three people were arrested, including one person who was trying to rally his troops to attack the police until they pepper sprayed the junior Napoleon. It was hardly Greensboro’s first brush with flash mobs. In June 2011, downtown Greensboro had black mob violence every weekend in July.

“We’ve uncovered a series—a series!—of mob attacks in the heart downtown Greensboro,” said the anchor for the WFMY news. “All of them planned through the social media. And I know it sounds unlikely but it has happened in Chicago and Philadelphia and Milwaukee and now right here in the Triad. Every single weekend this month.”

Then they cut to the story “you’ll see only on News 2 tonight.”

Cue the victim:

“One of the teenagers came up from behind and just punched me in the back and kicked me and knocked me to the floor. Then, he just continued to kick me, punch me, step on me. People were screaming,” Mitchel Sommers, executive director of the Community Theatre of Greensboro said.

The swarm came from nowhere and the beating lasted seconds.

“Within a minute, I’d say, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds…I’m not being dramatic…hundreds of young people…just came descending upon this area,” he said. “There were so many young people. I would say all the way from across Elm Street all the way to the park. You couldn’t even get out of the swarm of young people.”

The former mayor of Greensboro had his business vandalized as well.

The comments on the reader board ran true to form: Several people say the mob was black. While others said either 1) The person is a racist for noticing or 2) it never happened and here is why it happened.

Said one reader: “The GPD is undoubtedly covering its derriere. Whether or not these marauding “young people” constitute a true Flash Mob, they are certainly dangerous. Our local media’s description of the marauders’ racial identity is, of course, conspicuous by its absence.”

No one was arrested during these attacks, so I guess they never happened.

But if you are mathematically inclined, could tell me how many attacks this is? In the first few weeks of June in 2011, it happened every weekend, and was there just one a weekend? Or several? And how about the Fourth of July party in 2012? Was that one? Or twenty? They are adding up, aren’t they.

Ask the police, and the answer is almost zero.

Use your own eyes and calculator, and the number gets over twenty-five real fast. And those are just the ones we know about, in one small town.

And that does not count the hip-hop concerts at the local arena, where black mob violence flows.

Did you watch the video all the way through? The final line? Where the reporter says this has been happening for a while, but if not for their audience letting them know, they would have been in the dark because the police had not told them anything about it.

That is one explanation. Sometimes, you can tell people, and show people, and they still call it hype.

I see that a lot.
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blank Alex says:

Surely not! For months the News and Record kept a lid on this, until they became fearful that innocent black children would be erroneously blamed for the violence. Which wasn’t really happening, of course.
Seems I also read this in a book last year.
When it finally hit the news, the police chief put down his doughnut long enough to say there was no evidence that these were flash mobs.
Analyze those words carefully. There was no evidence on any phone / Blackberry / iToy taken from any black race rioter. IF one was taken. The phones can automatically delete on sending.
Fine. The Greensboro Police covered this up in the past. But we know good and well that the real urban terrorism messages absolutely can be tracked through an electronic city tucked between D.C. and Baltimore – National Reconnaissance Office, I believe.
Stop the lying!

blank BADBOB says:


blank Alex says:

Swell, BADBOB. Just to let you know, Yahoo! has singled out one of my online posts as evidence of who I am: when government officials said that no one needs a thirty round clip for wabbit hunting, I said in response –
“I need a thirty round clip (sic) to deal with the race riots the police won’t admit to…”
And of course, I really am who the website knows me as, a Scottish professor born in 1747. Damn, I’m getting ripe!