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I told you a few weeks ago about black mob violence my husband and I got dragged into after a group of black teenagers pushed a young boy off his bike.

Today (September 11th, of all days) had a run in with 2 of them again. As my husband and I were going into our apartment from our car (with handfuls of groceries) I, for whatever reason, looked behind me and saw the 2 black gangbangers (they made that very clear in the last event) from the last event charging us while throwing on bandannas.

My husband maced them. And they took off, but turned around and tried to charge us again. So my husband maced them again. I am frantically calling 911 at this point (it’s a crime in Washington State to spray mace and not report it), and the emergency person was…not good at her job.

In the meantime, the younger Mike Brown wannabe ran and got his mommy while the older Mike Brown wannabe threatened to shoot me and husband and our dog (who once again showed aggression have never seem from him, with the exception of our last run in with these idiots). The cops eventually show up and do…nothing.

They talked to the “mom” (lets be honest-she’s no mother), and told her to watch her kids better. And told us that we’re on our own, essentially.

The cops, the Everett Police Department, let known gang members, who threatened to kill my husband and myself and my dog, walk away.

And people wonder why this continues to happen…I can tell you why-because everyone, including the police, are scared to do anything that might offend the sensibilities of the black community.

But a small white woman and her white husband and dog’s safety is of no concern because black people not feeling put down upon is more important.

Which is why I have to go buy more mace today.

(Sorry for the rantiness of the post, Mr. Colin Flaherty, but I like knowing that someone, somewhere understands the pain this causes me. Pain for my lack of safety, pain for my family’s lack of safety, pain I have to spend my hard-earned, graveyard-shift money to buy mace, and pain that this continues to happen out of fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

Where’s the fear of my or my family losing their lives? Isn’t that more important?)




Thanks for the important pst.