New: Tallahassee protests white violence on black people: The full story.

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Tallahassee protests white violence on black people: The real story.

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Activists from around the country marched on Tallahassee Monday to protest what one writer for Salon is calling “open season on black teenagers: The onslaught of white murder.”

The most famous example of this onslaught came two years ago, when George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. A jury ruled it was self defense. The next example was last year, when Michael Dunn shot Jordan Davis after feeling threatened by Davis and his friends.

Earlier this month, a jury found Dunn guilty of three charges of second degree murder for firing several bullets into a car. The jury could not reach a verdict for the killing of Jordan Davis. This prompted howls of protest from black writers and activists who say these two killings form a trend.
Dallas News |  

USA Today spoke with the parents of Jordan Davis about the protest rally: “We know that the image of young black men having guns and being thugs is pervasive across the country,”  Lucia McBath, Davis’ mother. “It’s an established mindset that young black males in this country are dangerous. That young black males in this country are something to be reckoned with. That young black males in this country are people to be feared.”


They tried to prepare their son for living in a world where white people can visit violence on black people at any time without any consequence: “Jordan felt really bad about what happened to Trayvon,” McBath said. “He said, ‘This could have been me. Trayvon was just like me.’”

A common theme at the rally and in media coverage of it was that black people are victims of white violence, not the other way around. No one talked about how white on black crime is a rarity compared to black mob violence and black on white crime. 


None of the media outlets reported that either. Many of these crimes are documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it. If all that the speakers and protesters and reporters at the Tallahassee rally knew came from the daily newspapers, they could be forgiven for not being aware of the disproportionate nature of the racial violence.


So let’s fill in a few blanks with some recent examples of black on white crime and black mob violence. Along with the names of the people responsible:

In Annapolis, Maryland, two black men, Devery Kelley and Cornell Robinson were arrested earlier this month for robbing a pregnant woman while she was in labor on her way to the hospital delivery room. In Madison, Wisconsin, about the same time as the protest, police arrested six black people for the home invasion and beating of a young couple. They were also charged with sexual assault on the woman, who was six months pregnant.  

Under arrest are L. Efemia Neumaier, DeAndre Mayweathers, Demarco  Mallit, Kristopher Hughes, Michon Thomas, Eric Bass.

In Seattle last week, police responded to a 911 call of 100 black people fighting in the street. Some were shooting guns. Some wore black ski masks. No one was arrested.

Ski masks seem to be a popular accessory this year with the black violence set: In Washington, D.C. over the weekend, black people wearing ski masks fired guns in the air and threatened a homeowner who came out to object to a crowd of 100 black people fighting and stomping on the hood of her car. The Washington Post reported that “someone wearing a ski mask used a racial slur, told her to shut up and threatened to kill her, she said.”

The woman pointed out the offenders to the police, they “made no effort to detain any of them,” she told the Post.

When the woman’s husband went to the police station the next day to complain about the lack of police action  toward violence in her recently gentrified neighborhood,  “he was told that officers are instructed not to engage large crowds if it might put them in danger.”

Large scale examples of racial violence are rarely reported in The Post. But they happen frequently on the city’s mass transit, bike trails, high schools, shopping centers, night clubs and in the gentrified neighborhoods.

In Dayton, Ohio over the weekend, a large group of black people were fighting downtown. When police arrived to break it up, James White attacked the officers. They arrested him.

Over the weekend near Rochester, a large group of black people were fighting in a bowling alley when one man was hit in the head with a bowling ball.  Four were arrested.

In Stamford, Conn. on Saturday, a store owner tried to stop a group of black people from stealing several bottles of liquor. The alleged thieves attacked the store owners and their family, breaking a bottle over the woman’s head. Three were arrested. Police said one of the suspects “kicked and spit on officers while she was being processed at the Stamford Police Department.”

In Dallas less than a month ago, career criminal Deyfon Pipkins, was shot and killed while breaking into the home of a senior citizen. This was just the latest of several burglaries at this house. The local Fox affiliate reports Pipkins had a criminal record that was “18 pages long.”

Soon after the killing, several relatives showed up at the scene of the crime to question the homeowner’s actions, said the Fox affiliate. “He could have used a warning,” said Lakesha Thompson, Pipkins’ sister-in-law. “He could have let him know that he did have a gun on his property and he would use it in self-defense.”

In Mobile, Alabama, the relatives of Adric White did not like it any better when he was shot in November while holding a gun to the employees of a discount store he was robbing. His relatives told the local Fox affiliate they did not much care for the armed customer who shot their relative: “If no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him – what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” a relative, who wished to remain anonymous, told FOX10. “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”

A focus of the Tallahassee rally was removing guns from the hands of people who say they need them for self defense.

In Milwaukee Friday afternoon, a large group of black people at a McDonald’s restaurant were fighting and destroying property. Nine black people were arrested.

In Ft. Lauderdale in February, video captured the images of two black people approaching a table of Girl Scouts selling cookies outside a Winn Dixie grocery store.  They robbed them. “Local 10′s Christina Vazquez spoke exclusively with the victim of that robbery, 10-year-old girl whose cell phone was taken by the brazen thieves. “When it happened, I didn’t stop crying,” said Daley Eisenmann.

On Friday in Chicago Heights, 20 black students from Bloom Trail High School were fighting and attacking security guards in what local news is calling a “massive brawl.” Some of it caught in video. Nine were arrested. School was let out early.

Near Minneapolis a week ago, a group of 15 black people were fighting at an LA Fitness. They were throwing free weights and barbells at gym patrons and staff.  When police arrived, they fought them too. Some of video. Charged with disorderly conduct and rioting were  Ali Yusuf Barre, Abdirashid Yasin Duad, and Mohamed Awil Suleiman. Three juveniles were also taken into custody.

Last Thursday in Omaha, a black man shot Brandon Samuels dead.  They were at a party following a Miley Cyrus’ ‘Bangerz Tour’ concert  when Samuels tried to stop the man who was  attacking a woman. The man left and returned with two friends and a gun. They shot Samuels in the neck and seriously wounded another.  Police have charged Laron M. Jones with first degree murder. This is his second murder rap: Charges on the first were dismissed.

In St. Louis on Sunday, dozens of black people fought and created mayhem ending in at least four gun shots. The riot took place in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, in the middle of a street, in the middle of a popular business district called the Delmar Loop, in the middle of a crowd of people with cell phone cameras, in the middle of an area known for frequent and regular black mob violence often on video.

In Austin, Texas on Friday, the headline tells the story: “Another brutal beating in Downtown Austin has been caught on camera — this time the victims are two women.” This time the crowd was about a dozen black people.  The women were beaten unconscious.

On Friday in Flint, again the headline tells the story: Brawl involving several teens in Flint sends two girls to hospital, police say. More than a dozen black people were involved. And yes, it happens quite often there.

In Cherry Hill, New Jersey on Saturday afternoon, two black women attacked another woman in a fight over a parking space at a local mall. One of the two almost bit the other’s finger off.

On Monday in the San Francisco Bay area, a black passenger on a BART train harassed and assaulted white passengers. On video.

Over the weekend in Manhattan, Kyle Rogers was found unconscious and bloody on the street after being attacked Sunday morning. On video. The attack left Rogers with several broken bones in his face and jaw.  Rogers is one of hundreds of victims of the spontaneous racial violence that some call the Knockout Game.

The overwhelming majority of perpetrators of this game are black and the victims are usually not. In St. Louis, a judge last year said one man alone was responsible for 300 Knockout Game attacks.

Police say they are looking for a black man in connection with the Manhattan assault — one of dozens of such assaults in New York over the last several months. Many are directed at Orthodox Jews. After one recent attack, city council member Laurie Cumbo explained it all: Black people don’t like Jewish people that much. “The accomplishments of the Jewish community triggers feelings of resentment, and a sense that Jewish success is not also their success.”

Are we clear?

Last week in Pittsburgh, Penn., police charged a black man, Allen Darell Wade, in the shooting death of two white sisters who lived next door. Wade said he is being set up.

This is a long list.

Some say racism causes more than just violence.  Last week, the Slone Epidemiology Centre at Boston University, released a study that said: “Frequent experiences of racism are associated with a higher risk of obesity among African American women,” reported the Daily Mail.

Others say white racism also is found in the classroom, where it contributes to the achievement gap between white and black students. That is why a school board in Elgin, Illinois,  is pushing a plan to hire more black teachers, reported the Courier News: “It is important that students have teachers who look like them,” said Vilma Sept, chairwoman of the African-American Advisory Council.

Elgin is just one of hundreds of school districts around the country that following this plan to overcome white racism.

Its all part of plan, a pattern, if you just know how to look, said Mychal Denzel Smith in The Nation magazine.

“There’s nothing new under America’s racist sun,” said Smith. “We scream ‘Murder! Lynching!’ We desperately reaffirm for ourselves and our children the value of black life in a country that declares us worthless. We cry and renew our hope. And then we move on to the next one.

“How many more bodies must we lay to rest before America gets tired, too?

“The cynic in me starts to believe this is exactly what white people want. It’s as though our cries of “Murder! Lynching!” only make it easier for white America to accept black death.”


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Some black leaders are not totally on board with the relentless cries of relentless racism. They say black black people are the problems, not the victims.  In Memphis, Mayor A.C. Wharton said the dangerous conditions in his city are a “black boy problem.”

In Wilmington, Delaware one week ago, local minister Reverend Dr. Donald Morton was on TV talking about the Tallahassee rally, and how he was going to attend to protect “his people” from violence and racism.  Sitting next to him was a  six foot, 300-pound black man named Howard Powell, who could easily be mistaken for a professional football offensive lineman.

Powell was visibly uncomfortable at Dr. Morton’s blaming white people for violence. And he said so: What about black teenagers? asked Powell. “I’m afraid of them too.”

Before he could continue, Dr. Morton cut him off. “Don’t say that,” explained Dr. Morton. “Some people might use it the wrong way.”

New York Man suffers broken jaw in Kncokout Game Attack.

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blank M M says:

In the first video it sounds like the ex girlfriend said, “taking a human bean’s life.” What is a human bean?

blank M M says:

It is self defense, too easy.

blank Blah Halb says:

Why do the people of this website downplay how much the success of Europe is interconnected with their relationship with non-white groups? Europeans were slaughtering each other for many years, while using petty swords and heavy chain armor. The indigenous tribes of SE Asia or North/South America even had sharper weapons and even more elaborate traps than they did at the time. Poland, Hungary, Russia and Ukraine were invaded by Ogedei Khan and the Mongols. They almost took over completely and they had most European kingdoms thinking that the apocalypse was near. If Ogedei Khan didn’t die from over drinking in celebration, Europe would have been a completely Eastern dominated culture. Mongols had a policy of abandoning the campaign if the leader of it dies. Western white supremacy would never even have existed. Europe learned about gun powder and explosives from the Mongols because they were taking very heavy losses and were no match for these long distance high damage weapons. This made the European kingdoms insecure about their place in the larger world. They stopped killing each other and came together as “White Christians”. After learning about gunpowder from the Mongols, they used guns and smallpox to colonize the world while convinced it was because of racial superiority. They invented racial science and hierarchies to justify genocide. In reality it was just conditions and circumstance, but some of their egos refused to acknowledge this leading to the cycle and giant mess that we have today.

The fact is that most white nationalists/supremacists only think the way they do because history has been hidden and written by whites many times over. They usually refuse to listen to non-white historians or philosophers. If the “white race” were actually “superior” don’t you think you would have convinced everybody by now? It’s never going to happen. Trying to forcibly hold on to your hegemony just leads to more violence and tension.

You can’t ignore historical facts and only pick the ones you like.

blank trayvonmartin sux says:

You seem desperate to try to smear white people, but use very old and laughable excuses. The rates of violence perpetrated by blacks outweighs any violence Europeans have ever committed. Nice try, desperate anti-white racist. Seems like you’re in denial of the facts. BTW, can you please link us some videos of any whites playing the knockout game? Only one? Thought so. Get over the past and start living here in the present, instead of making convenient excuses for your racism.

blank Blah Halb says:

“The rates of violence perpetrated by blacks outweighs any violence Europeans have ever committed.”

Do you not consider war to be violent or something? Is owning slaves not violent? Hitler killed several million people. White American politicians dropped nuclear bombs on Japan and got involved in Vietnam without even knowing the difference between the good and bad guys. Europeans are to blame for the systematic elimination of millions of Native Americans and Australians. Even most of the modern conflicts in Africa come from colonization that displaced rival tribes and religions. A “knockout game” is nothing when you look at the bigger picture. The fact is blacks don’t even have enough power to commit violence at the rate that white politicians and businessmen do. You really don’t know much about history or the rest of the world do you? Sadly, I don’t blame white people for this either because that would make me like you. Things aren’t as simple as you think they are.

This isn’t even close to desperate, son. Everything I’ve typed is very basic history that you should already know…

blank Blah Halb says:

Again, you can’t ignore historical facts and only pick the ones you like. You must have missed this the first time I typed it. Everything is cause and effect.

blank Terence Sommer says:

I could not help myself. This is the truth and yet the MSM wants to give airtime to a bogus rally in Florida. How sick is that. When I get to a printer, I will print this story. It’s really too bad, because of the two places I work, there are black people with whom I enjoy working with very much and would never wish anykind of ill will towards them. Of course I would not like to bring up a topic like this for fear of creating a hostile feeling. Black people need to commence with counter-rally’s to this BS in Florida. I did read The Salon article, and the commenters are NOT being fooled. I also want to mention that in Minneapolis there is a big push to ‘narrow the achievement gap’. I have stated in ‘comments’ that money will not solve this problem. Just tonight, on my way home, walking down the Nicollet Mall during sunset, I saw a teenager with a babystroller walking and talking aggresivley loud with a band of four other teenagers. This woman out for a stroll with her baby is not the material, from what I saw, as one who going to be a very effective parent. Money cannot solve this problem. Too bad we have such spineless politicians when it comes to stating the truth. Your services are needed and why there are not hundreds of thousands on these boards are a mystery to me.

blank Fenny Famous says:

wow that’s a long list

Any luck getting that Dr. Donald Morton clip? I’d love to see it

Keep checking.

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this was one of your most powerful articals. we should all email this to micheal savage. if they get 500 of these, maybe they will notice. (or has he gotton too commercial)? we should email it to every congressman district leader mayor etc. good reporting.