New: Teen mob attacks girl, throws her into traffic.

October 17, 2013 — 26 Comments

WhiteGirl_300x250_01It happened in Philly, Monday night: A teenage girl was walking home from a football game when she was taunted, stalked, beaten, and thrown into traffic.

All at the hands of 9 teenagers. Unruly teenagers.

I know what you are thinking: Was this a case of black mob violence? People who know aren’t saying. People who are saying don’t know. A preview of a story at Black mob violence has struck again, almost killing another Philadelphia-area girl. Or has it?   The police and the press won’t say if the predators are black. Neither will Joseph Parris, the girl’s father. He refuses to describe the nine or more “teens” who stalked, taunted, beat, kicked, laughed at, spit at, and threw his daughter into moving traffic — ultimately landing her in the hospital with a collapsed lung.   Parris said he was “upset” that anyone would question whether his daughter is the latest victim of an epidemic of recent black mob violence, documented in over 100 cities and 500 occasions in the White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.   Including many in the Philadelphia area.   The mob violence happened Monday night after a high school football game. That much we know for sure.   The unidentified teenage girl was walking home from the field at Interboro High School in Prospect Park when she was “ambushed” by a race-free mob.   The CBS affiliate in Philadelphia broke the story. With her identity concealed, they reported her saying:   “It was scary, just horrible, just the worst feeling in the world,” she said. “He punched me in my back and then kicked me in the back, and then punched me in the back of my head. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. I was just straight crying.”   The victim says as at least two of the teenagers pummeled her, the others cheered them on shouting, “come on, let’s get her.” At one point, the victim says, the gang tried to throw her under the wheels of a passing car, which swerved, narrowly missing her. Although 10 miles from Center City Philadelphia, the Interboro area — and neighboring Glenolden where the girl lives — is more than 90 percent white. It is connected to Philadelphia with commuter trains.   News of the attack is attracting an unusually high number of comments to the web site of the CBS station that broke the story. People in Philadelphia are outraged at the assault, and even more upset at the CBS affiliate for only describing the predators as “teens.”   They wonder why the station is concealing the identity of the assailants if that would help identify them. Others say black mob violence is common in the Philadelphia area, but the local news refuses to report it.   Of the hundreds who commented on the assault, all but two said they believed the attackers were black — even if they did not have direct knowledge of it. No one contradicted it. One commenter said anyone who believes the attackers were black is “jumping to conclusions and guilty of racial hatred.”   Said one of hundreds of commenters:  

“To CBS “News”..and I use that term loosely: Do you see the damage you MSM have done with your PC orthdoxy? 
Read the comments below. Even is the attackers were some other ethnicity, all the readers believe they are Black. That is because the public has become accustomed to MSM’s attempts to cover up relevant facts such as who is committing the atrocity.   So your grand PC strategy has backfired. Instead of deluding the public by whitewashing your stories and covering up important facts, you’ve succeeded in alerting folks to your duplicity and actually causing people to assume – usually correctly – that the perps are African-Americans. 

  The father took to Facebook to let people know about the violent mob that almost killed his daughter. “We think they were from Academy Park. But are not positive.”   Academy Park is a high school from a nearby town that played Interboro in football the week before. The school is 67 percent black.   “I’m not promoting a racial thing,” said Parris. “I just want the people who did this to be caught.”   Victims of racial violence often hesitate to talk about the experience. After having become a victim once, many do not want to become victimized again by being called racist if they describe their attackers as black.   The beating is the second case of racial violence within one week within a two mile area. The attack from last week, captured on video, showed three black people attacking two white students on a school bus.   The CBS affiliate reported one of the boys had a “a swollen nose, three chipped teeth and other facial injuries.”   Police are charging four black people in connection with the beating: Three students and bus driver who watched.   Comments at the CBS web site for both stories have been disabled and removed.   Meanwhile, near Richmond, officials at the Virginia State University locked the campus down for 12 hours starting Wednesday night, after black mob violence involving hundreds of students broke out. WAVY in Richmond reports “university police began getting reports of a fight on campus involving several hundred people around 6 p.m. Wednesday. Campus police were able to break up the fight and then learned of a man who had been stabbed in the leg.” Soon after, dozens of other fights broke out, and police from a nearby city were called to assist in restoring order. The lockout at this black college meant that students were required to return and stay in their dormitories. Off campus students were told to stay home.
Stay tuned.



These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
blank rs1123 says:

The blessings of diversity.
The sad part of this is that I know some truly fine black people. My wife’s obstetrician is black; he stopped on the way to the delivery room to lead us in a prayer. I have known quite a few blacks who are great people; the problem is that there are far too many who are trash, and it’s apparently not supposed to be mentioned.

blank Justyouraverageamerican says:

I called the TIP hotline at CBSPhilly telephone: 215-233-3333 and asked why they did not report the color, ethnicity, or even a clothing, height, or weight description of the attackers. The jerk (WITH a capital J) who answered the CBSPhilly TIP hotline phone lied and tried to say, “these teens were not black, you are just a hater” quote, end quote! I asked him to describe the teens, he said “journalistic ethics prohibited journalists/reporters from using an ethnic or skin color identifier when describing a criminal perpetrator! Really? Journalistic ethics? (mmuuuhhaaaaahhaaa) When I asked where that ethics/rule book is published, he could not answer, because he was lying through his teeth. I told him that liberal/communist reporters, like him and his comrades, have blood on their hands – that they consciously endanger American citizens by withholding important identifier information on the perps in obvious black-on-white violent crimes, as uninformed locals or tourists will walk into the same “group of teens” death trap as this young girl did. I did find it interesting that, in the video/audio of the white 15yo female victim, it sounded to me like she did speak a form of ebonics/hip hop, proving that even white girls, trying to identify as hip hop to blend with urban blacks, are not safe from murderous young black thugs.

blank Slappyhappy says:

Interboro and other near by high schools buse in blacks from Chester, one of the most crime ridden hell holes in the USA.

blank madmemere says:

What, exactly, does “PC” do for America? Absolutely nothing, -0- and protects the perps! Skin color IS “part of a physical description”, so GIVE IT, if you know it. ANY media outlet, who “conceals” an accurate description should be SUED OUT OF EXISTENCE – -they are “aiding and abetting” CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR! That action is NOT legal.

blank Goodforall says:

Does anyone really have any doubts? Had they been white they would have been identified as such. Turn the tables and reverse this situation with white kids attacking a black girl-can you only imagine Sharpton, Jackson, and the rest of the race baiters streaming toward the location with cameras everywhere. This BS black on white hate crime-and that is exactly what it is-must be met with a all out major punishment and serious jail time for any and all who pull this stuff. Our media is a disgrace-period!

blank Nedd Kareiva says:

See BS is pathetic. They’ve recently done the same thing on the Chicago network’s website, disable the comments’ section on all crime stories that involve blacks. Try writing their reporter about this; chances are you won’t get a response. See BS, like ABC and most of the others, are complicit in these crimes, committing journalistic malpractice.

Here’s an idea, though you have to turn on the station’s local network news to do it. When you hear a public announcement that the station’s broadcast license is up for renewal and comments are invited as to whether the station (ABC, NBC or See BS) is operating in the public interest, go to the FCC’s website and register your complaints accordingly. They just did this for the ABC Chicago affiliate. Granted, the chances of the FCC revoking a license are next to nil (especially with Obama in charge) but it doesn’t hurt to get a bunch of us to write them to tell of the blatant bias exhibited by the station’s reporting and that it’s not operating in the public interest. Public interest means telling all the facts, not concealing or slanting them. We must do what we can to take our airwaves back, no matter how long or difficult it is. Failure to report blacks committing crimes like these ones in Philadelphia are a public disservice & disgrace.

blank RKflorida says:

If they (media) want to play the hide the race game, then conservative blogs/forums already know the race. Simply insert the word “black” before the word “mob” and let them deny it. If it was a white mob, they certainly would have shouted it out. So we must always assume the mob is black unless otherwise stated.

blank 1proactive2 says:

Whatever pathological behavior, individual or in a group, that is suppressed, protected, or defended, you will get more of it. And it will increase in severity.

The delusional do-gooders who are suppressing this critical information from the public are tacitly protecting the predators. Expect more, Philadelphia, lots more, and of greater viciousness.


blank 1proactive2 says:

The second story here, if the attackers turn out to be black, should be a lengthy investigation into those who blocked identifying the race of the attackers to include naming names and their organizations. Names of these “public servants” should be made just that, public.

Asking them “why” should be the lead question to them, and then what the reward for them in hiding this critical detail. Then ask them how they would feel if one of their family members, especially the most defenseless, were attacked, and if they learned details of the attackers had been suppressed. The responses, if any, would be fascinating.

Repeated stories should be written about this incident to include the level of viciousness of the predators. It should be made known nationally again and again until the truth comes out.

As a group, blacks have become one of the protected groups of people in this country, treated as defenseless children who must be excused from their dangerous and impulse-driven lifestyles. This all but destroys the constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law.


blank Mike says:

I wish there was a link to the story at WND, I can’t find it

Go to

Oops, misunderstood… It’s there

blank rawiron1 says:

Her dad is a pussy.

blank Old Hickory says:

More and more these look like LYNCH MOBS – only worse. At least lynch mobs did execute the right person occasionally.

Old Hickory: Really appreciate the great comments and great quotes.

blank Edward Hall says:

it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad
in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

So true as it even applies to markets. This is one of my favorite quotes, and lives above my desk at the hedgefund.

blank Edward Hall says:

Just the other day I re-watched the movie “The Postman”, and thought how people are the same now just as they were in the movie. Denial

One of my favorite movies.

blank reality5 says:

Onward,ever onward,rush the criminal legions of the black horde.Like a biblical plague of locusts they reap their destruction,granted immunity by a wicked corrupt Government.

blank John Heardd says:

It stands to reason when newspapers refuse to comment on the color of the attackers that they are Black. As for the true color of the attackers simply ask yourself; what other race of people have a history of attacking White people like cowardly dogs? Blacks. If they had been White you can bet your life that the newspapers, police and even dear old dad would have been yelling it for the world to hear!! Well the seeds have been sewn. Now reap the crops of hate against those that hate Whites. It’s getting close to payback day.///

blank jassi says:

Though I’d hope for resolution to the violence to end without more violence, i see it as a highly unlikely option.
The problem could be addressed and solved through honest reporting and an unbiased, strict enforcement of law.

Instead we get silence and excuses which will lead to an exausted,frustrated population who will take the law into their own hands to protect their community. Like a preesure cooker with no valve,ready to explode.

It won’t be pretty when white people get fed up.

blank John Heardd says:

The worst part of it is “jassi”; no one wins. There will be dead on both sides and a lot of those dead will be innocent people who just happen to be running for cover. We White’s are pretty careful about who we shoot. We don’t shoot blindly. But Blacks; they kill everything including their own innocents. Just look at their track record. But you know, just for making that comment I’ll be branded a racist instead of an American using free speech to describe a fact. Ain’t life grand!!///

blank Some Rabbit says:

Agreed, if the perps were white that would be the headline “Group of white teens attack girl.” Why? Because it’s the ‘man bites dog’ angle.

Black on white has become so ubiquitous that it goes without saying. It’s the truth that none dare speak.

blank John Heardd says:

Got your read regarding my comment “Some Rabbit”. You’re absolutely right on target. They would be shouting Whitey from the roof tops and the media would be having a field day. They’re a bunch of communists and Muslim sympathizers and Black sympathizers too. We do the most good for the world and the world treats us like crap with a capital Sh..t and the people with the worst humanitarian record get all the praise and protection when they do bad. What a screwed up world the media Jews have created.

blank jassi says:

Comments being removed yet the message is still getting out.

I wonder if Obama used the racial violence and the ‘events’ following the ebt shutdown as a bargaining tool to get his way. “If you don’t give us Obama care and infinite welfare, we push the black violence even harder.”

blank ssilv48 says:

jassi, all I can say is bring it on, it will not take long to clear up this mess from this illegal man in our w/h and we can get rid of a hole lot of America’s dead weight.