New: Wall Street Journal editor: Tea Party people crazy.

January 2, 2014 — 31 Comments

WhiteGirl_300x250_R2Wall Street Journal editor: Tea Party people crazy.

Preview of a story at WND.

State Agenda on Civil Rights – C-SPAN Video Library


Most national reporters wait until their career is over to tell us how they really feel about the hot topics they covered.

Not Douglas Blackmon, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and editor who covered the Tea Party in 2010 and 2012 before heading off to the Washington Post.

I was a reporter at the Wall Street Journal up until a year and half ago. During the 2010 2012 political season, I wrote a lot about the Tea Party.

Now We all know  a whole lot of people in the Tea Party movement are straight up the crazies you think they are. They are way way crazy. A lot of them are  the new Bilbos and Talmadges that we heard about a few minutes ago.

For those unversed in the nuances of racial grievance, Blackmon was referring to former Democrat Governor Eugene Talmadge of Georgia and former Democrat Senator Theodor Bilbo of Mississippi. Bilbo’s racist speeches were so egregious that Republicans in the Senate refused to seat him after he was re-elected in 1946.

That year, it was fashionable to blame the heated pro-segregationist rhetoric of those two Southern politicians for the lynching of four black people in Georgia. Some claimed at least one of the politicians may have actually met with the men suspected of the lynching.

Translation: Tea Party people are crazy racist killers in word, if not deed.

Blackmon’s comments came when he was a featured panelist at a December meeting of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators Annual Legislative Conference in Memphis.

Despite his accusations against the Tea Party, Blackmon revealed what to some in the room was a surprise, but what was obviously informed by years of high level reporting for a big time national publication: Some members of the Tea Party actually believed in the rights of people to vote. Regardless of race.

Blackmon gave a skeptical audience a chance to mull that over as he concluded his point about where to find allies for their ever expanding collection of race-conscious government programs:

“There are some people, in that crazy wing of American politics, who in fact are potential allies” of black elected officials, Blackmon allowed.

His remarks did not exactly reflect the tone and content of what Blackmon wrote about the Tea Party for the Journal during the elections of 2010 and 2012.

But it is not all that far off either.

Even a cursory look at two of his stories in the waning days of the 2010 election show a predilection for repeating the often-discredited

White Girl Bleed a Lot -- Knockout Game edition

White Girl Bleed a Lot — Knockout Game edition

canard that the Tea Party was racist.

In 2010, Blackmon did a blow by blow account of internal strife at the Tea Party that included the obligatory denial of charges from unnamed critics: “I am not a racist,” one of the Tea Party leaders was forced to admit to the Journal in October 29, 2010.  Which in the popular culture is not too far removed from “I am not a pedophile.”

This came just nine days after another Blackmon story about racism in the Tea Party. This one ginned up by the NAACP which issued a report claiming that people in Tea Party were … racist.

The editors at the Journal might have been fine with it, but at least one reader figured it out: “The Journal needs to print a retraction,” said James Bucholtz. “The article states that when the Congressman walked into the Tea Party crowd some spewed racial epithets and spit on a black Congressman. This was not caught on tape as the article states in fact Breitbart offered $100,000 to anyone who could produce evidence on tape and no-one ever responded. In addition the black Congressman later admitted that the man may not have been spitting but it may have occurred as he was yelling. Big difference between yelling and spitting. Please print a retraction. It appears that author has believed the left wing lies.”

Even Dave Wiegel at Slate saw through that piece: “What’s the point of even highlighting the fringe racist elements of a movement if not to discredit the whole?”

By the 2010 elections, Blackmon was something of a golden boy at the Journal. His 2009 book that revealed how black people were slaves for 50 years — or more — after the Emancipation Proclamation won a Pulitzer Prize. Soon after, he became a regular on the civil rights rubber-chicken and lecture circuit.

Today, Blackmon toils at the Washington Post as an editor. He also tends to his television duties producing a documentary on his book, reminding black people they were even bigger victims of white racism than they had imagined.

And how it continues today. Barely abated. If at all. If not worse.

That is how Blackmon found himself to be the only white person in the room at the  National Black Caucus of State Legislators Annual Legislative Conference. All televised on CPSAN and still available on-line.

The group was talking about a “states agenda” for civil rights when the topic of voter repression came up — known outside the room as voter ID — when Blackmon issued his clinical diagnosis on the mental health of Tea Party activists.

Of the dozen or so panelists and elected officials in the audience who would soon speak, no one took up his point or acknowledged there might be something non-racist in conservative American activists worth defending.

But they did have plenty of time to talk about how white liberals make terrible political allies. About Trayvon Martin, and the foundation that bears his name. About how “Stand Your Ground Laws” pose an enormous threat to black people — almost as much as charter schools and anything else the teachers’ unions do not like.

A common theme among these legislators is echoed in school boards around the country: White teachers need special training to teach black children. White teachers are racist, immersed in white privilege, and that is what accounts for the dismal performance of so many black students in American schools today.

The most popular version of that training is called Courageous Conversations, and can be found in more than 200 school districts across the country. The basis of Courageous Conversations is Critical Race Theory, which says two simple things:

1) White racism is everywhere.

2) White Racism is permanent.

Marietta English, president of the Baltimore teachers union and vice president of the American Federation of Teachers — both groups big supporters of race-conscious teacher training such as Courageous Conversations — brought home the point:

“We can’t just give them six weeks of training and think they are able to educate our children. There’s (sic) a lot of cultural differences that they don’t understand. If you don’t grow up in the neighborhood, you don’t understand it when we say “WASSUP.” They don’t understand that.”

From the podium, Blackmon sat in silence as one elected official after another talked about racial preferences, racism, and who is REALLY responsible for so many black people being in prison.

Blackmon may have had his crazy meter turned off, but former prison psychologist Marlin Newburn did not: And for nearly one hour and forty minutes, it was humming on high:

“This was one fascinating trip down insane memory lane,” said Newburn.  The black “caucus” just voiced re-tread, retro-sixties complaints about the difficult world they live in.

“The video is a great learning experienced for those who have never witnessed a unique pathological trait of the so-called “black community”; one that has been distorting their thinking for decades, and inhibiting their growth. The sick trait is that they have no problem publicly complaining about life conditions they have created for themselves. Maladapted adolescents do this often.

“As well, they sanctify the most pathological people and conditions, i.e., “The Trayvon Martin Foundation.” That would be like white people setting up a scholarship program in memory of John Dillinger.”

“At least they had a few hours to play dress-up, and praise each other as they engaged their fantasies of torment and abuse by the massive white hoards who they imagine seek their destruction.”

If you want to take Newburn’s advice and watch the video, its easy to find: State Agenda on Civil Rights – C-SPAN Video Library

Birth of a Movement: Tea Party Rode Wave of Discontent –

NAACP Releases Report on the Tea Party and Race – Washington Wire – WSJ




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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
blank Blair Hawkins says:

I watched 13 minutes. It’s like pre-civil war times where one group redefines property as people. To show how successful the modern civil rights movement has been, this group redefines civil rights as the right to chew gum, the right to walk around, the right to buy a belt, and the right to limit self defense. They don’t talk about the Bill of Rights or the civil rights of owning real property. Beating up a white stranger is the right of black people because different groups have different civil rights. Social group justice replaces equal justice. When they come for you and your stuff, no amount of logic will change their mind…like zombies.

blank M M says:

Lock and load. Conceal and carry is the answer.

blank laura r says:

very much like early germany when there were 2 sets of rules. one for ayran germans other for jews. it was progressive thru time, now the whites are the new jews. the white anti white liberals are not on your side.

blank libertarian1234 says:

This is an excellent example of why integration has been a terrible failure.

These people are no more than imbecilic children who have to be cared for. And, don’t laugh, but it is these same types who keep telling everybody they should be in control of the country. The scary part is that they amount to the vast majority.

You could show them the failures of every black controlled government in the world, all of which have either imploded or are in the process of it, but it would matter not one whit to them. I have no doubt they would say they are as they are due to white racism.

Integration will continue to fail miserably.

blank Play Righter says:

If you can get to around the hour and twenty minute mark, after the woman admits that her organization is NOT a social justice group but rather is there to promote liberal policies, Martin “corrects” a commenter twice. This commenter is a Marine who says that “gun control” should entail personal responsibility. It’s fun to watch Martin’s face when this Marine insists that he’d like to have an AR-15 in Memphis.

blank M M says:

That was a long meeting. I watched about the first twenty minutes or so and got bored. There is a Trayvon Martin Foundation? Is it a foundation for dope smoking, thieving, criminal thugs?

blank FransSusan says:

Amazing isn’t it—about the Trayvon Foundation! It makes as much sense, though, as electing a totally unqualified, obviously destructive black man to be president….twice! I wonder how much money that foundation gets from the federal government—no doubt there are all kinds of government grants they could apply for and win. Sickening isn’t it that we productive taxpayers are forced at gun point to support such worthless crap.

blank M M says:

Exactly! I wonder if the IRS held up their tax exemption application. They probably fast track everything for them.

blank Guest says:

I imagine that if I were African American I would agree with much of what is said on this video because it would benefit me and my group. The real question is how America can find a common set of values when these groups have such different and seemingly irreconcilable points of view. Why would high income people want to stay in New York city, for instance? But if all the wealthy people leave NYC who will pay for the proposed universal preschool education?

blank M M says:

It would become another Detroit.

blank Guest says:

That is the risk. If I just follow what I would consider to be a fair minded line of reasoning things look very grim for the USA, There is a British Rear Admiral who has been forecasting social catastrophe in Europe due to similar demographic changes. He warns that within a few years you could have pirates attacking beaches around the Mediterranean Sea. Keep in mind that the USA paid tribute to the Barbary coast states of Tripoli, Tunisia and Algeria, and Morocco until the end of the second Barbary War, in 1815. This war ended the white slave trade in the area.


blank M M says:

That was an article from 2006. Is he still thinking the same things now?

blank Guest says:

I don’t know but has him listed as an advisor to luxury yacht owners,

Also, since 2006 the UK has experienced riots, the beheading of a soldier in London, as well as the riots in Sweden last year and other events.

blank M M says:

I know about the murder of the British soldier and civil unrest. I say they have a muslim infestation. But, most British folks say it is no problem. Are you British? Do you live in the UK?

blank Guest says:

I am Canadian but I visit the UK every year. The critical difference about the UK is that it is an island. If things get bad there is only a small amount of space to spread out. In the USA or Canada we can drive several thousands of kilometers, or miles, and leave the trouble behind. Not so the Brits. The Rear Admiral seems to be a realist. You may want to read “Into the Cannibal’s Pot” by Ilana Mercer. She is a South African who moved to the USA and became an American. She gives a clear description of the degeneration of SA since African rule and she warns that the same thing is likely to come to the USA.

blank M M says:

Tell it like it is. I ended up getting the first version in my email. I believe it. I haven’t been to the UK in twenty years. I was there over New Years for a few days. I have seen over thirty different countries and I still prefer the good old USA. Yes, I have been to Canada several times and it is nice too.

blank Brooklynresident says:

Not another Detroit. It will be unique in it’s misery–the surveillance cameras will NEVER be turned off.

That is why I’m in the process of escaping. I’m wishing it were as easy for me as it was for Kurt Russell.

And no, I don’t have that cobra tattoo.

blank M M says:

I get the reference. I don’t remember the whole movie, but I don’t think the city has become that bad. I prefer not to live in a big city myself.

blank Brooklynresident says:

It will be.

blank Marlin B. Newburn says:

This was one fascinating trip down insane memory lane. The black “caucus” (black liberals love that word) just voiced re-tread, retro-sixties complaints about the difficult world they live in. The problem that they are not able to grasp is that they’ve created said world themselves.

The video is a great learning experienced for those who have never witnessed a unique pathological trait of the so-called “black community”; one that has been distorting their thinking for decades, and inhibiting their growth. The sick trait is that they have no problem publicly complaining about life conditions they have created for themselves. Maladapted adolescents do this often.

As well, they sanctify the most pathological people and conditions, i.e., “The Trayvon Martin Foundation.” That would be like white people setting up a scholarship program in memory of John Dillinger.

At least they had a few hours to play dress-up, and praise each other as they engaged their fantasies of torment and abuse by the massive white hoards who they imagine seek their destruction.

There’s medication for this condition, but I digress.

The video is retro- sixties grandstanding, as I wrote above, with the added feature of it being an exercise in demonstrating a self-inflicted black pathology while ignoring reality. Some people will never learn. Some will never grow up.

blank M M says:

Is there a “White Caucus?”

blank Marlin B. Newburn says:

No. Whites aren’t allowed to establish a race-specific organization. Holder would not allow it, and neither would the MSM or public universities.

blank Jack Laurie says:

I watched some, skipped through it, I am getting pretty good at predicting what racist hateful blacks are going to say, even before they say it…I wonder if black attitudes were like this all through the history of our country, and when we were a British Colony also…I think not, I think this hateful attitude started sometime around the mid 20th century but is accelerating to a frenzy now…these people are evil, good descent blacks should be embarrassed this is happening!

blank libertarian1234 says:

“……good descent blacks should be embarrassed this is happening!”
There are so few of them they amount to an insignificant number.

blank Jesse says:

I lasted about 2 minutes. These people are on a path to war and no reasoning with them is possible.

blank leftists are delusional says:

I didn’t watch it, but I have read the book Erectus Walks Among Us, (available for free on the author’s website btw) and I am convinced that some are incapable of rational thought.

blank FransSusan says:

I completely agree—most are incapable of rational thought. Reality and logic are not part of their brain structure. It’s important to recognize this fact so as not to expect rational reactions from them. Blacks are in the victim business and nothing is ever going to change that, especially when the government supports the victim mentality and forces productive citizens to pay for everything for them.

if you can get throughout, it was kind of wild.

blank Edward Hall says:

Colin, I would love to try, but I really don’t want to break my screens, or be mad for a week. These people enrage me so, I Just can’t do it!

blank M M says:

I actually got bored after twenty minutes or so.

blank Ohforpetesake says:

I stopped at Roland Martin…..