New: Black motorcycle gang assaults Asian family. On video.

September 30, 2013 — 61 Comments


New: Black motorcyle gang assaults Asian family. On video.

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Here is what the local newspapers did not report about the mob of dozens of motorcycle riders that chased, stopped and beat the father of a young Asian family on a Sunday afternoon in New York City: One, the mob was black, says the police report. Two, this is merely the latest of several such examples of racial violence on wheels.

Except this one is on video. All six minutes and 27 seconds of it. Recorded on the helmet-cam of one of the members of the black motorcycle mob.

“The newspapers say it was a motorcycle gang,” said one veteran member of New York’s law enforcement community. “That makes you think it was a white gang, like the Hell’s Angels. But it was the total opposite.”

As the video begins, a black Range Rover is heading North in the direction of Harlem. Driving is a 33-year old Asian man. His wife and child are also in the car — now being pursued and surrounded by more than 50 bikers.


It is not clear what, if anything, happened before the video begins.

Twenty-seven seconds into the video, a biker performs a “brake check:” In moving traffic, he pulls his motorcycle up to a few feet in front of the Range Rover then, looking at the rear of his bike and the front of the car, he slows down until his rear tire contacts the car’s front bumper.

This is the Latino dude who started it all in the video below.


Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 5.44.46 PM


The Post picks up the scene:

One biker then pulled directly in front and slowed down, forcing the SUV to stop, and the others converged on the Range Rover, laying their bikes down on the pavement to block the vehicle.

The panicked dad then gunned the engine and ran over several bikes before speeding off with the pack in hot pursuit, police sources said Monday.

Others say several members of the black mob attempted to open the SUV’s door.

With bikers signaling to each other, the high speed pursuit continued for another 50 blocks until “during one of the stops, one of the bikers slashed one or more tires on the SUV, forcing the driver to exit at West 178th Street in Washington Heights,” said the Post.

Finally, stuck in traffic on West 178th between Wadsworth and St. Nicholas avenues, the bikers surrounded the SUV, and several men attacked the vehicle with their fists and helmet, breaking at least one window.

The video stops. The Post continues: “The crew then beat the man in front of his wife and child. The victim was rushed to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with two black eyes, and also needed stitches on his face and chest.”

The video quickly went viral, with some people insisting that one or two of the bikers were “white or Hispanic.

Despite initial reports that one biker sustained minor injuries, later it was learned the rapper Jay Mezee is hospitalized and may be paralyzed after the SUV allegedly ran him over.

Meezee’s father is a prominent Boston-area Hispanic Evangelical minister. But his son’s appearance and music are racially ambiguous: The lyrics — and his frequent appearances on black radio — are full of N-Bombs and contain stories of prison, drug addiction, violence and life “in the hood.”

He also appears in several videos with large groups of motorcycles tearing through downtown streets. His motorcycle helmet brags he is “reckless.” And his pictures display him proudly showing off concrete burns typical of injuries received in motorcycle accidents.

His friends have set up a web site to pay for his hospital bills. Many blame the SUV for running over Mezee for no reason whatsoever: Mezee was just trying to help his friend.

Justice For Jay Meezee

They chastised the driver for antagonizing the bikers.

 “Sure wish I could have seen the whole video of that ass hole getting his ass kicked and dragged all over the street for being such a piece of shit,” said one commenter on YouTube. “Got some money and think they’re untouchable and can do whatever they want. Lucky that he only got his ass kicked and not killed.”

But several other New Yorkers also took to YouTube to report their experiences with that — and similar — mobs.

“I saw these a**holes in the city yesterday before the incident, Running red lights and causing traffic like they own the streets. Nothing but Thugs on bikes! I would’ve done the same,” said one.

Another spotted the same mob all over the city.

“These savages drove throughout Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx yesterday. They were on sidewalks, they were going against traffic. They were looking for trouble and unfortunately for this man and his family, they were picked on.”

And not just yesterday:

During the warmer months, these gangs — comprised of hundreds of cycles — take over the West Side Highway (here) and the FDR. This has happened to me (and my family) twice. The cyclists harass the drivers, speeding up, slowing down to a crawl, weaving in and out, clogging traffic.

They surround the cars. Their intent is to intimidate, to harass and to cause an altercation. On one occasion, my wife and I were so frightened we pulled off and drove local. They were looking for a fight.

Michael Joiner could not help but notice the difference between how the press treated this roving band of dangerous bikers and the bikers who participated in the “Two Million Bikers” rally on 9/11 in Washington, D.C.

“In Washington recently, we had miles and miles of bike riders who were scorned or ignored by the liberal media,” said Michael Joiner, an actor and a comedian. “But the media is protecting the black bikers who terrorized this innocent family. I only wish Ted Nugent had been driving.”


This is the second high-profile assault in Harlem in September. Earlier in the month, 20 black people on bicycles taunted and assaulted a white doctor who lives and works in Harlem.

He was out for an evening stroll when the bicyclists found him, broke his jaw, and knocked out a few teeth. He said his attackers were not representative of all the good people in Harlem.



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These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Get it here:



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blank ImSoFly01 says:

Black Biker Gang ??!! WTF !!!! I see you Racist Whites are at it again !!!

blank fedupwithamericanpolitics says:

The Bikers are Puerto Rican, anyone from Nyc can tell you that. They are not black. Zimmerman was also Puerto Rican. It’s amazing that americans don’t know what Puerto Ricans look like!

blank heilbama says:

I’d have no problem running over a biker if I thought he was trying to harm me or my family. Otherwise, I try always to respect their space on the highway.

blank M M says:

These bikers make all bikers look bad. You don’t pull in front a car and hit your brakes and not expect to get hit. Too bad the guy in the Range Rover didn’t have a gun.

blank mrsayers says:

Am I the ONLY one that noticed that sure is a whole lotta folks in the middle of the day, not at work???

blank Kurt55 says:

Two of the black bikers who are shown messing with the SUV gave this interview where they claimed they were innocent notwithstanding the evidence in the video:

This is the standard mentality of blacks. They think that they can attack and intimidate anyone with impunity but if you dare to defend yourself, you are the “bad guy” in their tiny minds.

blank Kurt55 says:

I also saw this analysis of the video on another website:

“Here is what the original video shows when you play it frame by frame. The biker that got bumped at the beginning did not go down and was not hurt at all at that point….

In original video, bump happens at :26…

At :29 brake-checker is still on his bike and is stopping, SUV is also completely stopping…

At :37 Mieses gets off his bike and walks in front of SUV…

At :40 brake-checker has already walked up and is yanking hard on driver door…

At :47 brake-checker is still at the door and another biker in white longsleeve t-shirt and black helmet lunges at right front tire area, and you hear a loud pssssshhh sound (the sound of air rushing out of a knifed tire) and the driver takes off at the same time….

At the 3 minute mark, you can see the remains of the tire fly off after driving on a flat. If you look at the passenger side pictures from the very end where he is pulled out of his SUV and beaten… you see a bare rim on the front right, no tire at all….

It’s obvious the thugs knifed his right front tire at the very beginning…

98% of civil society agrees that this is plenty of reason to fear for your safety and your family’s safety and do whatever you can to get the hell out of there.”

blank Kurt55 says:

As someone else mentioned below, this was a coordinated attempted robbery. Someone wrote this on Facebook:

“Here is some additional information you all might want to read. This is my personal experience with this situation. I made sure to post this on the support site as well. As a trucker that would deliver in north jersey and New York I am familiar with these gangs. I can hopefully clarify a few things. First the initial “accident” is part of a game they play. They ride in a huge group and will operate together to slow down traffic. Next they pick out high end vehicles targeting people with families in them, the targets will usually be white or Asian. Then one of the riders will do a “brake check” and stop suddenly in front of the target vehicle causing a minor bump. In some cases they will just roll back into their target vehicle. They will then mob the vehicle demanding money and or begin attacking the person inside. It is their practice to also slash the tires to prevent the vehicle from escaping. Truckers are well aware of them and are advised not to stop. You can clearly see in the video how they are well practiced in this style of attack. The police in NY have backed off them after an officer ran one down using his vehicle a few months back. The video was all over the net so I advise you to check it out. These “bikers” ride dirt bikes and sport bikes very few of which are street legal and even fewer have plates. They run red lights, stop signs, and have no regard for the law. If you are ever in this situation do not stop, immediately call the police and do whatever you have to to keep them from boxing you in. NEVER leave the scene of an accident if you are not under direct threat!!! Only run if you have no other choice, and again immediately call the police. This is not rare by any means, the only reason this incident got any attention is because of the helmet cam video being posted on the net. If you see anyone in this situation, call the police. Make no mistake confusing these punks with true bikers. You will rarely if ever see a member of these gangs on a Harley. Do not for a minute blame true bikers for this kind of behavior. Bikers like those involved in the 2 million Bikers to DC Rally are American Patriots and would be among the first to come to your aid. A final note, always be aware of motorcycles and share the road. Check your mirrors and don’t ride anyone’s bumper, motorcycles have a much smaller profile then a car and are harder to see.”

blank Wynston_Smyth says:

We are also discovering that many of these outlaw bikers have a special motorized contraption mounted on the rear of the bike that at the flip of a switch on the biker’s instrument panel, can retract the license plate up underneath the bike’s tire guard. So any motorist involved in an illegal incident with the biker is unable to report the plate number to authorities because the plate is pulled out of view. This is absolutely illegal and should sufficiently clue everybody in to what the ulterior motives of these gangs is—– robbery and violence, nothing else.

blank Kurt55 says:

So was everyone in this motorcycle gang either black or Puerto Rican? Puerto Ricans do have black ancestry, which is why they are prone to “keepin’ it real.”

blank Edward Hall says:

Incidents like this are why I have a threaded barrel on my Glock.

blank bouboulina says:

Has anyone stopped to think about why this sort of behavior has become so rampant among the black population of this country? What groups are proselytizing & prepping the growing numbers of young blacks who are participating in this shocking form of social atavism? The Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) have a history of doing this sort of thing that goes back at least to the early 1970s. Bottom line: If you’re white & in a vulnerable situation, you’re fair game. Be forewarned.

blank leftists are delusional says:

I stopped and wondered, then I looked at the levels of violence in black populations all over the world.

I came to an epiphany.

The homicide rate of blacks in the US is 23.1 per 100k CDC data.

Murder rate per 100k in other countries (UN data)

Eastern Africa – 21.9
Middle Africa – 20.8
Southern Africa – 30.5

Bahamas 27.4
Dominica 22.1
Dominican Republic 25.0
Jamaica 40.9
Puerto Rico 26.2
Saint Kitts and Nevis 38.2
Saint Lucia 25.2
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9
Trinidad and Tobago 35.2
U.S. Virgin Islands 39.2

Funny you should say that. just came across this video. check out the garb of some of the people involved…

blank z-man says:

“Mad Max” becomes reality…

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:


These “bikers” target high-end vehicles, and pretend to have bike issues and slow down enough to get themselves rear ended, in order to force money from the drivers and avoid police and insurance hassles. The numbers of bikers serve as “eyewitnesses” to aggressive drivers, to aid in “boxing” in their target to slow them down, and also as intimidation to force compliance for money.

They are the ones being reckless and criminal in order to claim victimhood once again. This is the M.O. of these vermin.

Don’t be caught unprepared in these situations! If these thugs have no fear in breaking the law to take your life, loved ones, and possessions – YOU as the victim shouldn’t fear the law in order to stop these animals!

@WhiskeyJunkie:disqus and @disqus_JllePvLc9j:disqus

Gentleman: if you continue to demonstrate you are funnier and more perceptive and a better writer than the moderator or the forum and author of the articles, ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.!!!

You have been warned.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Does that action include any whiskey? All other alcoholic beverages are humbly accepted as well…

Wait, I’ll play the misdirection card:
“It was the damn Buddhist monks and the Amish! They are indeed, a rowdy folk! I didn’t do nothing!”

Remember, not for nothing, double negatives Rock Your World!

you want to see some Amish: check out this video I made of a 5 day hike i made through Amish country.

blank Old Hickory says:

Why is this dangerous vigilante group not being broken up and its members prosecuted under RICO for taking the law into their own hands. Even in the unlikely event that everything the bikers say is true, it’s not their place to serve as judge, jury and executioner. More importantly, where are all of the leftists that would be SCREAMING about vigilantism if white people were the ones meting out “street justice?”

Instead we see the racial double standard in full force again here. The DA didn’t want to charge several of the criminals involved. But the public outcry was so great they were forced to do so. The fear of racism is causing law enforcement to back off from prosecuting black criminals very hard. That just makes them escalate their crimes since they feel like they are getting away with it. That is until the crimes become so serious they can’t be ignored.

there was no riot.

no motorcycles.

no threats.

no nothing.

that is all.

blank ezekiel22 says:

It seems that according to Fox the wife of the run over biker wants charges pressed and to sue. From what I have seen the man in the SUV had no choice especially with his family inside. What was the reason for these bikers to be doing what they were doing anyway? Sooner or later someone had to get hurt.

blank David McCarthy says:

it appeared to be a rather racially diverse mix. i’d pump the brakes on the racial aspect here. it was just human beings getting together in a large group and doing what human beings do – trying to impress their peers by intimidating others.

blank David McCarthy says:

oops… the “pump the brakes” reference was unintentional, believe it or not. LOL. regardless, scumbags who use force to intimidate others, especially in dangerous situations like these deserve these kinds of consequences and if that’s what this guy was doing then he got what he deserved. if you haven’t seen all the other videos, these clowns were basically terrorizing the city like the gangs from Warriors. one guy literally drove on the wrong side of the road, against traffic, weaving in and out of oncoming cars. too bad that guy didn’t get nailed. i wonder what his buddies would have done if it did happen. “HOW DARE YOU DRIVE THE RIGHT WAY IN TRAFFIC WHEN WE’RE TRYING TO GO THE WRONG WAY??!!??” effing tards.

i saw all the videos, and wrote about other activities of these bikers. ok, david, here is your homework assignment: find out which motorcycle clubs were present at the big beat down. then describe them to me.

blank David McCarthy says:

just to let you know, i’m generally appreciative of your efforts and in agreement with the majority of your “platform” so to speak. however, in this case i believe you’re jumping to a conclusion, and ignoring the very real, obvious fact that when people get together in large groups, white, black, yellow, red, or any other hue, they are inclined to engage in violence that they wouldn’t engage in on their own, and that the reason is to impress those they view as their peers.

also, i’ve experienced more punk, loser white dudes engaging in this motorcycle intimidation culture than blacks. so your homework assignment is to decide if it matters when white people do it (this specific behavior or mob violence in the more general sense) or if it only matters when black people do it.

youtube can help, but be sure you’re not searching for the same thing over and over, lest you end up seeing only the same results.

all the best.

hmmm… the answer to the question i gave you is this: only two motorcycle gangs — i mean clubs — were in the group.

both black.

the police report says they were searching for black people.

the video shows black people attacking the car.

the vidoes show lots of black people in the pack.

police on the scene told me it was a black crowd.

i’ve ordered up DNA tests on all involved. i will let you know when the results come in.

meantime, i do not suggest getting out of your car if you are surrounded by a gang of racially ambiguous people on motorcycles.

and please send me a link to the loser white dude stories.

blank Terence Sommer says:

Black mob violence, whether on wheels or foot, it’s still a mob.

blank Dana Lee says:

This is why blacks are subhuman! Why the KKK appeals to so many people in America. Blacks have no chance in a real fight. They are cowards! Stupid and unable to think. It is a shame that this entire gang was not flattened by the driver. They started it.

blank Whiteeagle says:

blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam …. Honey hand me another clip … Thanks Sugar, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright … blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam …..

blank EMIRCITNA says:

BUY A BERETTA and you will get a lot more ….BLAMS!

blank Neanderthal says:

All the driver needed to do was spin that SUV around and RUN the monkey faced trash over and over…..

blank Reverend Bacon says:

There’s another video of these cretins; same stuff, different day. More racial terrorism.

blank EMIRCITNA says:

Bottom Line: PROOF why citizens need to be ARMED….and with HIGH-CAPACITY MAGAZINES to boot!!!! ~ SHOVE-IT, Feinstein, Cuomo, Bloomberg, Schumer…IT’S ALL ABOUT SURVIVAL in the Commie-created American jungle!!!!!

blank fedupwithamericanpolitics says:

There was a Cop riding with the Puerto Rican Biker gang. He is puerto rican too. In Nyc when Blacks and Puerto Ricans attack white people it is not a hate crime. Nyc is politically correct.

blank ImSoFly01 says:

Who the Hell was “White” here you dumbass ?

blank AW27 says:

There was a cop that not only ignore the situation but also helped assault the car.

blank Truth_in_Defense says:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is causing this kind of thuggery to happen as he totally avoids defending citizens, and then destroys the rights of liberty for people to protect themselves.

from the New York Daily News:


I happened to be right in the thick of this mess Sunday afternoon. What the videos fail to show is that these people were not only on motorcycles, but on ATVs, which have NO BUSINESS being on a highway!

There were packs of these fools waiting at each exit, getting on in droves, cutting all the drivers off and then just stopping in the middle of the highway! I was able to get off, ride the side streets and watch this mess unfold. I drive a Mini Cooper, and I was swarmed around, being cutt off by bikers and an ATV riding my bumper.

They rode up to my window, and I guess moved on once they saw I was a woman. Make NO mistake – these guys were playing chicken and controlling traffic, as they blocked all lanes and kept stopping with no notice. I will not call them bikers – they do not deserve the title. Bikers share the road and don’t act like complete morons.

blank BR549 says:

What I envision is several other drivers homing in on the bikers; hopefully, there’ll be a few delivery trucks in there. And just run over their worthless asses,en mass, white or black. With 50 mangled bodies strewn among the bent guard rails and a good half dozen solid citizens and tried and true delivery drivers saying they were just trying to avoid hitting these creeps, it won’t take long to cut that population down to size.

Sounds like it’s time to install the snow plow; I hear there’s a blizzard coming.

blank Michael Joiner says:

By reporting this, Colin…you have (once again) shown yourself to be one hundred times the courageous individual that these terrorizing gutless “bikers’ are…I only wish it was Ted Nugent who was driving that SUV….

blank Terence Sommer says:

Put some links to the actual news reports. Was anyone arrested. This is too frightening.

blank Reverend Bacon says:

The NY Post has done the best in covering it. Sometimes they admit what MSM never does. Here are some links:

A police source, meanwhile, said Tuesday that none of the bikers cops have spoken to so far has been any help in their probe.

“The motorcyclists are being uncooperative, those that have been interviewed. They’ve spoken to two of them [Cruz and another] and they’re full of crap. They’re saying they didn’t see anything. They’re saying, ‘I was just standing there.’ It’s a joke. They’re tracking down the others. They went out to Brooklyn last night to look for a third guy.”

you didn’t see nuttin’, see?

blank Kurt55 says:

It isn’t clear whether the gang is black, as some of the people do appear to be white. However, the thugs who attacked the man at the end are clearly black.

police report says perps are black, but I will clarify that in the article

blank Michael Joiner says:

I dont give a black mob a “pass” just because .001 percent may be “non black”….with that reasoning, a person can pull any kind of racist stunt they want, as long as they include a person of another race to help you in your crime…dont forget the white racists who tortured and killed Emmit Till utilized two black fellows to help them lure the poor man out….

blank Michael Joiner says:

BTW this was in reply to Kurt…:)

blank Kurt55 says:

If everyone in that motorcycle group were black, I would have expected to see a bunch of neon green or bright purple motorcycles and a significant number of those motorcycles would be visibly rusty!

blank Michael Joiner says:


blank Reisling says:

I was thinking just the opposite. I had a discussion with a nice, non-hostile black man recently about this epidemic, and he, like most black people, just tried to explain it as a function of ‘there’s no jobs for them.’

These thugs have nothing to do but ride around and terrify and try to kill people, even as they clearly have enough money to buy and maintain these flashy little motorcycles. It’s moral corruption and depravity that’s caused this behavior in black people, not deprivation.

blank laura says:

need jobs? why dont they ask obama? seems they are not out looking for jobs, they are riding around trying to kill people.

blank Edward Hall says:

No Jobs? I did not know motorcycle dealers accepted foods stamps for payment.

blank Reverend Bacon says:

It’s unclear whether they have a few token white hangers-on or not. But “Hollywood Stuntz” is clearly a black motorcycle gang:

blank Michael Joiner says:

Which one’s appear to be white? The ones with the lighter skin? From the video it is clearly an all black biker gang.

blank Kurt55 says:

Look at the guy with the girl on the back of his motorcycle at 5:04 – that guy looks White or possibly Hispanic to me. Also, the man at 6:20 in the orange shirt appears to be either White or Hispanic.