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Austin Hipsters on black mob violence: ‘We are color blind.

The white hipsters of Austin want us to know that race had nothing to do with the 200 black people who fought, destroyed property and threw rocks at police a few days before Halloween.

White people do it all the time, said Katie Friel, who writes for Culture Map in Austin. But the only time anyone calls it a riot is if it involves a large number of black people, she says. She pointed to a 2011 punk rock concert where mostly white fans tried to tear down the chain link fence. Police sprayed pepper gas. No one said that was a riot, she said.

“If Austin wants to grow into the creative, supportive, progressive community we claim to want to be, we need to stop thinking, seeing and reporting in black and white,” she said.

Highland Mall: Was it a “riot” because they’re black? – CultureMap Austin


Which is strange because none of the local media reported what witnesses, Twitter, Facebook, night-vision videos and other internet sources revealed: Everyone involved in the Austin mayhem was black.

Police: Multiple arrests made at Highland Mall |

The Austin Statesman was merely following the advice of a recent article in the monthly magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists. The topic was how to cover racial violence. The advice? Don’t.

The riot that was not a riot began the Saturday night before Halloween at the annual House of Torment in the parking lot of the Highland Mall. Police arrived to find 200 “unruly” teenagers roaming the area, fighting in at least five different places.

When police ordered them to break it up, they threw rocks instead. Several rioters urged fellow miscreants to bigger and greater acts of violence. It took every officer on duty in Austin more than two hours to bring the violence under control. Not before dispensing generous amounts of pepper spray. Four black people were arrested and charged with crimes ranging from rioting to using a fake ID.

Seven people were treated at the scene for riot-related injuries. Much of the violence took place under a grainy black and white, night-vision police video from a helicopter that monitored the violence.

Video of mall riot shows punches, unruly crowd | Austin

Police said they did not know why so many black people were rioting. One spokesman said the rioters were “silly.”

That is a different excuse than what we heard from a similar episode of black mob violence at a recent showing of a scary movie in a suburb of Rochester. There, a police spokeswoman explained why 500 black people were fighting in and outside of a scary movie:

“They have pent up energy from being scared in the movie theater and they come out and they don’t know what to do with that energy,” said Lt. Jonna Izzo to Rochester News 8.

Articles: The Blood Flows in Rochester

So they riot.

Local police did not offer up that explanation here. Perhaps because promoters of the haunted house said none of the rioters were customers of the House of Torment, where ticket prices begin at $25.

Or maybe the ticket price is what scared them. If we depend on the sketchy local media, we may never know.

The Austin Statesman and other local media dutifully neglected to report that everyone arrested and everyone involved in the mayhem was black. Many commenters to local news sites pointed that out, but most of these remarks were removed minutes after going up.

The comments blasting the censored remarks as being racist were allowed to remain.

But at least the brave hipsters at Culture Map opened it up for some straight talk. Said one reader:

“Serious question: how you gonna write about this story and leave out the fact that Highland Mall has previously called police to disperse large, mostly black crowds? Were you not here during Texas Relays a few years back?”

For non-Austinites, here is what he is talking about: In 2009, the Highland Mall and several other local businesses closed in advance of the Texas Relays — a state-wide track and field event at the nearby University of Texas.

The Austin Chronicle said the Texas Relays caused “flares of uptight resistance to the annual influx of thousands of mostly African-American visitors. The sparks raised questions – again – about the city’s too often less-than-progressive track record on race.”

The president of the local NAACP weighed in, accusing the mall owners of racism. And accusing the city of not living up to the standards for black people it created in the city council’s African American Quality of Life Initiative from 2005.

Others pointed to the track record of racial violence surrounding the Relays and compared it to the rolling racial violence of Freaknik in Atlanta — another annual gathering of black college students that the black mayor, black police and black city leaders ran out of town 13 years ago because of the large-scale violence, destruction and fights with police.

This mayhem at the Texas Relays and the House of Torment is part of a pattern of black mob violence documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.

One security guard told wrote about racial violence at the Highlands Mall:

“I worked as a security guard last year during the relays and there were fights verbal and physical between rival schools, numerous instances of racial discrimination against whites,theft, police officers assaulted, Then someone shot off a gun in there and the police finally shut down the mall early. Why are these not mentioned or addressed by the NAACP or Austin City Council?”

Meanwhile, Richard Boland of the Peaceful Streets Project is urging anyone who feels police were too rough with the rioters to file a complaint with the NAACP or the Austin Chapter of the ACLU.

As for the mall, racial violence will soon be a thing of the past there. All the anchor tenants left long ago. One of the owners filed bankruptcy. And it was recently sold to a Austin Community College for office space and classrooms.

Highland Mall is dying. | Austin | Yelp

Full-scale riot breaks out at Texas haunted house – Norfolk Crime |

Police: Riot Breaks Out At Highland Park Haunted House – Austin News, Weather, Traffic KEYE-TV Austin – Top Stories

Local group organizes protest of Highland Mall – YNN – Your News Now

Four face charges after weekend Highland Mall riot

Scenes from a ‘ghetto mall’ | That Other Paper




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blank lokiswife says:

Colin, Here’s another possible black on white. The story doesn’t mention the race of the attacker, but it sounds like a typical black attack. I wonder if there is a video that might show the attack to verify it?:

blank Mitchina says:

What I left on Katie’s article comment section:

Not similar – you are just trying to make them similar by saying so. Ain’t gonna work.

So are you talking about the Phi Kappa Psi house on West Campus there an estimated 200 people were pushing, kicking at the boards and privacy fence to get into the Juicy J rap concert? THAT s similar – but no, it was the one where a dozen or so tried to break down a chain link fence around the venue. A dozen or so (AT A PUNK ROCK CONCERT – not random by any means), NOT 200 + like this article DOES NOT mention. Yeah, you str5aight out lie to make your NON-point – I would consider 200 people of any color being violent and destructive a riot. So no, “a doz or so” is not a riot… 200, yeah, that’s a riot, and you’re a guilty white chick, elitist wanna-be moron.

blank M M says:

IF there were whites involved in rioting then Eric Holder would get involved in prosecuting them to the fullest.

blank Mitchina says:

Now, now.. white people riot all the time.. take the 99%’ers. Then again, it was mostly made up of self loathing, guilty white elitists that weren’t in the 99% at all, but it made them feel better about being white and not black I suppose. lol Oh, I make me laugh.

blank M M says:

Those “Occupy” this and that were George Soros, Obama, and Holder’s people so, they wouldn’t be prosecuted.

blank Mitchina says:

Of course not, so I guess it’s not being white that gives you privileges, it’s being rich. Ya know all this race bating from the left and the minority groups is what is making people racists. It amazes me that they cannot do math and see the ratios of white verses black population count in this country and then spout off about how the number of blacks here or there on the social spectrum are too low… no.. they are in exact relation to their numbers. Think through math is a super helpful site – they should use it.

blank eddyjames says:

it wouldn’t take much to make me feel fantastic about being White instead of black.

blank Mitchina says:

That makes sense… you’re not a liberal.

blank Marlin B. Newburn says:

“The president of the local NAACP weighed in, accusing the mall owners of racism.”

There goes the default response, folks, when the reality of black violence must be avoided, redirected, or displaced. And to think this “president” actually draws a paycheck. What a great gig.

blank The Phantom says:

Lollapalooza: 160,000 hipsters, in a park in Murder City USA (Chicago), drunk off their asses. Zero rioting, nobody ever gets shot.

Caribana: A parade through downtown Toronto and after-party on Toronto Island. Riots EVERY freakin’ year, somebody often gets shot and killed. (No legal guns in Canada, remember?)

But then I’m a racist, right?

In other news, gun sales in the USA have never been better. So it seems that people are getting their news from sources other than The News.

blank Goodforall says:

Please show me where white mobs do this-you know if it happened the media would be all over it! But the poor black folks seem to always get a free pass when they act like savages-go figure! And being from Texas this is in my home state-pretty sad, as well as pathetic!

blank MarkReardon says:

Actually, white mobs do riot all the time. Notably at things like the G7. They don’t have media “all over it” because the rabid anti capitalist anger can’t be noted without disturbing the narrative.

blank Goodforall says:

That is an outright lie! Name them to me-you can’t! You libs think you can spout stuff like your liar in chief and no one will question it. Well, you are called out now!

blank MarkReardon says:

First of all sunshine, the next time you want to call me a lib, post your address so I can come and personally slap the stupid out of you. Second, read the comment. It’s a direct attack on the media for covering up when spoiled white kids run amuck in pursuit of far left nonsense. Third, Google G7, G20, WTO and read the accounts of the riots you never saw on network TV. Most of the crap you’ll find is from the other side accusing the corporate pigs of brutality, so you know SOMETHING actually happened, but obviously, you never noticed because the media was not “all over it”.
If what you are trying to say is that conservative or Republican white people never riot or the media would “be all over it” you probably have a point, but what you said was White and plenty of (left wing) Whites riot. You just never hear about it.

blank MarkReardon says:

By that definition of rioting, I was quite the rioter in the ’70’s (when the ’60’s really happened), but I take your point, which, I believe supports mine.

blank Goodforall says:

On the same page brother.

blank Goodforall says:

I may have jumped to a conclusion a little-but I did apoligise. I took it as he was saying whites do the same things as theser black mobs do-and I cannot find any evidence of that happening.

blank Goodforall says:

I stand corrected and apologise for misunderstanding your comment. But the black mob mentality is way out of control.

blank Goodforall says:

I still don’t think they do the crap the black mobs do. But I do feel we are pretty much on the same page.

blank midixon19 says:

Mark, you obviously misread his comment. He didn’t lie at all. If anything he agreed with your comment. Take your time and read the full comment instead of just the first line before jumping down someone’s throat.

blank Viking_61 says:

Do black mobs of “youths” and “teens” get permits to protest from the city like the white hippies at the G7?

blank lildebrarae says:

“White mobs do it all the time” …… No they don’t. Because IF they did, the Obama Lap dog media would have ‘rushed’ to cover it. This is just more lies from the left.

blank Goodforall says:

Absolutely! See my response to this jerk.

blank lildebrarae says:

I did, and I raved it. Most excellent.