Finally: A White Riot.

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Finally: A White Riot. 

In Newark, Delaware Monday night, police disbursed more than 3000 rowdy teenagers who were just blowing off some steam at a “Shmacked Tour” party event.

According to WDEL:

More than 1,000 people were partying in the backyard of a house, where a DJ was spinning. When police arrived, the crowd broke up, blocking traffic on South College Avenue and Main Street. Police say many of the students walked on the hoods of cars.

After the party broke up, the crowd — mostly of students from the University of Delaware — swelled to 3000, say police. Local media called it a “riot.”

What a disappointment:

No fractured skulls.

No Apple picking.

No panicked calls to 911.

No bricks through storefronts.

No bottles thrown at cops.

No murders.

No stabbings.

No kick downs.

No bloody faces.

No broken jaws.

No one in the hospital.

No gun fire.

No locks in socks.

No permanent brain damage.

No racist threats.

No beating old people.

No kicking pregnant women.

No baseball bats in the face.

No robberies.

No pushing people into moving cars on a busy street.

No toddler taunting.

Just one measly car fire. And a couple of people jumped on cars.

There was some public urination. And a few guys dropped their drawers, displaying their tighty whities. Other than that, a few parents wondered what videos of their children acting stupidly were doing up on the internet.

You call that a riot?

The Shmacked Tour is organized by a video company that goes from college town to college town, filming college kids in their natural environment.  The charge $20 to $75 a ticket. Think lots of beer and scantily clad college girls. Kind of a “Girls Go Wild” lite. The videos of the parties attract hundreds of thousands of viewers.

The company also sells t-shirts and other accessories.

On the bright side, they did have some pretty good excuses. The founder of the roving frat bash, Arya Toufania, explained it all to the Daily News after he learned his cameraman was one of three people arrested at the “riot.”

“The real instigators of the riot were the police. They could have shut the party down, cornered it off, it just seemed as if they were, like, monitoring the riot.”

At least they got that part right. The excuses, that is.

Meanwhile, the same night a few miles up the freeway in Chester, Pennsylvania, 100 black people were fighting in the street. Ten people were arrested. No one called that a riot. They called it a large fight.

When tracked down Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr. to ask about that riot, he put it all in perspective:

“We’ve had bigger.”


Vehicle seen lit on fire during University of Delaware riot-party – NY Daily News

Here are some videos,starting with a link from WDEL:

WDEL 1150AM – VIDEO: UD students riot in the streets



I’m Shmacked Went to University of Delaware, A Car-Burning Riot –


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blank John Heardd says:

As is usual. Us White Caucasians get the worst because…let’s face it people; law enforcement and the politicians are so scared of the Black People that it’s sickening.
They’ve never really seen a true Whitey-Riot with crazed white biker gangs and just mean assed white folks getting it on. It makes the blacks look like piss ants. We whites would rather it be peaceful though. It’s not necessarily within our natures to be counter productive and our social graces may not be the best in the world at least we go them.

blank 1proactive2 says:

There will probably be a parent or two who will cut off junior’s free ride in college since the former’s cash is being squandered. I think it’s called a, wait a minute, it’s coming to me, uh, oh yeah, a “consequence”.

Years ago the city of Fort Lauderdale (aka, Fort Liquordale) ended spring break celebrations due to the college kids trashing the city and excessive barf deposits on sidewalks. I recall an early morning drive through there long ago on a trip south. For many blocks there were empty beer cans and liquor bottles literally covering the streets. The beachfront was completely trashed, and city workers were working frantically just to clear the streets for driving.

The city potentates had enough and with agreement from the local hotels, they told the kids to scram. Said kids did, and moved the partying to another city, and that, without complaint.

With white kids it’s “party, screw, get plastered, trash the place, and vomit”, but that’s about it. With blacks it all the above with added violence thrown in to include murder.

Again the left fails to discriminate between crucial differences to include mangling analogy.



blank WhiskeyJunkie says:


That was TRULY HORRIFIC, and INSANE! I cannot believe the sheer, unleashed, unabashed, and barbaric nature of what I’ve just witnessed!
Those “rioters” put blacks to shame! WOW!

Oh the HUMANITY!!!

I’ll need a triple of Wild Turkey 101 to calm down…that was infuriating…