Let’s stop begging for mercy from the liars and deniers of racial violence. #WhiteGirl #AnthonyCumia

May 22, 2014 — 1 Comment

403X216 WHITE PRIVILEGE BLACK VIOLENCE YouAre_Facebook_01One of my Twitter followers was complaining that people do not believe here when she tells them black on white crime is greater than white on black.

She was sad they thought she was a racist.

As you might imagine, I get doubters and deniers all the time. That is why I wrote White Girl Bleed a Lot.

I don’t argue with them. Nor do I want them to like me.

Just the other night, someone said to me on Facebook that if he wanted to, he could produce all these videos of white on black violence.

So I challenged him to a contest and I went first: I just went to my web site and started pulling videos of my list of Top 200 Black Mob violence videos.

Then I started using recent Facebook posts.

And meanwhile, Kevin Carter discovered his Facebook page was not working and it would not let him post his links.

I told them to post them at White Girl Bleed a Lot, and I would move them over.

No takers.

If it sounds I am a bit impatient with the whiners, I am: We have the facts. The videos. The witnesses. The victims.

But you have to use them.

Not beg people to believe you without evidence.

Then be surprised when they do not. And scorn you and call you names.

The deniers are bullies.

And we have to treat them that way.

Let’s start by not begging them for mercy.

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.