“Hold on, they got a white dude.” Three of them. Unconscious.

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If this is the first time seeing this kind of black mob violence, you need to read White Girl Bleed a Lot.

So git ‘er done.


In Milwaukee, the black mob violence had a different outcome…. a preview of an upcoming story:


“Hold on, they got a white dude.” And it sure seemed like fun, if the laughing and shrieking on this latest video of black mob violence is any indication.

This mayhem happened Saturday night in Memphis at a Kroger’s department store. WMCA Channel 5 out of Jackson, Mississippi picks up the story, all of it except the central organizing feature of the violence: All of the hundreds of people involved in the mayhem and violence are black. Except the victims. They are white:

“Three people were jumped by a large group of teenagers who were chanting “fam mob.” The group, who came from CiCi’s Pizza, reportedly attacked a 25-year-old customer as he left his car to enter Kroger. Two employees, ages 17 and 18, were attacked while trying to stop the fight. Both were “struck several times in the head and face, while being knocked to the ground.” The victims say large pumpkins were thrown at their heads. They both eventually were knocked unconscious.”

However serious it seemed to the victims, the predators and their videographer were having a good time. Laughing and running.

Marlin Newburn has been on the front lines of racial violence for 30 years. Most lately as a prison psychologist. Newburn said the laughing is part of the large scale violence.

“These predators were merely living out their preferred lifestyle, a primary part of the black culture, as opposed to a subculture,” Newburn said. “This lifestyle of one of sadistic and primitive impulse where they believe themselves to be 10 feet tall, bullet proof, very smart, good looking, gifted, and tougher than anyone. If you’re thinking that’s the narcissism common among pre-adolescent children, ages 6 through 12 inclusive, you’d be correct. This population lives without any sense of personal responsibility or boundaries with others. When assaulting or killing someone, the absence of a conscience is consider among their peers as an indicator of strength and power. Expressing joy in the process only heightens their street cred. Most all are functionally illiterate, but one lesson most all of them have learned from their elders, beginning in their earliest years, is to hate white people.”



This video of large scale black mob violence directed at white people comes just a few days after a news of a similar Milwaukee incident — albeit with a smaller mob — became public.  But with a different outcome.

Police  says Camron Powell was part of a group of black people that were robbing the largely white crowd in a Milwaukee entertainment district. At least 35 times over the last few months.

The local Fox News affiliate reports the details:

“A criminal complaint says Powell was in a group of teens that admitted to carjackings and armed robberies in a four-day crime spree. One member of the group wanted to do just one more. They confronted a group of people near 2nd and National. One member of the robbery group fired at the victims. A victim took out his own 9MM and fired back — the robbers left.”

“Afterward, Powell remembered he left his backpack at the scene, he went back. The complaint says the victims were still hiding behind cars, Powell reached into his bag and walked towards them. Fearing Powell was retrieving a gun, the victims fired one shot striking Powell.”

Powell’s Facebook page is littered with him branding various weapons, including an AK-47. A combat rifle.

Just a month ago, Joshua Drake, another member of the mob was shot trying to rob a Milwaukee boutique. The of the store, Lupe Aguilar, had recently bought a gun and used it to defend herself and kill Drake.

It was the the third robbery at the store within a month.



There have not been any since.

Immediately prior to the latest fatal shooting of the miscreant, this mob ran into another Milwaukee woman, who was lucky to escape with her life. Fox News in Milwaukee was the only station who thought it important enough to track her down:

“He was at my side with a gun at point-blank range,” the woman says.

“She says she picked up a friend early Monday morning, September 1st. In an instant, a gun was at her head. “He said ‘don’t move.’ He opened the door and said, ‘Give me everything you have,’” the woman said.”

“Two other teens went to attack her friend — a theology student who began to pray.”

“Neither had much money to give the teens. The woman says two other teens yelled to the boy who held her at gunpoint. “It was just — ‘shoot them. They have nothing. Just shoot them. Kill them,’” the woman says. The woman says the teens took her cell phone. She says she begged for her life, as the mother of a young boy.”

“The phone they had had a picture of my son as the backdrop and I said ‘that little boy on the phone — he’s five,’” the woman said.

The woman says the group of teens took off.

The Powell shooting is at least the fourth perpetrator of black on white violence killed in Milwaukee this year. In March, a group of black people held down and beat a maintenance worker in Milwaukee with a baseball bat.

He shot and killed two of them.






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