New: Black Mob Violence – No Break for The Holidays.

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white_girl_bleed_a_lot_coffee_cupBlack Mob Violence: No Break for the Holidays.

DRAFT: Preview of an article, with links at the bottom.

First came the shock. Then disbelief. Then the question: In the days following the arrest of white man on federal hate crime charges for assaulting a black man in Texas, more and more people around the country are wondering when public officials and the media will stop denying that black mob violence is a clear and present danger in their cities as well.

As examples,they point to large scale black mob violence, smaller but lethal cases of black on white crime, and even more episodes of the Knockout Game.

They also point a new trend in black media: Don’t deny it, explain it.

Let’s start in Los Angeles, two weeks before Christmas. At first seemed it like nothing: The Los Angeles Times called it a fraternity brawl with 25 people with no particular racial identity at a local hotel and no one hurt or arrested. The local CBS affiliate talked to the fraternity president who also downplayed the violence: It was just a few guys trying to “impress the females.”

By the next day, a different picture emerged: More than 1000 people were fighting in and out of the hotel. Before during and after the party. Video showed one person throwing a large metal table into a crowd of party-goers. People got hurt, at least one person went to the hospital for stitches.

The local ABC affiliate cobbled it together:

According to hotel management, the fight broke out between two different fraternities. Police said everything from fists, tables and chairs were thrown. Some witnesses said fights occurred on several floors of the hotel. They also said police used pepper spray on the crowds.

“It was pretty bad. The whole party was engulfed in pepper spray. You could feel it in your lungs,” said one witness.

Authorities say the pepper spray was used when the partygoers refused to cooperate.

Other hotel residents said the violence and commotion went on all night inside the hotel.

The party was sponsored by a black fraternity at Cal State Long Beach. No one was arrested.

Near Charlotte, North Carolina, four black people are under arrest in the shooting death of Marcus Kauffman, a volunteer firefighter and expectant father. Kauffman died a few days before Christmas.

At the University of Michigan, three black people were charged in December with  the murder of a medical student during a home invasion robbery.

On December 15, Dustin Friedland and his wife were leaving a New Jersey mall when a group of black people killed him and took his SUV. The New York Daily News filled in a few blanks:

Friedland, a beloved husband and lawyer from Hoboken, had just finished loading holiday gifts into his silver 2012 Range Rover when two men ambushed him so they could steal the SUV. He never had a chance — the men shot him four times before he had a chance to resist or question his greedy attackers.

Police arrested four black people are few days before Christmas and charged them with murder.

Many public officials and members of the media deny there is any kind of systematic problem with black mob violence or black and white crime. That does not exempt them from the violence.

In Washington, D.C. In December, several black people beat severely a CNN news producer walking the two blocks from his home to work at 4 a.m. He said he will never walk in Washington again.

In Minneapolis at the Mall of America, several black people beat and robbed one of the area’s more visible liberal politicians. Just about a month after Mark Andew finished second in the race for mayor of Minneapolis, he was sitting in a Starbucks when someone grabbed his phone and ran out of the store. The Star Tribune reported:

As Andrew ran after the thief, two young women waiting outside the coffee shop tackled him, and one began beating him on the head and face with a club.

Andrew said he jumped back to his feet and physically restrained one attacker while the other continued striking him. They yelled, “We’re going to kill you! We’re going to kill you!”mark andrew

When police arrived in five minutes, the two black women said they were the victims: Andew had attacked them. That story did not hold up very well and the two were arrested.

Andew was taken to the hospital where he received nine stitches. The third person is still at large. They don’t have to worry too much: Andrew is not mad at them: “I think there’s redemption for everybody,” said Andrew. “So we’ll try to find a way for them to get in a place where they can turn their lives around.”

So far Andrew and his social reformers have not had much success with that in Minneapolis. The Mall of America has been the site of several examples of black mob violence.

Here’s how one resident describes it the New Minneapolis:

Formerly bustling suburbs like Robbinsdale and St. Louis Park have turned into ghettos. Malls, restaurants and shops are few and far between in downtown areas.

Even the Mall of America is under assault. Go there on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll see gangs of blacks with colors flying and pant legs rolled up.

They ogle, whistle at and harass white women, even following them around. They occupy the food courts, which are a constant source of intimidation and mayhem.

Last January, some 200 blacks got into a violent chair throwing fracas at one of the food courts. It quickly spread to other areas, forcing stores to close their gates and paying customers to flee. There was cell phone video all over the Internet, showing conclusively that the combatants were black.

We’ll never know if there were any arrests made or charges filed because the print and broadcast media had little to say.

And downtown Minneapolis and the campus of the University of Minnesota have been the site of several recent examples of black mob violence and black on white crime.

In December, Minneapolis police told a Chinese exchange student they were “too busy” to investigate the whereabouts of her stolen computer, even though she had located it using a built-in GPS device.

Several black people had assaulted her, knocked her out,  and taken her computer several days before. Campus police followed up on the lead and found the computer. They arrested one person, who said he took the computer but someone else assaulted her.

Down in Jacksonville, Florida, a “massive” Christmas night fight and riot erupted in and out of a movie theater after 600 black people — many waiting to see a Nelson Mandela movie — tried to gain free admission by rushing the ticket taker.

Private security and police used tear gas on the rioters. According to the Florida Times-Union out of Jacksonville:

One of the young suspects refused orders to leave and began to incite the crowd yelling, “—  — you, crackers, I ain’t going nowhere,” according to her arrest report. Most of the crowd was black, while several officers were white.

During the 90 minutes it took to get the fighting under control, several of the rioters threatened attacked police, including Jaquade Marquis Miller.

When Miller appeared before a judge, his mother told the court he was a good boy and this was not like him. She later told reporters her son was crying and scared.

Instead of sending him to jail, Miller agreed to take an eight-week course in accountability from a group called Save Our Sons. The program teaches accountability, “healthy choices” and “gives them a chance to vent,” said SOS leaders.

Jacksonville has been the scene of several episodes of large scale black mob violence before this. In 2012, 300 black people stormed a Wal-Mart, looted it, videoed it, and ran away as police arrived. But not before the chaos was captured on video.

On Memorial Day 2013, hundreds of black people were involved in large scale violence at the beach. Much of it on video.

Self-described youth advocate, Donteacia Seymore of Jacksonville, told First Coast News this kind of violence happens a lot in Jacksonville: “But it was a reminder that this is something that’s common. It’s prevalent. It’s not going away,” Seymore said.

Chicago residents and police report at least two episodes of black mob violence over the holiday season. In the suburb of Orland Park, dozens of black people were fighting and destroying property at a local mall. Five people were arrested. The reporters at the local Patch outlet were careful to avoid the racial issue, but its readers were not:

How does one comment on this and NOT sound racist or some stereotype. You can’t. So I won’t try.  Though some liberal will say I’m being racist or stereo typical but I’m not the ones who named their children “Shat-I-Vanna” SERIOUSLY?! Then raised her in a way to think this was an appropriate way to behave. Sadly, all too often stereotypes exist for a reason. You may call it a stereotype or racist while I call it STATISTICS. See, no way to reply to this TRUTHFULLY and not sound like some dumb ass clan member, so I won’t try. Sorry, if the truth hurts. People are too afraid to speak the truth these days.

Over at America’s best cop blog: Second City Cop, readers learned about 500 black people “wilding” at Chicago’s North Riverside mall a few days after Christmas.

When the wilding started in the mall. I would have estimated about a 500 hundred Amish thugs fighting and running like savages. Store locked their doors and security waited until about 25 squad cars from the surrounding areas came and cleared the mall.

They were not really Amish.

In Syracuse over the weekend, eight black people were arrested at the Destiny USA mall after police and security responded to a “large fight.” One of the people arrested, a 14-year old boy, allegedly swung a knife at police.

Many in Syracuse said it reminded them of a similar incident last year, when police were called to the same mall for another large fight involving black people. When police attempted to detain a 15-year old suspect, he resisted. Two of his friends attacked the officers.

After he was subdued and arrested, police found a sawed-off shotgun in his long coat. Three shotgun shells were found next to the body of an unconscious person at the scene of the fight.


No account of the racial violence over the last several weeks would be complete without mentioning the Knockout Game, and how they are still happening. Or not, if you work for CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC and other media outlets.

From Brooklyn, Columbus, Rochester, Milwaukee, Harlem, and other places, reports of spontaneous, unprovoked, black on white racial violence continue to come in. And continue to be denied in many — but not all — popular press outlets.

Recent large scale black mob violence –often at night after the clubs close, or in the day at black high schools  — has also been reported in Atlanta,  Philadelphia, Baltimore, Tulsa, Washington, Baton Rouge, Middletown (Connecticut), Pittsburgh, among others.

What recently received the most attention were the (pick one) 300, 400, 500, or 600 “teens” rampaging through Kings Plaza mall in Brooklyn — the same neighborhood  where 10 black people surrounded a white couple in a car at a stoplight and beat them in November.

For two hours on the day after Christmas, “the teenagers stole merchandise, assaulted security guards, and broke candy jars. A group of teenage girls were caught on camera fighting and shouting while security guards tried to break them up.”

Merchants reported wide-spead panic and property damage, so much so that many were forced to close their doors to protect their customers and merchandise.

The New York Post made a perfunctory attempt to convince its readers this was not another example of black mob violence. It reported “A tall white guy with a grey bubble coat was wearing a ski mask and a skull cap and he had his hand under his coat like he was holding a gun.”

But videos, social media and members of law enforcement tell a different story: This was a black crowd at mall with a large black clientele. Chicks on the Right tracked down some of their Facebook postings.


“[Kings Plaza] was on tilt today but n-ggas wasn’t catching me,” Ray Ray Sextana posted on Facebook.

Another teen, Mark Wallace, posted, “S–t was crazy at Kings Plaza. So the security started shutting down the mall and kicking all teens out but it was so much of us they couldn’t get control.”

He added,“F–ked up my middle finger tryna fight them bitch ass security guards.”

At least viewer at the ABC news affiliate in New York was having trouble figuring it all out: “Just wondering, but why are there so many variations on what happened Thursday? Some say claim that there were hundreds of teenagers, that nothing was stolen or it was just these group of girls fighting.”

There are too many witnesses, too many videos, too many victims, too much damage, for people to deny the existence of large scale black mob violence and black on white crime.

The New York Times might keep trying to deny it, but many black media outlets are way past that — and now into explaining why it is happening. This article from the Atlanta Black Star is as good as anything you can find in Ebony, Jet, The Grio, One News, Huffington Post Black Voices, The Field Negro, or dozens of other black media outlets: 5 Reasons Young Black Men Resort To Violence.




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New Haven.

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Once again, excellent reporting Mr. Flaherty….

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Could send them back to their homeland, if they ever make it back to America, they will be glad tax paying citizens,

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Kumbaya baby! Kumbaya! I wonder what effective solutions the great Thomas Sowell has in mind! LMAO…

Why did’nt America pick it’s own cotton?…..Morons…

Not to worry folks. The new year will soon be here, and hearts and minds will embrace this as an opportunity for positive growth! Don’t worry, be happy!

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The day may come when you look for mercy from yo black bros….you will get none, and you’ll beg whitey to protect you….MORON!

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You’ve seen my other posts on this site. How do you surmise that I would EVER depend on mercy from blacks and protection from whites? LMAO!

The white elites have done a truly masterful job of manipulating and destroying it’s own and of others. Why do you think the elite go after white patriots, constitutionalists, and libertarians?

During hurricane Katrina, white soldiers and law enforcement DISARMED law abiding white citizens, and made them defenseless.
Learn to recognize your true allies, or you will fall into the same vicious cycle of trusting the wrong people. LMAO! Even the white clergy asked their congregations to comply with law enforcement during times of weapons collections!

Wake up!

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The dirty lying stink Democrats are still denying this is happening…I heard one (dirty Dem) say this morning there have only been 4 ISOLATED incidents of black thugs attacking whites…dirty liberals HAVE to lie, just can’t stop!

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I’ve personally witnessed more than 4 .

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Every time we watch black mob attacks and chaos on video and every time we read of them, we are WITNESSES to these crimes although not as they are occurring.

It’s amazing the radical leftists want to cover up these outrageous incidents and almost unbelievable. If all of it were included in a fiction novel nobody would believe there was a segment of the population that could well be the next victims, covering up for black criminal behavior….or at least trying every way they can think of to mitigate it.

This country has imploded in just a few short years, beginning with Dwight Eisenhower and accelerating with Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and now it’s a runaway train with the black avenger at the controls.

It’s time to start over.

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Jesse, I would start to carry if I were you. The only time they are bad ases is when they are in a large group.

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The denial that the media and much of society clings to is becoming almost comical. I say almost because the denial is extremely dangerous at this point and is leading to the literal demise of entire metropolitan areas and tens of thousands of deaths each passing decade.

SBPDL, VDARE, WhiteGirlBleedaLot and a few other sites should be mandatory reading for all. Nobody else is saying what needs to be said.

Let’s hope this new year brings in a new era of justice ,the end of black hyper-violence and the end of minority rule in the once respectable and most prosperous nation known as the USA.