While we crowned St. Mike of Ferguson, black mob violence continued in the rest of the country.

August 15, 2014 — 2 Comments
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Get it here.

While all eyes were on Ferguson, and all ears were hearing about the relentless white on black violence that is hurting so many black people around the country, black mob violence and black on white crime proceeded apace.

In Ferguson, the most hyper-racial place on earth right now, a man of unidentified race was attacked and sent to the hospital by a mob of unidentified race.Man beaten while walking dog near demonstrations in Ferguson | KMOV.com St. Louis
At first anyway. Then we learned the victim was white. And the perpetrators were black.
Please do not confuse this with the four black people in Ferguson who beat a Home Depot vendor with a hammer last summer. This is a different case.
In Miami, a group of black people stalk a white person then beat him, on video. Much to the delight of the accomplices. LiveLeak.com – Individuals participate in a nasty surprise NYC sidewalk attack and then post it on Facebook
In Detroit, a crowd of black people attacked police after police shot a man who tried to run them over after they saw him trying to buy a gun.Detroit police urging calm after cops shoot suspect, unruly crowd gathers | The Detroit News

In Philadelphia, a group of black people attacked and knockout out a white man who intervened when the black people were saying rude things to a group of women.Man Knocked Unconscious After Defending Group of Women From Catcallers: Police | NBC 10 Philadelphia

Teen claims to have knocked out more than 300 people in ‘game’ | KMOV.com St. Louis

In Chicago, a group of black people rampaged, beat, and destroyed their way through an upscale neighborhood. A reporter said the violence wasn’t much.Uptown Mayhem Could Spur Park District Ban on Parties For Teens: Cappleman – Uptown – DNAinfo.com Chicago

FOX 32 News Chicago

Also in Chicago, repeated large fights caused several black night clubs downtown to close.Nightclubs Feeling Pressure Following Shootings « CBS Chicago
In Minneapolis, an NFL player was one of nine wounded when they were caught in the cross fire at a large fight at a black club.Vikings player among 9 hurt in Minneapolis nightclub shooting | Star Tribune

Of course, there was black mob violence at at least one mall in St. Louis, outside of Ferguson. ‘Loot … and rob them, not your own’; Twitter users advise black people to loot white neighborhoods | Twitchy

In Washington, a TV news crew was robbed when they were doing a story on a “racist” app that showed people how to avoid high crime areas. Like the one they were in.D.C. news crew robbed while reporting on “sketchy” neighborhoods – CBS News
In Kansas City, a large group of black people fought and destroyed property and defied police at Lake Jacomo.Teen brawl, stabbing reported at Lake Jacomo – + KSHB.com
In the Bedford-Stuyvestant neighborhood of Brooklyn, at least one black person played the Knockout Game with a pregnant woman.Pregnant woman sucker-punched in unprovoked attack | New York Post
In Manhattan, the grainy video shows a black man with his arms folded waiting as a 72-year old man walks toward him. He then turns and delivers a Knockout Game punch to the head of the old man, Man, 72, Punched in West Village Attack: Not Angry or Scared | NBC New York
And Dave Lemon at CNN and others say they understand the rage and anger that created the violence in Ferguson. But nothing on the other black on white violence that happened during the same period.

2 police officers shot; suspect in jail | CharlotteObserver.com



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