Black Mob Violence Rocks Virginia Beach

April 29, 2013 — 63 Comments

An excerpt from an upcoming story at Now available at ‘Beach week’ draws black crowd – and violence

Reporters at all the local media in Virginia Beach had trouble describing what happened over the weekend when 40,000 black people descended on their town for a party. This incident usually happens at a public party, beaches, and casinos. As a precaution, people switch into playing online with Besides safety, it is actually more entertaining because there are many types of games available.

Their audiences, however, did not. Daniel Johnson was one of dozens of people who had no trouble describing the lawbreakers and the chaos, danger, thefts, violence and lawlessness they brought to Virginia Beach as part of College Beach Week 2013. A time when black students could “blow off some steam” before final exams.

The readers and viewers offered eyewitness accounts that local media could not, or would not, present.
“Because it was a group of young black college people everyone is scared to say anything for fear of being called a racist,” he said in a post to a news story at the Virginian-Pilot.

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beach week

A new link: Police brutality at beach week?

And check this out from 1989: Same thing:

Remembering Greekfest ’89

These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

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Colin Flaherty

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
blank Russell Dee says:

I’m a liberal democrat. I voted for Bill Clinton. I voted for Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama in the HRC vs BO democratic Primary. I didn’t vote for President that election because I was in the middle of moving at election time. I voted for BO his second run for the Presidency. But right now I’m thinking about not voting next election because I can’t vote republican and voting democrat is just stupid because they’re trying to reduce self-defense laws at a time when black violence is rising and black-on-white violence is rising. I need a gun. Black people are traveling in packs and they’re dangerous. It’s their whole mindset, and it’s not a few of them, it’s most of them. Look how the whole George Zimmerman/Trayvon Marin fiasco is playing out. Trayvon Martin was trying to kill George Zimmerman (banging Zimmerman’s head into concrete) just because George Zimmerman was watching him. Watching someone is not a serious enough trespass to justify the watched person killing the person doing the watching. And yet something like 90% of African Americans feel that George Zimmerman was unjustified in shooting Trayvon Martin. This means that something like 90% of African Americans think that George Zimmerman had some responsibility to just lie there and let Trayvon Martin bang Zimmerman’s head into concrete until Zimmerman died. This means that something like 90% of African Americans think it’s justified to kill someone for simply watching him/her. This means that African Americans are dangerous. They’re dangerous and I’m not using stats or what white people say or the news showing black people’s images for crimes on TV too often. I’m using black people’s own words. They’re saying that George Zimmerman had no right to defend himself against Trayvon Martin. They’re saying that Trayvon Martin did nothing wrong – meaning that in their opinion it was OK for Trayvon Martin to bang George Zimmerman’s head into concrete just because George Zimmerman watched Trayvon Martin. I’m not going for this. Black people are wrong. I think they must be dangerous since they think it’s OK to use deadly force on someone just for watching one of them. They approve of escalating to deadly force to easily. It’s time to start carrying a gun. These people are dangerous and if George Zimmerman did not have a gun the night of February 26, 2012 then Martin would have killed him. The takeaway from this is that we all need guns to protect ourselves from the savage animals.

blank Alex, from third edition says:

Hi, I’m the resident of Virginia Beach who got home from Europe a few months after the black Greekfest riot of Labor Day, 1989. The Virginian Pilot and Ledger Star was as arrogant as any news entity in packaging the destruction of Atlantic Avenue businesses as a white racist police riot. Talking with people who were in town at the time it happened gave me a clear picture. Tell you what, Colin, I’ll read your bit when I have time, but I am so drained from seeing and hearing the lies that for now I’ll assume this is a very old, repetitive story.

Pretty much the same thing as Greekfest, 1989. So i think you have the picture.

blank Scotchaholic says:

My deepest sympathies for the Virginia Beach community and the non-black victims of these acts of domestic terrorism. The Castle Doctrine MUST include homes, businesses, and vehicles. Stand-Your-Ground laws should apply nationwide.

Only miscreants can bring current and future net losses in ANY community. They are the locusts of doom. Businesses closing early with so many ‘patrons’? More like perps.

Welcome to the Dark Ages, America…try to enjoy the daylight!

Bet you won’t believe this: In 2009, 20 years after the big Greekfest Riot, the people of Virginia Beach decided they were the ones to blame for the riots so they set out to make it right.

blank none your business says:

surely this cant be a surprise to anyone. these kinds of things always, and I do mean ALWAYS, happens when a group of BLACKS get together like this. go check out freak nic in Atlanta. same shit different city. I am so glad that they banned freak nic here. sorry VB but you can have our blacks. and please please do not return to sender


You’re a gay male who works at greenpeace, your facebook page has 3.362 friends, out of 3.362 facebook friends you have EXACTLY 2, yes that’s correct, I said 2 African American friends, both of which happen to live in Virginia, Norfolk to be exact.

Obviously you’re playing hide the sausage with one of them and because of that you have an axe to grind, among other things.

Please take your liberal save the world bullshit and spew it somewhere else, you’re nothing but a perpetual victim, always have been and always will be. You, young rump ranger, are nothing more than a gigantic HYPOCRITE!

blank Arik Katzenberg says:

hahaha, I’ve been called a lota things, but “victim” has never been one of them. I can’t research your profile becuz you’re a coward and unwilling to identify yourself. I fear nothing. I wouldnt research you anyway, becuz unlike you, I don’t live on my laptop. While youre checking into who I am and gaming, Im BMXing the rockies. I made a lota accusations in my original post. I said the mayor and the police in va beach are racists. I said va beach is an ugly, small, backwater town where only people like you would be happy living there. I said VA Beach has a larger population than miami yet va beach is no miami. Its a schlock suburban shit pit. VA is the poorest state in the nation becuz it is what the people make it. Or rather, cant make it. That means you. Youre a loser and VA is a loser state becuz people like you live there and cant do shit with your lives. The whole state sghould be forrsted over and given back to the wildlife. Deal with the accusations. Unless you can’t.

blank Arik Katzenberg says:

Plus; and I know this is sort of off topic, but Im starting to feel like i might be invincible. We’ll see if i make it to Friday.

– Arik Fucking Katzenberg!

blank Jackie says:

Hey…I can tell you where the cops were. They were harassing 20 year old white boys who were drinking in their cars. They tried to arrest them while muggings and disorderly conduct was happening a block away. These police dudes weren’t setting up black people–they were afraid of black people so they picked on people they considered “safe”.
The white kids were taunted and made fun of by the blacks in town. But they were also warned by black dudes not to go certain places and directions. And there were tweets by blacks to those acting like thugs to stop that they were ruining relations.
Of course, you could say that the white kids now know what blacks have gone through and it serves whitey right. The sad thing is that these whites were raised to stand up to injustice and did not see “color” prior to their experience at Virginia Beach. Now some of them are re-thinking their beliefs. When will it end?
I do know this…this is not a white problem or a black problem or a brown problem . It is a cultural problem. Whenever you have a big party with young people with raging hormones and steroids and alcohol and drugs and sex you are going to have some significant issues. This mix automatically attracts a criminal sub-culture. Mix a little anger with it and you get mob mentality.
Maybe the National Guard should be called out for crowd control when you have 40k people descend upon one town. That is a more rational solution then everyone taking up arms.

blank Rocky Bass says:

I disagree, you can have large gatherings of people of any other color, without THIS. It’s being repeated in every city in the nation. Makes me more and more aware of the binarily exclusive nature of things. Blacks, Freedom, Civilization, pick any TWO, the three CANNOT exist together!

blank Rocky Bass says:

PS I was stationed at FCTCL Damnek in 89-90 arriving in VA Beach the Monday after “greekfest” back in 89. I saw the damage 1st hand.

blank Dr. Flamboid Squeeziasky says:

150 out of 30-40,000 kids behaved badly. These 150 are petty criminals and of course should be arrested and prosecuted. Had the stores and shops been owned by black folks, the same trashing would have occurred. I love the comment from Scotchaholic who perhaps had a few too many before posting. You see, in his mind, the ‘black leadership’ is able to stop these kids from doing this. Why? Because they are all one big happy family. I guess I should have stopped Bernie Madoff too. And you white folks had to have known what Tim McVeigh was up to. Why the heck didn’t you stop him before he blew up the Federal Building in Oklahama?

blank Lime Lite says:

Keep making up those PC excuses to behave what is typical Black behavior. Go anywhere around the world and you’ll see the same behavior. But, just keep sticking that big head of yours in the sand. Next year go and vacation with your new peeps, seeing as you think you’ll be safe. Let us know how that works out for you.

blank barry mccleskey says:

This is unprecedented. All of your ipso facto revisionistc liying amounts to this: THE CURSE OF HAM. In Genesis, Noah curses Ham, the Africans…for all time. SATANIC VERMIN DEFICATING IN STORES is not related to any of the gibberish you just wrote. Pray for your evil soul.

blank Jack says:

Kids, No! Black thugs is more of an adequate description. If the stores and shops were owned by blacks, they would not have been destroyed e.g., Philly riots, LA riots. Madoff ruined people financially. He was not out there trashing stores and shops in VA beach. McVeigh was a Troglodyte who just could not stand the US government. But, 30-40,000 black so-called college kids invade and destroy a town. You wonder why many blacks are categorized as lower than animals. Grow up doc, and acknowledge that black behavior is their own downfall in our society. When they stop whining about their past for whom most white people living today had nothing to do with, and they start assuming responsibility for raising a family with both a Father and Mother, and stop believing that they are an entitled class, maybe racial tolerance will improve.

blank Alex says:

Jack, I’m tired of the “until they take responsibility for their own actions” line.
They won’t, until forced.
Colin won’t discuss the why of this – I’ve never quite caught onto his rationale. But I will.
Racial violence by blacks against whites and Asians exists because force is not used. We have laws that would shut most of this down quickly, but another law has superseded that – semi-secret race law.
Read section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That bit at the end about “equal protection of the laws.”
It had to be rescinded in the name of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in order to bring about a revolution. You know, revolution, pitting a victimized class against the oppressor class, that’s the basic idea.
Now look up the list of protected groups. It followed from CRA1964. It is pure and simple revenge against whites, a backdoor approach to remove them from equal protection of the laws.
If you benefit from lawlessness, which the list of protected groups is, you will find excuses to support it. You will also be outside the Constitution of the United States.
Some note that these crimes are actually down. You betcha. With a hard core black racist like Atty. Gen. Eric Holder rigging the stats, *persuading* police departments not to arrest too many blacks, claiming that blacks attacking whites is not hate crime – that’s how reported, documented crime is down.
No, it won’t improve. There’s no logical reason why it should.

not sure I understand what colin “won’t discuss.”

blank Alex says:

Not a personal slam, to be sure.
You’ve used the line in your book (last year’s edition) that you were sidestepping the whole matter of why the race riots have returned. It is this part I never quite understood. If I remember correctly, you explained on Sean Hannity’s show recently, but it went by quicker than I could absorb it.
In any case, I’d call that a minor matter anyway, compared with the true issue of the violence, and the denials from those in authority, and those who have an obligation to inform.

hmmm… well, i don’t do the explaining or solving — or apologizing. Even to Sean hannity!

blank SouthernVanguard says:

Typical behavior, this is why you should carry a gun.

blank Cary Archibald says:

Won’t be visiting there anytime soon – probably never.

blank Cary Archibald says:

Won’t be vacationing there again – ever.

blank Scotchaholic says:

Damn, those Amish are at it again! Where is the local black leadership in stopping this madness?! Oh right, there is’nt any.

What this means is a harsh and unapologetic response by white leadership to end this insanity despite mainstream media backlash and shaming. Oh wait, the state is federally funded- Virginia can’t risk losing any funding due to ‘racist’ and discriminatory profiling. Oh my! We’ll lose tourism dollars if we’re seen as racists! Oh well, we’ll just cover it up!

Dirty ole’ south has a new meaning, eh?

blank none your business says:

if you were viewed racists, I would bring my tourism dollars to you. but, because you aren’t I will be keeping mine in my pocket

blank Amanda says:

I feel so sorry for all the white people and businesses in Virginia Beach. I have never been a racist, never throughout my life and I am 45 yeras old now.
But I have seen and experienced too much. Grew up in Germany and lived in the UK for more than ten years and the UK has lots of black people too.
Black people are just so stupid it´s unbelievable. They are stupid as hell, lazy, violent and play the race card whenever they can. I just have no sympathy for them.

I agree, if “you” (Virginia Beach) would be viewed racists I would bring tourism dollars to you. I love the South and have been to Virginia Beach. But I get the feeling – and I´ve had it for a long time – that the negroe can do anything they want doesn´t matter. The white man is always the one to blame.
If you guys don´t do something about this then you´re gonna pay a high price. Very soon these loveley negroes may come back every week and riot, rape and have a good laugh. These guys are nothing but animals. You have to act before it´s too late.
In my country blacks are forced onto us, sold to us as poor people, refugees who look for a better life. I know what these idiots are gonna do – rape women, take and sell drugs and steal and damage all the white man has worked for. There will be war – there has to be.

blank Arik Katzenberg says:

Will Sessoms (mayor of va beach) is known to hate blacks. This hatred toward a substantial portion of the city’s populace gets filtered down to the VA Beach police force which knows it can act with impunity when it comes to black people. I’ve witnessed disgusting acts of violence against blacks by VA Beach police many times. There’s little doubt in my mind that the police started this disturbance only so they could beat down any blacks trying to defend or protect themselves. VA Beach is just racist trash.

blank Beachregular says:

What? I was there this weekend and on Sunday morning walked down the strip to see booze bottles, trash and chicken bones on the sidewalks. Shop owners were assaulted! I guess that was just all part of the setup via “the man”.

blank jones says:

40,000 people? No proof that 40,000 people converged on Virginia Beach. Let’s pretend that 40,000 people did converge on va bch – 40000 people and 198 arrest, doesn’t sound like a riot to me.

What kind of “proof” would you suggest for people who do not wish to look at the facts?

blank sandman says:

Yes I can believe you have a reasonable amount of concern, but the way this all played out, is not the answer, maybe someone should reach out to the folks in V.B., and with some good old respect, honesty and concern for all sides, I know in my heart this will not happen again, ok? but to go through the Town like this? is NOT the answer, as hate can only bring hate, and violence to violence, but turn this around and see what happens. As far as the mayor “hating” black? in this day and age, I would find it very disturbing to find any politician in any office to be able to get elected with that in their hearts and minds, no, not today, maybe 40-50+ yrs ago, but not today! and where is Rev Jackson or Rev Sharpton? I want to hear from them, certainly they must have some thoughts on this? We all need to work together, not apart, we will never get anywhere like that! but most of all where is Obama?

blank Mike says:

So I’m just curious…do all mayors across the country hate blacks? So how did the cops stage this? They pushed them into stores and forced them to store owners?

This is happening nationwide. The black community is out of control and no one wants to say anything for fear of being accused of racism.

blank dennis stanley says:

you are a complete idiot. you say the police started it??? whenever blacks get together in these large groups there is the same kind of trouble no matter where its at. and if u say well whites could do the same thing, thats true, but they dont. it is always blacks causing problems.

blank Mitch says:

Another bigoted secular Jew with a massive inferiority complex. Crawl back under your rock troll.

blank Frank Castle says:

No proof so S T F U, you loser!

blank Arik Katzenberg says:

Will Sessoms (mayor of va beach) is known to hate blacks. This hatred toward a substantial portion of the city’s populace gets filtered down to the VA Beach police force which knows it can act with impunity when it comes to black people. I’ve witnessed disgusting acts of violence against blacks by VA Beach police many times. There’s little doubt in my mind that the police started this disturbance only so they could beat down any blacks trying to defend or protect themselves. VA Beach is just racist trash.
– Arik Katzenberg

-Arik Katzenberg

blank Becca says:

Without any warning, 30,000 to 40,000 underage black thugs descended on our beach and behaved like the animals that they are. No one knew they were coming or where they came from and none of the local media will address the HUGE ELEPHANT in the room….they were all black ghetto vermin!! Our mayor is being a jackass and trying to blame locals for the violence (funny since I’ve never seen anything like this and I’ve lived here my entire life and also used to bartend and manage bars at the Oceanfront). The safest place to be was inside the bars where we were also able to watch the security cameras and see all this chaos as it happened. Tomorrow there’s a town hall where thousands are ready to rip the mayor to shreds but I’m sure the media won’t cover that either. Tell you’re knuckle dragging friends that we will be ready if they try to step foot down here again……in Virginia, we’re allowed to carry guns inside bars and we fully intend on exercising our 2nd amendment rights. They won’t be shooting and stabbing any random people like they did last weekend and live to tell about it!!

blank james keeling says:

blah blah blah, white people started the crap, they started looking at all the black kids funny being rude and disrespectful to all of them. businesses on the ocean view would not provide services to them, you know doing mean things like that got a small group of black all worked up, some random white guys started to push the black kids out of the ocean view for no reason the group of black kids refuse to leave as they were expressing their rights to be there like any other citizen of America one of the white guys did not like what he heard so he hit a semi retarded black kid in the head and that’s what started it all. I can see it all play out my head.

blank EddyJames says:

The problem was there wasn’t enough “Beating Down” the first time this happened. Set a bad precedence where the thugs knew they could get away with this sort of behavior, you see it all the time in Chicago and Philadelphia, well all over the North East. I think the liberal politicians allow it to happen knowing the response will be the call for more police powers and further loss of individual freedoms. If everyone that was law abiding had a gun, and didn’t fear using, it this wouldn’t happen.

blank Milton says:

I spent over 20 years in VB while in the Navy. In 89 this crap was shut down. I really don’t think the local law enforcement will allow this again. When I retired and moved back to SC I was shocked at the behavior of large gatherings of young black folks, out of control at every turn. If VB wants to remain a great destination then put a stop to this and don’t allow large gatherings of black college students because for every one good kid that just wants to have a good time there will be 100 that will want to show out and expect to get by with it. Leave the Greek groups out of the beach and you will profit from all the fed up people that want a great time and vacation.

blank Frank Castle says:

Cite your sources that the mayor hates blacks! That is a strong charge to make and without proof, worthless. Maybe the blacks consider the No profanity signs some kind of attacks on blacks, is that it? You are full of it!