Black Mob Violence in Sweet Home Alabama.

June 5, 2013 — 1 Comment

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People in Sheffield, Alabama don’t worry about black mob violence. Not really.

It’s been going on as long as anyone can remember: 21 years, said the Chief of Police to the local paper, the Times Daily. And even though a member of the city council said it is worse this year than ever, well, they expect it will soon sort itself out.

Not that the Chief or anyone else calls it black mob violence. But that is what it is. And that is who has been doing it.

Maybe if they had some sidewalks, said one neighbor: That could help. So would jobs, they say. Or parks. Or …. whatever.

If that does not happen,  ““It will eventually die out and go away,” said police Chief Gray to the Times Daily.

While they wait, the 9500 residents of Sheffield — 72 percent white, 26 percent black — will just have to tolerate the regular and sometimes intense bouts of black mob violence.

According to the Times Daily:

Mary Stevens, the city council representative for that district, said there are sometimes 100-200 people gathering in the area and fights have been known to break out, not only between men, but also between women.

“The police are having to be there day after day,” Stevens said.

Sometimes it gets so bad people are afraid to come out of their house. Or, even if they want to come out they cannot because cars are blocking their driveway. The local store, T&C Market, has to close sometimes too. Some folks nearby are afraid to leave their homes.

Just too rowdy.

The Chief of Police sends his troops down there to restore order. But sometimes that does not do any good. “Ray said there were times when officers were pelted with rocks and bottles when they tried to break up groups that were congregating there.”

“So far I haven’t been hit with any rocks yet,” Ray told the paper.

More later.

Local link: Councilwoman seeks solution to crowds – TimesDaily: Local News




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