Black mob violence and infantile omnipotence in St. Paul. Ray Widstrand.

August 11, 2013 — 77 Comments
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New e-book PREVIEW edition now available at WND SuperStore.

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A St. Paul man is in a coma today, fighting for his life after a black mob beat him, stripped his clothes off, and left him for dead. Even if he recovers, he will have permanent brain damage.

Ray Widstrand thought he had nothing to fear from moving into a black neighborhood on the East Side of St. Paul. This young white guy and aspiring film maker thought he had nothing to fear when decided to take a Sunday night stroll through his adopted part of town.

Nothing to fear from a crowd of 50 black people fighting outside a nearby party. So he stopped to check it out.

Soon the mob’s attention turned to him: “The first person who struck him had hit him with a can in a sock,” said one witness in a police report. “The man went down and a “whole bunch of little eastside boys” began to kick the man. She saw them strip him of his pants and go through the pockets.”

When police arrived, the black mob scattered, leaving only Ray behind, unconscious. “He had blood coming from his nose and mouth and was unresponsive,” said the police report. “As of August 8th, the prognosis for recovery is slight and should he live, he will suffer permanent and protracted loss of brain function.”

Four black people have been arrested so far.

At a press conference. Ray’s father said his son did not feel the neighborhood was dangerous. Ray was a good person, a gentle person, a sweet person, said his friends and family. He like comic books and posing in super hero outfits for gag photos. As an aspiring film-maker, Ray contributed the opening sequence of a local cable access news talk show that was about “Meeting Neighbors. Making Friends.”

This 26-year old free spirit took people as he found them. He hoped for the same. Others in St. Paul know better. At least in that neighborhood:

“This is not super uncommon,” said Bob Fox in the reader comment section of the Pioneer Press. “I have seen a white guy or two get surrounded and beat down and robbed quite a few times. Around the bus stops at 5th and Minnesota and 6th and Minnesota are the worst. Damn right it is a hate crime. They attack like a pack of wolves.”

Many of the episodes of the black mob violence in the Twin Cities region — and the officials denials they are happening at all — are documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

In the upcoming edition of White Girl Bleed a Lot from WND Books, readers can scan a QR code to see video evidence of the black mob violence on their smart phones as they read about it in the book. Many from the Twin Cities.

There are dozens of examples in the book where some, like Ray, feel invulnerable to the danger of racial violence. Some died.

They were suffering from what psychologists called an inflated sense of safety in overtly dangerous situations: “Infantile omnipotence.”

“Some people think they can be safe in a dangerous neighborhood,” said Marlin Newburn, a former prison psychologist and author of the upcoming book: Send Your Kids to Jail. A Manual for the Mutant Parent. “They are like infants. Preadolescents truly feel themselves as 10 feet tall and bullet proof, and the infantalized teen or adult feels the same way: They do not believe what they have not personally experienced.”

Earlier this year in Chicago, a jury said much the same thing. The City of Chicago paid $22.5 million to the family of a white woman that city jailers released into a black neighborhood. Soon after meeting with a crowd of black people, she was tossed from a seven-story building. Some still say she jumped to avoid a violent attack.

During the trial, Harvard sociology professor Robert Sampson said it can be routinely expected that white people in black neighborhoods are in danger. He called it RAT: Routine Activity Theory. The judge explained RAT by saying the woman “was a white female in a predominantly black, poor neighborhood (and) she had a much higher risk of predatory victimization.”

Judge Frank Easterbrook went on: “She is white and well-off while the local population is predominantly black and not affluent, causing her to stand out as a person unfamiliar with the environment and, thus, a potential target for crime.”

A video from Ray Wistrand:

The woman had approached a black resident of a nearby housing project for help but was turned away. “The woman got on my floor and tried to get in apartment,” said one resident to the Chicago ABC affiliate. “I said, ‘No, white and black don’t mix.’”

The City of Chicago tried to say that RAT was thinly disguised racial profiling. But at the trial, RAT and race were everywhere – no matter how hard the city worked to keep it out. No matter how dedicated local media were to ignoring it.

If Ray depended on the local media for information, he would not have been aware of an epidemic of racial violence in the Twin Cities region. Many examples of this violence are documented, often with video tape, in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

Last year, a rash of more than a dozen cases of black mob attacks in downtown Minneapolis left at least one man with severe brain injuries as well.

A St. Patrick’s day mauling from 20 black people left a graphic artists with serious brain injuries and no short-term memory.

An hour before he was beat and kicked into the Intensive Care Unit, 20 black people assaulted an out-of-town couple at the exact same intersection. The Star Tribune was squeamish about reporting the race of the criminals, but City Pages was not:

Melissa screamed as three separate youths came at Kirk, throwing punches. Kirk says he was able to dodge the blows. He remembers one of the assailants smiling while he threw punches, “like it was fun.” As people on the street started to take notice of the attack, the mob dispersed, leaving Kirk one-on-one with a man he says was over 6 feet tall.

“I dodged several of his punches before he ran off,” Kirk said, adding that he himself didn’t punch anyone. “I believe that if it wasn’t for my wife’s screaming I would have been seriously injured.” Thankfully, he ended up with nothing more than a swollen neck. Melissa, a 33-year-old school teacher, was pushed, and one of the assailants burned her hand with a cigarette, she says.

Ray Widstrand 1 Ray Widstrand 2After the mob dispersed, Kirk and Melissa made their way back to the Marquette. There, they talked to a police officer about the incident.

Wrote Melissa in an email: The “cop wasn’t that interested in taking a report, since we didn’t have descriptions – just African-American…[I] wonder how many people have been attacked, since our story isn’t even part of the stats.”

There were others, lots of others, at the Mall of America, St. Paul and other places throughout the area.

But the daily papers are loathe to report the race of the perpetrators. Or how they occur from black mob exponentially out of proportion.

In September 2011, a group of black people attacked a mobile alcoholic beverage cart in Minneapolis – stealing, threatening. The newspapers dutifully reported the crime, and dutifully ignored the race of the attackers.

Except for the University of Minnesota newspaper, which in its early editions identified the attackers by race, but removed it in later editions.

Which is how it should be, said Minneapolis police spokesman William Palmer: “The MPD does not track arrestees by race,” said Palmer. “And frankly, no, it doesn’t matter. We arrest and prepare criminal cases for consideration of prosecution for those people who choose to break the law. Race has nothing to do with it.”

Maybe the City of Chicago should have called Palmer as a witness. Maybe it could have saved the city $22.5 million from a civil judgement that said otherwise.

As the attacks proliferate, so do the denials that race has anything to do with the attacks. But more and more people in the Twin Cities region are wondering what is going on. They also wonder when local media and public officials are going to start to tell the truth about it.

“A gang of African American males and females beat a white male nearly to death, and it isn’t a hate crime?” said Tiffany Johnson in the reader comment section of the Pioneer Press. “And why isn’t the NAACP speaking out about this terrible crime?”

“The media continues to dismay with their clear double standard in news coverage regarding their agenda in matters of race,” said Keith Olson. “The media loves to sensationalize white-on-black victimization and literally turns a blind eye when the races are reversed. I am not surprised whatsoever that whites are finally showing their displeasure with this sort of distortion when it comes to the propaganda they are fed.”

“If you look at the crime stats, the VAST majority of such incidents are committed by young black males,” said Jim Russell. “We can’t help them solve this problem if we won’t admit it exists. Don’t make it worse by falling for the pc media narratives.”

The beating took place Sunday, August 4, but local residents did not learn about it from local media for almost a week: That also brought down a heaping of scorn on local media. This comment found at the web site of the local ABC affiliate: “These losers stomped on this mans head and practically beat him to death!,” said Nicole Rhoades. “Why did it take so long to get news coverage on this story?!?!”

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St. Paul man charged with severely beating bystander | Star Tribune

An overview of Minneapolis racial violence.

A MNHockeyMama’s World

Some updates for Ray Widstrand.


Family Of Man Severely Beaten Looking For Answers « CBS Minnesota
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These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

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blank Anno Dominic says:

This is a neighborhood that needs to be cleaned up, with a flamethrower.

blank scrapadapolis says:

This is why NYS wants to disarm people with legal guns.Nigers are dangerious but a white man will not just shoot them in the ass.Lower Syracuse is called lil Chicago.Im glad I don’t have to go anywhere near there.But NIGER know this you keep to your own and you live.

blank DIABLO says:


blank Robert Smith says:

Sorry,I’ll stay with my own kind.Another thing takes 50 people to fight one person??But that’s how they work.Same thing in high school when you saw a black fighting with a white person it was never one on one it was more like three or four on one.

blank Beric says:

White people might as well leave St. Paul and let them destroy it, just like Detroit.

blank Celebrate Homogeneity says:

i believe it is time to stop the retreating.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

White flight is surrender.

blank Walter Sobchak says:

No keep those minnesotans stuck in the craphole they created. Dont let them infect other states.

blank parrots_abound says:

Yet stories like this don’t reach the media. They WILL reach the media when White people get more outraged and DEMAND the media report these types of stories.

We NEED to keep shining the spotlight on these rats. Anti White racism is happening across the globe at a faster and larger pace. If it runs away from us it will be ‘acceptable’ soon.

blank Don Lockwood says:

The first mistake that this guy did was move into the black hood. The
second mistake was believing the lies that blacks are not dangerous. The
third mistake was interfering in black brawl. This guy was an ignorant
libtard. Even if he had been armed it would not have helped against 50
animals (clips generally hold only 15 rounds). It is said that being
stupid should hurt. Ray Widstrand is definitely hurting. This what was
in his neighborhood: http://youtu DOT be/z5MGJ87hPGw

blank Don Lockwood says:

The first mistake that this guy did was move into the black hood. The second mistake was believing the lies that blacks are not dangerous. The third mistake was interfering in black brawl. This guy was an ignorant libtard. Even if he had been armed it would not have helped against 50 animals (clips generally hold only 15 rounds). It is said that being stupid should hurt. Ray Widstrand is definitely hurting. This what was in his neighborhood: http://youtu DOT be/z5MGJ87hPGw

blank TS says:

Wake up! Why does the news not report on issues like these but reports on others because the goal of the global elite is to divide and conquer. They want things to get so bad between races, in our economy and our relationships with other countries that we break! They want us broken so that we will submit to whatever world controlling plan that they have drawn up to fix out problems. This is not a black and white thing, it is a people thing. People as a united front stand a threat to the elite. People divided will always be in debt to the elite. I am black and I am saying that this is wrong and these individuals should be pinned to the wall for their actions. It was a hate crime and on either side, that should not be accepted.

blank Justin_Igger says:

If the Federal Government will not step in to protect its citizens, then we have but one choice left. Stand Your Ground. Get a gun, get a ccw, get training. Do not be a victim. Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.
If you are attacked by any thugs, KILL THEM. Maybe then they’ll learn.

blank rs1123 says:

I’m sorry for the young filmmaker and his family, and hope that his attackers are brought to justice. (They won’t be.) However, it was a very hard way to learn that it’s not all just about skin color

blank Justin_Igger says:

When referring to these black on White crimes, it is ALL about color. At least for White people, the cause of the problem is easy to identify by their black skin.

blank Timewarped says:

WHY DON”T THE POLICE SETUP THESE GANGS AND CATCH/KILL THEM … Put someone vulnerable looking on the street where they attack, arm them, let the gangs attack and shoot them. The only way these animals are going to learn not to attack harmless people is when people shoot them dead. Or, have enough plain clothed people around in the general area to arrest them, Apparently, all they need is a sock with a can in it to swing up side your head.

blank Celebrate Homogeneity says:

Because there is more benefit in collecting fines. It is easier to hassle and threaten those who are no threat in the first place. It’s safer and just as rewarding.

blank BAD BOB says:


blank Therrion says:

They do, ask Treyvon, oh that’s right you can’t. Just one less retard who thinks that blacks aren’t racist and need to be dealt with. Good riddance, this guy was dumb and weak. He was probably anti gun, and wanted the government to disarm us, now look at this sack of s*** laid up in a coma..lmao. What a fitting end for a libtard.

blank Keith Johnson says:

These blacks who did this were probably transplants from some muslim country. They have areas that are called No Go Zones, if you are not muslim you have to stay out. America needs to take their country back.

blank GSommerville says:

where is OBAMA`s shame cry about this? Come on Mr. President! Where is your outcry over this? 13,14,15 year old! You have got to be kidding me!!! Where are YOU MSNBC?? CBS?? CNN?? FOX?? Don´t tell me it’s only local and once
Where ya at Eric???

blank rs1123 says:

He’s out golfing. He’ll have nothing to say. Imagine how much worse and more arrogant he will be about race crime in another couple years.

blank TS says:

This will not get news coverage because it does not make anyone famous. I would say as a black man it saddens me to hear this but, thee people are not related to me and don’t represent me so pin them to the wall.

blank scrapadapolis says:

Obama and Holder will get their up and comins.Maybe from 1000 ft away.Lets all pray.

blank GSommerville says:

I am not asking for the president or anyone else to get their “comeins” at 1 inch or 1000 ft away. That will solve nothing and quite possibly make matters worse. I do expect someone who was elected (or NOT) and holds public office to do their job and LEAD the American people. Not stir the pot! Obama, for many is a hero and the country would suffer greatly if there were anything to happen to him as a man. Having said that, the American people must demand their leader LEAD the nation and NOT over a cliff.

blank BlueMoney says:

This case is more instructive about the pig-headed, willful ignorance of liberal-brainwashed, MSM-spoonfed white sheeple (like Ray Widstrand) than any inherent violent tendencies blacks may possess.
Liberals (and their sheeple minions) are responsible for America’s black problem, and they’re the ones who should suffer because of it. The only question is, how many more liberal-brainwashed white sheeple need to die or be turned into cripples before decent Americans realize that racism is a two-way street?

blank Joe Blodd says:

All of them!!!!!!!!!!!!

blank arcsinice says:

Negroes. Some actually dare to consider them “human” beings. Unreal.

blank TS says:

And what makes me not a human being sir? Do you dare say that those who are associated with you race are not guilty of the same type of ignorance. I am not making excuses for the black people that did this, I think they should be charged with a hate crime without hesitation. But to say that we as a people are less than human, you are clearly uneducated and very ignorant.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Separate yourself from the pack. Like all TRULY good humans, those that are ethical and moral, publicly denounce their false leaders, and hate groups within their own communities.

I have SEEN and HEARD countless times of whites (citizens and authorities) confronting white hate groups, and even exchanging violence to quell the “bad” members of their race, WORLDWIDE.

Can blacks say the same? Who do you denounce, by names?
What actions have you or your “good” community done to stop this ever continuing cycle of black mob violence and criminality?

Have there been clashes of good blacks with the New Black Panther Party? Please. How many blacks in America believe in the Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground laws, and the 2nd Amendment?
Seeing is believing. I’m not a believer.

Prove your peace that you preach.

blank scrapadapolis says:

What a race baiter.Nigers are the cause for every crime with in their own comunitys.THATS A FACT.The problem here is The Nigers have no one else to thug,So they move into where we live and try to thug us in our comunitys.

blank Paul Taylor says:

People should take down the Justice Dept. for not calling it a crime of race.Holder should be sued of everything he owns personally if he don’t call it for what it is.

blank Don Lockwood says:

The first mistake that this guy did was move into the black hood. The
second mistake was believing the lies that blacks are not dangerous. The
third mistake was interfering in a black brawl. This guy was an ignorant
libtard. Even if he had been armed it would not have helped against 50
animals (clips generally hold only 15 rounds). It is said that being
stupid should hurt. Ray Widstrand is definitely hurting. This what was
in his neighborhood: http://youtu DOT be/z5MGJ87hPGw

blank Cramwell Stephan says:

You sound like you are from a 1930’s propaganda film.

blank Dirk Agia says:

Moron. He is right! It will not be too long from now when you wind up like this nitwit after the Groids are done with you.

blank Cramwell Stephan says:

Haha. That was a good joke.

blank Dirk Agia says:

Not intended to be. I always smile when pussified White guilter libs like you are met with a heavy dose of reality usually being in the form when Blacks pound the snot out of you.

blank Cramwell Stephan says:

You weren’t joking? You really believe what you are spewing? …oh. I thought you were just acting.

blank Cramwell Stephan says:

“White guilter libs like you” – Please explain, would love to learn from your wisdom.

blank 63Marine says:

This is one more reason to “carry” where ever you go. I say: “Take em out, take em ALL out”!!!!

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

When asked why I’m atheist. I simply reply: “God seems to have a real problem protecting the best of us, and rewarding and propagating the worst of us.”

History is my witness.

true in this case.

blank Carolann313 says:

God is not to blame. God gave man free will to do as they please. God does not have a real problem, man has the problems and it seems you have one believing such nonsense.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Really? God did’nt have a problem intervening those times in the Bible…
Letting his “children” run wild to destroy each other and the world is akin to a negligent parent allowing their children to destroy family members and the home.

The coming Armageddon anyone? Why allow it? Prevent it. IF, you were’nt a negligent parent.

Do you realize that there is roughly Seven Billion “children” that were denied the garden of Eden and long life due to the free will of Two people in Genesis, by a merciful and loving God???

Allowing a fallen Angel in the form of a talking serpent, to tempt his two “creations” into a fate that would damn the rest of mankind to it’s ruination and Armageddon?

An “all” knowing God knew this and still created the world and the first two people? Sick, twisted, demented, and truly vile.

blank keats5 says:

Sin entered this world not only with the first two humans, but with every other human following them. You and I have contributed to this fallen world with every selfish action, every slanted truth and with every time we’ve placed our own wants above the needs of others. We made the mess.

Yet God created us and placed us in the perfect world, knowing full well we would make a mess of things. And He knew that mess would necessitate the death of his one and only perfect son to pay for our sins, so that if we so chose, we can once again be reunited with our Father in heaven. Being a just God, he could not leave sin unpunished. Being a loving God, he placed that punishment on one who could bear the sin of the world- his son Jesus. He did that for you, even fully knowing you would continue to rebel and call him “sick, twisted and truly vile.” And Jesus would still ask the father to forgive you, because you know not what you do.

Yes, God knew that all. And yes, he still made us. Obviously, we can never fathom such a great love.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:


Re-read what was written and think…

If that is still confounding you. I’ll give you a better example.

Would you let corrupting influences tarnish a young child’s mind? Of course not.

Then why would God allow one of his own, a “Fallen Angel”
to live, to corrupt and tempt his First Two newly created souls?

Is that not negligence, or worse yet, evil?

This is why I’m atheist. I cannot believe a truly benevolent God would allow such evil to exist in the first place, and allow it free reign afterwards.

blank Carolann313 says:

The last paragraph of your response and the last four words of your sentence describes you to a tea!

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

If Wilbur and Orville Wright listened to religious zealots like yourself, “If God wanted man to fly, he would have given him wings!”, You’d NEVER enjoy those nice flights that you take part in?

Your religious leaders in the past told you the world was FLAT.
Science has CLEARED the clouds of ignorance and delusion.

Or do you STILL believe the world is flat?

blank Carolann313 says:

Science means nothing. If it weren’t for God’s creations, there would be no scientists, there would be no earth, there would be no air to breath, and there wouldn’t be nuts like you believing in nothing.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Science means nothing? I’m the nut?
Read your Bible from cover to cover. That, and all other religious books, like the Talmud and the Quran.

Those will make an atheist out of anyone with a functional brain. But of course, you’re part of the mindless “flock”.

Flat earth beliefs, witch hunting and burning, religious wars, and the endless list of atrocities done in the name of some invisible Deity, that speaks to individuals, and NEVER to the masses.

Enjoy using your computer!

blank Carolann313 says:

Burn in hell!

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Next time you see a Native American Indian, tell them the same. After all, they’re heathens, right? That justifies their treatment and almost complete Genocide, in name of the Those with God on their side, right?

Happy early Thanksgiving!

blank Dave says:

The Indians were not angels. Everyone was trying to conquer everyone in those times, white people just won.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Did you follow this thread from the beginning? Do you understand I’m an atheist having a dialogue with theists?

I’m explaining the use of religion to justify genocide and domination.

Your example of Darwinian method is another route to the same, without the false front of religion- which is NOT part of the topic of discussion with the religious.

Thanks for trying though.

blank ezekiel22 says:

I have heard your argument before. There are more than one answer but to be fair let us turn the question around. What kind of creation would we be if God did everything you say He could have prevented? That question does need to be answered as it has to do with our very existence as yours does with God.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

The question was answered in Genesis.

A “perfect” world according to God. But of course, He tossed in a monkey wrench into the whole affair to “test” Adam and Eve, right?

Sort of like parents laying mouse traps around the living room, and allowing their toddlers to crawl around freely.
“Now, you may not understand why, Do as I say, avoid those traps and all will be fine.”

blank ezekiel22 says:

The world was perfect according to Genesis. God does not test people He may allow it but He does not test. The shake or Satan did the testing it was Adam and Eve that failed. One question that people fail to ask is why was Adam anywhere near the tree in the first place? It could be Adam was curious in the first place. No matter it was the outcome that affected us all. Since then we have all made wrong choices on our own when we knew we had the ability to not make the bad choice. We cannot blame God for that. Multiply the bad choices by years and millions of people and you get the mess we are in. We still have choices to make before we leave.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Answer this please. Is God more powerful than Satan?

If God is more powerful, why not destroy Satan, or better yet change his spirit, so as not to disturb and test his two new creations?

blank ezekiel22 says:

Satan as you know was created by God and his name at the time was Lucifer “until iniquity was found in his heart.” As a created being of course Satan is less powerful. As I shown above just as iniquity was found in his heart the same can be said of us today and even in the past. The Devil gets way to much credit today for our faults. Destroying him now would do no good. It is not the devil that corrupts us it is our own selves that do it by themselves. Remember I asked why was Adam anywhere near the tree?

blank Dave says:

I hate to tell you but the bible is made up. What is true is science and science shows that races have different traits, blacks having lower intelligence and higher aggression than whites. It’s a result of the climate conditions they evolved under in Africa which were much different than the cold climates of Europe.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

See the beginning of the dialogue…I know the Bible is fiction.
I’m using it’s contents to waken those to it’s lack of rationale.
Thanks, I’m familiar with Dr James Watson, and the rest of the many historical findings regarding Race, ethnicity and IQ.

blank BlueMoney says:

As long as you’re a pro-gun, pro-self-defense atheist… welcome to the discussion, friend.
I’m an atheist because I can’t bring myself to believe in magic and uncaused superbeings. And I wouldn’t want an afterlife, even if I believed in one. Those are all the reasons any atheist needs!

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Most of these religious zealots don’t even know that some of their Churches have sponsored the importation of more insanity from the likes of Haiti, Somalia, and similar lands. And now, here they are complaining about it and preaching Kumbaya!

Yes, pro gun, pro self-defense, pro Castle Doctrine, pro Stand Your Ground laws, and pro video evidence civilian-vigilante reward system.

Remember, SCOTUS says law enforcement has ZERO obligations to protect the public.

blank BlueMoney says:

“Amen” to that, WJ. Thanks partly to Christian zealots, we now have a way more dangerous bunch of religionists taking root among us… MUSLIMS.
A Christian neighbor had several families of Somali immigrants living in his house (brought into the country by his church.) They built a fence around his property, did the cooking, built an annex onto his house, and did other chores for him. Nice little slavery-by-any-other-name scam my neighbor had going, eh? Except that the slaves get turned loose on the rest of us when he’s done with them, and they probably won’t stay “converted to Christianity” either.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Yes. Your story of naive Christians is all too common. Check out parts of Maine. MAINE?! Yes, Maine. The churches brought them in, and now the assimilation process has been a failure.

Now by the grace of God, they have washed their hands of guilt, and left the burden on the imports, the tax payers, and God of course. Crime stats of all sorts have gone up in those parts as a result.

The same exact thing with overseas missionaries…
The church NEVER reports the endless theft, assaults, rapes, kidnapping, maiming and killing of their flock, in the “dark” regions of the world.

It would hurt their coffers and volunteer efforts, and of course, it would racist.

The cognitive dissonance is STAGGERING!


blank TS says:

So you have said, summing it up, that God is to blame. He is to blame for all of your issues in this world. The problem is you don’t seperate God from man. The majority of the things that you have talked about in your discussions are concerning the actions of man not God. Free will is given to us otherwise we would be robots, drones to a God that we can never have a relationship with. God is more powerful than Satan and evil itself but He leaves the decision up to man to choose a path of righteousness or unrighteousness. You think that the church doesn’t respond to things that take place in this world. I know many missionaries who have traveled the globe not just speaking the word of God but working to physically help villages, schools and families that have been afflicted by senseless violence. I have been a witness to physical healing and demonic spirits being cast out, all done through the power of God. Your problem, like most unbelievers is you have yet to meet a real Christian. You have seen the Ned Flanders type of individuals but you have not met the real Christians who walk their neighborhoods to pray for people, feed the hungry and help the poor, work with families and do all of this while ministering the gospel. You are not seeking to understand God or his word, but you want us to understand your point of view. I challenge you, if you really want proof start reading the Bible from Genesis and ask God to reveal himself to you. Tell God that you want an experience to know that he is real. I guarantee you that he will show himself to be God or you will be to afraid to ask. Stop applying your opinions of man to all Christians. There have been many who have done ill will and claimed to be doing God’s work! Charles Manson declared that God sent him on his murderous mission years ago. We know that was not God at all but people like you will sit back and say, there goes another crazy bible thump-er. Like it or not, you will see God and you will have to confess at that time that his God. Like it or not, all unbelievers will have to confess but sadly they wont be able to stay. God believes in you, so why not try believing in Him.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Why not try to believe in Him?

When asked why I’m atheist. I
simply reply: “God seems to have a real problem protecting the best of
us, and rewarding and propagating the worst of us.”

History is my witness.