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Reality check: Does Donald Trump cause black women to get fat? Absolutely yes, says best selling black author. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Tommy Sotomayor? Oh my! We dont hear enough from him. So lets fix that in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Racism runs amok at high school football games. But heres a first: NONE OF IT IS CAPTURED ON CAMERA. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Ignore the laws. Forget the victims. New ideas for fighting crime in New Orleans and St. Louis. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Reporters are on fire about the black on white murder at the county fair in Frederick, Maryland. What they call national news, we call a routine thing that happens every day. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The craziest thing about Joe Biden and Corn Pop: What he said is actually True! Plus, letter from a cop about black on white rape culture in America. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Biden and his band of dwarves just cannot talk enough about black victimization and white racism. But they never talk about recent stories, like the one in New York, where a large group of fellas attack cops and put five of them in the hospital. Oh yeah, we talk about it on this podcast.

The same newspapers that totally screwed up the last presidential election — both before and after the voting — now have a new magic solution that is going to remove President Trump from the White House:

Transgender people of color.

And fat, black gay people who call themselves “bears.”

All the while ignoring the central feature of how the fellas decided last time — and will decide again — on whom top vote for: They want the real thing. They want a black person on the ticket.

Everyone knows that. Except reporters.

So let’s listen to some of their fantasies, and remind them of the realities of black violence and dysfunction.

Plus our book of the week: The Kid Stays in the Picture. By Robert Evans. A must read for people who like movies. Get it here:

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Trump is right: Something strange is happening at Fox News.

Just yesterday at watched in disbelief as a conservative pundit talked about how to add MORE censorship to conservatives on YouTube, etc.

That was even stranger than the panel on BET that was talking about how white people are DANGEROUS to black people.

To be fair, even they had trouble keeping a straight face when they talked about that fairy tale.

All that and more in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Racist preschools.

Cop shooters back on the street before the cop is out of the hospital.

Different day, same stories of denial, deceit, delusion and insanity from around the country.

A new podcast from Colin Flaherty