Worst thing I’ve ever seen.

August 26, 2013 — 58 Comments

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This is the worst video of black mob violence you will see today. Maybe ever: Four black children beat and taunt a three-year old white girl. Then the cameraman posted it on Facebook over the weekend with the heading, “When white people piss black people off.”

Now the mom’s comments from Pat Dollard’s web site:

‘When White People Piss Off Black People’: Shocking Kiddie Hate Crime Videos Posted On Facebook « Pat Dollard

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LiveLeak.com – Kids bully toddler and make her cry


This is the worst video of black mob violence you will see today. Maybe ever: Four black children beat and taunt a three-year old white girl. Then the cameraman posted it on Facebook over the weekend with the heading, “When white people piss black people off.”

The video begins in the middle of a street in Minneapolis. Two black girls, twice as old and twice as big as the white girl, are screaming at the girl on a Hot Wheels tricycle.

“Stop spying on us,” shouts one. “You ugly.”

Then the violence begins: The two girls each grab one of the white girl’s wrists and force her to strike herself in the face. Several times. The white girl starts crying like only three-year old girls can.

“Why you hitting yourself?” asks the 12-year old cameraman. The girls doing the beating think that is funny. They continue striking her as he moves the camera away.  “Shut up, man,” he scolds the white girl.

When the camera returns a few seconds later, the little girl is still crying, still surrounded by her two assailants. Enter a black boy about ten years old. “Watch me beat up this little kid,” he says.

But before that happens, the black children run away, leaving the little girl crying in the middle of the street, still seated in her Hot Wheels tricycle.

The cameraman — identified as 12-year old Ray Wright — remained, taking more video.

The kids wander around ten yards away, ignoring the little girl, still in the street. The black boy who just threatened to beat her up enters the camera again, this time begging, “Can I see the video?”

After a cut in the action, the video picks up with the little white girl now standing on the lawn. The two black girls approach, with one instructing the other: “Hit her hard. Hit her in the head like this.”

And she does.

They then take something from the little white girl — maybe a balloon —  and at the urging of the cameraman to “throw it on the ground,” they do just that.

That was a source of amusement to the two girls and the cameraman. When the little girl sat on the ground to retrieve the object, the two black girls started hitting her again. This time piling on. More crying.

The scene ends with the cameraman directing the action: “stop y’all.” Soon it was on Facebook, with the heading “When white people piss black people off.”

Then it started getting crazy.

It did not take long for the video to spread, generating some unwanted attention on the cameraman. He directed his ire at a Facebook friend he accused of “snitching.”

“I (am going) to jail,” he wrote on his now deleted Facebook account, captured at PatDollard.com.  “Somebody snitched. I’m (going) to kill them.”

Then he goes back and forth with someone he thinks is a snitch, and they threaten to send “hitters” to kill each other.

The video raises more questions than answers. No one knows who the little girl is. Or how her parents could leave her in such a dangerous and unsupervised situation. Or the identity of the parents of all the children.

Thousands of people at MrConservative.com and PatDollard.com want to know how this could happen.

The intrepid investigators at PatDollard.com found the mother of the cameraman, Ranika Wills, on the phone. She did not have many answers other than to say kids always fight. And she wondered why the reporter did not call George Zimmerman and ask him those questions.

Zimmerman, of course, is the man who was recently acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin.

The mother claims the video was posted under a fake name. But she never denied it was her son. She also denied her son was holding a loaded gun in a picture on his Facebook page.

After telling the mother of the building outrage on the internet from people who saw the video, the mother said not to worry: “Its not like they fucked that little girl up,” she said. “She’s fine.”

“It’s a joke, he’s just a kid,” said the mother.

“What I seen was two little girls hitting her,” said Ranika. “That’s just what little girls do.”

“I dealt with the kids,” she said. “But kids fight. Know that.”

The mother reserved her ire not for the assailants, but for the child her son threatened to kill on Facebook: “She is the one who put my phone number on Facebook. She is the one causing this problem.”


These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
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Just typical blacks.

blank Jonathan Hershey says:

I finally found it. The dumbest website on the internet.

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Says the guy who looks like he has Downs Syndrome with a touch of Autism. With that attitude though, you’ll be the next contestant on The Knockout’s Right. Make sure to let me know when it happens so I’ll toast in your honor when you get put in the ER.

ouch! you would think the trolls would know better than to mess with the White Girl Bleed a Lot posse.

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Wow, looks like I hit someone’s nerve. Sounds like you’ve got one of two conditions: A. the Couch Rambo Syndrome, which will get you no where but will keep you safe, or B. the uncontrollable anger issues which will likely land in a body bag or a buff horney boyfriend for life.

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blank Gordon Ramsay says:

If I was walking by and saw this I would have slapped both those monkey girls and punched that little shit

blank Jack Wilson says:

It’s sad that the mother doesn’t even know how old her son is. I think that illustrates how attentive a parent she is.

blank Sonja says:

I wish I could be shocked at this but I am sadly used to see this kind of atrocity here in Sweden too, black kids think that white kids are sissy, punny , easy preys and they deserve any kind of abuse, I’ve seen horrible things but one simply has to shut up because the law is harsh on those who dare to speak about black on white crime, I feel helpless in my own country, rape of white women is epidemic here in sweden, and neither the gov nor the police care. I wish we had a Swedish Colin Flaherty.

blank rfrey1967 says:

Sonja i wish i was shocked as well, the sad thing is that all the higher ups that insist that blacks need special rights are the cause. Ethnically i don’t have an issue with anyone unless they show me a reason to.Our laws today are written with racial bias intentionally, i could go on and on about that one the only way it will ever change is when we live and write laws that fall under all men and women are created equal

blank Katja says:

One of the other problems is that adults these days have been trained not to “interfere”. For example, one time I was walking past a schoolyard close to my apartment, and there were 4 kids there, and 3 of them – probably 9-11 years old – were beating up on the one who seemed a little younger. I yelled at them, and they seemed so absolutely shocked that they stopped what they were doing, and let the kid they were beating up on go. (I watched to make sure the kid got away.)

One of my coworkers saw a little boy being pummeled in a snowbank while kids were supposed to be outside lining up at another neighborhood school. There were “monitors” out there, but the person seemed to be purposefully not looking in that direction. She’s a tiny person, and stopped her car & got out to chase the bullies away. She later called the school to report the incident to the principal.

Unfortunately, the way society sees this, the two of us are probably just “meddlesome white women” who would be better of letting these black kids sort it out amongst themselves.

blank horedog says:

try that with my little girl god help your black ass. i would hurt you very very bad.that i can assure you

blank Denise says:

This is horrible. It’s not new though. This sort of thing goes on a thousand times a day all across this country. I grew up in a black neighborhood so I know first hand what it’s like. Its not pretty. Whites aren’t aware of this because the media ignore it, and those of us who’ve been aware for a long time have never had a forum in which to talk about it. Until now. Thank you Colin for having the backbone to get this serious issue out in the open.

blank Scott James says:

This is why lynching happened. This behavior is not new and it has never stopped. Whites just allowed jews who hate us to much power in our nations. The jew media does all it can to encourage blacks to kill whites and then the jews ignore it by not reporting it.

Lynchings followed murders and rapes of white people. It looks like it is time to get the ropes.

blank NannyB says:

If I am reading this correctly…YOU are the hater! How dare you blame a religion on hate crimes in America. If the “gimme, gimme” crowd would get an education and get off their butts and work instead of hangin’ out, makin’ babies, grabbing whatever they can from whomever they can and try to locate the fathers of their 10 kids…maybe some stuff would turn around. Just remember….when this government has taken all the “doers and workers” in this country have, you are going to have to get off your arse and go to work or your sorry arse will die from starvation and boredom. Get a life and stop being the problem! You are disgusting and do not deserve the air you breathe. It will soon be the only free thing left in the US if your kind gets their way!!

blank Scott James says:

Jews are an ethnic group and Judaism is their religion. The evidence that what I wrote above is true is legion. Open your eyes. Calling people who tell the truth haters is no longer working. Do you really think US politicians corrupted themselves. It takes a really organized group to corrupt a gov’t like the USA’s. There are 50,000 groups of jews that meet on a regular basis in the USA to push the gov’t in a direction that is good for jews. I would say that is very well organized. Of course if any white people try to organize groups like this they are attacked by non thinkers like you with cries of hater.

BTW the gov’t has never given me a thing. I have worked and paid my own way my whole life. The gov’t only takes from people like me.

blank Morgaine D'Clegg says:

00:06 that little black girl spit on her. You can hear it. The mother has taught them to hate. Ever since this Obama BS, I have noticed absolute hate from some blacks. Not many, because most are really nice people, like all people are…of course not under the stress inflicted by corrupt government. It’s getting a bit edgy for many. But I had a black woman stare at me while I was pumping gas, from inside a Shell station. The look of deep hate, I never felt coming from someone before. I stared back and then smiled. She looked away. I wanted to go in and educate her about “HER” president. And what a sucker she is, because she too will feel the wrath of him and his cronies like the rest of us soon. It also taught me, when the SHTF, expect people, any people that are desperate….could very well be intent on killing me. We need a miracle. This will stick in my mind for a while. I am sickened inside, and so hurt for that little baby. She even tried to diffuse the situation, showing a higher degree of intelligence of the bullies, which is usually the case. Never will she forget this trauma.

blank Jim Whitehead says:

Hopefully this horrid incident will teach her to avoid groids the rest of her life. I’m sure the little thing was traumatized and WHERE WERE HER PARENTS???

thanks …wish i had seen that ..

blank z-man says:

Just another anecdote of a society in collapse…

blank Todd Thomas says:

I guess they dont know Colonel Sanders was white. Oh thats right, he had a dream to but it came true…

blank Todd Thomas says:

The problem is the black people only have been domesticated less than 300 years…

blank Jim Whitehead says:

Obviously they’re not able to be domesticated.

blank Ota kun says:

I’m sure that the word you are looking for is “civilized”, though you are doing nothing more than spouting bullshit regardless.

blank Al Bortz says:

Blacks are just not getting it are they? The parents of these brats should be forced to get an ooferectomy (removal of ovaries) so they can’t spew more vermin upon the earth. We need a method of preventing low lives (white, black, muhamadin, whatever) form procreating. But liberals (mostly blacks and women) will not allow it as they waht to infect the world as it’s out right to have children. I’m sick of the whole liberal movement!

blank douglass davis says:

You people are idiots these are children adn the parents should teach them better. y’all talking about race wars, because of children? Makes you think why are adults thinking on children level with all these race baiting. SMH

blank Jim Whitehead says:

You’ve been living under a rock! Have you not educated yourself about all the black on white violence and murder that is taking place all over the country? It doesn’t suddenly start when they’re 14, dumbass.

time to ignore racial violence is over.

time to obsess on the predators is over.

time to report on the victims is now.

blank Edward Hall says:

Douglass Davis, it’s people like you who keep people like me, keeping S&W stock high.

blank ezekiel22 says:

Children learn from adults so where do you think it comes from? The touchy feel and the no tolerance policies of schools has not dented the problem. Neither has throwing more money at the problem. What is your answer? Children know that adults can’t touch them supposedly and that makes them even bolder. Adults have been using kids to carry drugs and now I would even bet as enforcers. Give us some solutions to work with.

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

Youtube has taken down the videos of this crime. Who owns Youtube?

People are so easily mislead. STOP thinking about the puppets in politics!
Know the puppet masters in order to know the true faces of evil.

Why do people support MSNBC? Who owns NBC? The same network that hires Al Sharpton and gives him credibility? Are people that oblivious? Why support lamestream media that are FULL of patsy, pansy owners and employees?

Support Independent Media sources!

As an added bonus, support the 2nd Amendment, Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground laws, death penalty, Good Samaritan laws, and those that back these!
P.S. Watch your kids!

blank lildebrarae says:

I’m glad the local police are looking into this. But I am livid that CPS isn’t looking into this as well.

The fact is the black children beating this child up learned this behavior from their parents. And their parents need to be held accountable for their actions.

As the parents of these children are filled with so much hatred that they are teaching them to beat up little babies and refusing to ‘stop’ it; I say take these children away from them and give them to a black family who’ll teach them to learn by the dream of MLK Jr instead of the race war of Obama.

And as for the parent of the white child (if it can’t be proven that they were in fact watching their child), should be held accountable as well.

blank Jim Whitehead says:

No one really cares, they just work for the gov.

blank lildebrarae says:

That’s a really sad statement. And it’s ‘true’.

You should post this video on youtube.com and call it:

Many thanks for sharing this video and opening my eyes to the truth!

These Black children should be prosecuted for racism against white. These Black children are nothing less than PURE EVIL and the reason they act like that is not because they are kids, it is because what their racist Black parents taught them!!

blank Jim Whitehead says:

It’s in their genes to be stupid, violent, no impulse control, insidious, vile. I stay just as far away from them as I can. It’s much better in red states.


I read where Oblamer has taken us back 50 years in race relation. I WISH it was like 50 years ago when a ni66er knew he was a ni66er and they stayed in their place or else. I think it’s time to come around full circle.

blank ssohara says:

I am not white or black, my parents are from India. First off, how can any mother defend her children tormenting a younger child? If I had acted that way, my parents would have disciplined me. Parents should be teaching their children not to bully other children – it doesn’t matter what race the child is or what race you are, it’s wrong to bully. That is just a simple matter of what is right and what is wrong.
Second, one shouldn’t generalize. Not all black people act this way, obviously.
Third, where were the parents of that little white girl?? When I was that age my parents would NEVER have left me unsupervised! Even when I was older and playing in front of the house with friends my Mom would be close enough to keep an eye on me, and at three – she would have been right there next to me. Parents who leave a child that age unsupervised like that are idiots. That child could have gotten run over by a car, kidnapped, etc., not just bullied.

blank billhook says:

Did the monkeys at the zoo’s ape house get loose?

blank Lt_Greyman_NVA says:

God. This is what happens when you leave your Children near animals. The animals hoot and puff each other up till one of them strikes a blow. Then another and another. The niglets scattered when the human girl started to cry, knowing it was wrong. Then they came back for more.

The pile on at the end is just evil. The human girl is still trying to relate the the negros as equals, no realizing she is superior. She shows them something. The animals take it, throw it away and then start to beat her.

Never leave you children alone near unleashed animals. Have your niglets spayed or nutered and generally, avoid the groid. Remember, where their is one negro, there is another or two moving up on your six.

blank Luke N says:

Some folks will say, well reverse racism, poverty, liberal policies, etc.

And perhaps that is the problem.

HOWEVER, you see the same fighting going on in Africa. Even in nations that were never colonized. You see this same behavior with blacks in every part of the world.

Even in Sweden, a white man got beat up by black kids who were “bored.”

In Africa, black militants slaughter like animals. All documented in the New York Times and other publications.

Blacks=Violence. All over the world.

Wherever blacks are, you will see violence, poverty, and chaos.

Where was that little girl’s mother?

Where was that little girl’s father?

Where was that little girl’s big brother, the one with the baseball bat?

blank 1proactive2 says:

Those were exactly my questions immediately after watching the shocking and disgusting video. These black kids are savages in training, and with their mother’s defending them, they are also future incarcerated felons. Some will die due to future associations with the street culture.

If that tiny victim was my child I would see to it that the mother of these predators would not be able to bear any more children. If that sounds harsh and hard, so be it. Harm any member of my family, none who have ever broken any laws, and who work for a living, and you will feel the wrath of much greater and shocking proportions.

I hope this video makes the national news along with the mutant parent comments excusing her offspring’s violence toward the most innocent among us. The absence of empathy in the black parent is the embodiment of evil. All other races must take note of this all to common trait among seemingly now a majority of blacks. If this doesn’t warn a white person regarding black violence, nothing will.

blank lildebrarae says:

If I were that child’s parent. I’d report the mom for contributing to the deliquency of a minor. I would also demand that the children be remanded to a proper black family that would teach them to live by the dream of Martin Luther King Jr, instead of the race war against whites being promoted by witches like this evil woman.

I would make this mother’s life (and the life of her brats) a living ‘legal’ hell.

blank Jim Whitehead says:

I’d hire some thug (a black) to beat the shit our of her and her son. I’d also hire someone (a black) to use a paddle and spank the mean black niglet sheboons until they couldn’t sit down for a good long while. Consequenses should follow conduct. BTW, I’d wear an obama mask when I hired them.

blank Edward Hall says:

Where are you going to find a proper black family. The Black churches are condoning this crap. What is the difference between a middle eastern terrorist and a black. The terrorist is smarter.

blank lildebrarae says:

“All” black churches are ‘not’ condoning that crap. All black people are not condoning that crap. I know many blacks who have strong family values, and live by MLK’s dream … and not Obama’s Race War against Whites and Hispanics ‘crap’.

blank Edward Hall says:

GREAT! Good! AWESOME! Now, until I can once again walk the streets, do you have an Idea on the percentages of the “Good” ones. 5% 10% From my side, It sure doesn’t seem like much. Certainly not the churches Trayvon’s family befogged upon. You need to come up with some kinda “Good” Guy outfit.

blank Al says:

Maybe they were watching to scared to help their daughter, cause that would be racist

blank Charlotte Wiggs says:

Yes, because we all know that that little white 3 year old child may not KNOW it, but she is the real racist…in her bones, in her DNA…because over 150 years ago her ancestors might have owned slaves.
And those black kids, who will never for a day take any responsibility for their actions: they are just acting out what it is like to have a culture where 70% of them are born out of wedlock, and into homes where government welfare is the father and husband.
The black community wants to blame this on white people, and are doing a great job, but at some point in the future black people are going to have to take that responsibility.
Blacks are also going to have to take responsibility for the high rate of abortion in their culture, and the misogeny of women. The operative word is responsibility here. There are consequences for actions.

blank Ota kun says:

Most (if not all) of what you are saying is ridiculous. Especially the part about the black community having high abortion rates. According to FACTUAL statistics, Caucasian-Americans are leading in abortion rates (having the most abortions) and are usually high-school aged girls.
African-American women statistically have the second lowest amount of abortions in the United States, with the very least amount being attributed to Asian-Americans.
I find it funny how you can accuse an ethnicity that is only 12% of its country’s population (blacks) of possibly having the most babies out of wedlock AND having the highest abortion rates as well. Which is it, are they having the babies or aborting them? Your false claims are not even logical.
You should also know that the majority of the black community are against abortion, as well as not being able to afford the procedure.