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Brooks Macquarrie does not remember much about the black mob violence that almost killed him one month ago.

Macquarrie was test driving a motor scooter for a shop where he worked as a mechanic. A group of black people approached him as he waited at a downtown New Haven stop light.

When he woke up in the hospital, surrounded by his five children, police thought he might have been hit by a car: Broken ribs. Twenty-one stitches. Fractured eye socket. Broken nose. Head injuries. And lots and lots of blood all over the street.

According to the New Haven Register:

“For his part, MacQuarrie remembers a young man on a bicycle coming at him with an “angry look” in his eye, according to a coworker. He remembers trying to avoid eye contact with the person. He remembers getting hit on the back of the head. After that, he remembers nothing of the incident. MacQuarrie himself has chosen not to speak with the media; he doesn’t want to enflame controversy.

Mcquarrie has not yet returned to work.

Some police still think it might have been a car accident. But they are about the only ones left who do. Besides from local newspaper editors.

But people who work with Macquarrie know differently: “Managers totally discount that police theory that Brooks Macquerrie might have been hit by a car,” says WTNH news. “They say that because there was no damage done to the scooter he was riding.”

Two black people were identified riding away on the scooter.

Car or no car, police and local media are working overtime to convince residents that race had nothing to do with this — or other — black mob violence in the area.

“Our problem is that people have been reporting that this is a race related issue, nothing in our investigation supports that whatsoever,” said David Hartman of the New Haven police department.

Others wonder if the racially charged atmosphere surrounding the acquittal of George Zimmerman the week before had anything to do with the violence. New Haven was the scene of at least three pro-Trayvon rallies.

 “I think people are just speculating. I haven’t heard anything to the fact that it was related to the Trayvon Martin case or anything like that,” Katrina Jones told WTHN. “I just believe it was an isolated case.”

Maybe it was related to Justice for Trayvon. Maybe not.

But it was certainly not isolated: New Haven is the scene of regular and intense episodes of black mob violence directed at non-black people.

new haven

Editors are fond of saying that because no one carried a sign, or uttered racial slurs, or issued a press release, that means there is no evidence the violence is race-related.

But a lot of people in New Haven are starting to wonder why there have been so many recent episodes of black mob violence. And why the newspapers are loathe to cover it in any way — other than to deny it is happening.

Let’s look at a few. They are not hard to find:

One week after the Macquarrie beat down, an elderly New Haven jogger received similar treatment at the hands of a black mob at a local park in an upscale neighborhood.

The New Haven Independent picks up the story:

He had moved to the side to let them pass.

“I heard someone say something about ‘turning around,’” the man recalled. Then he saw one of the teens get off his bike and roll it at him. The rolling bike knocked the jogger down.

He got up. “What is this about?” he remembered telling them. “I don’t have any money.”

Then one of the teens “charged at me and knocked me down” again. Others joined in and punched and kicked him repeatedly for about 20 seconds, he estimated.

“Then they got back up and took off.”

They didn’t check his pockets. They wouldn’t have found a cellphone or any valuables on him if they had.

But they did break his arm. Which is worse that what happened to another jogger in “an eerily similar attack in the same location” July 21. Also worse than what happened to a New Haven “female security officer that was attacked by a group of teens” on her way to work in July.

None of these attacks was listed in the reports police issue to media and neighborhood groups.

Police learned about the attack on the jogger “from a New Haven Independent reader who saw it referenced in the site’s comments section.” Others who post to this web site also claim to be victims of similar violence.

The swarming assault on the jogger happened in the same park where, on July 20, 100 people gathered to protest racial profiling in New Haven in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial.

The jogger does not want to be identified. He is still afraid. Even so, he said he felt lucky. At least he did not get brutalized the way Brooks Macquarrie had two weeks before.

New Haven police may not admit who is responsible for the violence, but they are quite certain about how to stop it: Don’t wear headphones while jogging. And don’t go outside anywhere where violence might happen. Which is pretty much everywhere from the worst to the best neighborhoods in this in this Yale University college town.

At least one resident of New Haven figured it out in the readers’ comments section of the New Haven Register: “If they don’t know what happened, how do they know it is not race related?”

Especially since all the mobs are black. And most of the victims are not.

As much as the newspapers tried to ignore the race of the mobs, readers and witnesses did not. “If young black men stole the guys scooter and beat him up that is horrible enough. But, don’t twist it into something to do with Trayvon Martin,” said the reader. “Another twisted story for race baiting and used to fire up the bigots.”

The reader may have a point: There was plenty of black mob violence in New Haven before the Zimmerman acquittal.

In June, four black men attacked a man with hammer, inflicting serious brain injuries on him.

In January, Matthew Turner told one of his black neighbors that the jack holding up his car was unsafe. He offered to lend him another, but the man underneath the car refused. Instead he asked if he could borrow a screwdriver from Turner.

While Turner went to fetch it, the jack collapsed. The man under the car died.

When Turner went to a memorial service to offer his condolences to the man’s wife, nine of the man’s friends left the service and pursued Turner back to his nearby apartment. They blamed him for the death.

The black mob was caught on video beating him almost to death. After he recovered, he moved to a new neighborhood to escape more death threats.

The assailants stalked him to his new home. He is now in a witness protection program. The New Haven Register said:

“Sources said police did note racial undertones in the case — Turner was white and the assailants black — but ultimately race bias charges were not filed.”

In May of 2012, police responded to a large fight in the New Haven suburb of Vernon where they found a stabbing victim. As officers treated the stabbing victim, “a large crowd had gathered around the officers. The crowd started to become disorderly and quickly became chaotic.”

While police tried to subdue the black mob violence at the scene, the victim was bleeding out and a hospital was just a few blocks away. But the ambulance was 30 minutes away. So they strapped him on the hood of the police car and drove him slowly to the hospital.

Where more black mob violence ensued. Two people were arrested.

Several episodes of black mob violence are connected to New Haven’s most visible institution: Yale University.

In October, two doctors in a Yale residency program were attacked by a black mob of “20 teens.” One of the doctors had his ear sliced off. “The group did not steal anything from him.” But the black mob did steal the phone and purse of his companion, reported the New Haven Independent.

Then they ran off and found another victim, said the New Haven Independent.

“Moments later five to six teens attacked a 32-year-old internist from the same Yale-New Haven program on Chapel near Olive. The teens punched him in the face, then took off running, Hoffman said. Paramedics treated him at the scene for injuries to his mouth. Detectives believe members of the same group of teens committed both acts.”

In December, The Register reported two more Yale students were victims of mob violence. Though the paper does not report that mobs were black. Though readers and other in New Haven do.

The paper also reports that illegal aliens several times have been the victims of this black mob violence. But it often goes unreported because the illegal aliens fear contact with police.

At least one resident noticed: The reporter “has jumped through a lot of hoops to write this story,” said Steve Scott, wrote at the Register web site. “How many black teens targeted the two white Yale students? He doesn’t tell us, but he reminds us that illegal immigrants have it so much worse…and…it was warmer that usual…and beware of the chopper-style bike…and robbery was not a motive. Whoa, covering your pc tracks while trying to write a story that was directly related to race is hard.”

Where more black mob violence ensued. Two people were arrested.

UDATE: Soon after the first draft of this article was completed, two more episodes of black mob violence came to light. In neighboring Hamden, The Patch reports, black men on bikes found another victim: “The 30-year-old victim told police that he was in the area of Dixwell Avenue and Dudley Street when seven or eight men on bicycles approached him, Smith said. They demanded money, Smith said, and when the victim refused, they attacked.”

He was hospitalized with a deep cut.

Two nights before, the same night as the Macquerrie assault, Hamden police responded to a a “large, hostile crowd” of black people at a local night club. They had to call in neighboring police for help in restoring order.

From the plucky Patch:

“As officers approached, a large group of individuals began fighting,” Smith said in a release Monday. “Hamden Police subsequently requested assistance from the New Haven and North Haven Police Departments to help disperse the large hostile crowd. Both departments provided officers, who helped to restore peace.”

As is often the case, we can count on the readers to fill in the blanks:

This “joint” opens about 6-8 x a year and there has not ever been a night w/o trouble requiring a large PD response, gunfire, knives, fighting and injuries maybe the Town should stop issuing permits for these “shows”

Another local said that might not be a good idea: “Then they would get sued for being racists.”

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These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

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