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Plus, want to celebrate Black History Month is a way that will really make the Black Kids Angry? Send a reporter a copy of the book that started it all: Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. Easy to do, just click here:

BlackKidsAngry_Cover_2400x2400My favorite reply to the Allen West review of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry


The day that Col. Allen West published a review of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry on his web site, that site received 1.3 million viewers.


Here’s the review, if you have not seen it yet:   Review of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

Here’s my favorite reader comment. And my reply.

  • I live in Des Moines Iowa area and there has not been any black mob attacks…at least in the 10 years I have lived here. I even looked in crime archives. So either it is a conspiracy to cover it up (like Bigfoot) or this guys research is shoddy.



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      Oh jeez, i love getting letters like this. Because in Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, I document several episodes of black mob violence in Des Moines.

      Including one that led to the death of a father of six.

      And are you seriously telling me you did not ever hear about Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair?

      How about the black mob violence at the annual Asian Festival?

      Why did they fire Lori Lovorato?

      Someone, please, get this dude a copy of Don’t Make the Black kIds Angry.

      Weird how you can write a book about not just black mob violence, but how the press ignores, denies, condones, encourages and even lies about it, and some dude says: I just checked the local press, and there is nothing in there about this!!!

      Ten years ago, clowns like this could get away with that.

      That was before YouTube.

      Not today.

      Too many victims, videos, witnesses, 911 calls, friends, and other demanding the truth.

      And still lots of people in denial.

      Like this clown. Shows how much work we have to do.