New: Top black cop say white Chicago cops are Racist.

March 3, 2014 — Leave a comment

Big racial divide in Chi-town.

This news from the Second City cop blog: Top black cop says white cops are racist.

Second City Cop: What Did Al Say Now?

Racially charged comments at CPD comp-stat meeting….
A black boss stated what about white officers??!!!

What Did the 1st Deputy Chief
(Al Wyzanger) say Now?
From the comments:

1st Deputy Pretty much saying white guys in units or tac teams are racist and only make arrests to keep black people down. He said if the white teams and units went into the white neighborhoods they would finally do the job they are asking them to do which is contact cards and staying on the street for visibility.. But in minority neighborhoods the teams and units continue to defy the orders for only contact cards and visibility and still arrest everybody in the ghetto keeping them in the station and not on the street…

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