New: Three Detroit Homeowners shoot home invaders – in one week!

February 24, 2014 — 1 Comment

Is Detroit Now America’s Safest City?
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Three different Detroit homeowners used guns to defend themselves against intruders in one week –

Is Detroit now America’s safest city?


In the last week, three different Detroit residents have used their guns to fire at home invaders. The toll after seven days: Two dead, one wounded, four arrested and a whole lot of people having to rethink the whole idea that Detroit homeowners are soft targets for hardened criminals

The latest case of lethal self defense happened early Saturday morning.

“Two men broke into a home armed with a tire iron,” reported the ABC affiliate in Detroit.  “The intruders tried to knock out the homeowner, but the homeowner fired back with his gun.  He shot them both and killed one of them, a 21-year-old man.  The other man got away.”

Just a few hours before that, a home invader tried their luck with a woman pulling into her driveway. “A man with a gun appeared out of nowhere.  She dropped her keys on the ground as a distraction and then reached for her own gun and shot and killed him.”
The third case, about a week ago, was captured on video. Three black people stormed a home and found a mother inside with her children — and assault rifle.

“I let them know I had a gun once they were in the house,” the mom told WXYZ News. “They challenged me and said I don’t have a gun. That’s when I shot the first round.”
And that is when the three suspects ran — on video. She missed. Police arrested the three suspects soon after.
The shootings came after years of Detroit building a reputation as one of the most dangerous big cities in America. With its local government in chaos, the police department in turmoil, and residents feeling more and more in danger, the city leaders got at least one thing right:

In June, they hired James Craig to be the new Chief of Police. Craig promised change. And he apparently meant it: He has been telling citizens they need to protect themselves with guns.

Because the police cannot.

The Detroit News warily reported it: “Craig made national news earlier this month after he told The Detroit News he’d changed his mind about the gun issue, and came to the conclusion that armed citizens could dissuade criminals from attacking them — a rarity among urban police chiefs, who generally don’t publicly support citizens’ right to carry firearms.”

Local criticism to the idea was present, but muted: Even the liberals moved out of Detroit long ago.

But in San Francisco, Robyn Thomas, director of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence in San Francisco, however, criticized Craig’s new policy as being dangerous and emotional.

But the only thing heard in Detroit is more calls for more of the same. “I think it is just a matter of the individual homeowners protecting themselves,” said deputy chief Rodney Johnson. “They are finally catching up with the criminals. Enough is enough and they are not going to take it anymore.”

Detroit Mom Repels Home Invaders With “Assault” Rifle – YouTube






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blank Reisling says:

I get the sense that the mom in her house is black, and that the other two victims-turned-victors are also black. The ‘two’ are not pictured or heard from but who here believes that they wouldn’t be in jail right now if they weren’t black? Think about Merrit Landry and that guy that shot Reneesha McBride or whatever her name is. Both white guys defending their homes and both are facing murder raps.

So we see another phase of the race war unfolding. Blacks will be allowed to defend themselves and their homes from the black undertow but whites will be put in prison for doing the same thing.