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Mr. Farah.

I live in Connecticut.  The horrible attack on a white businessman in New Haven was completely ignored by Connecticut media.  He works for, or owns, a “motorsports” business in New Haven.

He was trying out a scooter, sitting at a red light, when he was attacked by a mob of about six or so black men.  He does not remember the attack, but just an angry man walking toward him.  New Haven is a liberal city to the max.

As far as I know, they did not “find” the attackers, despite having found the scooter!  The man is lucky to be alive.  He was given such a head injury, and his photo was online.  If you look up “New Haven scooter attack” you will probably come across it.  Let me know if you don’t.  It was all hush-hushed or ignored in our sickening liberal state.

TV did not really touch it, and the print media, only in the New Haven Independent, or some such tiny newspaper.  This major assault on a white man by a black mob was just swept under the rug.  I mean, it garnished NO attention!

I tried to get the word out, by putting the news of it on multiple sites.  I could not believe there was such a blackout on something so terrible, and it was clearly racial.  It makes me frightened about everyone’s safety.  The media is invested in protecting African Americans.  This is all very disturbing.
I am sure you can find this gentleman.  Please let me know if you can’t find him.  I think I can, or at least his business.  He received many stitches and staples in his head, and had broken bones.  His photo after the attack was upsetting, very sad.  No paper included it, I’m sure.

The media said the police “didn’t know what happened” and “couldn’t come to any conclusions” and so on.  Yeah, right.
Please look into this.
Kate in CT


Hi Kate,
thanks for letting us know.
i did however write a story on this attack. and have mentioned it several times since in other articles about new haven.
here is the link,
is this the kind of story you were hoping someone would write?
colin flaherty




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