New: Bus Driver Under Attack — Racial violence as bad as it gets.

February 27, 2014 — 5 Comments

Bus Driver Under Attack — happens every day.

Amazing how often black on white violence is directed at bus drivers.

And how much is on video. This is as bad as it gets.

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Driving a bus is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Not from the accidents, but from the black mob violence and black on white crime that any bus driver will tell you is an every day part of their lives when they are behind the wheel.

The latest attack came Tuesday in Olympia, Washington. And it is caught on video: all 28 punches to the driver’s face when he was largely defenseless.


The video begins with the driver telling Kiel Duggins to leave the bus because he is harassing passengers and using abusive language toward them. Duggins refuses: “I have the right to hit you in the face,” he said. “And fight to the death.”

The fighting started soon after.  That is what happens when you “hang around these Negro men,” Duggins said. “Your kingdom will fall. In pain.”

Soon after, Duggins left and was arrested two hours later. He sits in jail with a $20,000 bond. The driver sits at home with two black eyes and a broken nose. And a curious number of people in Olumpia who said the driver had it coming:

The bus driver “basically assaulted the black man,” said Frank Goz at a local news site. “That bus driver got what he deserved and I hope the black man gets off his assault charges.”

The following day in New York City, one police officer was shot two times in lower body after a removing a passenger who had refused to pay the fare.  “The bus line is one of several that the police had begun monitoring at the request of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority because of an increase in assaults on bus drivers and other crimes,” said the New York Times.

Earlier this, a New York woman was a bus driver several times — on video —  because she was upset the driver missed her stop. “She started attacking her, it was kind of crazy.”

State legislators proposed in 2012 requiring bus companies to build partitions to prottect the drivers. “Bus drivers are regularly punched, spat upon or otherwise abused by riders,” said the Daily News. “A crazed Brooklyn rider stabbed a bus driver with a syringe.”

There were more than 70 felony attacks on bus drivers that year.

In New Jersey in February, a black man attacked a bus driver. Police intervened and put him off the bus. The man returned and started attacking the driver again. And oh yeah, the man was naked the entire time, much to the entertainment of the other passengers.

In Flint Michigan in January, Police say a Mass Transportation Authority bus driver was punched in the face as part of the so-called “knockout game” that’s gained national attention, says Two black suspects were arrested and a third is being sought. The attack was captured on video.

In Dayton, Ohio earlier this week, three black people attacked, shot and stabbed a bus driver. The bus driver said he heard them talking about playing a version of the Knockout Game called “polar bear hunting.”

This refers to beating up white people.

Only a bible over the bus driver’s heart saved the two bullets from penetrating his chest. Even so, the bus driver was shot in the leg and stabbed in the arm.

In Kenosha, Wis., a black person attacked a bus driver because he did not like the way the bus driver talked to him. The bus driver fought back, but while the fight ensued, the bus rolled into a car — all on video.

The bus driver was fired.Student accused of attacking Kenosha bus driver | Southern Counties – WISN Home

At the end of January, Maquel Morris attacked a Greyhound bus driver and caused a crash that injured dozens of passengers. He was charged with assault after breaking through the barrier that separates passengers from the driver and punching the driver several times.Greyhound bus attack: Inmate Maquel Morris apologizes to dozens injured in crash – Story

From Louisville to Boston, Philadelphia to Orlando, Seattle to St. Louis, dozens of headlines and the videos tell the story: Bus drivers are under almost relentless attack. And the overwhelming number of people doing the attacking are black.

But bus drivers are fighting back. That is also on video. The most famous example came in Cleveland in 2012. When the video picks up, a young black woman is arguing then assaulting a black bus driver.

“You goin’ to jail, now,” he said, stopping the bus and getting out of his seat. As he does, the passenger continues to berate him and drop “N bombs” on him.

That is when the driver clenches his fist, drops it below his his waist, turns his shoulders away from the unruly passenger, then delivers an uppercut that every bus driver in America heard about within a few days.

The Cleveland bus driver lost his job. But gained a reputation  for being a hero for drawing attention to the verbal and physical abuse drivers suffer every day.

“That happens to every bus driver,” said one employee of a public transit company. “I’m surprised we don’t see fight back more often.”

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blank Slappyhappy says:

The bus driver might of known that if he fought back he would be fired, better to go out on disability, and get a early retirement. White bus drivers know their lives are in danger everyday when they are assigned a black bus route. Any white driver with half a brain will want out. I grew up in Southwest Philly in the 1960’s in an area that was one the Nations worst areas in race wars. There has been books written about this area of Philly. Anyhow, why didn’t the other 2 white guys on the bus help the driver. One held the attacker meekly then let go. Why didn’t he clock the attacker. The three of them could have beat the attacker half to death throw him off the bus, destroy the tape and go on their merry way. Where are the bad ass white people that stood together and protected the white neighborhoods.

blank Slappyhappy says:

I have no idea what you’re talking about Jack. The white bus driver is a head over the attacker, he could have kicked the thug in the chest sending him off the bus, anyhow, I guess bus rules won’t allow a bus driver to be a bad ass. I had a close friend who drove a bus in Philly in the 70’s he got the shit beat out of him by blacks. Just about all the white drivers left their SEPTA jobs, replaced by black drivers. My friend made big bucks rightly so in his injured on the job claim. Civil suits should be filed against the bus company by the union for not providing protection to drivers in addition to the workers comp. case.

blank Jack Laurie says:

The bus driver is about 30 years older than the thug, and the thug sucker-punched him…obviously the aging bus driver is not a fighter…and sue the bus company for what? You sound like a stinking Democrat, sue whitey, put them out of business

blank Slappyhappy says:

Why didn’t that white bus driver fight back. The black guy hit like a girl. What is the white race coming too, bunch of pussies. The driver could have beaten the shit out of him and held him for the police. The bus driver wanted to get workers’ compensation and off of that shit job. The driver can thank the black savage for the big buck he’ll get in workers’ compensation.

blank Jack Laurie says:

You’re not fooling anybody about who you are liar! Your time is coming, you’ll get yours!