New: Black mob violence at state fair in Tampa.

February 10, 2014 — 10 Comments

WhiteGirl_wtih_Badge_R14Black mob violence at state fair in Tampa.

Pretty much the same as black mob violence at dozens of other state and county fairs over the last three years.

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As black mob violence goes, the recent racial mayhem at the Florida State Fair in Tampa was not that big of a deal.

Sure hundreds of black people were fighting. On video. Police were attacked. Property destroyed. Fair-goers beaten. Venders assaulted. Cell phones stolen. People jumping fences and refusing to pay for rides. The fair closed early. And most of the the media glossed over most of it.  Despite the fact that officials even said they expected it.

The local daily paper in Tampa carried a story about a Trayvon Martin commemoration rally in Miami — his birthday was over the weekend —  but nothing about the widespread racial violence at the Fair in its own backyard.

Even so, compared to other recent examples of black mob violence and media denial at fairs and carnivals around the country, this Tampa lawlessness was right in the middle of the pack. In Tampa, at least no one was killed. At the fair, anyway.

Let’s look at a few other episodes of racial mayhem at the fairgrounds:

In Hampton, Virginia last May, officials closed the Spring Carnival a week early after five black people were shot, one fatally. This happened after extensive black mob violence at the fair that year — and years before.

In Roanoke, Virginia last year, police turned a county fair into an armed camp after the Drew Expo was forced to close early after it was the scene of black mob violence involving 500 people both in and out of the fair in 2012.  And years before.

In the Detroit area, black mob violence was responsible for closing at least three carnivals in the spring of last year. reported: “Police say more than 100 teenagers — mostly boys — started a fight during the Westland Firefighters Charity Fund Carnival. It happened in a shopping center parking lot where the violence got so out of hand that it spilled over to neighboring businesses.”

Two weeks later in nearby Orchard Lake, hundreds of black people fought and destroyed property during the St. Mary’s Polish Country Fair. “”It seems that every community has the same issue,” said Westland city councilman Bill Johnson. “It’s just not safe.”

In Savannah, Georgia about 15 months ago, eight black people were shot at the Coastal Fair. The shooting took place after several episodes of black mob violence happened at the same time in different parts of the fairgrounds.

Police later arrested six people in connection with the violence — including several for lying to detectives during the investigation. That drew the ire of one mother after local media published the mug shot of her son:

“I wish yall stop showin my son terrance thacker picture an find some more important news to talk about,” said Charlene Thacker-Williams to the web site of local news channel WTOC. “He lied to the police bout his name that’s it. People do that everyday! Its alot of crimes in savannah that has never been talked about like this fair shooting.”

One of victims told police that violence and shooting are a regular and predicable part of the Coastal Fair.

In Rochester at last year’s Lilac Festival, four people were stabbed and 20 people were arrested in or around the festival that has become an annual center of regular and frequent and intense black mob violence. Some on video.

According to local ABC affiliate WHAM 13, this has been going on in Rochester for a long time in several different parts of the city. In 2011, at a city-sponsored Rib Festival one week after the Lilac Festival, more than 200 black people showed up, ate, rioted, and then left. Thirteen people were arrested, all black. One for assaulting a police officer.

In Northern New Jersey,  a mob of 150 black people showed up at a firefighter’s carnival, creating violence and mayhem. Police from several neighboring areas had to be called into to subdue the crowd after people refused to stop fighting. That was in 2012.

In 2011, a group of 150 black people rampaged through the artsy Coventry Fair outside of Cleveland. The entire riot is captured on Twitter and reproduced in the White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.

The State Fair that probably received the most attention for racial violence was the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee in 2011. Hundreds of black people roamed in and out of the fairgrounds, beating up white people at will. Which was not too much different that what 50-100 black people did just three weeks before when they looted a Milwaukee convenience store, then, two blocks away, assaulted several people on an Independence Day holiday picnic.

“White Girl Bleed a Lot,” said one of the attackers, standing and laughing over her victim.

Milwaukee is also the site of frequent and intense black mob violence at the Juneteenth festivals, local malls and even St. Patrick’s day parades.

The local newspapers and  TV news rarely identify the culprits by race. But this time, the people on the 911 calls did it for them.  Here are a few of the recorded Wisconsin State Fair 911 calls.  Insert your own panic and anger:

“We’re outside State Fair and there’s a white guy getting beaten up by about 100 black people,” said one caller.

“My mom just got attacked by a black mob, and her eye is, like, bleeding,” said another.

“My wife comes home with a fricking black eye, and you guys ain’t doin’ (expletive) about it?,” said yet another.

Listen to the rest here: Wisconsin State Fair 911 calls.

Some people confuse the Wisconsin violence with the Iowa State Fair, which happened a few weeks earlier. That was the scene of the now infamous “Beat Whitey Night.”  Black mobs beat and robbed dozens of patrons for three nights in a row. They also attacked police.

When reporters asked police spokeswoman Lori Lavorato if the attackers were black and victims were white, she told the truth and said they were. Soon after, she was fired, i.e., sent down to traffic division for telling the truth about black mob violence in Iowa.

She has since left the department for a career in real estate.

And don’t forget Baltimore in 2011: Few carnivals have such a detailed video of the chaos of black mob violence on a midway.

And dozens of cities around the country have cancelled their annual Fourth of July Fireworks show for the same reason: Black mob violence.

Now that we have the context, let’s get to the Florida State Fair over the weekend. Like most of the above examples, the local media in Tampa reported the violence piecemeal: Some said it was just a few teens fighting. Others reported the violence in greater detail: hundreds of teens attacking police, fair-goers and workers. But absent one fact: The central organizing feature of the crowd committing the mayhem. They were black.

Many people who attended the fair noticed the omission, and thought it important enough to let others know too:

“The article failed to mention all the facts: Black males were the ones starting and committing the crimes,” said Annie Penn at the message board of the local ABC affiliate in response to it story. “I was there!”

Another fair-goer filled in a few more blanks for the ABC story:

“This is a lie,” said Jamie Piaskowski about the sanitized version of the story. “I was there in the midst of it all. The carnies had to move tables to protect their vendor trailers and people. There was more than a few kids. This was a few hundred kids in a mob mentality. It was a very dangerous situation. It makes me sick to see the news and the police whitewash this.”

It started out with free tickets for students day last Friday. By Friday night,  assaults and property damage were breaking out all over the fairgrounds.

David Donohue contacted WTSP news after he saw the other news reports because he wanted people to know what really happened was more than just a few fights. “We were standing in front of a ride when all of a sudden a rush came by and I got knocked up against a booth,” Donohue said.

His two children described how they were punched in the face, pushed down, and stepped on. “They trampled me,” said Mason Donohue, “then another guy came and stomped on my chest.”

Sheriff deputies ejected 99 people for fighting. One deputy was trying to break up a fight when the crowd turned on him. “Several juveniles jumped on him,” the police spokesman told WTSP. “They were stealing candy apples from concession stands and throwing them at our deputies.”

Three hours after the 99 “teens” were kicked out, one of the them was killed trying to cross a nearby interstate freeway. And now, we learn from the Sheriff’s Department, that violence at the fair is something they expect because it happens so much.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that the person who died was “Andrew Joseph III, one of 99 people ejected that day, which is not uncommon on the first Friday of the fair,” said Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Debbie Carter. “There are usually a lot of young high school kids that start fights with each other and cause problems.”

This is the first time at the Florida State Fair that officials have ever said violence was a regular problem they could predict.

Black mob violence at carnivals and fairs.

Trouble breaks out at Florida State Fair – FOX 13 News

Fair shuts down early after fights break out | Video |

The Florida State Fair shuts down early Friday night because of teens fighting

Riverview teen killed crossing Interstate 4 was kicked out of Florida State Fair | Tampa Bay Times


Let’s not forget Baltimore:

These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Get it here:


White Girl Bleed a Lot -- Knockout Game edition

White Girl Bleed a Lot — Knockout Game edition

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blank Gregory Butler says:

It’s been this way for decades…where ever blacks congregate they take aggressive behavior and either Loot, rob, attack, destroy, disrespect, etc…in the Tampa Bay area we’ve seen 2 shopping malls closed due to black mobs criminal involvement…seems like they’re a pack of animals hunting prey…and the media here doesn’t want to get on the bad side of NAACP…or Jessie Jackson…or Al (not so) Sharpton…I’m so tired of blacks complaining about how they’re being treated…look at the facts…they are behaving like animals…and don’t like it when they are profiled by reasonable people when they act out of control…no wonder the prison’s are filled to capacity with Negros….and I’m sure the family of the boy that got hit trying to cross the Interstate after being ejected from the Fair will sue the Fair…it won’t be long and yet another BLACK OUT Shut Down will occur…no more State fair….it’s funny though…the Negro’s don’t go to the Plant City Strawberry Festival…too many Rednecks…they would be out numbered and most likely get their asses beat….we know how to keep the home boys in line in Plant City….teehee…throw some KFC Popcorn Chicken on the ground and lead them out of the fair…lol

blank Aimee Charbeneau says:

This is not new. About 25 years ago when I was a teenager. A black mob stated fighting anybody white at a small fair at Notre Dame H.S.

I saw the first punch. Some black guys were tainting a white guy that was in line at a game booth. The black guy sucker punched the white guy who fought back, but was quickly outnumbered. My friends and I scattered and ran for the exits away from the fight.

As I ran down the Midway hand in hand with a boy who was a friend, some random black girl running towards the fight punched me. I never broke stride. Peaceman, my friend, and I hooked to our right and pulled up the fence to squirm out. That’s when the gunshots started.

My boyfriend, who was MUCH faster than us, pulled up in his car just as we crawled out. Blacks were blocking the entrance and fighting police near where we escaped.

I used to like to go to the Florida state fair for my birthday. Not so much any more. I’m glad my mom and i didn’t go this year.

No, the media didn’t say squat about a riot until today. They talked about the boy who tried to cross I-4 and was run down. The media said he’d been ejected from the fair, but not why. The dad kept saying his son was innocent and did nothing wrong. I couldn’t figure out why. Now knowing about the riot, his speech makes more sense.

blank JTTRI says:

Savage Feral Kneegrows, arm yourselves white people.

blank stombut says:

Of course in yet another instance of not commenting that they were black. Nice at least one of them turned into a speed bump.

blank Xscilune says:

If you notice the wording I won’t be surprised if they try to sue the Fair like it’s their fault for not babysitting the little bastard!

blank M M says:

You can’t even take your children to the fair for a good time without thugs ruining it.

blank Nunyabusiness says:

I may get my ass beat, but there will certainly be 8-10 dead animals in the process.

Which is why I carry everywhere. Make my day….

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

DAMN! Those pesky Amish & Asians are at it again!

They ruin everything!

blank Craig Tarter says:

Tank you for noticing that. I’ve worked with both Amish and Asians, and they’re on time so consistently that before all was said and done I liked them.