New: Black Mob Violence at Black Universities.

October 27, 2013 — 3 Comments


New: Black Mob Violence at Black Universities.

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For the second time this month, homecoming festivities at a black college have been marred by large scale mob violence and rioting.

The latest episode began Friday, when a large group of people tried to “bum rush” a homecoming hip hop concert at Howard University in Washington, D.C., one of America’s oldest and largest black educational institutions.

Nine people were taken to area hospitals, including two police officers, with injuries including a broken leg.

The annual concert is usually free. But this year, Howard charged $5 to see performances from one of the top names in hip hop, 2Chainz.

Many students resented having to pay. They took to local news stations and the internet to say so. The ABC news affiliate picked up the story:

There were sirens, fire alarms, and a mass of people running from Howard’s iconic yard, frightening images for a university steeped in tradition.

But Homecoming turned into a melee on Friday afternoon as a crush of attendees tried to get into the much-anticipated YardFest.

“We’re all upset about having to pay,” says Savannah Bowen.

They were also upset the concert was sold out, leaving many people outside the gates, wanting to get in. Including some with tickets.

After waiting 20 minutes, said one student, they decided they were probably not going to get in — so they started climbing over a fence while people inside who paid took videos with their smart phones.

“They runnin. They hopping the fences,” said one student on video he posted Instagram. “Niggas can’t pay $5 for shit. Guess y’all want to go to the club tonite.”Video by thekid_kinglou

Police wrestled several students to the ground who tried to sneak in. Then came the stampede: People getting trampled. The concert suspended.

All the while hip hop star 2Chainz performed. Though he did not do his most famous song: Start a Riot.

The concert resumed 90 minutes later, with performances mostly about drugs and violence and murder. This is about the tamest lyric from one of the scheduled performers, A$AP Ferg: “run up on a killer then I put him in the dirt.”

The concert was cut short before A$AP Ferg and other headliners performed.

Police have not released any further information on number of people arrested or the condition of those injured.

The violence is part of an epidemic of black mob violence documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

Two weeks prior to the Howard riots, 200 black students at Virginia State University, a black college, rampaged through campus, fighting and destroying property. Also during homecoming.

One student was stabbed. One student was arrested. Officials locked down the campus for 12 hours. One student said the stabbing “was just an isolated incident that usually doesn’t happen.”


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blank oldman67 says:

Rev, Wayne Perryman whose credentials are many is black and has done research from 1832 to 2002 on Black history under the Democratic Party, their enforcers, the KKK and this book is not one sided because he lays it all on the line. Republicans are exempt from his research. This book is for blacks and whites alike because before a nation can heal it has to know the root cause of the sickness. Racism is a sickness, no matter the race.

blank oldman67 says:

Just received the Book UNFOUNDED LOYALTY; AN IN DEPTH LOOK into THE BLIND LOVE AFFAIR BETWEEN BLACKS and DEMOCRATS by WAYNE PERRYMAN. Hopefully, i will be better able as to why they would vote for a president who had ties to Marxist, socialist,communist, former terrorist and the Muslim Brotherhood. After what the Democrats did to their ancestors i find it impossible to understand black voters in general. The only reason i can come up with is because of the many benefits they receive from some of the government,s 80 socialist programs. Political ignorance has become a huge problem in America today. Blacks are directing their violence at the wrong people although violence only makes situations worse.

blank gahanson says:

Anywhere there are blacks, even small numbers of blacks, the danger level increases. How many MLK day festivities have included gang shootings, and other violence? Black Spring Break always includes a dose of mayhem, and has for many years. The fact that this is now happening at black colleges should come as no surprise.

“They runnin. They hopping the fences,” said one student on video he posted Instagram. “Niggas can’t pay $5 for shit. Guess y’all want to go to the club tonite.”Video by thekid_kinglou

Those few lines show you level of education and intelligence at these black “colleges.” Sounds like an ad for the United Negro Carnage Fund.