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December 9, 2013 — 22 Comments
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Exclusive: Joseph Farah applauds ‘journalist-hero’
for defying conventional wisdom

A black mob in Philadelphia, Pa.
Journalist Colin Flaherty recognized the trend long before anyone else in America – before the corporate media, before me, before Matt Drudge.

He began tracking a noticeable and undeniable upswing in black-on-non-black racist violence – either in mob form or via what has become known as “the knockout game,” in which perpetrators took at least one unprovoked punch at an unsuspecting and innocent victim.

blankTwo years ago, Flaherty’s work got my attention. He had self-published a remarkable book called “White Girl Bleed A Lot” about this phenomenon. WND enlisted Flaherty to chronicle these attacks for publication and made arrangements to re-publish a vastly updated, bestselling edition of the book – one that would allow readers to see, with their own eyes, hundreds of attacks actually caught on video by perpetrators or bystanders.Both the book and e-book allow readers to see these attacks on video via QR codes that can be swiped by a smart phone or actual e-book hotlinks direct to YouTube clips.

Others began to take notice of Flaherty’s work for WND.

Predictably, in this age of political correctness, many denounced simply reporting racist violence as inherently racist itself.

Other more thoughtful people, like the brilliant academician and pundit Thomas Sowell, commended Flaherty and the effort to expose this ugly trend to the attention of the public, law enforcement and local, state and federal government officials. Sowell has devoted at least three columns to the disturbing movement as well as having provided a cover endorsement for “White Girl Bleed A Lot.”

Because of this hard work, almost everyone knows about racially motivated black mob violence against non-blacks in cities and even suburbs across America.

Some, like the New York Times and state-run NPR, however, are still in denial – labeling it essentially “no big deal.”


Despite the recognition of the story by many other media outlets, precious few have credited either Flaherty or WND for the relentless, heavily criticized reporting that broke through the long news blackout that allowed this unprovoked racial violence to go virtually unnoticed for two years.

Black mobs routinely terrorize cities across the country, but the media and government are silent. Read the detailed account of rampant racial crime in “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”

blankSo allow me to say what almost no one else has been willing to say: Colin Flaherty is a journalist-hero for defying the conventional wisdom and braving the critics in with his insight and persistence. Behind him now for the last two years – and continuing until this phenomenon ends as a result of a public outcry of zero tolerance – is the WND team.

By WND team, I don’t just mean the staff. I mean millions of WND visitors.

As Colin Flaherty himself has written, he has been getting help from you – from readers of his reports. This is the way to ensure the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” crowd awakens from its convenient state of denial and stops rationalizing inexcusable acts of violence and terror.

For heaven’s sake, when even Al Sharpton begins denouncing this stuff, you know that shining the light of day on evil is necessary to course correction.

What’s next?

We need law-enforcement officials from coast to coast to label what’s happening as a national social crisis.

You might think the first black president would use his bully pulpit to denounce what’s happening, but I, for one, will not hold my breath. It’s unlikely his disgrace of an attorney general, Eric Holder, will ever acknowledge what’s happening on his watch, either.

We also need victims to tell their stories. If you have been victimized by racial mob violence or the so-called “knock-out game,” you have an eager and willing advocate here at WND. Let us know the details of what you have experienced so we can continue to raise awareness of the way racist violence is rearing its ugly head in America, again.

What’s the danger of not pursuing this epidemic of social pathology?

The danger is obvious and even more frightening – the provocation of something resembling a race war.

There’s only one way to prevent such a cycle of violence from getting started – to expose the truth of what’s happening, punish it to the full extent of the law and, thus, make it socially unacceptable to take part in it.

Black mobs routinely terrorize cities across the country, but the media and government are silent. Read the detailed account of rampant racial crime in “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”

Joseph Farah
Editor and Chief Executive Officer

See a trailer for “White Girl Bleed a Lot”:



The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS: Confronting the Subculture Within the African-American Community” boldly confronts the dysfunctional and criminal subculture (along with its liberal apologists) within the African-American community. This race-realist endeavor exposes many inconvenient truths and has become a catalyst for candid conversation about race, values and criminality.

“This book is a plea for civility. A plea for authenticity. A plea to recognize a racial problem that is destroying a large chunk of the fabric of America life.” – Colin Flaherty, author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot

blankFlooded with statistics, original headlines, pictures and other evidence, “The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS: Confronting the Subculture Within the African-American Community” isn’t simply an anecdotal tale highlighting an intraracial culture clash … it’s a war report, and America is being detrimentally impacted.

“Starkes’ concern is very real. He sees what’s happening within the black community and is speaking out to wake other blacks up. People like Starkes are too often attacked mercilessly for deigning to go against the black establishment.” – Dr. Fred DeRuvo, author, lecturer, biblical scholar

Read more about The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS: Confronting the Subculture Within the African-American Community.

‘If I Had a Son:’ The real Trayvon story

blank“This isn’t over with, and I think that’s good,” Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid told NBC’s “Meet the Press” the day after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

By “not over with,” Reid meant that Eric Holder’s Justice Department would continue to pursue Zimmerman despite his having been cleared more than a year earlier by the FBI and having been acquitted by a jury.

Why do democrats want to convict Zimmerman so bad?

But now the story behind the story that troubled the nation is coming out.

“If I Had a Son: Race, Guns, and the Railroading of George Zimmerman,” by investigative reporter Jack Cashill is available autographed, only at the WND Superstore.


Click here to get your copy autographed, only at the WND Superstore.

A careful investigator and an astute observer of the American scene, Cashill walks the reader through the evidence that inspired the six-woman jury to acquit Zimmerman of murder in the second degree.

More provocatively, “If I Had A Son” addresses the political and cultural dynamics that empowered the state of Florida to arrest Zimmerman in the first place. As Cashill points out, it was the first time in the history of American jurisprudence that a state, the Department of Justice, the media, the entertainment industry, the vestiges of the civil rights movement and the White House conspired to send an innocent man to prison for the rest of his life.

The controversial case that has transfixed the nation shows no sign of disappearing from the public discourse anytime soon, either.

Trayvon Martin was a focal point of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington recently. Martin Luther King Jr.’s son, Martin Luther King III, declared to the crowd gathered to honor the historic march: “However, sadly, the tears of Trayvon Martin’s mother and father remind us that, far too frequently, the color of one’s skin remains a license to profile, to arrest and to even murder with no regard for the content of one’s character.”

Meanwhile, acts of black-on-white violence continue to far outweigh white-on-black incidents.

Cashill covered the growing tide of violence in his most recent column for WND, accusing the media and the Obama administration of inciting further violence, such as the the recent high-profile murder in Oklahoma of Australian baseball player Chris Lane by two black youths.

“If the president had called attention to the fractures in Martin’s domestic life, his suppressed criminal record, his all but unseen descent into drugs and violence, and especially his reckless attack on Zimmerman, Obama might have lent a dollop of moral seriousness to his remarks,” Cashill wrote last week.

“But he did not. Like [Colin] Powell, he encouraged his listeners to think that their anger was justified, and too many of them appear to be taking that anger out on the most vulnerable white or Hispanic or ‘white Hispanic’ within reach,” he wrote.

Cashill, who has a Ph.D. in American studies from Purdue University, has written seven previous works of non-fiction, most recently “Popes & Bankers” for Thomas Nelson and “Deconstructing Obama” for Simon & Schuster.

The ebook edition of “If I Had a Son” now is available.

Click here to get your copy of “If I Had a Son” autographed, only at the WND Superstore..

See Cashill’s comments on his investigation of the Martin case:

First video:


Second video:


Third video:


blankNegrophilia: From the Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession 

Also available as a WND Digital Edition!
Click here. 

In 2008, Americans elected Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th president of the United States. Because he was a black man, of course, this was heralded as a monumentally historic event – the first black president in a country that was segregated a scant 50 years ago. It was a historic event, whether or not one subscribes to theories of underhanded race politics, the evils of affirmative action and the cult of victimization in which many hold that black people still live.

Yet, many were distressed by Obama’s election. Little was known about the man and his likely policies despite two published memoirs; his political history – and close circle of influence – evidenced the most far left liberal tendencies. Nevertheless, he campaigned as a centrist. But his appeal also appeared clearly in black and white.

Negrophilia” studies the undue and inordinate affinity for blacks (as opposed to antipathy toward them) that has been promoted by activists, politicians and the establishment press for the past 40 years and which has fostered an erroneous perception of blacks, particularly in America. The book dissects the dynamic of race relations and race politics, with an emphasis on the time since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, how these are likely to develop given a Barack Obama presidency and how conscientious Americans may discern the deeper truths of these matters and thus develop healthier perceptions.

Read more about “Negrophilia.” 



Buy “Black Yellowdogs (Autographed) (Paperback)” exclusively at the WND Superstore before its scheduled release September 10, 2013.

The most dangerous citizen is not armed but uninformed.

It has often been said, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” Not true. Ignorance is deadly.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Forty acres and a mule”? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Did you know the KKK lynched over a thousand white people? Do you know why? Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic?

Did you know that most blacks DO NOT support Affirmative Action? Who speaks for African-Americans? Do Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and others really speak for black America? Who elected these “civil rights leaders”?

If you have ever considered, even briefly, any one of these questions, or others in the area of race relations, then you need your own copy of “Black Yellowdogs.” (What does “black yellowdogs” mean, anyway?)

Learn more about “Black Yellowdogs” here. 

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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

Whitey is not racist. Dumbasses are just still mad about getting stuck in the Ica Age for 50,000 years. Lol, what scum

blank WhiskeyJunkie says:

It’s absolutely hilarious that educated, credentialed, and conservative individuals like Thomas Sowell, Taleeb Starkes, and the rest of their contemporaries, could’nt bring the severe case of black dysfunction to forefront of American dialogue.

It was non-blacks once again through Farah & Flaherty ! LMAO! And of course, the solutions will dealt out by non-blacks – because, as we well know, black run communities around the world are THE very epitome of foresight, humanity, law & order, civility, efficiency, and efficacy.

That’s a True D, G! Word up!

blank libertarian1234 says:

Well, we’re ALL glad that Colin came on the scene. Numerous posts from people fed up with the current situation have been calling for someone in the mainstream news media to step forward and tell it like it is in a straight, objective reportorial manner.

That guy arrived.

And we owe a debt of gratitude to Joseph Farah for seeing the need for a spotlight on the issue of black crime and violence and bringing Colin onboard.

Joseph Farah is not only an excellent journalist, he’s a very shrewd and capable business man who not only brought WND back from vicious left-wing attacks via the IRS, he has made the news site one of the most popular on the web, with every indication of growing in readership.

Thanks to both of you.


blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

You should at least wait an hour b4 replying to yourself, LoL

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

You are either Colin or his gay friend. Fess up, Homer.

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

What the M’ther F’ther are you after whitey? That Humans are racist? That Mother Nature programmed Humans with this “Fight or Flight” software program to protect us?

Cracker needs to go take some psych classes and get a CLUE.

blank Elmer Fudd says:

Gwolly, you mean racism is not a binary value. No true or false answer? Just how much of an Wasshole you are?

blank libertarian1234 says:

“What the M’ther F’ther are you after whitey? That Humans are racist? That Mother Nature programmed Humans with this “Fight or Flight” software program to protect us?

“Cracker needs to go take some psych classes and get a CLUE.”

I would say you need to take some remedial courses yourself, but since you’re black with low intelligence it wouldn’t do you any good.

You’re an excellent example that affirmative action is an absolute failure.
You get AA in entry, grading and certification, but it does no good if you don’t really understand the course material and you don’t have the necessary average intelligence to comprehend very much.

Average black group I.Q. is 85, which is the lowest of all the races in the US, and is close to mental retardation, as a group.

And it is this same low I.Q. AND black arrogance that makes you think of yourself as exceptional. Kind of like an idiot who is so clueless, and without any ability to understand anything in abstract terms, he grins and thinks he’s a rocket scientist if he makes a childish assertion, while the whole world laughs behind his back.

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

Abstract thinking? Homer, I’m an expert Object Oriented Software programmng. I used to teach this crap. I was doing abstract thinking during the Reagan admin.

You are beyond Stoopid, Cracker. Now, tell me what Trailer Park IQ you come from? Tell me how Capitalism works. Tell me how the Stock Market works. Pathetic white trash scum

blank laura r says:

richard – look@it this way: if hunrads of vids are propaganda, the “actors” got paid well for thier jobs. it’s not everyday that so many people get the chance to make an appearence. i tune into worldhiphop & show time begins! youtube has some cool vids too, directed, produced, & acted by an all afro american cast. possibly they are shedding a bad light on their race, by continuing this action seris. maybe you should a talk w/them?

blank Lala3 says:

Who invented that? Black people? Just saying…lol

blank libertarian1234 says:

“I’m an expert Object Oriented Software programmng.”


Yes, you come across exactly like a high tech professional, especially the clear, concise way you express yourself.

How could anybody doubt you?

blank Antoine says:

You heard me? When I said I would fist your mothers rectum? I would do it in front of you while you held my coat.

blank libertarian1234 says:

In other words you would commit the same vile acts that thousands upon thousands of other blacks have done to whites, because you’re evil and filled with hatred, eh?

Black on white atrocities occur by the thousands every year. Some are just as vile as you threaten to be.

And they are your heroes.

Two of them were the Carr brothers who kidnapped two white guys and three women. They forced their hostages to strip naked, bound and detained them, and subjected them to various forms of sexual humiliation, including rape and oral sex.

They also forced the men to engage in sexual acts with the women, and the women with each other. They then drove the victims to ATMs to empty their bank accounts, before finally bringing them to a snowy deserted soccer complex on the outskirts of town and shooting them execution-style in the backs of their heads, leaving them for dead.

One of the victims pleaded, “Please, sir, we won’t tell anybody,” before he was shot. Then all of them were run over by one of the victim’s truck, mangling the bodies.

One of the women miraculously survived. Bloody, weak, staggering and barely able to walk, she stumbled to the nearest house she could find begging for help.

The incident is kown as the “Wichita Massacre.”
And here’s another brief mention of your like-minded comrades doing the same as you would do. It will make you very happy to learn of it, I’m sure.

So, I’ll tell you about it.

Remember recently when the black Panthers encouraged blacks to kill all the crackers and their “blond-haired, blue-eyed babies” and not long afterward two blacks approached a woman and a little blond-haired baby boy in his stroller and shot the baby directly in his face?

Did you laugh and give each other “high fives” when you heard about it?

I can relate thousands of these kinds of black on white vicious attacks, because they happen so often and are so numerous, because there are millions of black miscreants who have been fighting a one-sided war of hate against the white population.

I have no doubt you would commit unspeakable acts against my mother as you threatened to do. No doubt at all. Because it’s very common for blacks to do things like that, and they’re filled with vicious hate.

But god have pity on your worthless demonic soul if I ever got my hands on you.

You’re the epitome of evil and the evil demons from Hell should be stopped by any means necessary.

blank Antoine says:

Zzzzzzzzz….are you done?

blank libertarian1234 says:

Black on white atrocities are such a delight to you you fall asleep when reading about them.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that white bloodshed and anti-white, black atrocities are so mundane to you it’s difficult to regard them as anything other than something boring, because you engage in so much of it and/or you delight in hearing stories from your homeys about them. It’s all just a form of entertainment that is often enjoyed whenever the opportunity arises..

And the stories are filled with laughter and high fives, as you describe the look on a white person’s face, who has been surrounded and beaten to the ground, when you pull back your foot then kick him squarely in the face, and blood comes pouring from his mouth and nose. How delightful that is to all of your soulless “brothers and sisters.”

One of your female homeys was delighted like that. After a black mob beat down of a small group of white people……for no reason other than they were white….. as a girl lay on the ground with blood gushing from her face….. your female homey remarked with laughter that “White Girl Bleed A Lot,” amid squeals of laughter and delight from the black demons surrounding her.

It was a fun day for all of you.

When will we hear of the next attack? Are any in the planning stages right now?

Will the next victim be a small helpless baby in his stroller, or will it be an elderly man or woman?

And is the plan to beat them to death or just shoot them in the face, as was done to the baby?

Or will it be a disabled person, like the Hispanic man who was set upon with blows raining down on him, driving his head through a steel picket fence where it became solidly wedged and where he was found dead by the police?

The demonic beasts will be set loose from Hell every day.

But we won’t be able to know the extent of their atrocities until after the victims are found lying dead in their own blood or beaten so badly they’re unrecognizable and need extensive corrective surgery, and some of them will have brain damage.

The only thing we can know for sure is that the victims will be white 99% of the time.

And you and your homeys will be filled with unrestrained glee.

blank Antoine says:

What a bore you are. I have contempt for all. You’re at the top of the list. Hang yourself

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

So you are whining about black on white crime? Like crackers like you didn’t train them to hate turds like you.

Duhhh, I can’t figure out this racism, because I’m a stupid American. Duhhhhhhh.

blank laura r says:

why would you talk w/sociopaths? i can understand communicating w/an intelligent blk person who may disagree. but you are talking to a “fringe” population. why bother, we have other work to do.

blank RichardIsGod, In the says:

Dumbasses like you don’t even know what runs the Internet. Linux runs your servers, MySQL stores all your witty comments, Apache serves your porno web pages.

It’s all software that’s free, Homer. Developed by Karl Marx’s Theory. Now, does God have to give you white boys a lesson on capitalism?

blank laura r says:

this may be one of the reasons i may not be believe in democracy. how can someone w/an 85 IQ be allowed to vote? drive an auto? it is ovious they can use a computer, which is strange- because i cant!