Liberal take down of White Girl Bleed a Lot. Again.

October 13, 2013 — 53 Comments

I wish the liberals would make up their minds.

Here is what they ALWAYS say about  the racial violence documented in the book White Girl Bleed a Lot:

1) It is not happening.

2) Here is why it is happening.

Salon did it. Then CNN. Then MSNBC. The former head of a state-wide NAACP did it on my radio show. Now comes Casey Seiler, a reporter at the Albany Times-Union. Seiler does not approve of a recent  FrontPage story about black mob violence in Schenectady. He says “the riot has no color.”

Mr. Seiler accuses me of forgetting what is causing all this black mob violence.

You remember, the violence that does not exist.

Seiler: When the riot has no color – Times Union

Seiler insists White Girl Bleed a Lot ignores the “tangled sociological reasons for those statistics, such as the economic and cultural aftereffects of hundreds of years of white racism.”

It’s nice catching liberals in unguarded moments. In between name calling, that is.

What touched off Seiler’s ire was a recent episode in a Schenectady movie theater, documented in The local paper picks up what happened to a father and his two daughters. The group of black people

ran up and down the aisle yelling and banging a plastic garbage can near the entrance to the theater.

As the credits rolled at the end of the movie, one of the young men accosted the victim from behind, punching him in the head, District Attorney William Sanderson said. A second male did the same thing, he said.

After the second punch, the man stood and blocked the third punch before the whole group attacked him, the prosecutor said.

They knocked the man to the ground, repeatedly punched and kicked him and dragged him on his knees, Sanderson said.

When one of the victim’s 15-year-old twin daughters tried to help her father, she also was hit. One of the assailants ran off with her cellphone.

It’s unclear how long the assault lasted, but no one inside the theater tried to help the victim.

All of the 8 alleged assailants were black. Seiler says I could not possibly know that because two of the people arrested are juveniles and the court records are sealed.

I know that from the same people who told me about the incident in the first place: People who belong to Schenectady area law enforcement agencies. The same people who said a hell of a lot more than 8 black people were involved in that beating.

There were witnesses to this assault — and other episodes of racial violence in Shenectady. They write about it in Schenectady web sites. They wrote me emails. I also talked to them.

It’s called reporting. The same skills that allowed me to show how a black man accused of trying to kill his white girl friend was unjustly convicted. His name was Kelvin Wiley. That story got out him out of prison and was featured on NPR, the Los Angeles Times, Court TV and about a gajillion other places.

And, by the way, Mr. Seiler, the father and two daughters who were beat in the movie theater are not OK. Thanks for not asking.

Mr. Seiler says I ignore white mob violence, and he produces an example of it from two years ago. He obviously missed my story on the (disappointingly tepid) white riot from a few weeks ago.It’s happened! An all-white riot

White Girl Bleed a Lot documents more than 500 examples of recent black mob violence. And Mr. Seiler wants to dismiss it with two example of some unruly teenagers. They were probably just  “just blowing off some steam.” That’s what a community activist told a Temple University medical journal about black mob violence in Philadelphia.

The issue is not whether black mob violence exists. But whether it exists exponentially out of proportion.

Let’s check it: I’ll see those two white riots from the last few  years, and raise you dozens of examples of black mob violence and black on white crime from over the last few months. Some fatal. Some on video.

In San Leandro, California in September, a black man punched the manager of a Safeway store in the face. He’s in critical condition. On video.


 From San Leandro, September 2013. The Knockout Game.

good comments San Leandro police searching for man who punched Safeway store manager |

Mr. Seiler may not be aware of the Knockout Game. And how this version of black on white violence happens all over country. Sometimes in mobs. Sometimes not. Sometimes fatal. Sometimes not. A St. Louis judge recently said one man in that town alone is responsible for 300 such attacks. Some on video.

A  viewer at the ABC affiliate in San Francisco filled in nicely for Mr. Seiler. He said the beating was justified because the store manager was a racist:

“Maybe just maybe he didn’t take to kindly to being racially profiled and hmm hit the manager. If you have never been racially profiled you don’t know how you would react.”

Thanks for making that up.

If that reader ever wants to go into the newspaper racket, I predict a long and glorious future for him, as long as he does not mind being a mouthpiece for liberal politicians in east coast state capitals.


In Denver, five black men were captured in September on video beating and kicking a man at a light rail station. Some folks are upset upset they did not hear about this episode of racial violence for three weeks. It happened about the same time as the San Leandro beat down.

Mr. Seiler is upset they heard about it all.



“The people in Denver and Schenectady did not hold signs, or issue a press release or shout racial epithets,” said Taleeb Starkes, author of the Amazon best selling book, Uncivil War. “So legally, this is not a hate crime. But to ignore the racial aspect of this violence is foolish. And dangerous.”

“By itself, this incident was not earth shaking. But when looked at with thousands of other similar episodes across the country, it is part of an tide of black mob violence that is exponentially out of proportion. Which people like Seiler cannot explain. Only ignore. Deny. Distort. Mock. Anything but tell the truth. All the while making sure they stay out of places where they may be subject to similar racial violence. That is called hypocrisy. And that is why hate crime numbers seriously understate the epic levels of black mob violence.”

Earlier this month, a Marine Corp veteran on a cross country run for charity was the victim of a the Knockout Game in Wilmington, Delaware. Or, as Fox News put it: The assailant “without provocation, allegedly punched O’Toole in the face.”

A few nights before at the same corner — the corner where your humble correspondent worked for one year during high school, across the street from a head shop owned by the mother of Bob Marley —  three people were shot while dozens of black people were waiting in line for the release of the new Air Jordan basketball shoes.

These events happened about a mile from where, two months before, 10 black people allegedly watched as two of their friends raped two women in a Wilmington park.

In St. Paul, Minnesota earlier this month, a car full of black people stopped a white woman to ask for directions. They were wearing wigs. They grabbed her, beat her, robbed her, pulled her down by her hair, removed her pants,  then pissed on her.

Then laughed.

In St. Paul, men in wigs rob woman; one urinates on her, police say –

Says KTSP TV news: “The woman reported she thought she was going to get raped. She heard one man say, “Mitch you took that white b****’s phone.”

Former prison psychologist Marlin Newburn says sadism is a common feature of black mob violence:

“Black predators commonly humiliate their victims, regardless of race, and it is a black criminal cultural trait as is getting revenge,” Newburn said.  “I’ve evaluated black murderers who made their victims beg prior to killing them. A lone survivor of one such trauma reported this in court. The killers were remorseless, and like all the others, the only regret they had was getting caught.”

“Sadism is also a demonstration of the absence of a conscience while gaining primitive sense of personal power. This is the lowest and most brutal form of anti-social personality disorder. There is great satisfaction for the psychopath in harming others, physically and/or emotionally, and it borders on an addiction, a pathological beast that must be fed,” Newburn said.

Or, as one person put it as he was participating in a black mob beat down in Philadelphia: “It’s not our fault you can’t fight.”

Were the father and his two daughters at fault, Mr. Seiler? For their racism? Or their inability to fight off large groups of black people?

Stay tuned.

Mr. Seiler is probably not aware that St. Paul and Minneapolis and Denver and Wilmington are the scenes of more than 100  examples of black mob violence over the last several years alone. Including earlier this summer in St. Paul, where  Ray Widstrand ran into a mob of 100 black people near his apartment in the black part of town.

He is recovering from a fractured skull and other injuries.

In Fresno earlier this month, 13 people were shot and one died during an after-party for the largest gathering of black bikers on the West Coast. The Washington Post even did a story on it, somehow forgetting to mention the racial nature of the gathering.

There were 5000 black bikers in town for this semi-annual event. Many of their activities on are video.

» Largest West Coast Gathering of Black Motorcycle Clubs Leaves 1 Dead, 12 Wounded Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Outlets like the Washington Post and the Times-Union regularly publish stories about black caucuses, black colleges, black churches, black TV, black radio, black newspapers, black magazines, black professional groups and on and on and on. But when it comes to epidemic levels of black mob violence, Mr. Seiler says he is color-blind. Or he has no evidence that crime was “racially motivated.”

How about something closer to home for Mr. Seiler: Rochester also has a long history of frequent and intense bouts with racial violence. From downtown to the city’s Lilac Festival, black mob violence is now an accepted feature of life in that town.

For those who still live there, that is.

City Councilman Adam McFadden explained  black mob violence at a popular holiday gathering thusly: “It’s just that you had a lot of people there who are not used to that culture and got to witness it personally.”

Articles: The Blood Flows in Rochester

Some moved to the suburbs to escape it. That did not last long: In September, police from four agencies were called to neighboring Irondequoit to break up fights in and out side of a movie theater involving 400 to 500 black people from Rochester. Some of it on video.

The chief of police blamed the violence on a scary movie. No one was arrested.  When the fighting died down, police called the local bus company and everyone went back to Rochester.

Two Weeks in September | FrontPage Magazine

In Buffalo, after a series on black mob attacks on students at a local university, the police chief said the college students were from rural areas and needed to get used to life in the big city. For Mr. Seiler’s benefit, let’s get the exact quote with a link: “The City of Buffalo is an urban environment, and if you come from a rural section of the state, this is a different setting,” Buffalo State College Police Chief Peter Carey said.

That happens a lot, blaming the victim. In Columbia, South Carolina, the police chief blamed a series of black mob beat downs on white kids who drink too much.Black mob violence blamed on white kids drinking

In between scribbling down these non-sensical quotes, not one reporter asked “Really?”


In Utica, black mob violence is an almost daily occurrence over the last six months. Mr. Seiler does not have to believe me. The Utica police department Tweets about it. As do the people involved.

Mr. Seiler may deny black mob violence exists. But the people who create  it often brag about it. Make music videos of it. Tweet it. Create hip hop songs glorifying it.

My own favorite is “Start a Riot” by 2Chainz. Last I looked it had 11 million viewers on YouTube. Sorry, that was a month ago: Now it is up to 12 million.

And of course, let’s not forget teenage hip hopper Chief Keef. The New York Times celebrated Chief Keef in a review. They said rapping about drugs, violence, murder, more drugs and more violence was keeping it real.

His video “I Don’t Like” has a combined 40 million views. But the lyrics are so insane that the New York Times could not even quote one or two lines. Check them out yourself.



And let’s not forget Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Saratoga Springs and other places in New York. No matter how much Mr. Seiler wishes we would.

In Syracuse, a black mob killed a man at a bus stop earlier this year. They kicked his eye out. After fleeing, they realized he was helpless. So they returned and beat him some more. Days later, a Syracuse father wrote me an email — published at WND — about how his son was a victim of black mob violence a few days later.

In North Carolina, Whiteville over the weekend, police used Tasers to break up a large fight. Cops say an increasing number of interactions with black people involve defiance and physical challenges.

Several of which are documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot. On video. Many in North Carolina. Every been to Raleigh, Durham, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, or Greensboro, Mr. Seiler?

If you ever go, let me know: I’ll be happy to supply you with some maps as to where you can conduct your own investigation.

This is a very, very long list, Mr. Seiler. Mobs big and small. Cities big and small. Ever hear about Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair? Three nights of black mob violence in and out of the fairgrounds. When reporters asked Lori Lovorato if black mobs were beating up white people, she told the truth.

Then got fired.

That’s why I wrote the book. For people like Mr. Seiler.


These are just some of the hundreds of examples of racial violence and lawlessness in more than 80 cities around the country as documented in my book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.

Thomas Sowell said : ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

Get it here:



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Colin Flaherty is the author of #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. He is an award winning journalist whose work has been published in over 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and others. He is a frequent guest in local and national media talking about racial violence. Thomas Sowell said ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.
blank Mary says:

Mr. Seiler, some FBI facts : reported by Pat Buchanan

“It should also be noted that many crimes the FBI classifies as “white on black” is actually Mestizo on Black.

From Human Events (by Pat Buchanan)…

What about interracial crime, white-on-black attacks and the reverse?

After researching the FBI numbers for “Suicide of a Superpower,” this writer concluded: “An analysis of ‘single offender victimization figures’ from the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”

Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse.

If interracial crime is the ugliest manifestation of racism, what does this tell us about where racism really resides — in America?

And if the FBI stats for 2007 represent an average year since the Tawana Brawley rape-hoax of 1987, over one-third of a million white women have been sexually assaulted by black males since 1987 — with no visible protest from the civil rights leadership.

Today, 73 percent of all black kids are born out of wedlock. Growing up, these kids drop out, use drugs, are unemployed, commit crimes and are incarcerated at many times the rate of Asians and whites — or Hispanics, who are taking the jobs that used to go to young black Americans.

Are white vigilantes or white cops really Black America’s problem?

Obama seems not to think so. The Rev. Sharpton notwithstanding, he is touting Ray Kelly as a possible chief of homeland security.”
Mr. Seiler, there is a job for you to do what you do now, and get paid by the government: ignoring racial violence against whites, turning your head the other direction while white men, women and children are assaulted, raped, beaten or mutilated or murdered. Homeland Security calls the new positions relocation/detainment specialists. Like Hitler’s guards for his camps. FEMA camps presently opened and many prepared for immense detainment of American citizens and others, massive black against white violence will be prevalent, as well as foreign troop abuse of Americans, and the list grows. I am not racist. It is reality.
For the statistics listed for the number of white women raped by black men, I can attest to a young white female who attended the same high school I did, upon graduation she became a journalist in a small NY town and was abducted at gunpoint by a black violent offender, held hostage for many hours, raped repeatedly horrifically during that time, then left naked in a cemetery, left for dead. A passing police car found her, and she was scarred for life. Newly married, the trauma not able to be put in words. She was victimized because according to FBI statistics as of 2007, she was white and rape for white women is very high by black men offenders. This abduction, assault and rape to that young woman took place in 1991. Things have worsened for white victims of black violence since that time and Colin Flaherty has documented so many incidents over just six years, and this has been happening for decades. The trend is black violence against whites is worsening, and so are other forms of attacks of other races. FBI statistics are a reality you need to face. You need to wake up before you are a victim of your own ignorance and denial. You are harming so many not reporting the truth.
I also lived through one of the worst black mob violence events in the history of the East Coast, Mr. Seiler, Greek Fest 1989, not a single white male in the mob, but the store owners, the restaurant owners, the many small tourist business owners were white, also a small number Indian, some black, who were either put out of business, or victimized by the black mob with massive property theft and damage over a two night rampage period. FOR NO REASON. Hotels were so damaged interiorly many had to close rooms to repair them. What they reported in those rooms was so repulsive, it was impossible to imagine any human being doing what was done in those rooms; and the hotel owners’ crimes: they were business owners, and white.
And many of the 100,000 African American frat students and other African American youth felt entitled to destroy people’s livelihood, property, attack families, or single tourists who happened to be at the wrong place for what they thought was the right time for their vacation, Labor Day weekend.
It was the first time I had faced martial law; National Guardsmen deployed on my street, and every street for 35 blocks, helicopters at night with spotlights at window level; and hearing and seeing massive rioting.
Colin Flaherty reports the facts. You are aiding and abetting the violent offenders, causing more victimization, trauma, and murder, by your denial as a journalist.
What the government is looking for, detainment camp specialists, aiding and abetting violent offenders for racial violence for the FEMA region camps (concentration camps for Americans, with transport portable cells and shackles made for millions of Americans–a retired Colonel told me, many years ago, years after he personally toured one location in the south where they are made 24/7 —since 1992.)
Mary, an American

blank Mike Ibara says:

have you heard about “A pregnant Dallas woman was shot and killed by a robber” from Fox and NBC. But from what I have read in where I was reading black on white crimes, it actually says, “Pregnant White Woman, Unborn Child Die in Shooting by Black Male”

blank Casey S-E-I-L-E-R says:

I’d put a lot more stock in what someone writes if they could learn how to spell my name correctly — hell, I’d even settle for misspelling it consistently. In journalism, we call it “the basics.”

blank reason1984 says:

Comparing a ‘keg’ riot to racially motivated violence is a false equivalence on its face, and your petulant, and snarky schoolyard response to the misspelling of your name speaks volumes about you.

Journalism indeed, Mr. S-E-I-L-E-R.

Your ‘blame the victim mentality’ is classic self-delusion.

Here’s a quote for your memory hole, Casey.

“Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
George Orwell

BINGO! Man, the bingos are flying fast and furious.

blank Old Hickory says:

When the facts are against you change the subject, right? The spelling nazi response tells us a lot. You can’t respond to the substance of of Colin’s article so you quibble over irrelevant details.

blank Terence Sommer says:

Why are you in denial. You help no one in denying violence, most of all the people who are involved with it. Denial does not make problems go away.

blank shawnmer says:

Dear God, what a pathetic reply! Why did you even bother??

blank Terence Sommer says:

Mr. Seiler sounds repulsive and I hope a few in his community let him know how repulsive he is.

blank Reisling says:

Besides the point Colin makes about the author denying it then contradicting himself by blaming whites, I want to add on how significant it seems that when he calls this racist violence the ‘aftereffects of hundreds of years of white racism’ he’s also admitting that this violence is our due as whites. So these white victims all basically deserve to be killed, maimed, disabled for life, etc.

Short history reminder: around 2% of the white population owned black slaves before the Civil War. The average number in the Confederacy was a little less than 10% of whites.

My forbears, in my direct lineage, fought for the Union Army to free the slaves. The vast majority of whites in the South were as materially poor as the black slaves were. I don’t know the exact numbers, but huge percentages of whites in the north were dirt poor and often de facto slaves to the owning class, for example when you look at the coal miners.

This mass psychosis in this country that white people owe anything to black people is just that – mass psychosis. It’s we who freed blacks who are owed a thank you, as they have done nothing to improve white people’s majority status but instead, have worked to undermine and even attack it.

blank DavidSNESGAMER says:

I agree totally.

Somehow, people forget that the North didn’t have slavery. Moreover, even the “non-evil” whites who hadn’t yet emigrated to the U.S. (my ancestors were still in Canada and Ireland during slavery) are victimized by blacks. So there goes that excuse.

This also is racist against blacks, because Asians and other groups have been discriminated against, and yet they’re not murdering us en masse.

blank FransSusan says:

I agree with you except that some in the north did have slaves. Not as prevalent as in the south, but it existed in the north too.

blank Old Hickory says:

Nearly a million Americans died in the war that ended slavery. The overwhelming majority were white. Any debt was drowned in a literal sea of blood.

blank FransSusan says:

Mass psychosis is a perfect description!

blank Old Hickory says:

Basically this fool believes it doesn’t exist and is totally justified.

Religious fanatics often hold utterly contradictory beliefs without questioning. They will attack anyone who questions their implanted memes – especially those who use logic because the meme recognizes an existential threat to its hold over the host. As a group they will create institutions to persecute the heretics.

What was once called The Inquisition is now “Political Correctness” but the bile, hatred and fanaticism are the same. In challenging a mountain of fact, they cite unique anecdote instead of holy writ but the mentality of rejecting logic in favor of orthodoxy is the same. Internal contradictions of his faith matter not at all to the religious fanatic. The really great irony here is that these attacks on dissent are conducted in the name of “tolerance.” As Inigo Montoya says in The Princess Bride: “I do not think that word means what you think it means.”

blank reason1984 says:

Well said. Unfortunately, you are tossing pearls to the S-E-I-L-E-Rs of the world.

blank Kenneth James Abbott says:

I currently live in Korea.

I am one of the few white people living in Korea, and I an often “racially profiled.” At times I have even been denied entry to clubs because of my skin color.

Yet, at no point in time, have I ever decided to attack people–neither people who discriminated against me, or people at random. If I had done so, I would fully expect to be convicted, jailed, and then deported, without anybody declaring that my actions are not my fault.

That’s not because I’m somehow some paragon of patience–it’s simple common sense.

blank periclesdestro says:

As a white European who lives in the USA I must say whites in America are extremely ill behaved and violent compared to their white European cousins. Face it Americans, it is not a black or white thing in America as much as it is an American cultural cancer that you are so violent. French observer de Tocqueville noted the way Americans would get into violent and often deadly fights when he toured America. Americans, I find, are ill mannered boors of all colors and social strata.

blank shawnmer says:

Point of fact, o refined one, the per capita violent crime rate for white Americans is roughly identical to that of white Europeans. But do keep your nose in the air and your head in your *ss!

blank periclesdestro says:

Depends on the European country. Russia, maybe. But in Germany, etc? Comparing G7 countries white on white crime levels, white Americans are homicidal savages. On top of that Americans are boors, ill mannered, obese and functionally illeterate.

blank leftists are delusional says:

The FBI uniform crime reports where much of the DoJ statistics come from report “Hispanics” as “white” for the crime of homicide. I doubt if the DoJ corrected for that reality.

Either way the actual difference between London’s “white” homicide rate of 0.000014 and the US “white” rate of 0.000026 puts you on a shetland pony instead of the high horse you’d like to think you are sitting.

blank shawnmer says:

It’s not clear to me what your source is for this “whites only” table. It is not the U.N. link, which is an Excel file of homicide per 100k including ALL races. If the U.S. figure is plucked from the U.S. DOJ stats, you are looking at a skewed figure since, due to a quirk in how we report our perpetrators, a large percentage of our “white” homicides actually involve HISPANICS, who are now 15% of our population (larger than that when looking solely at the young male age cohort most prone to violent crime) and are racially Mestizo or Amerindian, with lineage from Mexico and South American countries, not individuals of white European descent.

But even if this flawed U.S. figure were the actual figure, being double the European rate is not particularly meaningful off of such a low base.

As to literacy? Bzzzzt! Wrong! You have to scroll a ways down in this link from the uber-politically correct New York Times to find out that American whites are above average in a multi-country average among developed countries in literacy.

White Americans fared better than the multicountry average in literacy, but were about average in the math and technology tests.”

Ditto for obesity!

So, not to put too fine a point on, Mr. “Pericles,” ***k you! But do continue to sit around and enjoy the smell of your own flatulence as you marinate in how culturally “superior” you are to Americans!

blank leftists are delusional says:

Well done. I doubt we will hear back from pericles. His kind rarely have the honor to admit they were wrong.

blank shawnmer says:

And indeed, he didn’t. He came back just to pass the same gas of his original accusations but had no rebuttal to our stats or any more of his own. I don’t mind, everyone reading this knows who won.

blank leftists are delusional says:

No surprise facts to his kind are like sunlight to vampires.

blank periclesdestro says:

It is very clear to me American whites are violent and inferior to European whites in all regards, especially in manners and behaviors. Also, American whites, blacks and hispanics are inferior to well behaved and industrious Asians. What I find laughable is American whites trying to pretend they are the good guys. It reminds me of a Russian saying, In Europe Russians are viewed as an Asiatic horde but in Asia Russians are viewed as Europeans enlighteners. I guess to your views American whites are like Russians in Asia. BBut in Europe your just another messy people with guns that shoot each other – like Yemenis.

blank reason1984 says:

‘Do come back and elaborate on what that means after your next soccer riot. Or maybe your weekly shower!’

Now that is effing funny!

I was just telling someone the other day that Europeans are fed a steady diet of Americans are evil. Blacks are victims. That’s why many feel free to enter black neighborhoods. And later regret it.

blank periclesdestro says:

Europeans know Americans of all colors are violent savages. Europeans tour America to see how you animals of every color live.

blank leftists are delusional says:

The US has people descended from all over Europe, not just the few European countries you cite.

You are cherry picking data when you ignore the homicide rates of other European countries.

Such as:

Estonia 5.2
Finland 2.2
Latvia 3.1
Lithuania 6.6
Belarus 4.9
Bulgaria 2.0
Georgia 4.3
Moldova 7.5
Russia 10.2
Ukraine 5.2
Liechtenstein 2.8

The fact is the average homicide rate in Europe is 3.5 per 100,000 which is greater than the 2.6 White homicide rate you cite for the US.

blank periclesdestro says:

Americans by and large are composed of Western European stock. Not all Europeans are the same. There are differences in religion, culture and economics. Most white Americans come from North Western Europe and from some parts of the South like Italy and these are regions that share America’s religion (Catholic and Protestant) so that is a better comparison and in comparison to Western Europeans Americans are violent animals.

blank leftists are delusional says:

If 0.000014 (London) compared to 0.000026 (US) is the difference between animals and civilized human beings, the Asians in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan, make your western European stock look like pack of hyenas and you look like a donkey.

blank leftists are delusional says:

Violent crime in the US, could not be any more black and white.

The same is true in London, if you bothered to speak from a base of knowledge instead of unwarranted arrogance.

“Twelve per cent of London’s men are black. But 54 per cent of the street crimes committed by men in London, along with 46 per cent of the knife crimes and more than half of the gun crimes, are thought by the Metropolitan Police to have been committed by black men.”


Black vs White homicide rates for London: 14.0 (White) and 66.5 (black) per million population.

Source: gov(dot)uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/219967/stats-race-cjs-2010.pdf

I do concede that Whites in London are slightly less homicidal than White Americans at 0.000014 vs 0.000026 respectively.

blank periclesdestro says:

Maybe its the Anglo-Saxon genes or culture make them savages more so than other Western Europeans. Who knows. We Europeans like looking at you Americans kill yourselves off n large numbers through your god given rights to bear arms and shoot each other over stupid things.

blank leftists are delusional says:

So genetics could make a certain group or race more prone to violence. Is that a fair assessment of your words?

Would you consider the fact that sub Saharan Africans have homicide rates 5 to 10 (and more) times greater than Whites has a genetic component?

In other words are you a racist who believes that a higher homicide rate in a group is evidence of genetic/racial inferiority of a group?

blank reason1984 says:

Spot on.

blank periclesdestro says:

I say it’s culture, myself, but who knows?

blank leftists are delusional says:

So what was wrong with German culture?
How many non combatants were murdered by the Germans in WW2? Was it 10-20 million?

The US has not had that many homicides in the last two hundred years. I think you are throwing stones in a glass house.

Let us talk more about culture. What is so wrong with your “superior” European culture that your homicide rates are double, triple or more than the homicide rates in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan?

(Hong Kong’s homicide rate is one fifth that of Sweden, France and the Netherlands.)

Follow up question, are you even cognizant of how hypocritical you are when you Europeans are barbarians compared to the civilized people of Hong Kong and Singapore?

blank reason1984 says:

‘We Europeans?’ Gotta mouse in your pocket? The ‘savage’ Americans landed on your shores not to long ago (to save the Euro-‘savages’ from eating each other), and displayed their skill at arms, otherwise this conversation would be held in German, or Russian.

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
George Orwell

A simple ‘thank you’ would suffice. Read a book.

blank periclesdestro says:

We used you and now we are done with you.

blank reason1984 says:

‘We,’ that being you, and the mouse in your pocket. Seig Heil, comrade. Mañana.

blank periclesdestro says:

Later, bro. We look forward to the next mass shooting in America so we can laugh at your pathetic nation – it won’t be long now before another one.

blank reason1984 says:

‘We look forward to the next mass shooting…’

That pretty much says it all.

blank periclesdestro says:

And as if on que, Sparks, Nevada school shooting. Shame on you, violent Americans.

blank reason1984 says:

From what country do you hail?

blank reason1984 says:

Destro? Set your dolls aside…Pericles?

blank periclesdestro says:

The Russians defeated the Germans. At best the USA held Russia’s coat. Thanks for making all those trucks so Russians can ride into battle and defeat the Germans, Americans. Too bad you make crappy autos now unlike the countries you fought against in the past. PS: I like how right wing socialist hating American “patriots” always invoke socialist author George Orwell. I get a kick out of that.

blank reason1984 says:

At least you acknowledge, that in part, it took Russians to keep you Euro-savages from eating each other.

“So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.”
George Orwell