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One of my favorite quotes from  Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry comes from Philadelphia. The local newspapers was reporting on the official outrage that followed the publication of a story called Being White in Philly. ”

The article was seen as “dwelling on negative experiences that whites had with blacks that often fit into racial stereotypes.”


There’s a lot of that going around. Here’s one more from Florida.


DontMaketheBlackKidsAngry-3DI graduated in 2013. It started from six grades on up to ninth grade.

But I’ll just talk about what happened in high school because that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It all started with my first day going to high school. I was waiting to take the bus. When I got on the bus it was very loud the black teens would yell out profanity on the top of their lungs.

I wanted to sit in the front of the bus but there were no seats so I had to sit in the back. A blonde haired white girl had got on the bus from the next bus stop.  These black boys had started flirting with her she was a fresh man I know this because she was in some of my classes.

She was very uncomfortable with the black teens flirting with her. One of the black teens flirting with her was coming on to her very strongly.

She told him that she had a boy friend already. He had gotten really mad about that and started spiting on the floor of the bus yelling out on the top of his lungs at the girl saying you racist bitch!!!

You just don’t like me because I’m black!!!! then he said to the girl fuck you you racist bitch!!!! then he flipped her a bird 6 inches from her face.

I was just looking over that way they saw me and told me to turn around and mind my own business. There were about 5 of them and some of them were a lot bigger and older than me. I did as they said out of fear then one of them spit in my hair a big goober.

They had the whole back of the bus laughing at me. Teens from the back of the bus started throwing balls of papers at me. They started yelling at me telling me don’t be a weak coward ass white boy and fight!!!  They just wanted to see a fight so they could laugh some more.

Most of the bus was black and Latina with 10% white.   I was in ESE classes. ESE is classes for people who are academically behind. I was dyslexic at the time and was reading at a fourth grade reading level.  The black kids found out about this and started telling most of the kids in the school about how I could not read.

In every class they laughed at me picked on me told me I was a retard told me to go kill myself. They would spit on me and when I told the teachers that they did these things to me the teachers told me if I had a problem go talk to the principal or the deputy of the school and that they could not do anything about it.

So I did just that the principle or deputy would pull the bullies aside and talk to them none of them ever got in trouble only talked to. I had gone to the deputy many times because he said if they ever mess with me go to him. There were these three boys who would pick on me more than the rest of the ghetto kids in that school.

I was pick on by 20 different boys all of them either black or Latina But these three boys were the worst. One of the bullies was a Spanish boy and the other two were black. they started making fun of me telling people that I was the boy in their class that could not read and that I was a retard. As I would walk down the hall I would have black and Latina boys and girls I did not know come up to me and laugh at me and say are you that retard white guy who cannot read.

The three boys that bullied me started punching and kicking and pushing me to the ground.  It got to the point I knew I had enough. So I went to the deputy and told him that they were hitting me. But the three boys were really smart and had made up a story that I was gay and that I was trying to kiss them so they pushed me away from them to keep me from kissing them.

The deputy believed their story and told me I was sexually harassing them. I had told the deputy that the three boys were lying and that they made up the story because they knew I had enough of their bullying and that I was going to tell of them. The three bullies even had their parents call the school and say I was sexually harassing their sons.

The principal had called me in his office the next day and he told me that he had very angry parents call him and tell him I was trying to kiss their boys. The bullying only got worst they started telling people at school that I was the boy who was chasing them trying to kiss them. 99% of the kids who bullied me was black and Latina.

I was so afraid of being bullied that I started skipping classes and hiding in the bath room all day. The teachers started catching on that they were missing a student. The principal had called me to his office and told me that I could not be skipping anymore classes. It was not very long after that I was taken out of public school and placed in a private school.

At private school none of the kids picked on me some of them were their because they were bullied as well. The private school was all white kids and it was like heaven no thugs no bullies and teachers had not gave up on teaching. I had got the one on one help I needed. I had graduated from that private school with a smile on my face I am very proud of the school I had graduated from.

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