Letter from Section 8 Housing

June 8, 2019 — Leave a comment

Letter from Section 8 Housing

Damn, Colin… I wasn’t sure if you knew that Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) can be revoked if any member of the household commits a drug crime or is convicted of a felony. 

Now if your local housing authority is like mine, they don’t gaf about putting violent teens and welfare families right in the house next door to you. Often they pay as little as $30 a month to live in the same housing type a working person goes into debt for 30 years to do. 

But I digress. We had a family with two teen boys that stole anything that wasn’t nailed down. They eventually stole my good friend’s mom’s car as it idled on a cold winter morning. Then they stole her dad’s car. It is also suspected they stole my other neighbor’s car. 

They ran out of gas in an inner city neighborhood, a policewoman saw them. They had a gun and drugs in the car. They were convicted. I called CMHA (Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority), told them the situation and that they needed to revoke moms voucher. 

Oh they hemmed and hawed, lied and said it wasn’t their property-it absolutely was!, claimed they had no access to juvenile records-another lie. I had enough. Told them they had 2 weeks to get those assholes out or I was going to make a huge stink. Finally they moved in the dark of night. I told them they’d better do a good job of vetting the next folks they put in. They did. But they don’t consider robbery, burglary, assault big enough crimes upon which to issue eviction notices.

Just in case you didn’t know, Section 8 housing is a huge financial burden on school districts. There is no tax collected or paid by any properties owned by the housing authorities. In my neighborhood, a welfare mom with 4 school age kids costs other homeowners $11000 per child. My suburban school district was one of the best in Ohio 40 years ago and now ranks lower than any inner city school. We are illegally taxed at a higher rate than is allowable by law to pay for this nonsense.

As a woman it pains me a bit to say this, but this is the destructive results of single mom households. I’m not talking divorced women but rather women who make babies, expect others to pay and raise them, with nothing but ignorance to guide them. These Louisville kidscare the spawn of these females.

Just a side note, I knew as soon as the Virginia Beach shooting  occurred that the shooter was not white. I knew he was black or Muslim.  If it had been a white guy we’d have been told what he once said in daycare. But this shooter didn’t fit the narrative/agenda, so suddenly we get no information about him. 

So Colin, I know this isn’t directly associated with the Louisville mob. But it is one of the root causes. Just venting. So fed up with the bullsh*t.

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