Letter from Caroline

July 7, 2019 — Leave a comment

Letter from Caroline.

Hi Mr. Flaherty,

I just listened to your latest podcast. Now, I know why the Owings Mills Mall closed! 

I read two books that have helped shape my perspective on personal safety and threat assessment. Gavin DeBecker’s Gift of Fear wherein I learned why and how and because of whom there was enacted the law in New York where juveniles can be tried as adults. Willie Bosket. Scary child.

Tim Larkin’s When Violence is the Answer taught me that we have to fight
and take the initiative when someone is about to attack us. 

A few years ago, I was driving out of my parking lot headed to work when a
car driven by a Gal pulled out and would have hit my car had I not blown my horn. She stopped and I headed to the end of the driveway when something ran into the back of my car. Yes, she followed me and ran her car into my leased vehicle. We exchanged some words and gestures but remained in our cars. Then I followed her. I mean I was on her bumper like white on rice (pun intended). When she turned, I turned. When she sped up, I sped up. When she slowed down, I slowed down. She drove into the Barnes and Noble parking lot on Reisterstown Rd. By this time, I am on my cell with 911. 

There were about 15 to 20 Gals in the parking lot! A gang!  It turned out to be some kind of Saturday morning walking club. She opened her car door and looked upset as some Gals walked over to her. She didn’t exit her vehicle. I made a show of looking and memorizing her license plate number. Of course, I had to go to work, and I stopped at the nearest safe place and checked my rear bumper. Not a scratch. The cops wouldn’t come unless I stayed which I couldn’t do at the time. 

I was confronted by a Gal at Jersey Mike’s who was clearly not standing on line and was busy with her cellphone. So, I got on line. Then I hear something to the effect of, “Hmnn, guess I must be invisible.” We had some verbal exchanges. She lost. When they end with, “Whateva” you know you’ve won. I said, “Yeah, I gotya whateva.”

Anyone who ever threatened or harassed me starting in first grade was a Fella or Gal. Sometimes to the point of taking my school bus home instead of her own so she could confront me. I ignored her. Don’t know how she made it home. 

I pray constantly for my safety because only God knows what’s around the corner. 

My heart still aches for Zach Sowers and his new bride. Fellas and Gals have caused trouble for me whenever I had them for neighbors. Oddly, 
foreigners have been very classy and kind to me. 

My co-workers wanted to hurt me when I (unwisely) told them there was no evidence to convict George Zimmerman. When he was acquitted, you could have heard a pin drop. 

A Gal friend who knew my parents before I was born cussed me out because somehow she got the idea I support President Trump (I do). So, a
fifty plus year friendship down the crapper. I don’t support the “Criminal Justice Reform Jared Kushner Law.” 

Oh, Colin. Our work is cut out for us. 

God bless and protect both of us.

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