Letter from Central Pennsylvania.

January 1, 2015 — 1 Comment

Letter from Central Pennsylvania.


Had some black-on-white violence less than two weeks ago in my tiny PA-Dutch-region town, LITERALLY 25 yards from my house, at 2 o’clock on a quiet Thursday afternoon.
Two black males & a black female approached a middle-aged white female in front of the church just steps from my home….

I can literally see the church from my front windows.  ANYWAY…..they asked her for some spare change and, when she pulled her wallet from her pocketbook, she was struck on the side of the head, knocking her to the ground, and her pocketbook was snatched.  That wasn’t enough for the savages, however…..

they punched & kicked her several more times as she lay on the sidewalk then ran away, last seen jumping over a fence merely 50 feet from my back door.  They’ve not been apprehended……
Also had a black mob riot LITERALLY at our front door on a lazy Sunday Summer afternoon a few months back, thanks to the Section 8 apartment building that now resides in our quiet, working-class neighborhood.

I was home at the time and heard some shrieking, looking out the window in time to see twenty to thirty ghetto-minded blacks come from NOWHERE and start beating the sh*t out of each other in the street…..you know The Deal…..
If it happened on MY front doorstep, it can happen ANYWHERE.  Glad we armed ourselves last year & learned how to use the weapons.  When that riot hit our front stoop, I called the cops immediately and then ran for a 12-gauge while waiting for the cops to show up, which they did about 60 seconds after I called 911.  I’m NOT playin’ around with this nonsense.
It’s also nice to know my new neighbor has a concealed-carry permit and that we have each other’s back…..
We still maintain a fairly-strong “Mayberry” vibe in this town, which only amplifies how shocking this violence is….
….and I know the victim personally, as she’s one of my closest neighbors.  She told me our once-a-week newspaper reported it all wrong, including the number of attackers.  She talked & walked me through the entire event just a couple of days ago.

Additionally, something that went unreported were the “old white cracka” comments they directed at her while they were beating her….


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