Letter from the Brandywine from an ex-Philly guy.

September 25, 2014 — Leave a comment


I just watched your video about black mob violence on the bus. As you know from our previous correspondence, it’s nothing new. I went to high school in west philly and had to take the bus and trolley home. If I had to be at school after normal dismissal and take the bus/trolley home, I was a prime target from black kids.

I never had to worry if it was just 2 of them, they would never jump you because they are cowards and didn’t like 2:1 odds. If there were 3, it was a whole new game.

I’ve been jumped several times, sometimes by 3-6 or even 10 blacks. They liked to sucker-punch a guy even back then. And they wonder why I HATE them?

In the video I just watched, your narrative said you were walking along the Brandywine, and enjoying the view. I hope you are carrying a gun, and know how to use it.

You don’t have to be on a bus to get jumped. I live in PA, and not far from the Brandywine (about 45 min drive to downtown Wilmington). Usually there’s no problem around there, but you must always be prepared for the worst.

Be safe and always be aware of everything around you.



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